: If someone is going to quit a game, then just quit. I am not sure what kind of reactions you're looking for if anything or some sort of encouragement. A farewell or something? While you might get a farewell or an encouragement, or some sort of troll to react to you leaving, but no one post on a forum and announce they're quitting. Because they always come back. When a player is thoroughly finished with a game, they just leave. They don't go out of their way to go to the forum and announce their goals on quitting. They just simply leave and move on. You posting on this forum is giving you an attachment or you're looking for some sort of attention. If you're not having fun, then move on. If you're going to linger around the forums, then you're not quitting, because then you'll be back and quit again the next few months just to come back again. The community will be what it was in 2009. Whoever comes or goes, the game itself will continue to evolve as it always does. The system will continue to improve and evolve regardless if you're here or not, that goes for me and everyone else if they're here or not. The community will be as it always has.
Make's you wonder a bit though. The amount of players coming out with "I quit" posts has certainly increased now hasn't it? Makes me wish Riot still had the balls to post population stats...
: Nvm Yauso, ziggs, camille, etc. Poppy is fucking busted
It's almost like %health damage is a fucking problem or something... Good thing Riot puts it into nearly every fucking champ they release/rework huh?
: What is the strategic point of picking Teemo?
He used to be great at map control, he could hold a large majority of the map for his team with well placed Mushrooms and keep enemies from having as much vision due to them having to buy {{item:3341}} Now though thanks to all of the anti trap shit Riot has added in addition gutting his Shrooms for a fucking toss gimmick, he's just another early game cheese Champ now where you hope and pray that your enemy is dumb enough to let you spiral out of control top-lane so you can splitpush and hold the enemy team's attention long enough for your team to get a lead. There is literally no point to picking Teemo other than personal preference and I fucking hate that they did that to him. You can't even say that he can counter marksman because his Blind has a travel time that can let 2 _600-1000_ Damage auto-attacks through effectively making it a 50/50 "I catch you off guard and blind you or you 1-shot me before my Q registers on you."
: What's the dumbest thing you did when you first started LoL?
Believed the game would reward skill and personal contribution. Everyone gets the exact same thing as everyone else and the only "Reward" being Crates and Keys are RNG based... woohoo!
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Ahri needs a nerf.
Plus built in sustain, and free true damage tacked onto her low cost+low cooldown Q. Nothing as fun as getting just the tip of her orb and getting burst for magic damage and then the exact same amount as true damage.
Leetri (EUW)
: Anyone with instant CC can do that, it's just not Lee Sin.
Difference is their CC has some form of Travel time and can be dodged/blocked/abused by your movement/abilities. Lee Sin's ult stuns you BEFORE it goes off, THEN he sends you flying as well. Only other person that comes close to his level of BS is {{champion:1}} and her instant cast AOE Bear, but at least with her she can MISS by a hair.
: Someone like Marquis from Battleborn (RIP in pieces Overwatch tore it to shreds) would be right up your alley: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/battleborn/images/3/3e/BBDemo_Character_Marquis.png/revision/latest?cb=20150614204028 "Good day peons! :D" "Greetings savages! :D" "Well met, hobos! :D" "No touching please! :D" "You disgust me! :D" "You smell terrible! D:<" "Good thing poor people don't feel pain! >:D" "Expect a bill for that bullet! >:D" "Witness the awesome power of prudent financial planning! >:D" "Eugh! A poor person! D:<" "I have spotted a vagrant! D:<" "Incoming vagabond! D:<" "Liberal arts major! D:<" "Public school shtudent! D:<" "_Well, well,_ if it isn't the less fortunate! D:<" "Look there! The unwashed masses! D:" "I can see low income housing from here! D:" "AHHHH It's the financially destitute! D:" "I hope you're insured, chum! _I don't think they're insured..._" "I usually frown upon humiliating the homeless bu- HAHAHA I'M KIDDING OF COURSE I never frown upon that ;D" "Stocks! Bonds! BUY! SELL! **BUSINESS!!** AHAHAHAHAHA- oh sorry, what were we doing? ;D" "Money _can_ buy happiness! And victory! _And gold plated victory yachts!_ :D" "Three cheers for plutocracy! Good for me! _Awful_ for you! >:D"
God I love the characters in that game, real shame the overall experience just didn't do it for me.
: I don't think I will ever understand the hate to Jayce as a character, Note I am meaning in his personality I don't find him that bad but that may just be because I am not a victor fanboy
It's really not even hate, he's just a super smart douche plain and simple, even _he_ knows it and points it out in his own story. But what I was pointing out is that even with him he's just a douche on accident most of the time because he believes the majority of people aren't as smart as him and he only realizes after the fact that he was a dick. I want a character that acknowledges his own douche nature and _enjoys_ and _flaunts_ it.
: Isn't that Camille? She's obnoxious enough, that's for sure.
Yeah but I'm thinking more along the lines of someone so incredibly rich and successful who also KNOWS they're that wealthy and just rubs it in everyone's faces whenever they get a chance.
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Penns (EUW)
: Armor pen for the 1 armor item Poppy?...
The poppy with an Armor boost passive?
: Isn't CertainlyT the one whos working on Warwick's kit?
_**%max-health/max-health true damage**_ is going to be in there somewhere. Fucking calling it right here.
Penns (EUW)
: Tfw she didnt even have Tabi tanks balanced in 2k17 lul
That face when he didn't even have armor pen ADCs Genius in 2k17 lul
: Easy solution; give it the Heal Summoner treatment.
Um... it actually already has that... _**Half effect if targets have been effected by another Redemption recently.**_
Avios1 (NA)
: I'm completely confused... How would Smurfs have a better time, other than that they know what runes to take? This opens up for people who have stuff to do outside of Video Games, such as Work, Children, Recreational Activities, and my personal favorite, Sleeping. You should know that this opens up the opportunity for **everyone** to have access to, as a whole. Generally, new players get the short end of the stick anyways, With a crappy tutorial and having everything locked until specific levels, it just, in my sincere opinion, needs to be overhauled and remade.
I am too, and I agree that Runes are horrible. It's just that every single _**FUCKING**_ time I see a thread criticizing the Rune system you always get that one cocksucker coming in with some BS: "But Guys! Smurfs would abuse this and ruin the game! No evidence! Just blind speculation! Don't fix the system!"
: how much longer?? i mean i play with gold 1 players mostly and i can keep up with their friends in friendly games and at meet ups and junk.
Fuck these idiots that say wait, you'll never know how good you are at Ranked until you actually get in there and play it. I'm getting right into Ranked the second I hit 30 and I'll spend the rest of my time climbing from wherever I'm placed. Take the plunge! And remember: **/mute all** you can just ping whatever needs to be said.
Avios1 (NA)
: Not-So-Daily Reminder That Runes Cost a Butt-Ton of IP
No because then smurfs would have an easier time! Fuck legitimate new players who outnumber them 10 to 1 am I right? Can't have the innocent majority gaining a better gaming experience just because the douchebag minority gets one too.
: @Reds, Why is this considered okay?
"Animation Cancelling requires skill." "It's a bug... but does that **_really_** matter?" "We're not biased when it comes to popular Champions..." -Riot balance team.
: The new client looks great, but its functionality and usability is terrible
And of course we all have to wait until Riot fixes the damn thing and makes it halfway functional before we get our 10 bans... https://media.giphy.com/media/803YBYFE6syUE/giphy.gif Ah sweet ecstasy, you're doing a good job guys.
: Can we bring back Strength of Ages?
Or at least replace Bond of Stone with something useful. It sucks that the other Trees all have 3 Keystone Options while resolve only has "Two," _(We all know how sub-par Grasp of the undying is.)_
McFatal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=NoSkillWrecking,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M9ibn3T9,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-01-08T03:16:07.769+0000) > > Why not? You can shaft Nasus every time he wants to try and farm, and if he tries playing passive you can just farm up on him and keep him useless. after 1st back he gets armor and you suddenly dont do shit for damage vs him.. he gets tankier and tankier and u know how it goes.
Yes I do... when I let him farm up and get to that point. If you shut Nasus down early you're good for the rest of the game unless your team throws constantly and ignores him. You put him in the dirt and keep him low on stacks and all he'll ever be able to do is stay in lane and farm while you're out snowballing your team.
McFatal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=NoSkillWrecking,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M9ibn3T9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-08T03:12:07.513+0000) > > {{item:1083}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:45}} > > Why do that when you can thank him for the free farm on your passives? All of these &quot;On-minion kill&quot; passives work on ZZ&#x27;Rot minions. veigar tf top (puke) pls
Why not? You can shaft Nasus every time he wants to try and farm, and if he tries playing passive you can just farm up on him and keep him useless.
McFatal (NA)
: Can you guys nerf zzrot so i can actually interact with the enemy nasus for more than 2 seconds
{{item:1083}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:45}} Why do that when you can thank him for the free farm on your passives instead? All of these "On-minion kill" passives work on ZZ'Rot minions and make the item a handicap to build instead of a strength.
agbudar (NA)
: zeke's harbinger
_That face when it was reworked into this..._ http://p.fod4.com/p/media/5c597eb60b/aAuBT9tWRw6BWzd3g1kO_Confused%20Ryan%20Office.gif {{item:3050}}
: Don't make new players unlock shit.
I'm fine with working towards getting IP in order to grab Runes but I agree that it's bullshit that I have to grind through months of games just to unlock the RIGHT to build them.
: Turrets need to ramp up in damage further past 120%
Just remove the limit in general, let that shit hit nuclear if they stay too long.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DaNinad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KqzIQ8GX,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-01-05T15:48:19.068+0000) > > What&#x27;s wrong with veigar? Disgustingly old particles, current voice needs to die, model needs an overhaul Edit: To everyone who replied, I understand you love his voice, and by god you are some patient saints for not having that voice drive you insane. Maybe they can find a way to implement a voice that still sounds incredibly funny when you consider what words that voice is producing, without the earsplitting pitch. Sorta like Omega Squad Teemo
You need to spend money in order to get his VGU remember? Just like {{champion:77}} /s
: Zz'Rot is getting nerfed (currently on PBE). In some ways the game has always been this way (since Season One), jungle ganks bot lane repeatedly and make two people on the team irrelevant, not exactly anything new. What complicates the problem more is the fact that bot towers are worthless and damage creep has made it so that you have no real means to defend yourself against a four (or even a three) man gank, then once you're behind there is absolutely no way to come back if your opponent has a pulse. So, I'll partially agree. When I started playing in Season One, if your midlaner fed a couple of early kills it may have sucked but you knew that there was still a path to getting back into the game. Now, once you're behind, you're boned. Of course, people will say "but I was in a game once where we were 22 kills down and ..." exceptions to rules exist, but in general League is just too snowbally right now.
It's more like a net even change since the cooldown and duration are both getting lowered.
: getting to level 30 used to take twice as long untill they nerfed the xp needed to get level 30 by half so those results are probably inaccurate, the high rune cost isnt that much just play like 20 game a day and thats a rune a quint a day
Oh yeah just play 20 games a day, perfectly reasonable, we all have 10+ hours available daily after all.
: Is this really all the ip you can get?
That is the biggest load of horse shit I've ever seen 20000/30000 at level 30? I'm level fucking 20 and all I got after months of grinding and holding back from using IP on Champions is 8500.
agbudar (NA)
: cant get stacks from zzrot minions
They can't? I know for a fact I can get them when playing Veigar
: Then play Nasus.
: Quality of life buff for deathfire touch
It does feel nice seeing big numbers, even if it takes a couple seconds to get there.
: Can we finally have a void champ again?
A Void Support at long last? Please let it be. And an Official support, not something like {{champion:161}} with {{item:2301}} and then full damage.
: walords is too good.
Why it's not a Champion only thing like say EVERY OTHER KEYSTONE is beyond me. Seriously what was going through Riot's head when they decided: "Ok gang let's make it so every Keystone in the game only effects Champions EXCEPT the free lifesteal that scales with low health, I'm sure that won't be a problem on anyone..."
: Okay, then maybe get the fuck out of her range or stay with your team who can peel her? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
You mean the range she can close with a massive gap closer and the team she can knock away with her ult?
: Why do you ban Yasuo thread
1. Still Annoying Hypercarry 2. Still Annoying Hypercarry 3. Still Annoying Hypercarry 4. Still Annoying Hypercarry
: First of all, go take an English class. Second of all, he is above average currently. He does not need to be buffed. I find him quite balanced right now in my opinion.
> [{quoted}](name=bongo632,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AgO82EGI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-21T04:26:00.747+0000) > > First of all, go take an English class. > Second of all, he is above average currently. He does not need to be buffed. I find him quite balanced right now in my opinion. https://media.giphy.com/media/Ow59c0pwTPruU/giphy.gif How even? Seriously how do people like you even exist? **_Is Jok Mang! Ow u no undostan?_**
: People in game-play whining about Yasuo be like...
People defending Yasuo be like http://65.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4do6cktEL1rwcc6bo1_400.gif {{champion:157}}
: Who counters your main
{{champion:25}} {{champion:157}} Oh imagine that...
: I feel like there is no point of interacting with Yasuo in lane...
From what I've noticed all you really need to do is completely ignore him and kill waves then wait for him to do something stupid, going after him is just asking for trouble since he has to much crap loaded into his abilities.
: Reminder why we don't have 10 bans yet, despite promises
Yep just calm down guys, we have a _**CHANCE**_ of getting them halfway through the next year. God Ranked looks painful if I'm going to have to see almost the exact same stupidly designed shit all the time like in Blind Pick.
: I think I might have to quit league
Addicting =/= fun. If that were true meth would be the funnest drug out there.


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