: Did you read the patch notes at all?
Did not know there was a patch, was it yesterday morning?
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Oniii (NA)
: Champions in TFT have a base Magic Resistance. Needlessly Large Rod increases the dmg so that it nullifies the MR of the champ getting grabbed. This creates the illusion that the grab doesn't do more dmg because it's the same damage, but it actually does.
Thanks for that. I did not think that they had armor or MR. They really should add in some advanced tooltips so that minor "bugs" like this are not reported. Thank you for the response!
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C4bal (EUW)
: not a bug, if you level kayle up, the amount of people she shields increases. source: https://tftactics.gg/champions/kayle
Thank you for that. I did not notice an increase in the tooltip for her ult for targets, only duration. Seems like they need a Tooltip update.
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: Riot made me lose my 1st place
It seems that there is a round time limit. If you do not win by the time, you lose.
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