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After much thinking and looking over my situation, I will be dropping Fiora. Unfortunate, but perhaps I will return to the boards in the future. Farewell and thanks!
: {shit wrong account so sorry, would you mind deleting the other one} A letter, stained in blood would appear amongst the pile of letters. It held the smell of Zaun upon it, and there was a crest of a set of strange looking wings. The wings at first glance appeared to be almost heavenly but extended looks would reveal a more sinister tone to them. Opening it would reveal a rather sporadic letter, written at first by someone who it would appear does not even know HOW to. A brief bit down the page, the red ink would become a lot more organized, and legible. "Fiora Laurent, mistress of the blade. My master is a swordsmen as well... an undefeated swordsmen who has slain many opponents, but spares those who pose as an actual challenge. We have overheard him, recently, lamenting about the fact that none in Zaun are capable of crossing blades with him and surviving. Though we were not expressly ordered to, he does desire a challenge and we wonder if you would even be capable of surviving against him, much less proving yourself as a worthy adversary. You've slain many foes in the past, tis true, but you have never faught a warrior like our lord. He is war itself. We await your reply, Daughter of Insert Fiora's Father here because i can't find it in lore. Sincerely, The House of War and Blood
> [{quoted}](name=aDarkinAatrox,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-06-21T23:26:36.827+0000) > Before she could even attempt to open the letter, she had to made sure that the thing didn't ruin the other letters with its stains of blood. When that issue was settled, the lady then looked over it and wondered whether or not if she should even bother with it. It wasn't everyday someone like her got a bloody letter from somewhere, and the putrid odor that permeated from it didn't make her feel very motivated to open it, much less even have it around her where she could smell it. However, her curiosity with the seemingly morbid message was much bigger than her disgust with it, and after getting a pair of woolen gloves, she would then open it to read what laid inside. Fiora then put down the letter onto the desk once she was done, staring at the edges of it along with the illegible scrawling. There were a lot of things going through her mind, mostly questions she wasn't sure if she wanted the answers to. There were two choices that she could make, and one with being a risk that likely bordered on insanity, and the other being the safest and most reasonable for others that would be in her position. She could ignore what she could assume to be the challenge sent to her due to her suspicion, or she could go and seek out this unnamed warrior of peerless swordsmanship for a duel. However, the choice would be made with a fountain pen and paper. The challenge was to be met with her blade, and she would see what the mysterious foe would offer to her. > To the retainer of the Master of the House of War and Blood, > Truth be told, I have apprehensions to this 'challenge' that your master has issued to me, as I have never heard of your house name before. This is also including being sent a letter stained with blood that has the smell of what I can only assume to be a concoction of sludge and toxic fumes. You see, I know that there are many would like to have my head on a platter, and so it is not to say that it is because of your house's honor, bur rather the reality of the situation that I am in as a Master of my house. > Still, even with my suspicion that most likely are unfounded, I will meet your master in a duel, and we shall see if your words are as true as you have written them. All I require is the appropriate time and place so that our duel can happen. > By the Master of House Laurent, > Fiora Laurent
: Dear Fiora, I really love your swordsman skill Fiora, it’s so elegant and precise. And Um, love your skin tight clothing by the way. It’s totally dangerously captivating and shows off your shapely fit body. -your biggest fan ^_^
> [{quoted}](name=Unexisted,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-06-21T02:46:05.256+0000) > While the letter had seemingly innocent praise for her, the words toward the end of it had her feeling irritated, much to her chagrin. Still, she had the responsibility to write a proper response, even if it the letter looked to be rather dissolute despite the compliments given. The paper would have been crumpled into a ball were it not for her keeping herself calm, and she put it off to the side with the other letters that had been sent to her by others in the past. Once she had her fountain pen and paper prepared, she would then busy herself in writing back to the supposed 'biggest fan' of hers. Though, there might be a problem with the delivery considering that there was no real address to send it back to. Fiora figured that maybe the messengers knew who the letter would be for once they have been told. > To my biggest fan, > Beginning with your praise, you should be more careful in the words that you choose to write. While I appreciate the admiration, I do not wish to be looked at like meat hanging from a hook by hungry dogs. Besides that, I did not know I had 'fans', but the thankfulness is all the same. > Thank you for the letter, > Fiora Laurent
: > [{quoted}](name=Noble Duelist,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-06-20T07:16:44.227+0000) > > Reading the letter, Reimond would set it on his desk then pick up a large wooden crate with his own hands where he'd walk out his shop wearing his custom-made equipment since this trip wasn't going to be in-city. *__ Two days would pass as Reimond would finally arrive at the estate still carrying the large crate with both arms while wearing his armor that was rather heavy yet he didn't mind as it protected him against several wild animals on the way to the estate's land...Namely, a few bears which met their end by his lance that was over his back. Walking through the front entrance like many would, he would finally set the crate down now taking a few breaths as he was a bit tired from such a trip from the city to the Lauren manor. "Delivery from Reimond Forsworn..." He panted now standing up straight like any Demacian would when seeing a noble of the higher class even though he was a bit exhausted.
> [{quoted}](name=HyperZEROXL,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-06-21T01:08:18.953+0000) > Fiora made the preparations necessary for the delivery's arrival, which amounted to informing the guards stationed outside of the manor as well as the servants about the delivery that would be coming in the next two days. When the day had come where she was expecting the delivery to come, she sat in her office with her tea; the drink was warm and relaxing that provided respite from the work she had to do for the day. Looking outside her window, she spotted the lone figure approaching the manor, and saw them carrying what she presumed to be the scheduled delivery. Setting her tea cup down, she made her way down until she stopped in the foyer where her servants opened the doors for Reimond. The noblewoman looked at him with a quirked brow and arms crossed. "I had expected to see a horse-drawn wagon upon arrival," she said, "but I suppose your method of delivery had succeeded nevertheless." Then she walked up to him, glancing to the crate before bringing her attention back to the armored man. "Still, I doubt you're travel to getting here was pleasant from just hearing you nearly out of breath alone."
: > [{quoted}](name=Noble Duelist,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T05:24:15.683+0000) > Enzo “No thank you to the servant, but I will gladly like to use the courtyard. It would do well to rest the body and the mind. My feet are slightly sore from some of tne walking since my horse died on the way,” he neglected to even admit the fact that the reason his horse was dead was because of an ambush and a sudden pit trap... Luckily enough, the bandits were only good with traps. Their physical skills? Not so much with their corpses being hung for show. The Chieftain of the Tulaks walked alongside Enzo, his flagpole slung over his shoulders and resting on them, the man not at all bothered by the weight. He found the gardens to be something else considering the various species of flora in Shurima which wasn’t a lot compared to other places. The only real species they had were cacti and some rare flowers. Also giant scoprions. “None whatsoever. I had found myself into a few altercations, but I made sure to be done with them. I’ve been walking for sometime now and my feet are starting to ache,” he replied and paused briefly to answer him. “The Journey was fine.” It was rare for someone to hear of Fiora from all the way from Shurima, especially since most wouldn’t bat an eye to anything pertaining to a duelist. Most. “Indeed, but I’ve only heard of her due to a recent raid. Apparently, there have been more than a few rumors spreading into Shurima. I tend to listen to rumors if only because of possible advantages to gain,” he paused as he sat in a clear spot on the road in the gardens, tossing the flag onto the ground gently and removing his cloak, revealing his armored torso. He sighed softly and closed his eyes as he continued, “Eventually, I was able to collect from some scouts that Demacia was home to the greatest duelist. I am a leader, and a warrior, but I must be strong for my tribes and lead them. Whether I win or lose does not matter. If I win, then clearly I am strong, but if lose then I must learn from my failure and grow stronger from it.” Qymaen decided to make sure Enzo knew why he was here just so nothing got out of line. “I am here to fight your sister and whether I win or lose truly does not matter. However, should I win, I do not plan on marriage.” He said, giving him a respectable nod and humming.
> [{quoted}](name=Grievous77,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T07:02:12.025+0000) > He listened to every word that left the man's mouth as they made their way through the opulent halls of marble and silk, occasionally looking away with a glance to an interesting art piece. When they reached the garden, he a few feet behind the guest with hands clasped behind his back. A smile crept out as he watched the chieftain making himself comfortable, his words given a lighthearted chuckle in response. "I see you've also heard of that as well," he said, "I can safely say that should you find yourself the victor of the match, that in itself would not be enough to gain the hand of my dear sister in marriage. After all, there's much more to her ideal suitor than having them being good in swinging a blade." He then walked over to a small table with a few chairs and took a seat, attended to by a male servant who stood beside him swiftly and quietly. "Martial prowess is one of the keystones of Demacian culture as you may have already known," Enzo stated, "but there's also many other things to take into consideration besides that. I do not want to bore you with the details of it, but I think you can make a good guess as to what those things might be." Waving his hand over to the servant, Enzo pointed to the door that they had entered through. "Please tell my sister that her honored opponent has arrived already when she returns from her trip. Oh, and do not forget to retrieve her dueling saber as well since she will be needing it." They bowed and promptly left the presence of the two men once hearing the command, and now that left Enzo alone in his chair looking over at Qymaen meditating in the middle of the courtyard. "Now, I suppose we can make more conversation until the master of the house arrives," he said, "or maybe, you would like the peace and quiet before your duel begins?"
: A letter would arrive from within the main city walls of Demacia and was apparently from a blacksmith some knew very little of, but his works are supposedly great and ultimately reliable for someone of his social class within the nation. > Dear Mistress of House Laurent, > > I am writing to inform you that the armor someone in your family requested for mannequins has been complete. It awaits delivery and should be arriving shortly in a day or two since I lack any good method of transportation for my deliveries. > > May Demacia shine ever brightly, > Reimond
> [{quoted}](name=HyperZEROXL,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-31T03:11:05.343+0000) > In her office as the day was drawing to a close to give way to night, Fiora reads the letter from the blacksmith. She had little knowledge of the smith, but considering it was one of her brothers that had gone out of their way to make business with them, she had little to worry about. Getting out her pen and paper, she would begin writing out her reply before having it delivered by carriage with the official stamp of their house crest. > To Reimond, >Thank you for undertaking this work for one of my family members, and I look forward to seeing it in person when it has arrived.
: > [{quoted}](name=Noble Duelist,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-25T01:44:51.016+0000) > Fiora's Sibling Qymaen was not at all bothered by the fact that many looked at him with suspicion. "If any of you think of drawing your weapons upon me and attack... I promise you that I will defend myself as necessary." He warned the guards, and for but a moment his hand tightened upon the flag, seemingly ready to attack with a flag. He looked at the man before him, showing nothing to him besides cold neutrality. It wasn't that he didn't like him or who he was, but one only truly earned his respect and that if his tribe through combat or at least the will to battle. Nonetheless, he took the man's hand and gave it a firm shake. "Qymaen... As for your sister, indeed. I wish to test my skills, and I don't seek out a marriage. I wish to hone my skills to better yet protect my village whilst growing strong," he said, and he hefted the flag up and rested it upon his shoulders, sighing. "May I come in, or do you have some place I may meditate and rest? The journey has been tough, and I wouldnt bring my clansmen. They would be... far too guarding." He asked, hoping to be allowed in and rest his muscles and body.
> [{quoted}](name=Grievous77,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-25T01:57:15.313+0000) > Pulling back his hand after being greeted by the foreigner, the man gestured to the manor with his hand. The guards that flanked his sides simply looked at the chieftain with what could be discern as a mixture of boredom and suspicion with hands on the scabbards of their swords. "I suppose the courtyard would be as any of a good place for your requirements," he replied, "I will even have a servant attend to your needs to make yourself comfortable in the meantime, if you would like." He then motions the guards to give the two their space, just enough for the chieftain to walk along side with him to the manor as they would make their way through the garden. As always, it is a sight to behold for its beauty and aroma of exotic flora and domestic species of plants that could be found in Demacia. Despite there being guards stationed around in the area out in the daylight, their presences did little to hamper the luscious scenery of nature at its finest. There were also a few gardeners, busy with their work in making sure that the garden did stay beautiful as it was. "As I understand, it seems you didn't have much trouble with coming through the border, yes?" Enzo asked, his eyes on the man while showing a small smile. "That being said, how was your journey in coming here? My sister must be well known from where you had come from for you to have come all the way here. It's not exactly common for her to be challenged by those who have come from beyond the borders of my homeland."
: Wearing a rather casual attire for someone held in the highest of standards, Garen approached the Laurent Estate with a swiftness in his step. He has never been one to leisurely take his time when moving towards his destination unless it was tactically sound. For now, he just wished to have a simple conversation with the current head of House Laurent. The estate was impressive by all means, however Garen wasn’t as struck by its splendor, hailing from House Crownguard himself. While he didn’t believe in petty political rivalry barring interactions between the nobles, Garen was aware of any… powerplays that may come his way during this visit. All of Demacia was his family, after all. ALL of Demacia. Garen didn’t bring with him a letter, or invitation for that matter, as he met with the dutiful guardsmen that patrolled the estate. He followed their protocol, however, and allowed them to act as they wished to deem him worthy of entering the estate, if his rank, name, and title didn’t suffice. “I wish to visit your lady,” Garen would say to the guards, announcing his intent. Surely there is no harm in a noble visiting another for the sake of conversation.
> [{quoted}](name=Ask Garen,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-05-21T18:13:16.373+0000) > The guards that he would be greeted by when he came to the manor would be visibly surprised and shocked at the uninformed visit from one of the more famous persons known throughout the land. Still, knowing the man and his reputation had them more on guard out of professionalism and respect rather than suspicion. When done with the standard procedure of security, the guard who met with him face-to-face then gestured for the warrior to follow him. The guardsman himself looked to be in his late teens, perhaps his early twenties at most with how young he sounded along with the brightness of their blue irises. Not much could be seen concerning their physical traits with the armor they wore besides them being shorter than the other guards who were watching them. "The head of the house hadn't informed us about your arrival," the man said cheerfully, "Still, it's quite the honor to meet with you, sir. As for visiting our mistress, she'll most likely be in her study. One of the servants can lead you there to her."
: > [{quoted}](name=Noble Duelist,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-19T18:36:34.510+0000) > (Have at thee!) It would be a few days until something or someone arrived, but once that letter returned to the Clan of Tulak... Well, the challenge was definitely issued first, and it would be carried out. A cloaked figure could be seen approaching the manor, yet his attire was so strange and could be considered a beggar at first glance, or someone who had lost his mind. However, this figure stood tall, not once unwavering and wore a tattered cape that seemed to billow in the wind slightly, his mask uncanny and fearsomely. His eyes were so dead, so firm, so full of resolve. In one hand, he held a spear, but it held a flag that displayed the Clan of Tulak’s symbol, the very mask of Tulak himself. Resembling that of a man’s skull with a demonic appearance to it. This wasn’t none other than Qymaen Sheelal, the leader of the Tulak Clan, the one who survived an attack of the Xer’sai queen herself, and one who has undergone rigorous intense training. He had two katanas sheathed at his sides, his weapons on display as well as the light armor he wore to give protection. Once he arrived at the front, he would slam the flag down upon the earth, a loud metallic thunk being heard. Qymaen paused, looking at the guards that kept the manor safe, and spoke, “I am Qymaen Sheelal. I am the Chieftain of the Tulak. I am the one who asks to duel your lady. I bear not only my symbol, but my pride as a warrior before you today.” Afterwards, he reached into his shirt and fished out the letter, holding it out for the guards to inspect and gave a nod. “If we are done making sure I’m no cowardly assassin, then I ask to be escorted in. Usually, I would find my way myself, but I doubt that is the case here.”
> [{quoted}](name=Grievous77,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-05-20T01:27:21.346+0000) > The appearance of the strange man was something that had the guards on alert, especially when it was clear that he was visibly armed once he stopped and made himself known. The statement was heard loud and clear by those in vicinity of the visiting stranger, but that served little to calm the nerves of those who looked at him with suspicion - a common thing to occur in much of Demacia when it came to foreigners. Still, he would be greeted with a man who stood with pride and walked with ease and purpose when the doors to the manor opened. This man in particular was lanky in figure, but strode forth with confidence and grace befitting of a patrician of House Laurent. With raven hair that was smooth and slicked back along with porcelain skin, they looked to be more of a courtier than that of a warrior. Flanked on both sides by stalwart guards donning weapons and armor in comparison to the man who wore an outfit fitting for a day in the court of royalty. Even as the nobleman made his approached, he didn't seem to share the visible contempt and suspicion that the others wore. Once Qymaen pulled out his letter to them, the noble would then retrieve it and examine it before returning it back to the foreigner with a cordial smile. "Well, it's lovely to see that my sister's reputation is far reaching." He said, holding his hand out for the man to shake. "Greetings, I am Enzo Laurent. I am one of Fiora's older brothers, but the youngest among the three of us. My sister is unfortunately out on business as she did not know at what day you would arrive specifically, but she should be returning soon from the city."
: Dear Fiora, Why does all women likes to play hard to get? -your biggest fan
> [{quoted}](name=Unexisted,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-19T18:58:56.557+0000) > Fiora could only look at the letter she held in her hand with a mixture of contempt and skepticism. The contempt being the simplicity and bluntness of the message that seemed to be written to her as a joke, and the skepticism from how she found it hard to believe someone willingly took the time and effort to send her this very letter to her for whatever reason. Still, not like she knew who it could possibly belong to since it had nothing regarding the sender themselves besides what they wanted to ask of her. She debated for some time in her quiet office on whether or not she should write back a response to the writer of the letter. On one hand, who could possibly know about this and what consequences could there be for writing back? On the other, she's just not sure if she should spend her time on this and move forward onto something else that didn't make her mind boggle. Her decision came with a deep sigh as she got her pen and paper and wrote out her letter before stamping the envelope with her family crest and sending it off with one of her servants to deliver it to a courier. Slumping in her chair, she couldn't help but wonder who could have possibly sent her such a strange letter. > _To my 'biggest fan',_ >_I do not know if this letter was sent as a joke to humiliate me in some strange way, or if you were actually being serious with your question for me. Regardless, I will answer in that it entirely depends on which woman you're trying to court with. Men and women are both fickle creatures, and every person is different in their ways of love. That is a different topic all together which I have little interest and knowledge of, but know that this is what I believe to be a suitable answer for your curiosity._ >_If you wanted far more detailed romance advice, you'd have a better insight on that with those who are far more suited in pursuing others in love and flirtations._ >_Head of House Laurent,_ >_Fiora Laurent_
: A letter arrives for Fiora written by a man in highly different stages of intoxication. --- To 'tah (the name Fiora appears misspelled and crossed out several times before finally landing on the right pronunciation.) Grand duelist of Demacia belonging 'tah house Laurent daughter of Estelle Laurent an' (the father's name is crossed out replaced by a 'sorry'.) Didn't know ya father was like that, assure you not mocking ye I was bloody unsure so I just put it there, okay lass? If yet still with me so far I'll get to pick yer brain with a few questions 'o mine. * What do ye think of me fighting style? I call it the dancing crane of beer, I use me belly and explosive casks to destroy my opponents utterly and thoroughly. Now, now, don't take that as a challenge I'd take me belly against yer sharp sticker any day but right now my curiosity is burning bright as the sun. (A small note next to the text reads. P.S We can still fight if you want to, just hope ye can drink and fight.) * Breakfast of champions? I prefer a rigorous intaking of 10 eggs from me lovely hens, fresh water from me river, and a whole boar. It's put me in a pickle a few times 'cuz 'tah boars run bloody fast but I like to see it as a daily exercise! You just catch it, beer bast and... (a whole recipe is written down on beer basted boar and eggs.) * The accent? Don't get me wrong it's lovely but compared to 'tah other Demacians you sound much more exotic, almost mistook you for a... (A country and race is written down, neither appears to exist in known Runeterra * Me mate Jax tells me you two fought, now he didn't spoil me with the end and neither do I want you to but I just want ya to be careful with him. He's big an strong but underneath that he's a precious little eggplant. Now I don't imply feelings cuz that would be mean his attention would be on ye and not on his 'ole drinking buddy... me! Just saying don't break mah precious eggplant, you can take a 'ole leg or two but he needs both of his arms 'tah hold two mugs 'o beer. 'spose its not a question but I'm just saying be careful with me eggplant buddy. Ok? I'll even throw in a barrel of graggy ice fer ye troubles. * I LOVED YE OLD HAIR! (several wet spots from tears on the paper blur the ink slightly on those four words) Why'd ya change it? I'm not yer mother but by 'tah gods it was a beauty 'tah behold. Not that we ever met but I can imagine it. * You drink? You Demacians are so uptight with a stick up your (the next word is crossed out) Sorry, that was too far. But me point still stands, you need more beer in ya gut and a lager in ye hand! If ye hand is free USE IT FOR THE CIDER, THE WINE, BEER IN GENERAL fer pity's sake. It's not yo fault and im not gonna hate on yet sweet mother but ye ha've ta fix it. * Are pickles an appropriate thing to put on every meal? The question has been plaguing me fer quite some time. -Regards, Gragas. Along with the letter an oversized barrel of graggy ice came with a little note saying. _"If ye don't want it give it 'tah to the nearest garrison, gods above 'un below knows 'tah they need it, cheers!"_
> [{quoted}](name=old saint Gragas,realm=EUW,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-19T13:02:48.908+0000) > Even as she read the letter that had arrived on her estate in front of her manor, she couldn't help but constantly glance to the gift that had been sent along with it. The three guards whom she had ordered to carry off of the wagon that it had arrived in were having trouble lifting it off of the wagon, and so she could only sigh at the display. Granted, it looked to be just as big as the men who tried to carried it with all of their might. The smell of whatever substance that was in it was strange, but at least it wasn't unpleasant as she had first expected when the letter and gift had arrived. As for her mother who was giggling at seeing the comical sight of grown men having trouble carrying something off of a wagon, she found the entire situation to be amusing while she was tending to the garden away from the spectacle. Fiora wouldn't stay for too long as she had a response to write out, and so she turned away and went inside her manor to head towards her office. It took no longer than half-an-hour for her response to be written, and when she put the stamp of her house crest on the envelope, she would then send it out with the same messenger who had brought along the gift and letter. > _To Gragas_, > _It is not often that I receive such interesting gifts and letters from others, especially when they are not of Demacian nobility as far as I can tell from your letter. Concerning your gift, I suppose it would make good for the servants of my household to have for themselves, and I thank you for it. Now, to move onto your questions that you wish to know my answers to:_ >* _Truth be told, I have never heard of such way of combat in all of my life. I've never even imagined that anyone could use 'explosive casks' and their bellies to defeat an opponent, but perhaps that is due to my lack of foreign cultures beyond the borders of my homeland. Though, I can assure you that my 'sharp stick' is not something so dull as you might think it is. _ >* _For breakfast, I prefer drinking fresh juice made of fruit with a bagel sandwich that has eggs and lean sliced ham. It is not only delicious, but also healthy, which is something that I must have in order to maintain my body for rigorous training and the strict discipline of dueling._ >* _My accent is something that I have never considered to be a detriment to myself. While my brothers do not seem to naturally have it as I have, my mother does. As for the name of the place you've written down, I have never heard of it._ >* _I do not know how much that man had told you of our duel, but know that he had caused trouble in which I had to come and show him the error of his ways the only way that he and I knew how - with our weapons. As far as I was concerned, he knew what he was getting himself into. Now, you can tell your 'drinking buddy' that I will not tolerate such 'mischief' a second time and that if he feels so inclined to duel a second time, I will be waiting._ >* _I changed it as a way of myself having changed, and besides, it's not too difficult for me to go and change my hairstyle._ >* _Yes, I do drink every now and then, but not very much. My mother and father rarely ever drank unless it was on special occasions, and I followed them in that way. If you wish to know what I like to drink in my spare time should I feel the thirst for it, I prefer a refreshing glass of cold apple wine on a sunny summer day._ >* _To each is their own. Do what you wish with your meals if you can enjoy it. _ > _Head of House Laurent, _ > _Fiora Laurent_
: (Hope this is fine, but Qymaen seems a duel and possible friendship! As for a suitor... eh, not ready to be tied down!) A letter bearing the symbol of the Clan of Tulak would arrive at the Laurent Manor by a hawk or all things. The bird wouldn’t leave without delivering the letter and not without a response or a simple wave away if they did not wish it. The envelope itself wasn’t anything special, but the letter might have been in some ways. *Fiora Laurent,* *Rarely do I go so far to gain the attention of one such as yourself due to the fact I see most nobles as... Rather I see nothing but glorified veterans who lay down their blades and live in luxury. I see MOST, not all mind you. However, ignoring my possible blunder, I ask for an audience, but not just an audience, Laurent.* *I see, a duel, not for your hand, not for a title, but to test my skills against a renowned Duelist. It would be an honor, and a pleasure to clash my blades against yours. I seek not to cheat, nor to brag, and I have no arrogance. Can I beat you? I’ll just have to find out for myself. I would be honored to duel you, and if not, it would do well to talk of ideals if possible.* *- Chieftain of the Tulak,* *[Qymaen Sheelal](https://docs.google.com/document/d/10EBf4y5usP3JUSLxBdJfzDqTIP6CQPLL3P81PJKWip0)*
> [{quoted}](name=Grievous77,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=GxlrYh0A,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-19T06:33:36.435+0000) > > (We shall see what fate has in store!) The day had started off quite well as no ill-bearing news had reached the grand duelist's ears as she was practicing her fencing in the courtyard. The fresh air along with the ample room that the place provided was more than enough for the woman to enjoy even as she rigorously drilled herself into a routine of strict discipline and swordsmanship. Her practice partner was naught but her imagination, an invisible fighter who clashed with her sword despite never being there at all. However, her round of sparring would have been put to an end when she heard the sounds of wings flapping and hearing it coming closer and closer to her position. Stopping herself, she brought her attention to the approaching bird that she was suspicious of as it made its approach until it made contact with her and delivered its package to her. At first, she had thought to put away the letter without giving it a chance of being read, but that was until she examined the strange symbol stamped onto it. It bared no resemblance of any house crest or other symbol synonymous with the other nobles that she knew of, and so curiosity had lead her to opening the letter and reading what was inside. Once finished, she looked to the delivery hawk and to the letter incredulously before putting the letter back inside the envelope. Then she had called out to a nearby servant that had been watching her practice in the courtyard. "Servant! Fetch me my pen and paper along with a stamp of our house crest and envelope, I need to respond to a challenger." She said, putting away her sword and preparing to write her response. When she had acquired the necessary materials, she wrote out her response onto the paper before putting it inside her envelope and stamping it with the crest of her house to make it known that it was officially from her. After that, she would give the encased letter to the hawk and gesture for it to leave before returning to her practice. > *Chieftan Qymaen Sheelal,* >*I will first say that you must be quite confident in your skills if you must be sending me this letter of challenge, but on my personal pride and honor, I shall see to it that we will meet in a duel against one another. However, your name eludes me as well as your clan symbol, but I can only assume from what you have given me in the letter is that you must no be from the lands of Demacia.* > *Regardless, whether or not my assumption is correct, you will find that I will be waiting for your arrival upon my estate. Bear in mind that you must bring your clan symbol and this letter in order for myself and my guards to confirm it is you who I will be meeting with. In the event that I am not at the manor when you arrive, you'll be treated as a guest of mine until I do so, which will hopefully be soon.* >*And for your sake, you better be prepared and show me all of your worth in our duel. I will expect only the best from you, and you can expect that from me as well when our blades clash.* >_Head of House Laurent_, >_Fiora Laurent_
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