: Aww, the video is down
It's back up!
: That's cool! I used the g-v keybindings long before the wheel came along. In fact, I don't think I know of very many ways to bring up the wheel without them. Would there be any way of removing one of wheel's interaction and replacing it with another?
For now there aren't any plans to change the current ping wheel. We hope to give this some UI down the line, whether that's putting it in the current wheel, another one, or someplace else, we don't know yet.
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Flemman (EUW)
: Does it affect tricks like skarner quick turn during ult?
Nope! Shouldn't affect that at all
: Does this explain/address situations in which Champions can get 'stuck' to terrain on the client's side, even though at the server level they're moving still? (As a single click for a new move order causes the clientside to 'snap' to the server's information on position).
Hey! This does fix _some_ cases in which that can happen but not all
Locke64 (NA)
: Sorry for the late update, I haven't had a chance lately to try this or play. I installed the driver (v1.3) on another computer along with the PBE client and updated Live to 4.7 (from some pre-S4 version, haven't played on that computer in about a year). MSC didn't work on either client. (It did work outside of the clients though, tested by using it to type in a text document.) Then I reinstalled the driver on my main computer and remapped keys like you said, and updated both LoL clients, and it's the same as before - Live works, PBE doesn't. So MSC works with Live on one computer but not on another, and it doesn't work with PBE on either computer. The computer Live works on is running Windows 7 Professional, the one it doesn't work on is Windows 7 Home Premium, if that's helpful.
Have you tried checking your keybindings in League of Legends? It's possible that you have different ones for Live and PBE. Does MSC have application specific keybindings? If so you'll have to set the keybindings for Live and PBE seperately.
Locke64 (NA)
: Keyboard players: How do you move the camera?
Hey Lock, I just got my hands on a Microsoft Strategic Commander today and I was able to get it to work on both Live and PBE. If you're still having trouble with it you might want to try re-installing the driver and remapping the keys from scratch. For me, I pretty much cut my gaming teeth on RTS games so I tend to use the mouse and spacebar to control my camera. If I were you I'd keep trying LtRandolph's suggestion of camera on WASD and skills on 1234 and see how you find it.


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