: Aaron already gave you a sweet sweet interview but for the sake of giving advice I'll give a #11 11. Look at job postings of the job you want -- e.g. [Software Engineer at Riot](http://www.riotgames.com/careers/10838) -- and think about applying for it right now. Really think about where you are compared to the requirements/desirables, if the description/requirements really sound like what you want to do (we aren't always right about the job we want, I wasn't! That'd be in my #10), etc. This is something I wish I did more back in high school / college to help center myself / understand how valuable certain parts of my education were. And to tie that in, use what you learned about gaps between you and what you want to drive personal projects, part-time jobs / undergrad research / etc. Of course, hopefully those things are already things you want to do (or maybe you don't want the job you think you want), but it certainly helps with focus and makes it all the more rewarding. At least, that advice would've been great for me, YMMV :) I certainly felt like a "loosely guided missile" through too much of my academic career :P
: It's the same as his name on here. In this case it's AaronMike.
: 1. Dave Heironymus 2. Bachelor of Science (Comp Sci), University of New South Wales (Australia) 3. Riot Games 4. Posting my email address on a public forum seems unwise... Happy to answer questions here. 5. I work on the Sustainability Initiative, where we're working to improve the core tools for creating champions, skins and other features. My background is in general game engineering on consoles. 6. Engineering Manager 7. I do a few things: I mentor most of the engineers on Sustainability, I help Sustainability's Product Manager get the right technical context to make good product decisions, and I sometimes get enough time to write code. Whatever needs to be done! 8. Usually 9am-6pm. 9. Some computer classes in high school, then Comp Sci at college (or "uni" as we call it in Australia). 10. Maybe work harder in college? I was a bit of a slacker, but I finished strong! My career has had ups and downs, but I wouldn't change much. 11. Just write code, no matter what it is. Make games, websites, whatever you love, make more. If you want to be a serious coder, learn C++, and learn it well. Pretty sure Heimerdinger would write C++ {{champion:74}} Feel free to ask questions!
: > [{quoted}](name=Noobspectivee,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=G43hAV7A,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-13T01:29:04.628+0000) > > I have a school assignment to interview a gaming software engineer and so I choose Riot Games. I was told by support to post here and hopefully get an answer back. > Questions (Software Engineer) > 1. Your Name > 2. Your Specific Degree > 3. Your Place of Employment > 4. Your Contact info (If possible) (email address, phone, or etc) > 5. Please describe your engineering field > 6. what is your current job title > 7. Please describe your particular job and duties > 8. what is your average work schedule > 9. starting with high school, describe your educational background chronologically > 10. If you had to do it over, related to your career or education, would u do anything differently > 11.What advice would u give to me as someone interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours? > > Thank you in advance for answering these interview questions and if there are any questions that you are restricted from answering due to reasons, please feel free to skip and move on to the next question. 1. Aaron Hathaway 2. Computer Science with a Software Engineering focus at Arizona State University 3. Champion team at Riot Games 4. Friend me in game 5. I help write the software that drives interactive media like video games and web sites as well as tools for content creators. 6. Software Engineer 7. I implement the technical requirements for new characters as well as helping clean up existing code. Champs I have helped work on are Jhin, Kindred, Ekko, Rek'Sai, Gnar, and Sion's rework. Prior to that I was on the AI team and even before that I was on Player Behavior doing Chat Restriction as well as the Tribunal. 8. I usually work from 9-10am until 7pm at night. 9. In high school I took AP classes and some higher level Calculus classes. Next I went to Arizona State University knowing that I want to work in the games industry but also making sure that I get the generalist degree instead of focusing specifically on game development. After college and before Riot I worked at a couple of different medical software companies working on their web apps. 10. I played far too many games in college and sometimes I wished that I paid a little more attention in class. 11. Be doing stuff in your free time. Don't just do the work that you're assigned in class but also be working on your own passion projects. These kinds of projects will help you understand what goes into the entire project rather than just having the prescribed workload a teacher might give you. I'd be happy to go into more details if you have any more questions. Please just let me know!
Hey! Thanks for replying! you said to add you in game but I dont know your ign so could you tell me it?
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