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: I would love to help you out pal but really the easiest way would be to upload a vod review for you to youtube. Let me know if you want me to do that. You can tell me here or add me in game. I took a look at your and I see two things. One, you play a lot of team and gank oriented champions like Amumu, Hecarim, and Reksai. These are really good junglers in the meta. The issue is that the meta is dictated by professional players like high elo streamers and lcs players. Those players have one thing in common - really good teammates. In the case of LCS, really good teammates with thousands of hours of cooperative practice and communication in a 5v5 environment. At your rank, you cannot trust your team. I still don't trust my team and I'm currently playing in D4 MMR. I can gank all day and get them ahead but they simply don't know what to do with it. When I do this, they typically get cocky and end up dying in the enemy jungle (literally) trying to 1v3 and chase kills. They give up shut downs and, next thing I know, my 4/0 vayne is now 4/4 and the gold is even again. With this being said, I recommend making the change to hard carry melee AD junglers that are capable of taking objectives and 1v2ing easily. I favor Yi, Jax, Tryndamere, Udyr, and other similar champions. I have a 70% winrate on Yi after 60 games this season and am climbing quite steady with it and other champions. Also, utilize que dodging. I try to one trick Yi as much as I can. I can't always play it but I try to. If I pick Yi and the enemy team follow up with Malzahar, Rammus, Jax (all hard Yi counters) then I know the game is lost and I dodge. I've learned to play udyr or Jax if I'm first pick and save Yi if I'm third pick or below. It's harder to counter Jax and Udyr and they have more utility to the team than Yi. Draft pick is just as important as the game. You have to learn and get a feel for counter matchups and recognize these in pick. I have a really good sense of when a game is won or lost just in draft pick and dodge accordingly. Dodging loses LP but your MMR is unaffected. I'll gladly lose 3/10/15 LP to conserve my MMR. If you like to your team before the game, that's fine, and you can use that to your advantage. Notice someone in your game is Gold 3 even though you're silver 4? Look into it. If they are a midlane main with a 30% winrate but have a 95% winrate on Yi after 20-30 games, then they were boosted to high gold and are much worse and you are probably going to lose that game. I noticed this a lot around low gold and I'm noticing it a lot around low diamond now because they are the most common boosted ranks. The tldr is use common sense and dodge the game. It's worth it. I've seen people come into chat raging and calling names for no reason in prelobby. Everyone will start arguing and they'll troll pick something like nami jungle. People will actually go into a game like this knowing it's a loss. The fear of dodging and losing that immediate LP is more than the later, and not technically guaranteed fear, of losing the game. You have to override this fear and learn to dodge. I've dodged close to 50 games this season btw. Anyway, I hope this helps. I'd be more than willing to upload a video for you to youtube. Just let me know if you want me to take a look at a replay.
Thanks man. I would love to see a vod review of one of my games but recently ive been playing on tilt and not really trying or playing as good as I can and I understand what i can be doing better so maybe i can try to play my best for a few games so you can help me improve on what i dont understand yet.
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: Why don't you just get it over with and demote me
they do want to.. they just want to make it slow and painful LOL. but seriously stop playing support if you want to climb.
: Can i just say that inters literally never get addressed.
kk55 (NA)
: Do I deserve my 14-day suspension for this??
unfortunately riot isnt a good company.
: I've been a player since Season 1. I had never been banned, I had never had a chat restriction, I was one of the first people to reach honour 5 when it was released. I called someone a banana for an inaccurate assessment of my warding. 14 day ban, awards and honour completely reset. {{summoner:11}}
if this is true i want to uninstall
KingMack (NA)
: Yeah game is very unfair. But, regardless, if you are hard stuck in any rank then there is something to learn and something that you can do better. I can move from Iron to low Plat losing only a handful of games. Once I get to mid plat, I start to go more even in terms of win/loss. It just means I've learned what I needed to in order to climb to plat, but I have more to learn to progress to diamond - but I have complete confidence that I will reach diamond by the end of the season. You can climb, too. Don't listen to SuperCancer. The guy just goes around league boards telling people they are virgins. I'm not sure why this matters. He must be a pretty pathetic person to troll League of Legends boards about sexuality. Anyway, I see you have around 500 or so games in Silver. This indicates that your play is balanced for your current mmr, but you have to make some changes in order to climb higher. I can coach you for free if you like. Just add me in game. But off the top of my head, you are playing way too many different champs and roles in ranked games. It's hard to actually learn the basics this way. I would say that anyone that is able to reach gold has a good foundational knowledge of the game. People ranked below that are generally missing pretty crucial pieces of information. Looking at your, my advice would be to play mid and one trick yas. You already have a positive winrate after a good number of games on the champion and he is excellent for solo q. After 300 or so games one-tricking, you will find your knowledge of the game will have vastly improved plus you will come out of the experience with valuable mechanical skills for your champion and mid lane. Plus you will have probably reached mid gold by then.
I am a jungle main in the same position as Potatomunchrr curious what role you play and if you can give me a few tips to improve
: > [{quoted}](name=Chembaron Yamada,realm=EUW,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=tI4ETOet,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-07T11:05:14.573+0000) > > What is it that you want, tho? > > _______________ > > Feel the same. I am starving for content from Piltover and Zaun, but we won't get anything from there this year it seems. Maybe next year, too. I want -To play dominion again -The old rune system back -the old client look -skins that cost $100 to stop existing -loot boxes to stop existing -ryze to have his old joke again -summoners to exist in the lore -Shyvanas old E in dragon form -The old draft theme -other things that I can't remember right now
so you want every possible thing that doesnt ruin the game to stop existing? funny how champion balance or the matchmaking system didnt cross your mind
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: What can I do to rank up
matchmaking is simply shit. if you want to have fun playing this game forget about your rank
: [Rant]: Matchmaking
What happens is if someone is on a high winstreak their mmr rises vary quickly and the game makes matches based off of everyones mmr combined for example someone could have a mmr of 2,000 and they get matched with 4 players that have a mmr of 200 each. making it a toal of 2,800 mmr on the team and the other team can have 5 players with a mmr of 560 each making a total of 2,800 and riot considers this FAIR when you have 4 players getting stomped and 1 player doing well. One player cannot carry a game if everyone else loses their role. a simple fix would be to match people based on individual mmr but that would make q times skyrocket and its just not good for the "business". matchmaking is simply not fair most of the time and theres noothing riot will ever do.


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