Galiö (NA)
: Including the after cleave shockwave on the new change? If so this is just a hard nerf..?
The frontloaded damage and AP scaling on the new W is much, much better, but it has somewhat worse base and armor ratio damage on-hit.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Galiö,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=WpJn3mE8,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-05-03T18:02:24.315+0000) > > Slightly more dmg in extended trades maybe.. unless there will be a cheesey new build... but he would also take much more dmg and lose a lot of E max clear strength. The cleave is weaker actually.
The base damage on the cleave effect is 50% weaker, but since the actual cast has damage now, you don't actually lose out on damage unless you attack 8 times or more during the duration at rank 1, or 4 times during the duration at rank 5. The new W has a better AP ratio at every level and for any number of attacks (doubled AP ratio per attack, _and_ a bonus AP ratio of .4 on-cast) The armor scaling per-hit is .1 instead of .15, but it also has a frontloaded .2 armor ratio to compensate, so you don't even lose out on damage there until the fourth hit. All in all, AP is actually much stronger on this ability than it was before, but the armor scaling is slightly weaker in extended engagements. The biggest difference is how the ~45% reduction in armor with your shield up affects the ratio on your E.
Vekkna (NA)
: It's the exact gold equivalent of 80 AD. So your problem is the 80 AD, not the 125 AP. I'm not just pulling random numbers from thin air.
Gold value is an approximation that should not be taken out of context. There's a reason you don't turn your gold directly into stats instead of buying items.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
: Anyone gonna talk about how he lost his shield, and is called the shield of valoran?
: Dark Horses: Everywhere Draven
You guys all remember that Riot already told us Urf wasn't coming back for april fools, right? But it is coming back at least twice this year?
: >I'd also like to know: Would Illaoi test Braum if their paths crossed? ***Could*** she test Braum? The guy just laughs at everything.
The man punched his way through a mountain, and then held it up as it collapsed on top of him. He moves and revels in life, and clearly has a strong will. The test would be more strenuous on Nagakabouros than it would be on him.
: Given Illaoi's quotes when referring to spirit champions "Foolish spirit, begone!" (Bard, Anivia, Kindred), it would seem like she thinks they are a natural annoyance or not as important as other living things. Why does she treat them this way? And, if you can offer a glimpse into this, what role do spirits and elementals play in Nagakabouros? Is Nagakabouros a part of a larger family/pantheon of gods? A mother, sister, daughter? Does she have any rival gods? What would Illaoi's opinion of champions like Nautilus and Amumu be? Champions who have not chosen their fate but are clearly either immortal or undead now.
My personal interpretation is not that she finds them literally foolish, just that they don't belong. They don't change or live, why are they in the changing land of the living? Also, the possible implication that they are spirits/gods that either appreciate or demand worship or tribute, on which Illaoi has made her position very clear.
: Three
Unfortunately, by the second you are already dead.
: I wish there was a separate thread for thought out articles on gameplay like these. Would make it a lot easier to find these in one place as opposed to buried under a pile of complaints, calls for buffs/nefs, and other common posts. In other words, well done on the breakdown!
"I wish content I like was easier to find, and content I don't like much wasn't so prevalent." I think you'll find this problem persists everywhere, about all things.
Eggbread (NA)
: We might actually have to use {{summoner:13}}
I think it's being removed in the PBE.
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
{{champion:27}} [Singed laugh intensifies]
: This oversimplifies the issue and takes it out of any context. Anything would sound silly when you put it that way. "The coal company is selling bags of coal dust to children!" > complaining when a for-profit business gives you a new optional purchase without taking anything from you
I'm assuming you're not a defenseless, impressionable child, and further assuming chroma packs aren't giving you actual cancer. These two assumptions in mind, your analogy is nonsense.
apezap (NA)
: Up-vote if you aren't getting any chroma skins but wish they were tied with champion mastery. #Ritomoneygrab
complaining when a for-profit business gives you a new optional purchase without taking anything from you
: I'm pretty sure the part of sions old kit that players loved the most was his 100% lifesteal ultimate. Now it's a part of his new passive that can only be accessed if Sion dies... and from the videos I've seen on the pbe... most players just run from the revived sion passive and take very little damage. I am very disappointed. Furthermore, his new ultimate seems extremely.....EXTREMELY easy to mess up since it stops if you hit a wall, and almost impossible to control or land unless your target is in a straight line from you. So the beefy lifesteal wall that Sion was meant to be has become a wonky CC tank with a dumbed down yorick ult for his passive. The only thing I like about the new sion is that his shield has the passive hp gain instead of his old E... logical. Riot, all I have to say is; After years of loyalty and tons of RP purchases.. fuck. you. One of my favorite video game characters ever has been trashed... toss him in the bin with Kayle and Kassadin. So... has anyone tried that new MOBA, Dawngate?
You may be slightly overreacting.
Grem110 (NA)
: Can someone explain to me why in the initial clip, he says "Face the wind" when he blocks the arrow but in the replay, he says 'Etuu' (my translation of a Yasuo grunt)?
I'm guessing the youtube video was made with the league match recorder. When they played it over again slower, they didn't just cut, paste, and slow the video, they just did the last part of the league replay again. So when it came time to Play Windwall Noise, it picked a different one, because as far as the program is concerned, they're completely separate events.
: Sion rework
His shield has a strength of 5% of his max health at best. That's a really pitiful number, especially on a champion that needs to build at least partially for offense. I don't know if whether you should buff, rework, or replace that ability, but I do know a number like 5% max health is near-useless for a shield on a 20-second cooldown, especially since the rest of the ability's utility is based on keeping the shield up.
: Pls Rito make it be Arcade {{champion:45}} He should have an evolving model that makes him actually look more and more evil (and tall) each time it changes.
You lost me at the word "tall".
: The main thing to focus on to find how this skin is for is the number of fingers on the glove. There is a total of four fingers and the champions have this number of fingers are the following {{champion:112}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:53}} and if one of these champions could properly be used in an arcade style and work I would believe that this skin is for {{champion:45}}
I'm pulling for Arcade Veigar. I think that would look pretty great.
VepTik (NA)
: Seriously, not bragging, but I have done a few faster then this in SIMILAR situations! This is still really well done though congrats! Time to get my lol recorder going again xD
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays Spotlight: Katarina’s 1v5 penta
This happens about every other game I see with Kat in it. I mean, it's cool, but I'm having a hard time being impressed by the headline "KATARINA PENTAKILL".
: Lists of Legends: Champion Teasers You Might’ve Missed, Part One
"[...]this starkly lit scene depicting the ***Lunari scion as an acolyte before the glow of her goddess.***" Note the mural depicting a Lunari scion before before a luminous and imposing figure. Let's not these little parallels go to waste, shipping squad.
Sykar24 (NA)
: That Nidalee gut was well overdue {{champion:76}}
It's only gutting her if her spear was the only ability you used. (and before, it was the only one you needed to)
: This champion kind of pisses me off. For anyone who has played Dawngate beta there is a champion that is very VERY similar to this champion already created on that game make me think that this was straight up stolen and they couldn't change the design around a little bit more to make it not seem so stolen>? ridicules....
clarify why and maybe someone will listen
Php (NA)
: His back must ache with that big a shield
He has the muscles for it. And at least it's possible to put down the shield. Can't say as much for Sona.
: "Braum’s something different: he’s a tanky support who literally takes the hits for his team..." What about...{{champion:3}}?
Galio's neither a Support nor Tank primary, and taunting is functionally a stun first, and a method of tanking hits secondary.
: {{champion:113}} Weakling. Uniting the people of the Freljord cannot be done through charity and goodwill alone, but through elimination of the weak and survival of the strong!
Yeah, Sej would've let that poro die, wouldn't she?
Ewodos (NA)
: Incoming auto lock support picks. Which will irritate me and im going to assume other actual support players. But i still cant wait :D
"actual support player' because people who want to play a new champion are fake support players
: C'mon riot, stop teasing us and bring out a poro champ. The only new champ i wanna see is a giant man eating poro! Although, anyone who would save a poor little poro is all right with me.
: Wouldn't it make more sense for him to LOSE movement speed when he raises his shield?
From a flavor perspective, yeah, but from a functional perspective, it seems important to be able to position the shield where it's most useful. They really want to play up the power of Unbreakable as the core of his kit.
: Braun +{{item:3074}} =whole team stunned wtfffffff
Hydra doesn't apply his passive.
: He reminds me of male{{champion:89}}, but that's just me.
: What I don't get is why all these Freljord champs are wearing skimpy clothing. Don't they ever get cold? The only one dressed for the weather is Nunu..and he's just a kid.
Ashe has a boon from the Avarosa, one of the Iceborn, and doesn't care about the cold. Sejuani is reasonably clothed. Trundle and all trolls are presumably well-adapted to the cold. Tryndamere and Olaf are presumably too filled with battle fury to care about being cold. Volibear has fur and is also an armored bear. I don't know what Braum's deal is.
mba12 56 (NA)
: So thats where runic bulwark went...
Hidden passive: Nearby allies get 10 armor, 25 magic resist, and 10 HP/10.
: "he’s the first true tank support that we’ve created, a champion who takes the hits for their team." If he is tankier then {{champion:89}} he's op.
They're using "tank" in a sense other than "tanky" as in "durable". He's a "true tank" in that he actually prevents his allies from taking hits by standing in the way. He physically obstructs attacks from hitting his allies. In that way, he "truly tanks", instead of just being beefy and disrupting the enemies with damage and CC.
: On a serious note.. will concussive blows work with hydra? I can see the nerf already.. he has a randuin , sunfire , bork , hydra , and banshees. just stunning like nobodys business.. with that item line up he needs no boots unless rito decided he needs a 325 movespeed. does anyone else feel like his beefcakeness will be too much?
Hydra doesn't apply on-hit effects (and I doubt Hydra would be an effective item on him anyway)
: I agree with him having a Major Armstrong skin but instead of Ezreal having a Edward Elric skin shouting 'dont call me little' it needs to be veigar since he already has a short complex >.>
I don't think you could make veigar look like a human without destroying his look completely. He'd be unrecognizable.
sig (NA)
: So, mana? Manaless? Energy?
Probably mana. He's not a ninja or anything, and he doesn't seem to have the flavor to cast from HP, so it's probably mana.
: Is it just me or does anyone else see him as a good top lane tank?
Has an ability that increases the size of his hitbox, another ability that gives an ally bonus resists, AOE CC, and a passive that's benefited by having allies attack your target. None of those seem to synergize well with fighting a single enemy champion alone in the top lane.
Kirox3 (NA)
: If the nearest enemy is in the top lane while i'm in bot lane and I used Stand Behind Me, will i face him? If there is no enemy alive, where will Stand Behind Me face?
Enemy nexus? Nearest enemy turret?
: sounds like another leona
* has shield * is support "omg leona clone rito plz"
TG Slice (NA)
: I sincerely hope I'm not the only person who realizes how utterly broken that passive is. It basically means that if Braum hits you ONCE in the late game, you die because his entire team just needs to hit you 3 times between them and then you're stunned and horribly murdered. It's kind of like Leona, except you can flash/juke the Solar Flare and Zenith Blade to avoid instant death. I'm predicting permabans out of the gate for this guy.
read: every champion with a stun is OP and utterly broken
: Will you ever make a cool pyromancer in which is a Fighter primary and Mage secondary? Or make a 'Fire Phoenix' character similar to Anivia?
I doubt there's going to be another phoenix in the game.
: A new site to get free RP! Complete surveys, watch advertisement and rate products to earn points that you can exchange to RP!
: so he is like alternative leona this suck
* support * has shield "leona clone wtf rito"
: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, revealed
If Frozen Heart isn't in his core recommended items, I'm going to be disappointed.
: i feel Aatrox is still a better top, and he's only recently been jungled more frequently due to feral flare which is getting nerfed.
He is a good top, but his jungling kit is also pretty sharp. The fact that Flare is getting a nerf isn't all that relevant, seeing as it was released so recently that not he (nor anyone else) has really come to *rely* on it.


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