: When you're trying to give the underfed mid a kill as support
: All these unbalance posts on the front page make me feel old in terms of my League experience.
Firstly, OP, how DARE you talk about earlier balance issues without bringing up the nuke queen herself Zyra. Her ult would literally 1v5. Secondly, community, how you gonna get after riot for not listening to your complaints? The majority of you are most like bronze/silver players with a few managing to crawl up to gold (which still isn't that great, I'm there too). Riot will listen to the pros, or to those that are actually versed and skilled at the game.
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Hernani (NA)
: I'm gonna represent every Mac user for a second. Thank you Riot for lowering the loading speeds. I have been flamed and roasted countless times by my friends, my team, and by the enemy team about my load time. Even if its only 30%, it means the world to us Mac users.
: Jax absolutely did NOT need a buff.
Jax needs a little tweaking to get him back into competitive play. He is a lot like champions such as Galio or Elise (who is probably gonna be WAY better now) who are strong champions, but there is just plain and simply someone else that does the job better.
: That {{champion:154}} skin is ex-{{champion:154}}-ly the kind of sweet skin we needed.
You win the comments.
: complaining when a for-profit business gives you a new optional purchase without taking anything from you
How dare they give me a completely free to play awesome game and then offer to sell things!!! MUTINY I SAY!
apezap (NA)
: Up-vote if you aren't getting any chroma skins but wish they were tied with champion mastery. #Ritomoneygrab
Ok man, I think chromas are silly too, but money grab? Get real kid, Riot has provided one of the most successful gaming scenes FOR FREE. You can't buy power unless you stretch it and consider IP/XP boosts to be buying power (but again, get real). You can make it to challenger and into LCS whether you have spent a million bucks or nothing at all. Riot has been anything but a money grab.
: Patch 5.12 notes
Personally, I find chromas to be a silly thing and don't understand why anyone would buy them. I, however, am finicky and not a marketing genius like the guys behind Riot, I would like to see figured on chroma sales though, how many people are actually buying them?
: I totally agree, and I now have hope that I can continue to play my beloved League of Legends well after I've found a career.
You'll find yourself with less and less time to play, but you will also find the game much more satisfying. Once you are tossed into the working world and putting in ungodly amounts of hours, every game feels so much better. :)
: Legal Legend: Interview with a League-playing law professor!
I'm a small business owning fly fisherman living in a rain forest on the side of a volcano, does that count as cool? TELL ME I DON'T SUCK. ;-;
: Teams shuffle rosters for 2015 Summer
Wow, TSM not booting Dyrus. I mean, I got nothin' but love for him, but they need to switch him out.
Preeti (NA)
: Riot with us at live events!
Rito plz, come north just a little and make a stop in Portland!


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