zlumpy (NA)
: What if his Ult gained a passive of every enemy he kills directly spawns a seperate mini ghoul that attacks his selected target. Mini ghouls wouldn't contribute to his passive buff gain, or maybe just not the damage part.
not a bad idea.
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: Calling all Anime fans (I kinda need your help!) :)
I did the survey, its a little bugged though. It ask you to rate details from greatest to least of how important various aspects of a character, like voice, body size, etc. But only for characters you know. So I did this, but when I got to the bottom it asked for me to fill out the field for characters I do not know.
: When you are split pushing, and you see the entire enemy team heading your way
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: (Suggestion) Pantheon Mechanics Revised
Pantheon is fine. If you have trouble laneing against him go cloth armor, 4 health pots.
ßoy (NA)
: Free Boards signatures for anyone who wants one :)
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: PSA: Don't play if you are drunk/high/intoxicated
as long as its not ranked its fine {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: This meta is so boring, I actually want to quit playing the game.
: i play this guy {{champion:17}} . top lane. come at me. i make tryndameres {{item:3151}}
i legit always get first blood on teemo as trynd. teemo cant actually deal wth trynds sticking power.
: If there was one champion you could use to carry?
{{champion:106}} Can play him almost everywhere, top, jg, supp, probably even mid
: {{champion:92}} the game of hot girls and gigantic swords, a.k.a. Final Fantasy {{champion:33}} Need for Speed {{champion:412}} Dark Souls {{champion:8}} Bloodborne {{champion:51}} quickscoping game a.k.a. Call of Duty {{champion:268}} Civilization {{champion:245}} Chrono Trigger {{champion:121}} Alien: Isolation
the azir one had me on the floor
: > [{quoted}](name=Tebarn,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pUn4uw8u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-26T20:01:39.716+0000) > > I'll definitively buy Poppy Merch. > > Now, where is Urgot figure?... What, it will never come?... > > {{champion:6}} {{item:3070}} I'd love it if any Urgot figure was more of a do-it-yourself sort of thing. Some assembly required, etc. :)
instead of legos, you guys sell leagos. _HYEE HYEE HYEE!_
: Remove Morde's Dragon Ghost
It's for sieging. Adc's can naturally siege because they are ranged. Morde cant. If he is replacing a key role he needs to be able to do that roles goal. So he has the dmg of an adc, but not the siege of an adc. So the answer? Dragon ghost.
: An* FNC fan :(
an is only used if the next word starts with a vowel. An example, An asshole. A FNC fan. See the difference?
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: Good Sportsmanship Day: If you received the clasped gauntlets icon for good behavior, use it today!
: > [{quoted}](name=Noski7,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=sZcEEIIE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-28T03:29:04.559+0000) > > hobbit, the second one specifically. oh, damn. i have yet to see that one.
my favorite of the hobbit movies personally. it is very good.
Swizzle (NA)
: Any suggestions for a Meta breaker.
: what movie is this? looks dope.
hobbit, the second one specifically.
Kikirino (NA)
: Attitudes toward nonstandard picks is hilarious.
how did you win against riven? Karthus is supposed to struggle against people who can get onto him.
: Singed throwing you onto his W roots you......
{{champion:106}} and {{champion:27}} are the flip bros.
I Be Rad (NA)
: Knowing how to lose lane is important
your were in my game with the 1/14/1 yi top weren't you
: PROJECT: FICTION - Winners! [fan fic contest results]
Nice jobs guys! As always was a blast!
: My LoL Day while riven was disabled
My answer too riven, volibear.
Cindikle (NA)
: We've temporarily disabled Corki
Disabled him because they forgot to buff him for worlds. Kappa
: Who's your problem champion?
{{champion:8}} I know how to beat him, but he is an instant tilt champ for me.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Noski7,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=aOV8UEy9,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2015-09-09T12:49:49.545+0000) > > Originally I was going to make the entire story about a project and Skruffy, but I don't want him to be a crutch. At the same time though it's Skruffy, so I had to include him. Alright! I'n back and with time to comment properly. So while I love Skruffy _dearly_ I'm not sure he's the right man for this job :) He comes out of nowhere, and I can't really jive Skruffy and the internal Zed monologue, in my head. I totally get the temptation to bring him back in, and I admit - it puts a huge smile on my face to see him pop up, unexpectedly, again. Otherwise there was line with two typos in it: > and soon zed's blades where about to be tested And I had a bit of trouble with understanding the intention behind the following: > But kill his comrades? No, loyalty, mission, success, only success. Not sure if perhaps some of that second line should have been broken up with periods, exclamation marks, or ellipses to help readability. Lastly, I like the concept - that Zed's human flaw is his refusal to be defeated! He absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. Or rather, his target is. Wrong machine - my bad ;)
Original story was going to be PROJECT: Skruffy, glad I swung away from that haha. I got the human flaw from Zeds lore, how he tried prove himself to his master. So I thought project version of zed would be somewhat of the same shibang, trying to prove himself. Anyway, thanks for the feedback Bioluminescence! Always a pleasure!
20Seven (NA)
: PSA: There are still great people in the community
Every once in a while people in aram buy the skin boost. Thats always nice.
: > [{quoted}](name=Noski7,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=aOV8UEy9,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-09-09T05:16:19.260+0000) > > "And that Mateys is the story of PROJECT: Zed! Yar Har, quite a fascinating tale, right lassies?" > > "Uh, are you ok Skruffy?" > > "Ya, I think you had a little to much to drink." Skruffy! What an unexpected, but completely pleasant surprise :D I'll edit with a proper response tomorrow (it's late) but I just couldn't stop myself when Skruffy turns up. My favorite drunken pseudo-pirate.
Originally I was going to make the entire story about a project and Skruffy, but I don't want him to be a crutch. At the same time though it's Skruffy, so I had to include him.
: [fan fic micro-competition] PROJECT: FICTION
Do you know who you are? I am PROJECT: Zed Do you know your mission? Kill the Traitors Don't fail us. All that needed to be said for the Stealth Project. He was equipped with the finest alloy weaponry, had implants in his brain to give him precise accuracy, given the newly created "shadow armor." He was a loyal assassin ready to do his masters wishes. But kill his comrades? No, loyalty, mission, success, only success. Comrades, shmomrades (old Ionian saying). So he set off with his Auxiliary Blades, he could kill a fly 300 yards away with them, and went into the huge cities that sprawled across Runeterra. Soon his visor was notified of a huge explosion in a local PROJECT center. His brothers and sisters had struck, and Zed was fast on the move. He came across his sister Fiora, with a strange unknown project. She was quick but he was quicker, and soon zed's blades where about to be tested, but then a blinding light hit him. PROJECT: Lucian. Ion cores meant nothing in close quarters, and again zed wounded his family, but again someone stepped in to save the bastard children. None other than this new project. Zed knew not who he was, but that didn't matter, a mission was a mission. Soon the two tangoed, but the swordsman was nothing like Zed had ever faced, and after an explosion Zed found himself unconscious He awoke in pain, and in anger. Soon his visor notified him. RETURN TO BASE, PROJECT: YASUO AND PROJECT: LEONA ARE NOW ASSIGNED TO KILL THE TRAITORS. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF FUTURE MISSIONS. What? How! I am the most advanced project! No one can best me! My masters have forsaken me! Zed, blinded by the humiliation of defeat, and the embarrassment of being recalled, vowed to have his revenge and complete his mission. No matter who got in his way. He was off the grid. "And that Mateys is the story of PROJECT: Zed! Yar Har, quite a fascinating tale, right lassies?" "Uh, are you ok Skruffy?" "Ya, I think you had a little to much to drink." Skruffy was extremely drunk that night, and a Taxi Ship was called for him, so he wouldn't have to sail back to his home Town, which was North of Demacia. Don't sail and drive.
Cabigon (NA)
: It really bothers me that I can have a good attitude, say nice things,
I always just yell, KEEP MORALE HIGH! It occasionally works.
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: Every game is Jinx and Vayne.
I see plenty of corki, trist, and sivir. Their is also sprinkles of graves, ashe, drav and more.
: I completely disagree. There's nothing comical about reducing a hard-fought game to a taunt.
Really? I just find the whole situation comical, I've had it done to me and I've done it to other people, usually in a group of 5 mind you, but still. The irony of saying that an incredibly hardfought game, that definitely wasn't easy, as ez at the end just spews comical irony.
: 90% of the time the guy loses lane and gets carried.
well isnt that comedy in of itself? maybe the person who loses terribly and was a blight on his team is just trying to be funny after. gg ez guys i carried.
: I say it from time to time and I have no fear of getting banned. This is because I have a pair of criteria to look at before saying it. If you follow these two rules you can say ggez without having to worry! 1. Be part of a full premade. 2. Lose horribly. Follow these two rules and you can turn ggez from being insulting into a small bit of comedy everyone can enjoy.
or if you end up winning a 55+ minute game. At that point saying gg ez becomes comical, because of how hard the match was.
: "gg ez"
I feel like most of the lol community didn't have an older brother who beat them in every multiplayer videogame you had as a kid. Cause gg ez personifies that for me.
: PSA: You're intended to be counterplaying champions who have true damage, not counterbuying them
: League of Legends Yearbook
{{champion:41}}- Yar har fiddle de de being a pirate is all right to be!
: It would either be undertuned or become necessary as the first item in bot lane to be able to trade with the enemy adc. We have Frozen mallet for ad, a tonne of health, and a slow on hit. That works pretty darned well for what you're looking for if it's later in the game, and I don't think an adc getting early game armor is very logical. Pick up Ninja Tabi if it gets really bad I guess (or just grab a cloth armor and sell it later). Late game, Frozen mallet works for general defense when you're still looking to grab more damage. I've actually build Randuin's Omen on Jinx my last 2 games to deal with fed enemies (first against a 23 kill Fizz that had Trinity force, BotRK, IE, etc..., [I was the most fed on my team and Randuin's let me survivie him in teamfights, then clean up for the win] second the enemy team had a crit-plank and their adc Tristana as their most fed champions [I had a pretty significant lead that time, but even with Randuin's I still needed to use heal when I purposely 1v1'd GP which was unexpected, then again he had about 15 caster minions with him]). If the enemy team isn't stacking armor, there really isn't anything wrong with picking up a defensive item 4th (IE > PD > Berserker Greaves > Defensive > BT and LW), even if [or maybe especially if] you're ahead.
Hmm, maybe. I feel like you could possibly balance it so an adc wouldn't want it but other lanes do. I don't consider myself a connoisseur of adc's, but I feel like adc's try to rush items that give them the highest amounts of dps. Such as infinity edge and one of the atk spd/crit items. And even if it shifted botlane you could use it as a defensive item first and foremost if your getting dumpstered on.
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TyRamos (NA)
: So whats the counter to Riven/Lee Sin/Vayne? They are known as the snowball poster child. Not feeding them works, but say your top/bottom fed them while you were in another lane. Now you have to deal with a 10+ kill snowball, as say Diana mid who has 2 kills. Spoiler, you just die.
Well the counters are simple. Riven is prone to snowballing yes, but if you play safe against her you will outscale. Say your nasus. Riven lvl 1 q's onto you and takes out half your health. Your probably thinking "well now i'm fucked." But if she q'd while in your minion wave she probably just slowpushed it and took alot of minion dmg, allowing you to freeze the wave near your turret or let it hit your turret. Now you get to farm, and she is overextended. Your jungler doesn't come for the free kill? Fine, just keep farming and go back and pick up components to a frozen heart. When you get back into lane she is doing alot less dmg, and you can stack your q alot easier, cause of the cdr from glacial shroud. She still doin dmg? Well then once you hit 6 bait her to go hard on you then turn. Their you have it you outscaled a riven. Alot of top laners that face her are like this. They have to play safe and buy early armor. Eventually though they outscale riven and can duel her and be generally more useful that her with farm alone. "What if she roams and gets kills?" Their are a few things you can do. Push like a madman and get her tower, push like a madman then proxy farm, counterroam, get tower and counterroam, roam with her, freeze minions near your tower and deny her huge amounts of money and xp. The list goes on. With Lee Sin you can pick a jungler who can match his dmg, you can pick a jungler who scales better late game, you try to countergank, you can ward for your laners, you can bring someone with great objective control, again the list is somewhat long. Vayne i'm not to sure on, I don't adc that much, but the general consensus I believe is to get someone who can push really hard to get lvl 2 first and to push the wave to her tower, hopefully lessening her farm. I do believe though that out of all of these champions Vayne can still at least be somewhat useful if behind, as long as she gets peel.
: Oooh! This is a really interesting idea. I don't think it's ever crossed my mind to bring Sion into the Warring Kingdoms line, but Xu Huang and Dian Wei are both awesome reference points. I think if we took inspiration from both, there's potential for a really awesome skin. I'm definitely keeping this idea in my pocket to bring up when it comes time for Lunar Revel ideations! ;]
you do need some Wei support for the warring kingdoms line.
: Pantheon Mid is a thing, Im back & big things are coming.
All i do is panth mid. he was made for the lane bby!
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: So, the Blitzcrank Arcade game got me thinking...
Metroid like game for the Lucian idea, and you got yourself a player!
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