: I'd rather not have Satan in my games. Anyway, top lane, mostly because he really doesn't do much mid lane. * He poops on melees but isn't great against casters. * Teemo doesn't want to roam, he wants a side of the map covered in shrooms. * He's a split pusher with decent dueling but is a liability in teamfights. Teemo just wants to push top lane and make the Baron area/opposite jungle as unsafe as possible for the enemy team
Btw if you go and put all his shrooms in one bush you can lead someone in there and boom there dead
: what do you believe is Teemo's optimal lane?
i like playing Teemo with top and a support cause he can do a lot of damage as long as he is getting healed up
Rustypug (NA)
: when youre trying to ff but the adc and support are too busy arguing
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