: Oh boy, my lane! As someone with over 100k mastery points on Naut, lemme tell you how to fuck me up. TOP LANE: Pick someone with a lot of sustain and either range or DPS. Vlad, Fiora (oh god), and Illaoi are some good ones. Naut's trades top lane are very "bursty." He autos you, he W's, he E's you, then he'll hit you one or two more times and walk away until his W is back off CD. If you keep the trade going after he wants to walk away he doesn't actually do that much more damage. Sustain double fucks him since he needs to slowly whittle his opponent down like most tanks. He wins one trade, he wins two, then three, then he'll go for the kill. If you just heal it off he can really only farm though. SUPPORT: Okay so you got 3 options here: Outfight him, Poke him out, and The Janna Strategy. Let's go a bit more in depth... Outfight him: Pick someone like Galio, Tahm (yes, really), Leona, you get the idea, and either jump on his ADC or just punish him for approaching you. As Leona, you Q him if he tries to walk into the minion wave and keep whapping him w/ your carry until he backs off. Poke him out: Pick Vel, Brand, Lulu or Nami. Go ham AF on him at lvl 1 when he can't fight back. Get him or his ADC to half health before they're even lvl 2. Now if he all ins you can just kill him. Pretty simple. The Janna Strat: You know this 'un. You pick someone like Morg who can nope his engage, then you nope his engage while your ADC either farms or pokes. Spam laugh. UNIVERSAL: So his Q is fucking huge but it's also blocked by minions. These two properties actually come together in a way that sucks for him but is good for you. If you just stand in the middle of your minion wave, he probably can't hit you with Q unless he gets in a really weird and specific angle. You can abuse this to poke him while he tries to get his angle. The rest of his engage pre-6 relies on him walking up to you, which any competent bot lane duo can punish just by slowing him down and raining autoattacks on him. Combine this with blocking using your minions for maximum success! Good luck out there!
Brand support player here. Naut being considered strong has been great for me, I see him plenty in bot lane now. Unless the Naut just engages as soon as he enters lane, its really easy to wittle him down. Idk how people cant see his counters.
La Bello (NA)
: that W belongs on Janna . Woulda been cool to see Janna become like Empath and turn into a actual ethereal goddess as per lore implies (and still deliver all her useful spells and goodies). god I hate new champ releases. such a neglectful and disrespectful business strategy.
What a load of bs. "Neglectful and disrespectful business strategy" lmao, bet you cant even defend your accusation.
Tianww (NA)
: i can see that yuumi can be a good mid because simply her ult attached with someone is a lvl 16 kayle with ultimate (you cannot attack her, only the champ she attached). basically a moving kayle auto in ally tahm kench w
Idk how that makes her a good mid at all. Yuumi ult isnt what makes her untargetable. She isnt a hypercarry. Her kit is centered around attaching to allies, not great for solo lane. Not enough damage in her kit. This will probably be one of the worst mid candidates in the game on release unless her numbers are broken. Kit alone says support only.
: If you're talking about the recast timer, they already have the icon border.
I think he means being able to ping remaining time before expiration? If that is already available, I guess I just wasn't aware.
: Same with cdr per level tbh. 10% at lvl 18 is like... way too late to feel the impact. I want these per level stats to cap at level 10,like it used to be. Otherwise it is just a noob trap Riot miraculously let go without thinking at all
> [{quoted}](name=TrueMortal v2,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=thGdEJEp,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-20T11:08:05.578+0000) > > Same with cdr per level tbh. 10% at lvl 18 is like... way too late to feel the impact. I want these per level stats to cap at level 10,like it used to be. Otherwise it is just a noob trap Riot miraculously let go without thinking at all I will say, the CDR is good in any champ that runs transcendence and plans to get 40% or more cdr with just items. Since most of those champs are AP, that 10% cdr overcaps into 20AP. Pretty nice.
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: Like the changes on {{champion:112}}. Generally, it would be nice to see more quality of life improvements for less popular champions compared to the total annihilation of {{champion:113}} we have on this patch.
I'm really not a fan of the Sej changes, mostly due to being a viewed leading up to worlds. Some teams made comebacks or based strategies around certain champs being viable, and while changes in the season are expected, I'm actually not huge on changes to pro-meta picks in between end of season and worlds. Yes they have scrim time, but that's not the same and is pretty unreliable when it comes to changing strategies because a core champ was nerfed hard.
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: Patch 7.19 notes
With new Ardent passive, will we be seeing more Kayle supports, and/or more of the "Chinese boosting strat"? As someone who loved playing Kayle, I'm hoping something will make her viable again.
: Looking to gift newer players, add me and lmk you've added me from here! <3 Edit: I've gotten quite a couple (around 50-60) friend requests, and I unfortunately do not have that much IP and the 10 gifts a day limit is a lil blockade. :c I've accepted all the friends request for people that I can gift now and as I get more IP I'll accept one-by-one and gift more until they're taken off the gift list. I'm sorry, and I hope you can understand! Keep Rakan Rolling c;
If youre still gifting, I just reached level 30 and am a support main, just got placed in silver 4 and hoping to get Rakan! Pretty cool youre doing this. IGN Ryachaz (Posting from my brothers account since mine apparently can't comment :I)
: Okay, I understand the marksmen changes. Not bad, rito. Varus' changes are to make him use both his abilities and basic attacks to deal his huge amounts of damage, instead of just his Q and DFT. Miss Fortune changes are to make it so she can't just kill a minion and halve an enemy laner with one ability, and Lucian's are to just make him a smoother playa'. Stoneborn pact is going to be pretty good for tank supports. 5% more bonus HP, and 2.5% of YOUR max HP in a heal to anyone that basic attacks a "movement impaired" target? Mark lasting 4 seconds? Lawl pls bby. Tank supports have more incentive to go in. Or throw out poke, if Maokai/Malphite, to help their ADC. This could maybe balance out the "mage supports" meta right now for a bit, right up until you guys suddenly buff mages again because mages. My (second) biggest problem is that if you all want marksmen to be "kiting and repositioning" then you need to give every marksman an ability, or an item to build, that will give them a chance to escape from the likes of Zed who can chase endlessly if they don't just auto-assassinate. That means Ashe, Varus both need one. Jhin needs one. Lucian has one. MF kinda has one. Draven kinda has one. The nerf to Exhaust is...well, I'm not sure it's the wisest choice. Making them easier to kill was the only reason to take it. It was, to me, meant to give an ADC a chance to murder a tank when they didn't have a tank killer item, or when the Tank was doing too much damage, or to keep an assassin from going in and raping your ADC or even in a lane match up to make trades better, or to give an ADC a chance to RUN under tower without dying terribly to an enemy. Sure, remove the reduction their defensive stats, but don't remove the Atk Spd debuff. That was a defensive oriented part of it. That gave them the ability to out-fight a better fed ADC. It changed the momentum of a lane more than once for my ADC friend. As a support main, PLEASE put that back on the spell. At the very least, don't take the Attack speed debuff away COMPLETELY. Instead, lower it. Make it a 15% reduction, instead of 30%. That will make it still useful to supports, but less of a complete debilitation against Attack Speed dependent champions.
Just pointing out that every ADC in the game has some sort of cc (soft or hard) or speed buff/movement ability. Ashe auto/E/R, Varus E/R, MF W/E, Draven W/E, Jhin marked W is root + MS, or E. I mean, I thought Caitlin or Urgot suffered the worst, and they still have those ways of escaping even if more difficult. Other than that, I agree that Stoneborn is likely over-tuned, but the nerf to exhaust isn't the worst. It still has the 30% slow and the 40% damage reduction. With the AS slow, that was taking any AS based champion, reducing their DPS by 30% with the AS, then reducing it by another 40%, which was pretty nuts looking at the numbers. 40% is still 40%, and if a player cannot turn and beat an opponent with that big of a debuff, then they SHOULD lose that head to head. That's the penalty when a player(s) feed the opposition that hard.
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: Patch 6.9 notes
Now I have to change ALL of my mage item sets {{item:3070}}
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