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: Pretty unfair
Disconnects need to be addressed. My first 5 ranked games this season had a dc in all of them and it continues to be a problem consistently.
: Something Needs To Be Done About People Going AFK
I'm having the exact same issue, almost daily. It's making ranked play impossible. I've played 3 ranked matches today and every single match had a dc. I had to stop over christmas vacation because i had 5 different matches in a row have a dc. It makes the game not fun and gives me no reason to play.
: I don't know why so many people treat this game like it's life and death
Because the game is a very competitive one. On top of that, the time invested into getting half-way decent at the game is not insubstantial. When someone invests their time into something, it's a deep seated human need to see a reward for time invested: See: Relationships, Careers (IE: raises for performance, seniority, etc) because OUR time is limited on larger scale. On the other side of your argument, if you want people to not take it seriously maybe there shouldn't be ranked? There is a serious element to the game, it's part of what makes it popular.
: Increased Trolls?
I've had the same bad luck. My last FIVE games in a row, i've had 4 dc's that we couldn't remake (all around 3 min mark dc) or this last game I had a talon go 0/14 against a morgana and intentionally feed. All Ranked. Basically I have to not play league for a while until the amount of dc's and griefing goes down.
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