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Klipto (NA)
: New Client-Accepting Matches-- Later says I declined
Yeah, has been happening to me. I just switched back over to old client until it's resolved.
: Unable to purchase champion (Not enough IP)
I am getting the same problem. Is it in new client yet? have 6,390 ip and cant purchase champs.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
"we’ve still got your back." You're talking specifically to Meteos and not the entire community, right?
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
: To whom does his "You have a sword *something* *something*" quote refer to? On a side note, will we get more swordsmen in the game?
I believe he is referring to Tryndamere.
: Welcome to the Aurelion Sol Q&A!
Rabid Llama, I know this is an AMA but it's probably also the best spot to thank you for the champions you've designed. I love the space theme of your champions and hope to see more cosmic creations from you in the future! As a bard main, you've designed my favorite champion in league with (imho) the coolest kit to date, rivaled only by the epicness that is, Aurelion Sol. Thank you! Edited to say, sorry if I'm giving too much credit solely to Rabid Llama. I'm sure many people had major roles in the creation of these champions. Thanks to everyone who has worked on them!
: Drastic Voiceover Updates
I'm not all too familiar with Sona's lore regarding how players can hear her voice when playing her but I've always thought she would be a more interesting character if players only heard her through Etwahl, similar to her joke, laugh and taunt. Not sure how others feel about this.
Teenbus (NA)
: I love this idea, with a caveat for void champions. I like the idea, lore-wise, of these creatures coming to Valoran and incompletely learning the language, mimicking human speech to the best of their abilities (with Vel'Koz being the exception, learning perfect speech in his quest for knowledge).
I really like that Vel' Koz idea. Being one of the only void beings to have mastered human language.
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