Orasial (NA)
: League Ranked Question
Most people stop at Gold because they just want the rewards and don't really care for playing Ranked. Gold is the minimum requirement to get the free victorious skin that RIOT offers each season. The only thing you get after Gold is a different border and summoner icon. IMO only people who like ranked would continue for those.
: Why the hell are people asking for Vayne nerfs
Even though I'm not one of the people asking for her nerfs, I feel something about her needs to be changed because of how strong her devourer build can be. It(devourer) got nerfed because of her going this and BotRK then going tank, but it could still be a problem. Also she is pretty safe now compared to other late game ADC's because all the ones who could beat her before got nerfed to the point where they can't touch her anymore. The only one who can straight up beat her now is {{champion:119}} as she has the ability to outplay basically every other one now. Also baddies get wrecked by her, which is the main complaint about it.
Dessim8 (NA)
: Barrier or Heal? sure. Clarity? Not so much. You're bound to have some manaless teammates making it less than perfect. Use a Chalice, or tear. Tear is a common choice on poke heavy ADs like Varus and Jinx. Snowball is an ADC suicide weapon. If an ADC wants to hit a Darius, poke him in the bush. Exhaust makes dives from the enemy assassin pathetic and can let your carry go on to destroy. Also, flash on non-engage can be a bit of a trap. Flashing away from a diver will just delay the inevitable. Flashing with a fraction of your health is just making you less healthy for the teamfight to come.
I guess you can't tell I'm being sarcastic. I thought I gave enough BS in the post that it would be apparent, but I guess not. While in some situations it is fine to take it, like if you already have an exhaust, if no one has it you should take it if you are ranged outside of a range champion like {{champion:103}} or {{champion:7}} who can actually make plays by getting closer.
Dessim8 (NA)
: If only Exhaust existed or something.
Ranged champions like to take {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:14}} instead because it offers so MUCH more then exhaust ever will. Then there's the ones who like to take {{summoner:32}} because what ADC doesn't want to mark to the enemy teams {{champion:122}} . Sure exhaust will help them AND their team out, but I'm much too good/important to take it.
: as a support main I feel the pain of having an ADC who is too scared to lay down some autos on the enemy while farming. That said, I'll roam and leave the adc to fail alone if it's that much of a problem.
I prefer to leave lane AFTER our tower is taken and/or I hit 6. If they continuously push to the enemy tower and die, that is THEIR fault, not mine. Do go back if the enemy bot lane pushes to your tier 2 tower though. Also got to love a Morgana level 1 going HAM, despite her being a DISENGAGE champion. Sure you can get the kill if they are almost dead, but thats it.
: What supports do G&B bois agree DO need buffs/reworks?
{{champion:143}} needs help. RIOT gutted her after C9 showed how dominant she could be with the Ashe/Zyra lane in S3. She hasn't really gotten any meaningful love since then. Sure she can still hurt now, but because of how short ranged she is now, she can't really do well anymore. I feel they need to rework her so she is either a mid/top mage or a support because her ability to fill the same role as support is what killed her in the first place.
: Getting annoyed with seeing Gnar picked almost all the time for the top-lane...
Play {{champion:157}} then, he is the main counter that killed him for awhile. Gnar is a good counter to the juggernauts, which are really powerful right now.
slarias (NA)
: When you are behind. Help
I say it depends on the situation. If you grouping will allow your team to turtle better, you should do it. While GP doesn't have the best wave clear, his is better and safer compared to some of the worst so it could help your team stall out if you group. Also with you being so far ahead, you should be able to catch the other laners unaware with how much you hurt because you aren't as behind as the rest of your team. If you grouping doesn't provide anything beneficial, such as the enemy team will still push down inhibitor tower and inhibitor, you are best off AFK split pushing and trying to get as many towers for your team. Doing this will most likely have your team blame you for them losing even though they were the ones who fed and not you, but if you can get results and/or create pressure by pushing on the other teams inhibitor towers, you can help stall out the game long enough. Just as a note, though, if your team is about 15-20 kills behind, you chances of winning are small regardless of the choice you make. Your only real chance of winning at this point is more through the enemy getting caught out or them misplaying HORRIBLY in teamfights.
PentaNub (NA)
: Just some random thoughts about new champs and the worlds
I wouldn't call it being passive per se, but more waiting for the best opportunity. They only make choices when they have all the information, such as knowledge/vision of all their opponents and make a play if it is possible at the time. As they get further ahead of their opponents, they can make "riskier" plays and be more aggressive because they can brute force their way through a fight because of their gold lead. Going for kills is risky early on because to pull it off successfully without you dying, requires more then one person, somewhat telegraphing your move to your opponent by having the participating members MIA. Good teams will recognize this and either play back more or call for aid from other roles.
: PSA: If Garen's Ult hit you for *Insert random high number* true damage
In ARAM I've died to Garen with 1500 dmg coming from true damage on a MR stacking {{champion:113}} . It isn't broken per say, since he is imo one of the few fat champions who can actually blow up a tank.
Rux100 (NA)
: The mid lane
If you are a support main you can get away with playing {{champion:25}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:117}} and you should be able to do decently well. They function the same way as support, just you can take CS and have some kill threat. I don't know your support playstyle, but if you consider yourself a main, you should be comfortable being able to play most of the champions in that category. As Akali, you need to basically try as hard as you can to CS until you hit 6. You SHOULDN'T be able to get CS easily against anyone who is ranged. Akali only really becomes a threat once she hits 6 and can either kill or push out her lane opponent. You can only do this with gold, so you need to CS. If you can't stand farming under tower, DON'T play Akali. You HAVE to play something that has strong wave clear early in the game, someone who can easily push minion waves so you wont' be under the tower.
: Just...no. I love ARAM and even play it more than 5s nowadays. However, it's because the mode is fun. There is definitely a level of skill involved specific to this mode, but most matches are determined before the game starts as long as the general skill level of both sides is somewhat comparable. There's just too much chance involved to be able to compare players in skill at a competitive level. You would likely have to play 50-200+ matches in the ranked mode before knowing roughly where you belong due to all that chance. Also, if that happened then fewer people would be in the non-competitive ARAM, making makes matchmaking take even longer or be even more lobsided skill-wise.
This. Also, a lot of players have ARAM only accounts, really taking away the "random" aspect of it, especially because Ranked removes f2p champions. All ARAM would consist of is players who buy the most broken things on it, removing the fun of the mode. I'd be fine with an ARAM ranked to some degree if it enabled ALL the champions for EVERYONE, making it REALLY random and not just favoring players who are trying to win through RNG. Team compositions are really only overbearing if a team has too much of one aspect, it usually being them having excessive poke/harass and you having no safe waveclear. Most ARAM only accounts were only poke champions, so opening it up to EVERYTHING removes that advantage. The only other problem with an ARAM ranked is the queue time. With so many game modes an ARAM ranked queue can possibly take forever. I already have 5-10 minutes queues and I feel a ranked would be even worse then that, basically meaning you'd spend as much time in queue or even more then actually playing the game.
: Been practicing Top lane, and god this is unfun...
These champions are easy stomp champions because of their rework, so a lot of players who want to just win will play them. Anyways, you will run into them anyways even if you played on your main, so you should learn to play against them as well.
: MMR System?
It is mainly you winning a lot. In S3 I went from S4 -> S2 -> S1 -> G5 -> G3 -> G1 -> P5. All you need to do is win a majority of your games. I feel the thing that causes people stop climbing quickly is usually losing during their promo series. Since you rise/fall pretty quickly the less ranked games you played, you winning your earlier games benefits you.
CaeDares (NA)
: What If...
This is counterproductive because the item benefits from gaining attack speed. If they wanted to limit the items AS, they wouldn't have the item give AS in the first place.
: Graves seems to me like a worse Corki or Lucian. I've been spamming Ezreal and Kog because they're simply better right now than Graves and other lane "bullies" who just can't bully, while if I was ranking with ADC, I'd pick Jinx or Vayne because there's no reason to pick any other ADCs except for niche cases. I'm just putting this out there as an example. Like Kalista only deals 0.9 attack damage on autos but can deal infinite burst damage with rend.
Not saying Graves is better then them, imo he's actually worst off in the current meta, but he is different in terms of being able to just AA -> Q -> R and basically kill a squishy. Corki is a good all around ADC pick because he is able to do well at all stages of the game and offers a little bit of everything, being able to go into almost any team composition. Lucian is harder to pull off because of his AA range nerf, but can do well if he gets out of laning phase. His short range does hinder him though. I would personally go for Jinx or Trist in ranked, just because of how good they are as late game ADC's. In ranked late game is where it will almost always be as the winning team will drag it out(at least my team does when we are winning -_-) and let the other ADC farm to late game instead of closing out at 30 minutes.
: Differentiating ADCs from each other
The ADC's are technically all different and varied, but probably not different enough for you to be satisfied with. I will admit, though, that some are similar to each other mainly because as a marksman they need to be able to function the same way, by being able to AA to do damage. If they had too many different things to make them "unique" they would most likely become either too weak or too OP, in which case they'd get nerfed to the ground. Sure, you can point to Urgot, but his Q is basically his AA, which doesn't scale too well into late game. Your Lucian idea while somewhat interesting, seems kind of bad. Making it homing basically ensures death to any squishy who mispositions later in the game, making it broken. He will also almost always get above 2.0 AS building as a traditional ADC anyways, so there isn't any need for the change as well outside of forcing players to have to build towards it because of the extra strength it gives. You should try Graves. Unlike the other ADC's, he is the ONLY one that can basically 100 - 0 someone at 6 instantly. He can soak up damage pretty well because of his passive and really only starts falling off when he can't 100-0 people anymore. The main reason he isn't as good right now is because of the tanks as he isn't able to burst them down because they are tanks.
: ADC mains agree. To be fair the role basically encourages ADCs to kind of hate everything. If you don't have perfect mechanics and don't have a great team protecting you, you'll die regardless of how well you do. Unless you're Vayne.
To be fair ADC wise we are where we are because of all the complaints. People didn't like the ADC's because they were too strong and I do agree some were over the top, like Lucian, but it wasn't so bad. Riot then goes and nerfs a lot of them pretty hard and now everyone is crying about {{champion:67}} because RIOT nerfed basically ALL her counters in lane to the point where they can't deal with her anymore.
: Wasn't the Cleaver width nerf due to the prevalence of Mundo top (with 0/30/0 masteries) at the time? Mundo and Shyvana top were pretty much the most-picked top laners back before those nerfs. IIRC, it wasn't caused by Mundo jungle.
This. Often times a nerf towards a champion or item is because of it being abused in ways RIOT didn't intend or if it worked TOO well. While the nerf hurt your Mundo jungle, the main abuse of him was coming from his strength in the top lane and him being used to easily win lane.
HentRex (NA)
: Runes
1) I feel they can/won't change this. It would probably be easy to change, but RIOT has this whole "plan ahead" thing with the runes I feel, which is why they won't change it. It also comes from an older archaic system when there weren't that many champions and all the "good" ones weren't 6300, so runes weren't terribly hard to purchase back then because you didn't have as much competition back when the game was released. Though it may not be much comfort, RIOT did reduce the price of "standard" runes and for ALL roles you can take flat AD marks, armor seals, mr or mr/lvl glyphs, and flat HP quints and you will do okay in lane. 2) I can't really answer this since I don't know the answer. I'm guessing because the right runes can win/lose the matchup. Also the ones that have important stats like armor/magic penetration are often expensive because of how hard it is to purchase that stat.
: Ok, can someone tell me how Quinn's weak?
She counters melee bruisers very hard, similar to how Vayne does it, but easier since her E gives her a free "you can't touch me" card. It is usually from this lead that she becomes strong and then starts going to other lanes getting them ahead. Her strength is small skirmishes and being able to pick off targets. She can also assassinate people decently well too. This means that her weaknesses involve teamfights and getting focused down, as she is squishy. Outside of her dashing towards a target w/ E, she has no other mobility, making her easy to pick off in ranged form or forcing her to use her R, reducing her mobility/assassination power. If you are playing top lane against her, as a melee your best bet is to not feed and get tanky, since you should reach a point where she can't kill you anymore and then you can farm. Don't feed her early and let her dumpster you later as well.
: Is there a reason urgots ult has to be the easiest most transparent easily stopped skill in the game
Its power comes from it being good in the laning phase allowing him to snowball his lead harder. It is also very strong in small skirmishes such as 2v2's or 3v3's. Its pretty difficult to get an ideal situation to use it in a teamfight, but that isn't where his actual power is.
: Twitch's passive. Let's be real.
Though this isn't what you asked specifically, I feel he may need his passive changed, at least to make him more "healthy. His passive does passive TRUE damage, meaning you can't mitigate it. While giving it a steroid, most likely AD, won't significantly buff his early game laning power, it can become too strong later in the game. Draven got his passive changed because his DoT damage was considered too powerful(and it was) and after players started playing Twitch because of Draven's change, him being similar to Draven this way, his passive got nerfed as well. While Darius' DoT may be strong, the main strength of it I feel comes from his ability to dunk with more power and not so much the bleed damage. Anyways, as the bleed has been nerfed/removed for ADC's, I feel it isn't the right way to look if you want to buff him.
Bhagswag (NA)
: About ARAM
ARAM is random. The game isn't supposed to be balanced. RIOT has added in things to help try and make the game less balanced, but it isn't perfect as this game mode isn't RIOT's main focus. There WILL be times you will get dud comps and they will get strong ones, there isn't helping that because of the Random. There will be times though that the other teams comp is stronger, but you have the ability to outplay them if they misplay. If you look at my match history to my most recent Brand game, you will see we won despite having an inferior team comp imo. All their team had to do was reset to win and they had the poke to do it easily, but despite all their tools to give them the reset, they played poorly and lost. I feel against tanks the only time It is pretty much over is if they have more then one and/or my damage champions keep getting caught. You'd be surprised how often players who pick poke champions get caught by it. Also the champions who are unconcerned about getting snowballed too are often an easy tool to getting the squishy.
: Best ADC to carry bronze with
I feel your champions take a lot more... finesse and skill then is required for bronze matchs. First I will say your best bet to rising is to play the champion you are most comfortable with, so if you are good with these, play them. If you want an easy stomp ADC, though, I say {{champion:104}} is the best. He has a dash for escapes and the rest of his kit allows him to blow up squishy targets. As for support, I would say {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}}are the best because they punish poor positioning so hard. You can play them even up until gold easily because some players aren't smart. As you get into higher tiers/divisions, though, you will run into players who aren't as foolish to be hooked for free.
: Some champions that can actually bully Vayne hard if you know what you're doing
{{champion:104}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} all dump on her easy if you know what you are doing. Graves only flaw is he is outscaled hard by her, so if the game drags on late, as it often does in solo queue, she will get stronger then him.
41noob (NA)
: soraka has hit a 54% wr in high elo
I say people can also try playing more burst champions instead of DPS ones to kill her/individual targets as well.
Marthian (NA)
: Quinn also can fit Ghostblade, although her better playstyle seems to be that of an assassin (which youmuu's works well for.)
She can get it, I just don't really consider her an ADC in the traditional sense. I consider a top lane champion. GB works for her moreso because her R makes her melee, which I feel makes it more threatening compared to most other ADC's and therefore more viable, as she is basically an assassin later in the game. Most AD assassins can utilize GB well, so it isn't a surprise that she can as well.
: why can't lucian do it anymore? i thought it was a core item cus it increases ult dmg so much
Lucian can still buy it if he wants to, but it was more I feel because of how OP he was that let him get away with it. As the meta has shifted towards longer drawn out teamfights, that 6 second burst won't help him for the rest of the teamfight, making something like {{item:3087}} or{{item:3046}} more preferable. It synergizes well with his R, but shooting that into a tank with armor won't do much. You can still buy it on him if you want as it will give him a nice burst of power when he activates GB, but if the fight drags on longer then its duration, he will start to fall behind an ADC that got PD or Shiv. Also do note that this is my opinion, so you can get it if you want if it is your playstyle, but I feel getting GB cripples the rest of his kit for the ability to have a slightly strong R earlier in the game.
: Bard - General Consensus
I personally like Bard. Overall Bard is very lackluster compared to more meta supports like {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} with all their CC and ability to exert their power in the moment. His only CC is his Q which is a situational Stun/Slow that is also a skill shot. If you miss it things won't go well for you. Everything else about him gives him power to exert control over the map. His W, while nothing compared to {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} , is able to be placed anywhere on the map, allowing him to help his teammates when not actively present. His E is also pretty neat, as it allows for quick travel across the map and can be used as bait for enemies who are too aggressive. Honestly, though, I feel the thing that makes people hate him so much is his R. This ability is what makes/breaks a good/bad Bard player. You land it correctly, you can basically guarentee a won teamfight. If you misplace it, you lost the teamfight. He is an extreme support that has actual strengths and weaknesses and if played poorly, will result in your loss. Missing Q often results in you or teammates death/flash. A bad R can win/lose a teamfight. Note: I refer to Bard with as a he in my explaination, though I know Bard is... sexless I think? It is just to make describing Bard easier without having to call him an it.
: Questions about Youmuu/Shiv/Dancer.
1. They can build it, though it is more for an early game build and to help spike earlier in the game. As ADC's often are their teams late game power house, there isn't much reason for them to purchase early game items that give a small window of power. The only ADC that can legitimately fit Ghostblade into their build atm is {{champion:29}} , as the actives synergizes with his R incredibly well. 2. I would say it is not worth it. You should get either one or the other. In almost all cases PD is superior to Shiv. PD offers better stats and they both cost relatively the same amount of gold. The only reason you would want to get Shiv instead of PD is because you are a burst ADC {{champion:104}} where the extra damage from it increases your likelyhood of 100-0 them or if you got {{item:3093}} early on and farmed with it. While PD is superior in almost all ways, it is a FACT that Shiv is cheaper. Even though it isn't by much, as ADC's are very item dependent, accelerating your build to get the next item quicker has its advantages in certain scenarios. If you meant as a 6th item you are better off getting 2 PD, another LS item(BT or BotRK, whichever you most likely didn't get), or a defensive item if you need one.
Just some general advice: 1. Learn to last hit with AA(autoattacks) only for the early game as when you play against better opponents, you often have to save your abilities to trade or to prevent them from aggressing onto you. TF is a good example as if you use his W(his stun) on minions, the enemy can run at you and chase you off CS because you have no way of stopping them from attacking you. 2. Learn what all the champions can do in the game. You don't need to learn the abilities names, just know how they function. Also to some degree, roughly learning abilities cooldowns is useful too. Some champions hinge on specific abilities, so if you know it is down you have free reign to do whatever you want. Like against Blitzcrank. If he misses his Q, you have about a 18-20 second window at level 1 to do whatever you want to him and his ADC. 3. Always ward and upgrade your trinket. There are other things, but to train your individual mechanics there isn't really much to do outside of playing and practicing it then. Say practicing to flash specific abilities, say Malphite R is good in theory, but all that practice doesn't mean much if you can't do it without concentrating or reflexively, in which case you will have to get live practice or games against real people anyways. If you are lacking the first two on my list, focus on that first imo over mechanics and better reflexes because lack of knowledge will be more crippling to you in the long run then being able to having fast reflexes. Sure you can Flash away from the said champion, but if you had known that they don't actually have the power to kill you 1v1, there was no actual reason to run away in the first place. Also for my #1, you can use abilities to last hit, just be aware that if you use your abilities on minions, you often give a window to your opponent to either aggress onto you or even straight up kill you. This is why #2 is important because knowing if your opponent can kill you or not is useful information. It also tells you if you can aggress on them if they use their abilities poorly.
Xaneph (NA)
: Lucian Balance
His W change is actually pretty nice, since he gets the passive portion of it applied if he hits with it now instead of having to hit the target to get it applied after hitting W. It still doesn't really "fix" him though. I feel a stun would make him broken, blind is meh, and a slow in combination with a MS steroid for the user in one skill is too broken.
: why is this section compromised almost entirely of baddies
A reason you got so many downvotes is because your post is very offensive to some people. While there are players who won't be able to be as skilled at this game compared to others, there is no reason for you to bash on those who legitimately want information. Besides, if they don't ask they won't know the answer to their questions, leaving them ignorant and with less likelyhood of them improving.
: if the counterplay is not as strong as the play is it really counterplay
The problem with tanks being too strong isn't their ability to do damage, it is their ability to do so much damage while being almost impossible to kill. It isn't as abuseable in competitive play as players there will usually give those champions the respect they deserve, but in solo queue it is a huge problem because those champions will steamroll the other team without being able to be killed. This will also be the reality of competitive play if the tanky champion gets fed as well, hence the nerfs. As for Vayne, she is a problem more so because people play against her wrong. Unlike most champions, a few kills for her will offset a poor laning phase and she can do it by outplaying poor plays done by a winning team. This is more so because one of her weak points is her laning phase and she is VERY item dependent to do damage compared to some other ADC's. Once she is ahead in lane, unless she makes a mistake she shouldn't lose to her counterpart ADC unless it is a burst ADC early game or {{champion:119}}, though a stun into a wall should guarantee her victory.
: Anyone else feel like Soraka heals a BIT to much mid/late game?
Old Soraka was more broken in lane then current one. Old Raka made {{champion:104}} super tank and allowed him to trade against basically ANYONE while receiving little to no damage. Her change was to make her an actual support instead of an oppressive heal bot who dumped on everyone in mid/top lane. Anyways for me the only thing that is confusing is how LONG it took people to latch onto her with the teamfights starting to drag on to 20-30seconds +. This is where she SHINES, so it makes sense that she will be strong with the current meta.
: Warrior vs Devourer Master Yi
Devourer should still be superior for yi. A lot of his power comes from his ability to AA really fast and dish out a lot of damage, allowing him to Q repeatedly along with his passive being applied faster from Devourer. A slight nerf to it and an small AD buff to warrior isn't enough to offset buying one over the other, at least in his case. He doesn't really scale too well with just flat AD.
: Giving the toxic pool a clean slate was a bad idea
To be fair, I used to think that way about people who would go to jail when I was younger and naive. Yes, certain people deserve to go to prison and belong there, but there are also some people who changed because of what happened and it was a wake up call to them to change their lives. Unless the specific individual victimized you or someone related to you, you don't really have ANY right to judge them just as they shouldn't have any right to pass judgement on you. Even though it is extrapolating on your idea with them having broken the rules and getting punished, what do you feel should happen to them AFTER they serve their "time". They are supposed to be reintegrated back into society with the hope that they are reformed after serving their time. The sad truth, though, is that they often aren't able to get a good job because of their time served and are often viewed negatively because of their past actions, even if they changed. Anyways, the only permanent way to "remove" them from being a "hindrance" to society would be their death, and while some people do deserve it, a LOT don't. They are people too and deserve your respect until they prove otherwise. If you relate that to LoL's, it is similar. The only "legitimate" way to remove this problem is to perma ban them, which is essentially death. While some people who continuously exhibit negative behavior will end up getting banned, those who don't want to compromise their account will hopefully end up changing. Even IF they get banned, hopefully they will be changed enough if they make a new account for it to not happen again.
Keyoshi (NA)
: Why is rengar so much better than khaz?
You have it wrong. Kha is supposed to be the better late game carry where as rengar is the early game monster that snowballs out of control. Kha's buffs before his nerfs just made him an early game monster that made it almost impossible for rengar to compete. They were also very OP, which is why he got nerfed. Kha still works the way he was supposed to be intended to, he just isn't as strong as he once was.
3tyson (NA)
: ad tf > ap tf
Compared to an actual ADC, though, TF falls flat on his face. He has no escape outside of SS, so if he is jumped on he is dead. Sure he has his gold card, but even with that, most other ADC's can still kill him through it in a 1v1. As an ADC, TF is basically all the bad aspects of an ADC with none of the positives. His only upside is he can do okayish in some 1v1 matchups(though this doesn't make him an ADC imo) and his ult gives him good map presence. AP TF is superior just because he can delete people and burst hard. If TF actually has the ability to AA without being aggressed onto, you can almost play ANY champion that is ranged and you are fine. AP TF lets you burst and get out, giving you a lot more safety by having to expose yourself to danger less. His Q also chunks hard, giving him good waveclear and poke.
: Azir's learning curve
It has nothing to do with his learning curve. Well it does, indirectly. He was nerfed repeatedly because of how strong he was, so basically everyone who was using him for freelo can't abuse him anymore because a lot of the free power he had has been taken away. He can still function fine as a DPS mage who has decent zone control, but now he can't do that + everything else he could do before.
: Me: I main support Another guy: pick Braum Me: I don't have Braum. (Picks Maokai) Another guy: wtf if you main support why don't you have Braum Maybe because I'm still a noob like you and haven't had time to buy all the meta supports?
I'm jwing why you would have Maokai though if you main support. lol
: It's actually hilarious playing Yorick support (I prefer to play in norms draft pick for clarity) against the first four you mentioned, as you can spawn a ghoul to block all of their ranged abilities and possibly frustrate them to no end.. As long as you have mana. Same principle applies with Shaco boxes and other 1 target skillshot abilities. Ancient coin path fills this need rather well, while giving some nice sustain. A Blitz who pulls an AoE slow that chases is not a happy blitz x3 Support Leona is actually bad against Support Shaco, as I mainly pick support Shaco against botlane CC engage comps (Because it works really well) with self pulls. But overall viability or tactics aren't the topic here, sorry for getting off topic. It's just kinda frustrating to get flamed for trying to have a fun time trying out new/off beat things, I can understand them preferring more consistent/meta picks. But I just want to know why they get so upset over someone playing something they're unfamiliar with, in normals. I'd be more understanding if it was ranked they got upset over, but people more often then not get angry about it then in ranked. Which is really confusing for me.
Oh if it is normals then idk why they get upset then. I say it is just people who can't handle change, which means anything new can dump on them pretty easily. For me I just dislike them because they don't offer me the protection I like as an ADC.
: Why do people think Unusual Lanes/Roles are bad?
It has to do with people not liking "change". They also don't offer as much as a traditional champion in the support role would, technically speaking. Everyone is familiar with the staples like {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} and know what they can offer. If you pick something like {{champion:101}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:83}} they are unknowns to your teammates, so they don't know what they have to offer, which is imo what causes your teammates dislike. They also don't offer peel for the ADC outside of {{champion:101}} and if you miss your E, then you can't really protect them. The only one I'd be hesitant against you playing is {{champion:83}} . Maybe with all the buffs/nerfs other champions have received he can function well now, but he got nerfed way back when he was released because people were taking him as support(me included in that number). Anyways, the nerfs made it so he wasn't able to harass well enough in lane anymore so he wasn't worth taking compared to other supports that could harass.
Cardmant (EUW)
: Riot do something to these items....
Just because you don't use them and not many people do doesn't mean they aren't good. They fill the niche that only they can offer. These items are strong enough that they could be OP if they become mainstream, basically making everyone have them, so there isn't much point to buffing them.
: Ranking System is Broken
Isn't this just more of a you had a game where the only one who had the potential to win the game was you and since you died, you lost. Your examples with bard jungle don't mean much though since things people don't understand or that aren't mainstream/meta rekk people pretty hard.
: Flash is absolutely perfect the way it is. It's not OP, but it's not UP either. It's quite honestly one of the *only* things in the game that is truly balanced, alongside Vel'Koz and Zed. But that's pretty much it. What we *should* be doing if you want Flash picked less is to buff or combine other summoner spells. Combine Heal and Ghost, and you'll see adcarries using that along with Cleanse instead of Flash. It's in the other summoner spells. Not Flash itself.
> [{quoted}](name=Tomb of Insomnia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E5OVi2ME,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-09-17T07:11:40.024+0000) What we *should* be doing if you want Flash picked less is to buff or combine other summoner spells. Combine Heal and Ghost, and you'll see adcarries using that along with Cleanse instead of Flash. I will just say that this is a bad way to combine them. I would just use Heal/Ghost with flash and not cleanse. Also it would buff mid lanes who take a combination of flash + {{summoner:6}}or {{summoner:7}}.
Cootch (NA)
: Runes for certain Champs?
Runes are useful because they give your champion "free" stats with the IP you earn. RIOT is also going to put out a sale of generic runes, so if you don't own any of the ones in their post, I say hold of on purchasing those until it goes on sale. Anyways, if you don't own ANY runes, your best bet is to go for generic runes that will benefit all champions. Flat AD marks, flat armor seals, flat MR or MR/lvl glyphs, and flat HP quints. You can use these on all of your champions, even mages, and it will make your champion strong and buff their early game. The flat AD marks won't help your spells unless they have an AD ratio for some reason, but it will let you last hit with your AA easier. After you have this, I say you should get runes that benefit your prefered playstyle. If you like mages, get magic pen marks, flat AP quints, and consider AP/lvl glyphs/seals. If you like ADC get some flat AD quints. An IMPORTANT thing to remember, though, is that you will need multiple rune pages if you want to customize more. Having all of those runes won't help you if you have to play mage and didn't equip your mage runes into a page.
Kögâ (NA)
: Can we just buff some of the other adc's already?
The problem with this is that ADC's got nerfed because of how overbearing they were. {{champion:236}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:104}} all got gutted back around the end of S4 with either the ADC itemization change or being nerfed directly. All the ADC's are technically at where they should be, so there shouldn't be any need to buff/nerf them. The only ones who could probably use some love are {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:110}} . Lucian needs something mainly because the only thing keeping him down is his low attack range now. MF was fine somewhat, but she still feels like she doesn't offer much later in the game, so there isn't much point in taking her. Ez, Quinn, and Varus only need help if they want to define them only as an ADC. Since they can actually work in other roles (Ez mid, Quinn Top, Varus mid) they are somewhat okay as they are, but as an ADC it hinders them somewhat as well. Quinn and Varus are fine imo, the one who needs love most is Ez.
: What happened to some of the champs?
He is in the works for a rework. He has been for awhile. He was a passable support until they started actually making support champions, in which he started to fall off. All their attempts at making him viable with a revamp have gone poorly because it just made him OP in top/mid and then he got nerfed to the ground again.
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