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Probliss (NA)
: Plat/Diamond Team LF Top & Jungle!!
Top 5: {{champion:82}} {{champion:240}}{{champion:6}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:10}} Willingness to learn champs for team: Willing to learn anything if you put it in front of me, this is a relatively older account but I've been playing as a fill main since beta. kinda just do whatever and i dont normally climb quickly Strengths: General knowledge and wave manipulation, know just about every matchup for top/mid/supp Weaknesses: I get frustrated when teammates don't play the game properly, or just clearly pick crap stuff into teams, general frustration when we can't come together as a team Previous team experience: Been on a lot of random teams, so I can't for sure say I have super competitive team experience, people generally stay stuck in their shells when it comes to champ pools Availability: I will make time, PST. IGN: No Plans Made Discord: NoPlansMade#1394
: LF Top for 5s plat+ team
Snow Mew (NA)
: The only thing I was looking forward to before being deployed next week. Thanks allot eh.
: Clash NA launch canceled due to technical issues
It amazes me that they were hosting MSI in the middle of rising technical issues. We're the only region affected. This is highly disappointing and reflects poorly on Riot's company policy of quality. Tl;dr Rito pls
XCells (NA)
: New Coach
: Malphite Jungler Looking For His Long Lost Yasuo Main
: Diamond 5 Support looking for rank team
: P4 Support LF Fckin beast ADC to climb ladder
Zerility (NA)
: Support Main Looking for DAYTIME practicing team
: LF Senpai to Teach Me the Ways of League
D5 here, what exactly do you need?
Maoek (NA)
: Mid/Support Looking for Team
Krauv, D5 Top/Mid main here, add me.
Wolfess (NA)
: League of onions you say? no wonder league's main export is gallons of salty player tears.
Ohohoho. Millions of americans can use it on our popcorn.
: D5 LF Team, top/mid main.
: Daily Reminder That Zilean Needs a New Passive
For W what about something that reflects enemy projectiles and speeds allied ones through it?
: Daily Reminder That Zilean Needs a New Passive
I'm a Zilean Top main, I like it how it is.
: Need Analyst diamond+
Added, wouldn't mind observing to help.
: D5 LF Team, top/mid main.
: 2 Diamond, 2 Golds, 7-0 Team needs 1 (Top/Support) [ADD: CobaltSlays] PLAT OR HIGHER
D5 top laner. Teams usually cause my losses, almost always play top correctly vs my opponents.
iCarolyn (NA)
: Trio looking for Support and Jungle for ranked 5’s
Would be interested in supporting possibly. I'm a Zilean Top main, but I can support with him bottom. Failing that, I can figure whatever champions we need @ the time on the spot. Played everyone. IGN: No Plans Made Rank: D5 Position: Top/Mid/Support Top Champs played: Zilean/Garen/Xerath Time Zone: PST
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: Team Five Star. Open tryout entries.
Howdy there, interested. Diamond 5. Willing to help a team climb.
Th3B3ar (NA)
: Looking for high gold+ Mid Laner and Top Laner that needs a team.
Holy fuck everyone is like fucking 17-21 lol This game is full of teens
: Now Hiring! Community - Tournament Staff - We Train You! Apply Today!
: Analysis on Gameplay and the Meta
Budupops (NA)
: Why does katarina have 15% damage reduction
It doesn't stack if you spam it, + she has to dive deep in to teamfights. :/
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: Watch the Summoner’s Rift preview
I'd let the summoner who made this rift put a rift in me Q.Q

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