: Lore Skins aren't out of the question anymore???
I think Freljord Taliyah was the last one, ironically.
Zac x Me (NA)
: "We've grouped your friends into games and servers"
I had a ton of folders that I really used. This sucks.
Spiçy (NA)
: Can someone look into Tahm Kench (this mostly applies to top) When you are getting stacks on a enemy, then go to press w to eat them, you'll eat a nearby minion instead, idk if it's a ping thing (my ping is around 65, and stable) it's like if the server doesn't realize the 3 fish things are all stacked up yet, and so ignores champ and eats a minion close to the champ instead. Thanks Riot,
Try using the Champion Target only toggle. I believe its default is '~,' though you can set it to whatever you want. Personally, I have mine on a mouse button, and it prevents that sort of frustration.
: 9.4: Lore Notes
This feels like a sensible way to tie them in to the game world. Demacia still has very little redeeming features, though.
: Wondering how Sylas interacts with Darius ult.
I mean, if you get an execute, you start applying full stacks on hit, don't you?
: Why didn't Sylas become part of the Illuminators?
The Illuminators are not, as a rule, composed of mages, but mostly because he killed people.
: Can Irelia mid with her new kit now?
It looks like she'll have a decent shot in 2v1s, and with her mobility, I'd say it seems plausible, if situational.
: Syndra by far is one of my favorite champs and most played one too. I just wish Syndra’s passive could have a bigger feeling of impact to it. It’s always just been kind of there, old syndra was just always “oh I’m level 9 this is my power spike, time to deal more damage” And new one now just keeps the balls out longer. I agree with abyssphere in that I don’t care much for either of the Q passives. In my opinion the only feel good part of her current passive is her E, because it actually changes the spell rather than giving just extra stats to it. That’s the reason why I was I hyped for the 3 ball grab in the update because it was actually visibly different and interesting albeit way over powered with her E. I just want a bigger feeling of oomph from her passive. If you want to keep her skill floor lower (which I think was at least part of the goal with her Mage update) then maybe try to find a way to add skill expression through her passive?
I'm with you on this one. Ideally, I think both W and E would have upgrades that felt both impactful and different, so that we could choose which one to upgrade situationally. I'm not as sure about your assessment of the Q upgrades, though. Certainly its boring, but Q is always going to be the primary part of her damage, so it will always be skilled first, regardless of the changes. Do you have any thoughts on what sort of upgrades it could get? The closest thing I can think of was this one time on PBE leading up to the mage update where, if I recall correctly, her Q upgrade did some portion of its damage as true damage instead up just doing more.
Meddler (NA)
: Responding to this as the top Syndra comment at time of writing. Nothing new to add, but comments on the Q passive are much appreciated.
While I appreciated the massive increase in the Q's base damage and ratio that came with her rework, I agree with the other posters that it was inappropriate. Syndra has always succeeded or failed in lane by her ability to land Q harass sucessfully, and the increase was too much. You will note that balance agreed, and the majority of that change was reverted (60% AP before the Mage Update, 60% AP now). If you want to make her combo more accessible, I would suggest using the Mage-rework Transcendent W where you can grab two Dark Spheres, and giving the Q a different Transcendent effect, so that the "large combo" is gated by an obvious CD. Bringing back the damage increase on Q with Transcendent, either as a revert, or as a bonus true damage sort of thing, would better allow Syndra to do her job in the mid-to-late game without making her an unnecessarily strong lane bully, or by turning her into a one-shot ultimate bot, which I'm pretty sure nobody in the game wants. Another thing which might be worthwhile to look into for making Syndra more playable and interesting is making her E's Transcendent bonus more interesting, or stronger. Currently, E is generally maxed second, which, in my experience, has been the default the majority of her existence, except when W-max got you the double orb. If her E let her fire orbs a greater distance, or it fully reset the duration of Dark Spheres, or something like that, it might make the choice between W and E as your second max a more interesting and situational choice. Cheers, -Nixtarma
: Is Ashe still married to Tryndamere
I mean, she was named after Riot Tryndanmere's wife, so _probably_.
: Jayce, Viktor, & Nautilus
It does seem probably, and does not even totally contradict his old Lore.
: Evelynn's default skin is too good to consider other ones
I do not really like it, compared to the others, but maybe I am just disappointed on how her default splash looks compared to her old default... and excited that Masquerade and Shadow are actually good now, instead of being cheesy, or having stupid splash arts.
d0riyah (NA)
: Evelynn x Twisted Fate?
My headcanon is that she targetted him, but he survived. It is based on the splash, where both of their eyes are locked on each other, while they prepare their weapons in the other hand, and on how TF's kit sort is stops hers, especially when his ult now can counteract both parts of hers. Cheers, -Nixtarma
Meep Man (NA)
: @Riot Will Ohmwrecker EVER Be Looked At?
I think Ohmwrecker suffers from two problems: The first is the one that Maple Nectar brought up- its too often outclassed by other things, and rarely necessary or interesting. I think that the second is that Ohmwrecker has the wrong stats: It is a tank item, but it is clearly meant for divers. Statwise, I think it is interesting. It is comparable to other HP/ Armor items, has the amazing Point Runner passive, but has less armor and health than the others in exchange for some HP. If its stats were brought up to par, even a little, it might become viable. However, based on how Divers are defined, it should probably have a mix of offensive and defensive state, of the sort that Divers will want, maybe attack speed or armor pen. What with Xin and Eve on the loose, and hopefully Aatrox coming along, there is a great opprotunity for Ohmwrecker coming. It might also benefit from the Sunfire/ Thornmail treatment. Give it a mini-component so that it can be built earlier. Perhaps an item that blocks one tower shot on you ever 45 seconds? I like the item from a theorycrafting perspective, and I think that its particle is really cool, so I hope that it sticks around. Cheers, -Nixtarma
: What is the point of minion soujorners in the new runes?
Bonus damage to minions is great for anyone that struggles at farming, or for those champions that can _almost_ kill casters with a single spell, but leave them at 10 HP.
: I'm really glad they kept Twisted Fate in the Tango splash art. Wonder if his splash will be updated to be consistent with Evelynn.
I hope this means they get a canonical lore interaction again.
: warlords makes em stack faster too and if you also grab runaans you can like proc it every attack :S Pretty dumb
Warlord's Bloodlust uses the energized effect and system, but does not make you stack them faster. It just benefits from Firecannon's passive.
: How can I start making my mastery page??
Two ways: Mastery pages are located in the "Collection" tab if you want to edit them out-of-game. You can also edit them in champion select by pressing the little stylus icon next to the mastery pages. As for filling them out, you are in luck. Mastery pages are easier than ever before these last two seasons. You essentially have to choose between two options all the way up, and you are done. If you read a lot of guides, which I do recommend for improving, you will often find a section where the author explains his mastery choices at every step. That information is great for understanding the situationality behind each choice, so that you can eventually start making your own pages. First, choose what keystone you want. Having the right keystone is critical to playing the game how you want to. From there, choose the secondary tree you want. This can be done based on what you _generally_ want to do. For example, if you want to have the Thunderlord's Decree Keystone, but are playing an aggressive champion, you will want to go down the Ferocity tree as a secondary, but if you are more defensive, then go down the resolve tree. Follow your guides, but try to understand them so that you can know when to change it up. A lot of guide will actually say "in these circumstances, switch out this mastery for this other one." Try to always look over your masteries before the game starts, and briefly think about what you want where. Hope this helps! -Nixtarma Bonus Tip: If your CS isn't great and you play lane, _always_ take the Savagery Mastery. It helps.
: I thought stattik and rapidfire abilities didn't stack? Why would you buy both?
Only the highest damage is applied, but the Firecannon effect applies to towers, and by building a Firecannon, your energized effects stack more quickly.
Roggepoch (EUW)
: Freljordian language learnbook
Well, if you learn Icelandic and Old Norse, you will be pretty close. In fact, if you turn on Google auto-caption with translation on YouTube, it pick up Danish, and the translation is at least followable.
: Bard Bundle
For two RP, tell your friend to draw up his best Bard fanart, and submit a support ticket! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_4GOOgLQOs http://rpart.riotgames.com/na/en/ Cheers! -Nixtarma
: Summoner Specialist should not allow you to choose Flash.
There is still the time to accrue all the summoner shards, and the remaining CDR before you can cast again. Besides, we have not yet seen the best damage keystones, so it is hard to say what the full opportunity cost will be, especially for the sort of champions that want to try that sort of early cheese.
Seba7290 (EUNE)
: League of legends character alignment
I'll argue that Urgot is Lawful Evil. He has his philosophy well-thought out, from its basis in Noxian strength-worship to his education is suffering is Zaun. In fact, he will gladly spend an entire game educating you in it. The key point is that what defines a lawful character is that they motivated themselves by a moral code they are strongly aware of, even if that moral code is against the rule of law. This puts Urgot in the roughly the same boat as resistance fighters: both oppose the existing rule of law for ethical reasons, but anarachist like Urgot do not want to establish a new one. Cheers, -Nixtarma
: I wouldn't consider Jhin chaotic evil, but lawful evil. His obsession with art and the number 4 seems to qualify him as lawful. EDIT: Would be great if someone could explain to me why the downvotes. ô.o Am I wrong? Isn't being lawful in that sense meant that the character has some rules he follows? That applies to Jhin, doesn't it?
I agree. Lawful has always meant (to me, and to the people I play with, at least) that one follows a prescribed moral code. It it just meant following the rule of law "Lawful Evil" would be an impossibility, as it is rare, if not impossible, to have a long-standing evil rule of law.
: I hate using the standard D&D alignment system when comparing characters in League. Some of them are pretty obvious, but Karthus? He thinks he's doing a good thing with ugly motives. Zed and Viktor? They think he's doing the right thing as well, even though they get far less admiration than their main rivals (Shen and Jayce). Sure, it's easy with some characters (it's pretty obvious Braum and Bard are genuinely some of the best characters in league moral-wise) but it gets more complicated when you consider actually people, ESPECIALLY the newer ones.
Yes, a two-dimensional alignment classification system does not describe people perfectly. To do that, one would need to recount their entire life history, actions, motivations, and beliefs, which is, admittedly, much easier for fictional characters. However, the two-dimensional system is fairly well-known and also decent for describing a character's moral base, so it is a pretty good tool for _generally_ comparing characters. Besides, it is fun! -Nixtarma
: @Riot - Eternum "Cassiopeia's" face isn't Cassiopeia's face...
I think once you account for the viewing angles (default is viewed from a neutral plane, Eternum is viewed from below) and their direct opposite facing directions, the differences you site go away. For example, the nose will naturally look bigger when viewed form below, that is where it is wider. Besides, this is a skin, it does not have to be a perfect clone, nor should it be. In-game, her face will probably look much more similar, as it will be using the same rig. Cheers, -Nixtarma
: The failed Ascensions, the Baccai, did they gain power from the failed Ascensions?
I think they might have some power, but their social situation interests me more. To be approved for the ritual, you had to be one of the best and most honored people in the entire empire, and have passed thorough examination. To be broken by the ritual probably means that the priests made some mistake along the way, and you were not properly prepared, so that shame would be attached. Additionally, to go from hero to twisted wretch must be a horrible burden, socially and mentally.
: Where can i download Ornn's login music?
https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends/the-path-to-hearth-home Click the "More" button beneath the track, then "Download."
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Dutch ex soccer player Edgar Davids sues Riot and wins
: You are aware that Silence + Disabling AAs is just a polymorph without the minor slow, right?
I mean, Polymorph is an ability, not a CC type. This disable just combines the same Silence and Disarm effects.
Catalin10GG (EUNE)
Looks plausible, but it could be that it is just one more person jumping on the leak train, only this time, he has learned from the mistakes that the last major fake leak made.
: At the same time, Riot confirmed that these champions would be getting skins within the next nine months.
True, but I do not see Cassiopiea on there, and she was also really high up.
: Legit Question.. What is Irelia's Canonical Hair color?
For canon, I would go by the in-game model. Further, if you are referring to her splash before we imported the Chinese one, I think that it was intended to be black hair in shining light. I can testify that the model still had black hair then.
: My thoughts on Ornn's fork and spade
On the spade: You mention how members of Yorick's order all carried spades, so it is unlikely that his is special and any way, and even less so considering the Blessed Isles seem to be in the wrong part of the world. This is entirely correct. However, we know that the Blessed Isles collected items of power from all over the world. Perhaps Ornn's spade was collected by the Blessed Isles, and served as an inspiration for Yorick's Order? If this were true, it is conceivable that Yorick eventually grabbed the "chief" spade at some point, or that he might have that action as some sort of character goal. On the fork, however, I think the possibility is real and worthy of acknowledgement. I hope it is true, because that would mean more oblique connections between champions!
Korios (EUNE)
: Who is this guy?
Now that you mention it, it does seem plausible that there is some race of giant humans in the Noxian empire from which the likes of Sion and Urgot could have been drawn. It would certainly be plausible in a fantasy setting, and would explain why they are so huge.
: Spectating High Elo Ranked Games
They disabled it a bit before the new client was released due to a security issue in the system. I recall seeing reds say that they do want to bring it back, but they need to figure that issue out first, as well as build it in the new client. I look forward to when it happens!
: I've been away from this game for 3 months what did I miss?
The Vayne buffs are a false alarm, there are a lot of angry threads about the new Star Guardian Skins, but none of that has to do with actual game. New Champions: Kayn: Edgelord guy with a Scythe. Every game, he eventually gets access to his choice of one of two forms. The red form gets spellvamp, a knockup, and %HP damage, the blue form gets bonus magic damage, and some minor buffs to help him be a better assassin. Urgot: If he hits you with his abilities, he can activate a minigun that will automatically target you. He has six shotgun knees, which do AoE damage and hurt, but have a large individual cooldown. His ult slows, but if you get below 25% HP, he can reactivated it to supress and execute you.
: How do I beat league of Legends?
This is one man's attempt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWfcNx4gMuY&list=PLdTHqhwHiO5FEdsEO9Bdutja7UXb2gIAV
: > [{quoted}](name=137434,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E3yz9KEO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-08-10T15:09:58.388+0000) > > This rune is only really useful on junglers and a few select others. It's going to make ghost or ignite a spell that junglers can no longer take.
CLG ear (NA)
: they reversed the bans on the guys who did the ascension 0 bodycount strat
This would not have been possible in the original Ascension, where the buff went to the killer. ...still not sure why they changed it.
: Dark Star Urgot?
While that is not Dark Star Urgot, that would be a great skin. And probably more likely to be made than Star Guardian Urgot (as sorry as I am to admit it) Also, I believe Dark Star and the Cosmic line are in the same alternate reality, but not the same one as the star guardians.
Yuyiyo (NA)
: Can we talk about life steal?
I like it. It is more intuitive, as you point out, but would also provide a very real in-game decision when you are low. Essentially, if lifesteal returned a percentage of the raw damage dealt, it would mean that if you lost a trade, it would take you much longer to lifesteal back up by only last-hitting. If you wanted health back, you would need to continuously attack, thus pushing the wave.
Paroe (NA)
: Can we add one more item to Orrn?
Ornn's items do not get new abilities.
Targon (NA)
: Diana AP Fighter Rework Idea
Two problems: 1. This is the wrong board for this sort of thing. 2. You do not change the play pattern which makes Diana an assassin, namely the ability to double cast her ult. You shaved some damage off the ult, but put it right back with your E change. This would cause a slight change in damage profile, but would just make her an annoyingly difficult assassin to kill.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Buff Level 1 Redbuff Monster.
Ward tribush over the wall when minions spawn, then ward the bot river brush when you enter lane. If you seem them come close, just back off and do not die.
Arcyyy (NA)
: Ornn makes release Camille look like release Bard.
The PBE barely updated. Wait and see.
Skorch (NA)
: Another point to make but i dont know if you saw the article by theriftherald. But Riot stated that SG was their most popular skin line ever released. So of course they are gonna release more. Especially ones with fitting characters.
I had not seen that article, but I readily believe it.
: See people really like to play the number game with some champs and quality game with others. Cait and Lee basically got model changes for most skins save for their legendaries and 2 ish others. It's not the same as say ahri who has particles in nearly every skin...or ekko.
Definitely true, especially as far as mollifying the community goes. Skarner was up there with Yorick as a champion who had not received a skin since release, but the dry spell was broken by the Legendary Battlecast Skarner. He does not have as many skins as some similarly old champions, but people do not complain about him any more. It is certainly a difficult balance to attain.
Meddler (NA)
: It will, though that probably won't be in for initial PBE. We've also got some ARAM specific rules for the other part of Ornn's passive (shop anywhere) coming, most likely a CD on how often it can be used there. That won't be when he first hits PBE either though, so anyone ARAMing with him might see some pretty out of line stuff.
Kythers (NA)
: Write a letter to the Riot balance team one word at a time
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