: LF Low to Mid Silver Mid Laner for a Ranked Flex Team
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Quig (NA)
: LFG I'm a Support main
Hey Quig! My friends and I are putting together a team for next season, and are currently looking for a support to play with us. The heads of the team really liked your post and would like to talk to you and have you play a few games with us to see how we mesh together. I sent you a friend request on Discord, my user is MWKLightning#9446. Look forward to talking with you! -Lightning
: Yea but it could end up being Dynamic Queue 2.0 again. Where everyone keeps tellign Riot its shit, and they keep saying "But its better for the overall future of league!". I understand we should wait and feel out the changes, but it was basically trying to fix something that wasn't broken or needed changing. Having an lvling system now is cool, but having it tied to currency, eh not so much.
I honestly would have been happier if they just removed the Level cap and came up with a new way to earn BE faster.
: I just think this new reward system is almost trivial, and not rewarding veterans is a huge mistake. In Heroes of the Storm, I payed not a single dollar since alpha. During this time, Blizzard has rewarded me with 7 guaranteed legendaries and over 100s of other skins (ranging from normal to legendary pricing) for many heroes simply by playing. After not paying a single dime on Heroes, they still rewarded me very handsomely for simply playing their game. This was just for launching their Heroes 2.0 lootboxes and all for free. Just because I was a veteran player they thanked me for their time by offering cool loot....and a lot of it. You guys are the exact opposite. I've spent over $500 in League and in my ENTIRE 6 years of playing, I've probably gotten a single project skin, and some useless shards that I dont want. Judging by your action and words, Its obvious that compared to blizzard, riot doesnt really give a fuck about us veterans. The problem is Heroes rewards their players, and it feels great to play a game of Heroes and know that you're almost guaranteed a Loot Chest with 4 guaranteed items (not shards, not a percentage of a loot... but an 4 actual pieces of complete loot). And the best part? You get rewarded almost every single game. Not only that but I can buy almost any skin I want with their version of essence, something that you guys are not willing to offer (Since the essence store is limited and we cant even buy skins with IP. ) In League it feels like the fucking opposite. You guys are pulling an EA Games and not giving a fuck about the player. I'm not asking for free loot.... but think about it.... if you're gonna copy Blizzard's system... at least make sure its on par. How did you guys copy their entire system, but somehow managed to make it worse at every turn? After having so much fun with Blizzard's 2.0 and free loot after almost every game, its almost a slap in the face for you guys to copy their whole system but not include anything for veterans (really .... 20k IP for 6 years and $500?? ) and offer just a worse overall reward system in every sense. It takes exponentially longer to earn loot in league and the contents of a chest SUCK. Like really offering us 1/5th of a skin? You honestly consider that a reward? So maybe blizzard spoiled me... but thats the way games should feel. Rewarding. A chance to actually get that awesome legendary skin. Not being forced to grind 20 games for a chance at a legendary shard that is worth 1/5th a skin. Do you understand how and why I feel betrayed? Like legit I spent nothing on Blizzard's game but they still gave me over $200 in free stuff. And I get free stuff after every game. On the other hand I spent so much time and money on Riot and they give us about 1/5th of what Blizzard gives. Its very dissapointed because the rune system is actually fun. Riot is turning more into EA each and every day. If you honor your players and do them good, then money will flow. Its a huge mistake for you guys to be so obsessed with money, that you guys are making the game actively unfun. Make a great product and the customers will automatically come. Anyways thats the end of my rant. I hope you realize that in the future if you copy something, try to make it better, not worse. Like dont you guys hire business analysts for this sort of thing?? I'll be going back to Heroes because it feels like they actually care about me since they reward me with free stuff so often and after every game. Let me know if things change here.... it feels like a waste of time to play League compared to Heroes especially when comparing incentives.
Trust me you aren't alone. All the veterans feel left out and rightfully so, but Riot still hasn't made any changes. And they can't say this is the first time they've heard of it, because I can guarantee we've all been saying this kind of stuff since they released info about the new system. The system just isn't balanced in the slightest it feels, and veterans aren't getting any sort of acknowledgement, at least it doesn't feel that way. And I don't want to hear from Riot that we got an emote as compensation, because that emote is worthless to me. I don't even use it in game, and it honestly doesn't look that great either.
: I wouldn't presume to tell you what you want! It's very possible that this system is less satisfying for you. I hope that's not the case. That being said, posts like yours tell us how you feel about it, but they don't tell us how the broader community feels. That's why I made that point about how lots of the early reactions have been based in misconceptions. We need to wait until everyone gets real time in the system and knows how it really works before we can really understand what parts of it are working and what parts aren't. On a personal note, I'm grateful for your feedback.
I have to agree with Nefas, this whole getting BE in chunks rather after a game feels bad. Play maybe 8-10 games to level up to get a Champion Capsule full of champions I already own that barely give me any BE. It doesn't feel as satisfying. I like the BE change, I just don't like the way BE is changed. All I honestly play League for anymore is Ranked or getting champs, because after 5 years of playing League I still don't own all the champions. And it feels like even more of a grind now than it did before to earn IP/BE to get champs.
: @Riot Cactopus I know you said that you would be looking into other things and are only committed to go forward with what you brought up but can I ask this question? When we get a character from the crates, it is random. Could we get the ability to high lite a specific champion we want and then that champion shard/permanent drop? Maybe if you pick a 6300 BE champ the next one you pick can not be within 1 tier of it so people don't try to get all the 6300 champs. Or Say I high lite Yasuo. I would need to play X amount of games to fill up a bar that would then drop the Yasuo shard/permanent. Like I pick Yasuo. Then I would need to fill up the 100 point pool to make him a the next shard drop. Wins count as 2 points and loses as 1. This point system is only done in PvP modes so you don't get farmers in TT bots or something.
This is a really cool and interesting idea. Play X amount of games or do a quest to unlock a champion and then you can't pick another champ of the same value afterwards. I like the idea!
: Why Brand, specifically? Why him over other easy mages like Annie? I'm curious
It doesn't make sense. I feel like Brand is one of the harder mages to learn compared to someone like Annie or Lux.
: I do not yet have brand, Level 31 and almost a half here. Not trying to complain, I really enjoyed the charts, but just wondering, is everyone going to receive Brand, Garen, and Ashe, or at least their BE cost, if we are past level 4 or 30 or something? Or is it only for new players to get? Like many other people's posts on other Dev Corner topics are saying, it appears as though the veterans who have been playing are being slighted, while new players are being welcomed. Sort of trying to grow the player base without giving notice to the players who have been playing. That being said, I doubt veterans will stop playing because of recent changes; they have been playing for however long, for however many seasons, and have seen tons of changes and updates occur, and they still come back to the game. I know I will. G'Day y'all Wickedgnome
I literally just bought Brand a couple weeks ago and I've been Level 30 for years. You're not wrong either. All veterans that actually care enough about the game are feeling like we got the short end of the stick, myself included. It's all a money thing for Riot, growing their player base to earn more. Kinda sad. Guess that's just business though.
òvvó (NA)
: Has anyone figured out how to obtain new rune pages? I only have two and it sucks.
Buy them from the store just like you used to.
: Well. We launched this system earlier this week, so it's probably a little early to compare it to Dynamic Queue, which was a slow motion shitshow of a disaster that lasted half a season. I hope the post this thread is based on proves that we're already listening to the community! That's why I'm here talking to you guys.
I've honestly never heard someone call the Dynamic Queue launch a shitshow, especially a Riot employee, but that's honestly great.
ianonai (NA)
: But apparently players who are levelling up from 1-30 are also getting a free random icon and a free random ward skin. I don't remember getting anything that's worth RP back when I was levelling from 1-30. Would you say that we should be compensated for that too? It feels sucky that everyone who only recently reached level 30 missed out on these rewards for playing a little bit earlier than other players.
To combat this, they will tell you that you can purchase both of these for BE now. Still crap though. They really dug themselves in a hole with this one. It just seems like they care about getting more players on the game to make more money and that's it. These new players couldn't care less about an icon or ward skin compared to the vets. Really sad.
: Leveling and Rewards - Early Impressions and Adjustments
Kinda crappy that the players who have been playing the game for years and are already Level 30 won't get some of the benefits new players get. I am not talking about the BE rewards, but more like the ward and icon. I know they are just small things, but still, some people love the game but can't afford to pay for icons or ward skins. And IMO, the emote we got for being League veterans was honestly a pretty bad reward. I just wish Riot would do more for it's veteran players because it honestly doesn't seem like they care about them sometimes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 1
I know it's part of their character, but my god, Xayah and Rakan get on my nerves! They talk way too much!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 1
I know it's part of their character but my god Xayah and Rakan are so annoying sometimes. They chat way too much!
: *long post* Riot, this lag is getting to be UNPLAYABLE
If people are playing Ranked games while they know they are having this issue, then that is their fault. HOWEVER. This is definitely not any of your fault. Being a friend of Folfie, her internet was completely fine during the times she was dropping connection. I have had a similar issue like this before, and I was able to browse the web while waiting to reconnect, because my connection had supposedly dropped. I really wish Riot would get their thumbs out of their asses and realize that their game has flaws, and that they should be fixed and addressed.


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