Sirrkas (EUW)
: >I'm not sure how my comment is at -12. The punishment system is a fact, that's how it works. You are at -13, because you just stated how you think it works. Sadly (or better luckily) your point of view is incorrect. Nobody gets banned for using the chat. People get punished for abusing the chat. "gg ez" is also included in negative behaviour.
I agree with your comment except for the 1st sentence. I am very certain that's how the system works. What did I get wrong? EDIT: Sorry if I phrased it wrong. I didn't mean if you chat then you get banned. I meant it like this. 1st penalty = 10 game chat-ban. Honor level drops to 1. 2nd penalty = 25 game chat-ban. Honor level drops to 0. 3rd penalty = 2 week suspension. 4th penalty = Permanent suspension.
Eedat (NA)
: See? You just admitted you were punished for saying more than just "gg ez". I'm not sure why you even tried pulling "I have been penalized before for only saying GG EZ" then immediately admit you were lying in the next comment. The punishment system looks at chat as a whole. Gg ez is considered slightly toxic but isn't enough to earn a punishment by itself. However you used it while also asking for reports and I would bet money that you were saying more. The totality of your chat (possibly across multiple games) earned you a restriction, not "just saying GG EZ". That is why your comment is downvoted
Are you capable of reading? I contacted Riot Support and asked them why I got chat banned for only saying "GG EZ" and they said (not in exact quotes but something along these lines) "Saying 'GG EZ' is a punishable offense and so is asking others to report someone even though it may not seem like much." In my comment I clearly said "they told me is that EVEN IF you say "Report Draven" I capitalized the EVEN IF for you this time since you struggle with reading. EVEN IF Also you get the chat logs from the games you were reported in and I only got them from 1 game. I don't understand how you can take your assumptions as undeniable facts....So delusional.
: Then either you play rarely, or are just negative/harasding enough to not get a full punishment; but delayed progression. Because many people get to Honor 5.
I play about 4-5 games a day and I went the entire season without getting punished at all like I said. I only got my chat ban this pre-season like 2 weeks ago.
Eedat (NA)
: No you havent
I'm not sure how my comment is at -12. The punishment system is a fact, that's how it works. As for the GG EZ comment go to riot support page and ask them. I brought it up with them because I too thought it was way over the top but what they told me is that even if you say "Report Draven" because he is inting, you can be punished for saying that because you are bullying Draven. People can report on their own without being told to do so.
VPPtrue (NA)
: uuuhhhhh. He had one of the biggest scenes.
My bad I haven't slept for a long time all I remember is Irelia Akali Karma vs Sion scene with Draven vs Riven and Camille vs Jhinn. I'll watch it in the morning again.
Syrile (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AquariusGine,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XrzsrYes,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-21T08:59:55.236+0000) > > THIS. The ''bad'' player knows EXACTLY what they're doing. They really do. The response is almost always "try hards" or "its only norms" or "its only a game." And this behavior is really and truly unacceptable. Being new to the game or even being actually bad is not a problem. But when you know for a fact you are new and everyone on the team is telling you to do something to win the game and they actually have played properly and are doing well, it is really easy to figure out if their call is a troll or not. You might not know if it is the right time to do something and you may not even understand fully why, but you know you are holding them back within a few minutes of someone asking you to do something. One of the single most common things that happens to me is this: We get an inhib down in mid. Sometimes people overstay and die and we get wrecked because of it but more commonly, everyone backs off. Now, the inhib is down, so of course they go farm the JG or do not go after objectives. These are trolls, to be honest. But the other thing they do is push mid again. So, i will say in chat: "Push bot lane. Mid pushes itself with super minions." A clear, concise statement that is true. The enemy team /has/ to deal with it if they want to not lose the game. So our pressure on a lane is unanswerable unless we mess up. This is soooo easy to grasp. But yet, bot lane or one or two randoms decide to push mid anyway. Where the enemy team can easily burst them down. Even with Supers, a team fight is unnecessarily unsafe. We could get free towers, or if we even lose a team fight, they are still under pressure to defend or lose their nexus. But nope. Same thing with Baron. instead of pushing with Baron buff or responding to the enemy team going there, they want to fight JG camps. These are things you can pick up very easily, even if you do not know it before hand, when someone tells you. And some cursory research will reveal this is how games are won. Yet, they do the opposite. In essence, they are being deliberate trolls because they are actively hindering your ability to win the game. And they do this until the inhib respawns or the Baron buff is gone and you are right back where you were before. And then they complain that the game is taking too long and try to FF or outright start int feeding to make the game end.
Yes, could not be more accurate. I missclicked flex instead of solo ranked and when my top laner hard ints, I just tell him after the 5th time he dies 1v1 which he engages "he is stronger than you 1v1, please don't fight him" and then I get flamed by my team for telling him what to do and my top replies "LOL you're actually try harding in flex? classic trash players." Normal blind: It's just a game dude calm down Normal draft: If you want to try hard just play ranked idiot Ranked solo: I'm not even trying/ 1st time with this champ Ranked Flex: It's flex lol, no one takes this seriously With the occasional lag excuse but for some reason they never show their ping :/
: I know exactly how you feel and sometimes it's legitimately not your fault. It only takes several unlucky games to ruin your MMR and then you are given impossible games. I'm telling you this as a high elo player. I'm low Diamond in NA but I almost hit masters in KR last season. Add me if you want, I can give you some encouragement/tips. Sadly, high elo degenerates with their disgustingly deluded egos will tell you it's always your fault. So are a lot of people in boards who downvote posts like these. I'm not even joking, try and post a game where you go 15/3 and the rest of your team combined is like 8/48. These people who duo qued to plat or diamond that aren't even half as good as they say they are will look at that game, ignore how every other lane was giga feeding and tell you to buy a blue trinket ward- even if the rest of your team isn't fking warding. I've seen so many unlucky people like you who are undeservedly stuck because of bad teammates and ruined MMR.
Dude I just got chat banned for arguing (not even bad words or harassing) I just got in an argument with my top laner because I was fighting their jg in top river over scuttle and he ganked top after. I spam ping my top to back off instead he goes in and surprise enemy jg is there. This is a high diamond game and he can't play with his eyes open. Not only that he tries to 1v1 the top laner who took tp ignite (free kills if he just waits for me to gank) but nah he tries to 1v1 him and loses all 7 times. By the 5th time I'm like "please stop 1v1ing him he is stronger" and the whole team jumps on me like "sToP tElLiNg HiM wHaT tO dO"
: Clearly what this champion needed was a shield recharging at a fraction of the cd of Malzahar's, a busted ass rune breaking his right click DPS even more, and an extra shield on his ult to boot in case his boundless mobility wasn't enough.
How can you even compare Yasuo's shield to Malzahar's???????????????????????
: Riot needs to stop kissing Yasuo's ass
Was Yassuo even in awaken? Pretty sure I didn't see him.
: High School Team Coaches?
Social media is a good place. You're probably participating in the HSL tourney right? Join their facebook page and you'll see people who want to be coaches looking for teams to coach for free. I don't know why they do it for free but that's how my team got a coach and he gave good advice for macro.
xinle12 (NA)
: An idea to the devs to reduce negative behavior
Maybe making honor 3 actually achievable would be enough. I played the entire season at honor level 2 no penalties. This pre-season I flip out at this one guy because not only is he inting but he even ignores my spam pings when I can see the enemy jungler on wards going to gank him and boom I'm instantly honor level 1 and God knows how many seasons it will take to get back to honor 2.
Jess Bot (NA)
: Goodbye my love
League isn't going to die but it will definitely stop being mainstream and player base will go way down. It's because Riot big brains only think how can we attract more players and not how can we keep them playing the game. Twitch Rivals is a prime example trying to appeal to popular streamers' fanbases but it won't work. I have played since season 1 and I'm addicted but everytime I introduce this to my friends they find it boring, they can't make non shitty runes until level 15 or something, and it takes about a month to unlock a 6300 champion. P.S. All the passionate players who get frustrated when they lose are literally just removed from the game. These are the people who make the game popular and talk to their friends about their cool outplays but nope, just ban them 'cause we don't want any hurt feelings 'cause the mute button doesn't exist. Right now the only thing that sparks conversations about LoL is unbalanced champions. I have never seen anyone talk about LoL recently in any other subjects besides complaining like "Irelia is fucking busted dude"
: How is this worthy of a 14 day ban?
Riot has a set system. It's chat ban honor level 1. Another chat ban honor level 0. Then it's 2 week ban. Your next penalty is a permanent suspension. Riot is a shit company. Your best bet is to just not use chat at all. I have been penalized before for only saying "GG EZ"
: Should I report someone for giving up and saying I'll just afk farm the entire game?
You can report them but don't expect Riot to actually do shit about it. They are busy doing other things like balancing the game....oh wait.
: when you flash "in the same place" due to trying to wall flash hop. what is needed for a 0 cd system if flash wasnt used to make any distance at all due to this. example: you flash wall then wall flash fails and as a bonus its on Cooldown as a result which shouldnt happen after you pretty much moved no distance. i dont know if i explained sufficiently.
Oh so you are basically saying if you flash 0 distance, your flash should not go on cooldown at all?
: you mean like flat out following your cursor no matter what? i empathize with that due to (OOOOOOMMMMGGGG) minion block seizures..... or false flashes where i think should trigger 0 cooldown if you flash pretty much 0 distance.
I agree with the minion seizures. I thought about it myself and I realized it could be a problem but in those situations you can spam click or just use the current movement option. You know how you can press ~ followed by an ability and that ability will ONLY target champions. This movement option could be similar to that where you can press a button and your character will stop moving if it hits terrain, instead of pathing around. So in minion waves you can just use the already existing option. I don't really understand what you mean about flash though. I can't think how flash would be effected, can you explain please?
: MAJOR BUG: The Battle Sled’s health regenerates if you are in the fountain, essentially letting you be unkillable as you are invincible and untargetable while in the sled. This includes being immune to the Bardle Royale fire damage. So if you have the Battle sled, you can just go in it and instantly win Bardle Royales because you can’t die.
How can you infinitely stay in the fountain with the sled? Wouldn't it just crash and then you all die because you're outside the circle? You can't make the sled stop moving.
: do you mean like pathing how in command and conquer where you able to "place" a patrol/waypoint routes?
Sorry I don't know what that is. I simply mean for the character to move towards the direction of the cursor as it already does, but when it comes across an obstacle, instead of trying to figure out a path to take around it, it should just move as close to the cursor as possible and then stop. Does that clear it up?
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