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: I've found what will kill LOL
How to kill your game in three simple steps. 1.) Make constant changes to shake up the game/meta. Thus the games has no stability and mechanics and champs that players love can be removed or replaced with something completely different (Rip old Galio) 2.) Use a sloppy method of coding by not utilizing back ups. Each patch overwriting the last, making reversing decisions almost impossible, if not impractical. 3.) Make new player experience difficult as possible by limiting access to key summoner spells, (No smite or flash) gamemodes, (you can't play blinds until level 3) and limiting champ purchasing. (With Blue essence only being earned by level up, getting champs for free is even MORE difficult if you aren't an already established player.) With these three steps, you will slowly whittle away veterans with each patch while discouraging newbies from entering.
: Why wouldn't you get Ultimate hat on Orianna its so good with her ulti lol.
because its in the domination tree and ori doesn't use that tree
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Aptest (EUW)
: Everything I said about buffs is also relevant about shields, as shields are but an HP buff. That is to say, I do not think that the shielding mechanic, as a whole is an overly healthy one on synergistic champions. Having short duration on transferable shields rewards reactive usage. BUT, it hampers proactive usage. So while this rewards some forms of skill expression, namely reaction time and mechanical dexterity, it removes the reward from other forms of skill expression, namely decision making and leadership. I would say the net is even, but I feel that decision making is a higher degree of skill than mechanical dexterity... at least for this game. Nontheless we are in a situation where support champion's shields have a quasi-permanent up time. There should be down time not as skill expression for the support champion, but as skill expression for his opponent. I am also in favor of Teridax68's idea, where shields do not grant a large measure of HP, but rather a token amount. Therefore the shield exists NOT to prevent damage to the recipient, but to serve as designed counterplay to some kind of buff (see illaoi's W)
Then why not have both? Or more specifically, if a shield is only placed on the caster it would be a small shield but lasts for a long while, whereas if a shield is placed on anyone other then the caster it would be larger but disappear quickly. For example, Janna's shield would have a short life span because she can cast it on somebody else, but poppy's shield can only go to her and only under specific situations, so a longer shield would be fair. Finally they could add an item that casts a self shield on activation, so that proactive shield plays are still possible, but have that item build from either health or mana as to prevent abuse from squishies.
: Set backs are not wasting time, when your team is stomping the opponents hard, 20 kills and 6 towers, for example, how are they going to comeback from that set back? Why waste time of 9 people, just because of your stupid silly principle of, "HURR NEVER SURRENDER, I'M SUCH A SPARTAN!" That's toxic, and even so, when your team wants to forfeit, they clearly don't want to play with you, or anymore, so why force them to play with you? And why force yourself to play with people who you know clearly they don't like you? What's the point of forcing that?
Because the game just started. You got to remember that 10 minutes isn't a lot of time. The first 5 mins you probably don't have ult. The only items built at best are their first, though often it's only the key components. If your 20 kills down at that point, it's clearly your fault. Plus it denies several late game champs who have terrible early games but strong late. I'm not against surrendering, hell I adored the 15 min surrender, but this is too far. The point of surrendering is to end a game that is clearly decided, and short of having a int feeder or a massive display of ineptitude, that never happens at the 10 min mark.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: You expect every single time you find the enemy jungler and contest with him your laners to come and help. Thats not the case always. As a laner, you have to know when to push and when not to. If you dont know where the enemy jungler is, if you know he is near, if the enemy other lanes are not in their lane, if your opponent is stronger early etc. All these play a big part on whether you push or not. If one of your laners pushes when he doesnt know where the enemy jungler is while you are away, pushes without wards, gets ganked and dies is 100% his fault. But there are also things a jungler should take onto account when he invades, tries to contest or tries to gank. If you try to contest the top scuttle while both your top and mid are stuck under turret, the enemies collapse faster and you die is also 100% your fault. If im under my turret with 2 minion waves crashing on it dont expect me to come and help you get the scuttle. And there are reasons for this. First i will lose many cs, not just 1 or 2. Second, the enemy laner is probably stronger, the reason why i got under turret, and if i have no vision of him there is also a chance i get collapsed by him the moment i leave my lane. Third, if the enemy laners can collapse faster, by the point i get there it will probably cause both of our deaths or, in best case scenario, both of us forced to back, blow some summoners and both of us falling behind further than we would if we just lost a scuttle. Never blindly invade, contest, gank, push or do anything if you dont first take onto account everything that is happening on the map.
He was referring to the situation where the enemy jungler and the enemy laner both take scuttle. It isn't exactly the same thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=NotSpecialDude,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=uXX3y9Ri,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-05-13T23:59:09.891+0000) > > If we want to get super technical... Most terms of service aren't legally-binding and courts will often toss them out due to how unenforceable they often tend to be. THAT SAID, OP is crazier then lulu if he thinks that he has a case. I don't know what you're referring to but I'm guessing you're jumping on the zappos news wagon that happened 6 years ago where people went into the frenzy of "your TOS may be completely invalid and unenforceable!" If this is what you are referring to, most terms of service ARE legally binding, however certain clauses tend to get tossed out due to unconscionably and that is the last resort of courts. Normally you can agree to waive almost any right, however, there are certain oppressive terms that can be tossed out depending on the circumstances. In re Inc., Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, 2012 WL 4466660 (D. Nev. Sept. 27, 2012). In this case, there were a bunch of terms that were held invalid in their browsewrap agreement (ie you don't have to click "I accept" or anything like that and that simply using the site means you agree to the terms of service) and also terms that were unilaterally changed after they agreed because in their terms of service, they said the customer has to agree to changes in terms of service without notice and claimed those changed terms were still valid. They were wrong, dead wrong. Zappos could only hold people to the original terms of service they agreed to and every unilateral and non-noticed change was thrown out. When a new rule set of terms and service comes up, you have to agree to the new rules. This way they stay valid. This is why you occasionally see that you have to accept new terms of service after some patches and you have to click I accept. This is how you stay notified about new terms of services and so the new changes are still valid. Also, you will notice that many sites now require you to click or check off the box to "i agree to the terms and service" when conducting a transaction now because of the above case cited. So for a while, most terms of services were invalid because they had the part where they can change the TOS without informing you, but no one these days has that in their TOS, which makes most clauses valid. Of course there are some terms that people put in, like in California and pro players in their employment contracts, they have a non-compete clause for esports and that they can't play professionally for another team and what not, but California law has deemed that unenforceable but scum bag team owners will still put it in their contracts to try and scare pro players but California Business and Professions Code § 16600 prevents enforcement (except in some cases, like things that involve trade secrets). So yes, just because something is in an agreement, doesn't necessarily make it valid, but don't think that you're not bound to agreements because the facts and circumstances have to be in your favor to not be bound to them and so having the "most terms of service aren't legally binding" is a very dangerous mentality for you as a consumer because it leads you to believe you have more methods of recourse than you really do when in fact, you don't. Be careful of reading headlines and then applying it broadly and indiscriminately to other things.
That wasn't what I had in mind. My knowledge of the law and its inner workings is equal to my skill at this game. Which is why I'm in bronze. My point is that ToS aren't the end all be all as courts CAN invalidate an otherwise legal ToS if they feel it violates a users right's or any justifiable reason if they feel like; just like they can with any other legal contract. I was refuting the idea the the ToS was an instant win. OP is still a moron since league's ToS is well written and it is clearly his fault for the ban.
Modi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=NotSpecialDude,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=uXX3y9Ri,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-05-13T23:59:09.891+0000) > > If we want to get super technical... Most terms of service aren't legally-binding and courts will often toss them out due to how unenforceable they often tend to be. [Citation Needed] TL;DR Courts typically require Terms of Service to clear, concise, and easily accessible at all times. They often refuse to enforce ToS that only appear after the transaction has occurred (i.e the ToS for playing a game only available after installing said game which could only be done AFTER you bought it.) or treating another action equal to explicit agreement. ("By coming to this site you agree...") I'm no lawyer so I don't have the whole picture, but for the most part ToS for games tend to be superfluous.
: Hmm. If I may direct you to the legally-binding Terms of Service that you agreed to...
If we want to get super technical... Most terms of service aren't legally-binding and courts will often toss them out due to how unenforceable they often tend to be. THAT SAID, OP is crazier then lulu if he thinks that he has a case.
: wah wah idk how to use the mute button wah ppl are mean
He's new so its likely he didn't know where to find it.
: What it comes down to is, that Riot doesn't listen to their community. You have a bunch of Gold and below Rioters who think they know whats best for the game.. Like someone said before, what does this benefit? LCS. More interaction and action during the LCS because there is none... its a literal boring farmfest til it becomes an aram at 20 minutes. A Rioter made a post here describing the jungle changes and the community started posting feedback.. What was Riots response to the feedback? They spent replies on defending their changes... Someone called them out on it and they defended themselves saying 'Oh we defend our changes but we do take in consideration the feedback we get' which is a straight lie.
Sad thing is, I can't blame them for it. Lets be honest here, LCS is a big deal to riot and everyone knows it, but right now LCS has a hard time penetrating the masses that don't already know of this game. The only cool thing to watch in this game from the perspective of a non-league savvy viewer is the are the fights. You said it yourself, it is a snorefest. For the last few seasons, Riot has been wishy-washy with who they would support leading to a lot of stupid changes. I'm glad they finally put their foot down and picked what group they want to focus on. I'm just down that I'm not part of that group.
: The third part is a little confusing, but I think I see how it all goes down: Yasuo finds out that Elder Souma died in an accident when he broke Riven's blade. He wants to find out if he could have prevented the death, so he channels a large amount of wind energy through the blade the way Elder Souma must have. The sword 'breaks' again and a little piece flies off toward the old man Riven has come to love, but Yas is able to stop it with the wind and maybe a bit of the old man's breath. He concludes from this that he's STILL guilty since Elder Souma wouldn't have died if he'd been there, refuses all offers of reconciliation, and leaves in a mess of self loathing and self-inflicted guilt. Meanwhile, Riven finds a new home and family in Ionia, with the hope of getting herself back together and finally healing. It's a hopeful story for Riven but a really sad one for Yasuo.
While its clear that yasuo's exile has become self inflicted, does this at least mean that in the eyes of ionia he's no longer a traitor?
: From someone who came from a fighting game esport roots and into the Season 3 WC without playing the game, my interest personally came from the different aspect that MOBA Esports provides. Many claim the boredom to come from the limited champion pool players run or the feast or famine that plays are in the higher level of play. Same goes in fighting games to a degree. "Why doesn't anyone use Ryu anymore?" That one's a bit obvious though. Back to League, to compare to Bronze is fine but one really has to think about what a Bronze Ranked game is compared to playing competitively on stage. Not everyone is mechanically profound, mistakes and overextending exists more prominently. So on so forth. There's a lot of variables about what differentiates between Bronze thru Challenger vs Clash/Tournament vs Pro Play. It's a lot to address but I understand the boredom fans feel.
It isn't like I can't respect their plays or skill. I sure as hell couldn't do that, but it frustrates me that the most efficient way to play this game is to do it in such a passive non-combative manner. Personally, I don't care about things like tier list or characters being unused since its something that will be address naturally. I'm well aware of the canyon of differences between the two tiers. Despite that, I stand by my statement. The laughable, constant overextending, mistake laden shit-show that is bronze is far more entertaining to watch and in someways understand then the higher tiers. And the reason is very simple... Things noticeably happen. The key word being "noticeably." Obviously, a ton of thought, foresight and vision is put into every action the pros do, and that even the tiniest of actions can lead to massive consequences, but to the average viewer this means nothing. Soccer has a ton of tactics, formations and vision too, and likewise the majority of people can't see it. (Which is intentional since teams want to mask their plans from the opponent.) But Soccer is a world-wide sensation BECAUSE the actions that viewer can understand (Passing, stealing, kicking, goalies) are done with tons of energy and happen fast, frantically, and FREQUENTLY. Farming minions is boring; warding and removing wards is boring; taking objectives uncontested is boring; taking towers uncontested is boring. These actions make or break games, but offer no understandable stakes to the viewers. The average joe doesn't understand that both teams are racing for mountain drake so that they could get first tower gold and use that advantage to snowball their respective mid lane. What that see is two teams fumbling around dragon pit, placing and removing wards while avoiding each other.
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: Assassins fell out of favor because of Supports and ad carries. not mages
Honestly, irelias bonus damage against shields is a step in the right direction. They need to introduce an item that is similar to executors culling. Something that does bonus damage to shields. That way assassins are forced to alter their build but aren't made worthless.
: Can we talk about this board's community
Its easy to forget, but with the exception of the folks who hang in memes & games and General Discussions, most people only go to the boards to complain. Its why the number of "OP please nerf X!" and "I'm done with this game!" outnumber the posts that discuss game mechanics and meta strategies. And that's just the gameplay board, the player behavior board is even worse in that regard. All in all, not much anyone can do. Sucks to say this but that's how it is.
: On 'thin skins' and 'SJWs' and other tired, toxic player talking points
Go with the flow or get swept up going against it. The mute button exist for a reason and all chat is disabled by default for the same reason. The contest isn't who can win an internet argument, its who can destroy the giant overpriced magic rock the other team is defending. I agree with ya OP.
: Because suppressions disable summoner spells.
I know and you do make sense, but I still am confused. Say that you have a skeleton key that unlocks every door in your house except one particular door. That door being the front door which is locked with a chain. So a suppression in this instance would be being locked outside while the chain is down. My question is why would this situation occur? Why bother with the skeleton key if the most likely door you'd want to open when locked can't be opened. Or to leave the realm of bad metaphors, why bother having cleanse as a summoner spell when the longest cc in the game is immune to it?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: With QSS u are sacrificing one item slot to shut down one champions core gameplay mechanic. If it was simply summoner spell, you would hardly sacrifice anything. Not to mention with Cleanse you could do it from lvl 6 while QSS purchase has to be tactical decision. Lets say Cleanse removes Malzahars ulti. He would be no threat to any mid laner.
But is that really right? Varus, Amumu, and Tahm Kench have their key cc negated by clense but Malz, WW and Urgot don't? While having their core gameplay mechanic negated is a flaw, I don't get why they bother with Cleanse at this point. Why have it if the only times it would be useful you can't use it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kivolan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Fkxx5ENZ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-05T19:11:58.002+0000) > > I would like to also see the ability to turn something like 15 or 20 key fragments into a chest. > > I'm currently up to 70-something fragments because I pretty much exclusively OTP Vel'koz. I feel that this touches on a bigger issue. For us one-tricks who enjoy a very small champion pool, we get shafted since we don’t opt to play other champs. I feel that the time period between when we can earn another chest should be reduced, and I feel that you should be able to earn a chest on a champion twice per season.
On the other hand, I play a decent variety of champs; so I'm drowning in chests, but only have time to play 1 or 2 games a day. So for me, key fragments are rare.
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Stacona (NA)
: Annie Rework to Better Match Her Awesome Cinematic
As someone who is invested into Annie as she is now, I think this isn't the best rework. Her q is toxic. It's vlad's q on steroids. Her passive is a malphite type passive That encourages pausing between trades. Her w is actually kinda nice. Her ult is ok. Her e is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. To begin with, it requires so much effort to cast (cast q or w 4 seperate times, cannot be stockpiled, .75 sec delay) but the kicker of a 2 sec cooldown on flash kills it. Annie can't engage with this ability because any squishy target can GTFO before annie can stun them. And the cherry on top, it doesn't do damage. Annie as she is right now has a major weakness. One that keeps her balanced. She doesn't have range. Anything that enters within Annie's q range is liable to instant bursting. Outside that range, however, annie is worthless. All the champs that counter Annie, do most of their damage from a safe distance, whereas most of the champs Annie counters can't do meaningful damage out of her range. This rework makes Annie much easier for the latter category to approach and fight, but nothing changes for the former. In fact, Annie's counters become even stronger since the threat of a flash stun is removed. All this rework would do is make Annie worse.
Seen (NA)
: I can confirm. I left at 14 minutes and was charged with first degree leave buster, persecuted by the CIA, FBI, Navy, Air Force, PTA and teletubbies.
What kind of monster are you to get the teletubbies involved?
: Play Duel Links or anything that's no later than XYZ. That should be an option in YGO Pro. And yeah, it would be on the weak side compared to current TCG but again, once Pendulum was released it wasn't Yugioh anymore.
If its any consolation, pendelms got nerfed HARD. Now the they have to go in the spell and trap card zones and when not special summoned, go the dedicated Extra deck zone. Of which you only get one. So it's kinda better then before.
: I don't bother with the TCG meta because it's so far gone there's no way to balance it well and everything is over the top. I quit the TCG once it got past XYZ monsters. So most of my balance thinking sticks to that era and prior. And while I understand the card maker not liking longer titles, you could have fit "Voidborne" before each of their proper names (and only those) with no issue. Even so, the theme of "Void" would still ring true for the card archtype. The issue I see with your summoning mechanic is that turn 1, you can summon every single void monster in your hand in most cases. That is worse than pendulum summoning. Remember, you only need 1 of a different name for most of those monsters. You could still Special Summon 3 Kai'Sa in your version simply by summoning the Voidling. In the case of Cho'Gath, the full effect should be "Once per turn; you can destroy one monster your opponent controls with an ATK or DEF lower than the ATK of this card and if you do, increase this card's ATK and DEF by 500. This card cannot declare an attack the turn you activate this effect. When this card would be destroyed by a card effect, you may reduce this card's ATK and DEF by 500 instead." This way, as a level 8 effect monster, it's nasty once it's out but it's not easily summoned and capable of wiping out whatever on the spot. Also, I would've used a much different field spell. ZZ'Rot Portal Field Spell Neither player takes any damage from direct attacks. During each standby phase, if the turn player controls no monsters, he may pay 500 Life Points; summon 1 Voidling Token (DARK, Insect, level 1, 300 ATK, 300 DEF) to the turn player's field in attack position. Now the beauty of this spell is that it creates a dynamic where your opponent can still use your own field spell against you either to turn the tide against you or to help him stall out. It also gives you a chance to change out Kassadin's effect to make him more of an anti-magic void creature that can still teleport behind enemy lines. Voidborne Kassadin Level 4 Dark Warrior/Effect 1800 ATK/800 DEF This card cannot declare an attack during the turn its effect is activated. Once per turn, you may activate one of the following effects: - Inflict direct damage equal to half of this card's ATK. - Select 1 Spell or Trap card on your opponent's side of the field (if it is face down, reveal it then return it to its original position). If it is a Spell card, destroy it. If it is a trap card, its effects are negated until the end of the turn. Now we have someone who still plays much like he does in League with the ability to continually disrupt the opponent. The one thing I like to see when creating Trading Cards for one game using another game as the base is making sure they stay as true as possible to the source material.
Sad thing is, I've recently started playing yugioh pro and most decks i face play cards with summon requirements similar to what I gave the voidborne. (Yeah, good call on the name.) If my set was real, it likely be on the weak side.
: I think I have a better idea for Kai'Sa Voidborne Kai'Sa Level 6 DARK, Warrior/Effect 2100 ATK 1000 DEF If this card destroys a monster as a result of battle or if a monster is destroyed by the effect of a plasma counter; increase this card's original attack by 300. Once per turn, when this card battles (quick effect); you can place 6 Plasma counters spread evenly across all monsters your opponent controls (remainder tokens are placed on the monsters of your choice). If Kai'Sa has an ATK of at least 3000, then place 12 plasma counters instead. (Each Plasma counter reduces the ATK of a monster by 100. If a monster with Plasma counters on it has 0 ATK, it is destroyed.) Rulings: - The placement of Plasma counters does not target. - Destruction by plasma counters is not treated as a spell, trap or monster effect. - The effect to place plasma counters starts a chain. - The effect to increase Kai'Sa's attack is a continuous effect. Also, a few notes for a more professional appearance: - When placing tokens, you must declare the attribute, type, level, attack and defense. Some effects of tokens can remain on the card but must be stated (example, cannot be tributed except for a card effect). Otherwise, they must also be labeled as effect monsters (such as "if destroyed, deal damage). - Tuner types can still be normal monsters. The Voidling needs to be marked as an Effect monster as well (so Insect/Tuner/Effect). - Void as a monster type is pretty arbitrary. You'd be better off making it a name archtype with "Voidborne" for monsters and "Void" for spell and trap cards. - The summoning mechanic you have in place for most of your void monsters is too strong. Even with the requirement of "different names", it would be far too easy to play your entire hand. - I think you should have done better to stick to the underlying theme of "all consuming" within your void theme, as I've illustrated with Kai'Sa effect. Each card should be rewarded better for successfully using their effects. Cho'Gath should simply gain the attack after destroying the monster, but being unable to attack normally if the effect was used. Kassadin should become immune to card effects upon successful direct attack. And so on. All in all, not too bad. I can drum up more ideas and help you with other aspects if you want.
Yeah... I've been out of the yugioh meta awhile and didn't know exactly how strong this set would be. That said, my idea with the set was to make easy to summon monsters that individually were weak, terrifying if allowed to settle in large numbers. I thought about adding to chogath and malz, "cannot be normal summoned/set" but figured that since you can't search for those cards it would be needlessly constructing. Also the void monstertype was to avoid "of the Void" appearing in ever card title. The card maker hated long titles so I couldn't do it.
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: ***
Close but no cigar. "We need a tank" really means "We need a beefy engage/disengage" A team of {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:51}} isn't terrible, but has a weakness that kicks in around the late game. That weakness being, that unless the enemy mispositions or gets caught out, the only way they can start a fight is if a squishy character engages. Problem being that these squishies are also a huge source of damage for the team and if they go down due to being on the front (cause you can't engage from the back) then the teamfight could go to shit. There are a lot of ifs and maybes with this particular example, but the key point is that "could go to shit" isn't the best option and should be avoided. People expect tanks to mean what they did in WoW and other mmorpgs. Namely, they are characters that soak up damage, and help the team with peeling aggro and engaging enemies. If the only "tank" on your team is a juggernut or brusier, then your in for trouble if you can't end by mid game.
: Maybe it's because I play exclusively top
There isn't really anything I or anyone else can say that could otherwise rectify or appease you. Sad truth is, there is only two possible outcomes. It's your fault, or it's not. If it is the former, then you need to look inward and see what you're doing that makes you so vulnerable. Ganking is expensive and accomplishing nothing is a massive failure. So if the jungler can consistently and reliably gank you and get a kill or flash, then he's seeing something your not. If it isn't your fault, and you did everything within reason. (You warded river, didn't tower dive, kept an eye on the mini map, etc...) Then as frustrating as it is, it would be better to just roll with the punches. Don't bother playing the blame game with your teammates as all that does is ostracizes you and tilts your team. Just make a mental note of who's falling behind and don't rely on that champ to get you out of trouble.
Caekie (NA)
: You have trampled over the old design philosophies of league, and the imbalance they prevented
I think the intention was clear, they wanted Variety. More specifically, they wanted every item to have a respectable ounce of usage on an arbitrary percentage of champs. Triforce would only be bought on 3-4 champs before its rework and now its built on much more champs. That said, I do agree with the shortsightedness of the decision. They should just make more items rather then constantly rework the ones we have. Only touching them to bring them into line like with duskblade or zz'rot.
Kelb4n (EUW)
: You know you can refund up to 3 times? Also, when you start playing the game you shouldn't really care too much about the champs you are playing so the free rotation should be enough. And by the time you know champs well enough to be capable of deciding which kind of champion you wanna play, you won't regret buys most likely.
3 refunds isn't exactly the best thing for sampling champions. Likewise, is having the option to rent champs for a fraction of the cost to own them a bad idea?
Jo0o (NA)
: This is extremely troubling when "inting", used synonymously with "playing badly", results in reports. Riot's not forthcoming with the intricacies of how their report system works under the hood, but I strongly suspect that part of the trouble with banning real intentional feeders comes from so many erroneous reports.
I kinda miss the report option "unskilled" Granted, it's removal was pivotal as the only fitting punishment for being unskilled is losing. But like the close doors button on an elevator, it is nice to have.
: There's three of them? I thought there was only two.
They adopted a kid. Obvs
: And that is one of the things you can say about the free rotation schedule. Probably my biggest complaint about it now that I've been playing long enough that I'm waiting for certain champions to come around. On the other hand I have enough champs that I enjoy playing that I don't care that much. I've also heard people complain that certain champs show up more/less often. I haven't made a study of this and can't say for sure.
Hell... I'm arguing for the principle. I only have a hand full if champs left to buy. I'm entirely unaffected by this issue.
: Renting champions (and skins!) is actually already a thing. You just need to have the champion (or skin) shard in your hextech crafting loot, and you can consume the shard for a 7-day rental. Although in all honesty I don't know a single person who does this. The system seems pretty shitty, I'd rather just upgrade the shards to permanents.
I'm aware of that, but it isn't really a solution. You don't have any control of what shards you get so wasting one on a rental, especially an expensive champ or skin, is stupid.
: There's a button on the main page of the client that you can click and it will show you the free champion rotation. In champ select the free champs are listed with an unlocked lock symbol. Riot makes a post every week saying who's on the free rotation. I mean, you can say a lot about the free rotation schedule, but you can't really claim that they don't make it easy to find out who's on it.
I meant in the future... not now. If the champ you want to play isn't on the free rotation, then your only option is to check every week when they are. Riot doesn't have a massive schedule for rotation. At least, not one for our eyes.
InTheory (EUW)
: InTheory's Runes 2018 - "Equality" - The next step
_Too many moving parts leads to many points of failure._ To your credit, this is well thought out and very detailed, and the time and effort spent typing this up and proof-reading it are wasted on plebeians like us on the boards. But the bottom line issue is this... ** It is too complex of a system to really balance around in any efficient manner.** Its important to remember that these runes will placed on top of our 100+ champions each with unique abilities and passives. Giving them each different inclinations to every potential combination. Some like "Sacrificial Lamb" may have niche usage, but others like "Spell Blade" will have frequent if not mandatory usage. And heaven help the poor souls that have to make new champions. They'd have to keep in mind the whole damn system as to avoid creating game-breaking champs. But the most important part of balancing is enabling counter play. And that is where this system is incredibly flawed. Right now, at a glance, you can tell what main keystone each champ is running and what their secondary is. You don't learn the exact page from the loading screen, but from just that small amount of information combined with their choice in champ could give a rough idea of what your facing in lane. Your system has 8 runes each with six potential options. How is the enemy supposed to react? What information is key to know? This isn't like seasons 1-5 where the runes (and masteries) were glorified free stats. Each Keystone has massive potential and has different means of countering. There needs to a bit of warning or people will call foul and treat this system as unbalanced and broken, even if it was balanced. Bottom line. Keep is Simple Son.
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: 5 Year Old Champs Still Cost 6300 BE..
Honestly, I don't think the rate or grind is the issue, because playing the game to unlock more game is a good unlock system. The issue is that you can feel like you "wasted" essence on a champion. To put into perspective, I can't play{{champion:74}} to save my life. I hate playing him, but I didn't know that I hated him until AFTER I played him. The only way you can try out a champion is if they go on free week, of which no one knows who gets on each week. Skin shards allowing for a free trial is a decent start in the right direction, but redeeming shards is hella cheap so if you have the shard it be better to do that instead. A renting system would be awesome.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: > If you can't do these three things, then you're effectively a second support. Linking being useless with support isn't right anymore nowadays. Support have high influence and their kits are quite useful for the utility. When a fighter is behind, there is often very little he offers. His kit is made for duels and skirmishes, all he brings is damage and or some tankiness which fall both off when behind.
I never intended to say that supports are useless. Rather, I'm saying that if your behind in top lane, your only viable option is to play as a second support. The issue is exactly as you said, most tops don't have the tools to even do that. So in other words. I spoke poorly. I should have said; > "If you can't do these three things, then **your only hope is if you can pivot as a second support.**"
: PSA: Don't play top
I find myself neutral to your concerns really. It's probably because I've been on a steady diet of mid/jungle, but I can both sympathize and disagree with you. On the one hand, bot lane has 2 players in it to top's 1. 40% of the team is down there, so to say that bot lane has a bigger impact enlists a "No shit Sherlock" response from me. On the other hand, I do play top occasionally and I know the frustration of winning lane and losing game. That happens the most to top laners given the isolation the lane typically has. I tend to look at it like this. The isolation of top lane is the double edge sword for the team. On the plus side, its the most expendable teammate, allowing for a massive amount of flexibility. Top lane can easily fill holes that the team comp may otherwise have. But the downside is that it is the least NATURALLY influential lane. If you want to make an impact you need to work twice as hard compared to other laners. Either you split-push to high hell, have a strong teamfight presence, or you're so fed that the enemy needs to send 3 guys to deal with you. If you can't do these three things, then you're effectively a second support. If this bugs you then top really isn't for you.
: Lets play a game
Attack Helicopter
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: Well if you don't want higher odds on other stuff why remove something extra?
My intent was to avoid the topic of "wanting more stuff" since that isn't my issue. This "extra" is a let down akin to the sprays from overwatch. Honor capsules and lvl capsule provide abundant champ shards, but crates and keys (both of which come VERY slowly if you don't pony up the cash) only provide one maybe two things. I don't mind the skin shards, emotes, or even the ridiculously low rate for gem stones. But I was only able to open 3 boxes in the last 2 months because of the slow drip feed for key shards, AND THEY WERE ALL CHAMP SHARDS. Not even new champ shards either, I have 2 annie shards and a amumu shard from those boxes. Higher odds is a natural consequence to removing the champ shards but as I said before, i couldn't care less about the odds for the other crud. They need to remove champ shards from hextech crates or at the very least, ensure that it will only be shards for champs you don't own.
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: Yeah you do make yourself unclear when you make declarative statements like "I lost lane right then and there" Instead of "I'm gonna hate this lane" or something of the sort. If it's a matter of feeling, then people need to be way more upfront about it. Stop making statements that sound like you're talking balance, make it really clear that the primary concern is how it feels to play against these champions and not whether or not armor counters Yasuo or how Zoe's relegated to the Assassin role. Is it so hard to just say the lane is unfun and leave it at that?
Yes. I could go into some jumbled rant about pride but the truth is far simpler. Most people, myself partly included, feel that riot will only address this issue if it was a balance one.
: [Actually, Malphite tends to win against Darius]( Also you are using Malphite, a champion with very little mechanical skill or micro expression in this example. Of course it will be difficult to outplay the opponent. >Simply put, if you play a champ that can't handle when _any skirmisher/assassin/fighter_ gets on top of you, then your odds of winning lane are abysmally low. Yes, you can play safe quite a bit and do well, but eventually he's gonna dash to you and unless you can win or go even in those trades HE WILL WIN. Doesn't this describe a lot of champions, in both directions? Dude, that entire second half of playing safe but you might still get caught is literally every champion with any engage potential. This is so intentionally vague. >His double crits ensures that early armor rushing isn't as effective and his passive shield protects him from early burst. Hey you know who's a fantastic example of a test champion to see if you get slaughtered by Yasuo for rushing armor? Malphite. Actually here's an example where Malphite's low skill expression and one dimensional kit is really good for. If rushing armor isn't effective against Yasuo, let's take a champion whose entire playstyle is built around rushing armor and not doing too much else. [Yasuo has a 46% winrate against Malphite]( And the shield point I already addressed. He's a Mid Lane melee champion, having anti burst defenses is normal, not some broken mechanic unique only to Yasuo to surprise butsecs Mages. -------------- Now here's the thing about everything you said in those last three examples. That is counterplay against CertainlyT's champions. Ignoring the Darius example which I debunked, Those are forms of counterplay, are they not? --------- It's not just you if I might add. Obviously, CaptainMarvelous does this too, as well as quite frankly the vast majority of people on the Boards. Everybody has their own idea about how champions are supposed to work but the examples always fall off when you compare it to evidence. Literally every argument made against CertainlyT's designs are either false, generic, or evidence of the good behind CertainlyT's designs.
I apologize for making myself unclear. My issue with these champs is subjective, personal, and opinionated. Simply put, they are not fun to lane against. For me specifically, the laning phase is the funnest part of league. If I wanted more team based moba action, I'd go to heroes of the storm. So a champion that has a really strong early game, but a shit late game isn't a fun champ for me to face if I don't bring out a hard counter. It's frustrating that the deck could be so stacked even before an item can be bought. HOWEVER, while this is a personal feeling, I never once said they were op. I'd like to think that most players on the boards are like myself, they prefer the 1v1, 2v2 aspect of the game. The team fights that occur afterwards being more of an obligation than the highlight. And with this mindset it goes to explain why these champs are so disliked. I dislike most of these champs. (cept Darius, I have a soft spot for him) I will most certainly bitch about how frustrating they are to face, but I will never consider them op.
: >CT's champions, unlike others, tend to have the tools/abilities to circumvent their weaknesses through player talent and skill. Other champions often don't have this in their kit and as such it makes playing against his champions feel worse. I can understand the sentiment behind this but some of the examples cited are a little odd. Going through your examples: > Naturally, with no "sustain", Darius is forced to take poke and be manhandled by ranged characters...but look at his apprehend. 535 range. Most ranged champions in the game sit around 550 or so. Thus, their strength is also Darius's main advantage. He takes advantage of those who go into poke. He can easily swipe up someone who makes a singular mistake. Darius is turning your strength into his. [A quick look at Darius' counter picks show champions that have poke that really outrange him that he counters, and champions that stand within in effective range that counter him.]( Furthermore, you wouldn't walk up to a Malphite with your Twitch and casually auto attack him. You wouldn't walk up to a Vi and casually auto attack her. You wouldn't casually walk up to an Illaoi, Nasus, Urgot, or Yorick without risking threat of them catching you with their abilities, most of which have catching abilities that outrange Darius' Apprehend. Why is casually walking up to Darius who in this example still has his Apprehend up a good example? >Thresh has an incredible escape tool, so long as he can land it on something out of the fight and pull himself away. Is this serious? I mean I've seen those hilarious clips of Threshs running away through the Jungle, but even then, that's often a combination of circumstance and the opponents being terrible. This is compounded by the fact that the Thresh in question must be _horribly_ out of position for an enemy to be standing behind him while he has his hook up and doesn't want to be in that particular fight. >His W makes it easy to follow him up even in situations where champions couldn't. Typing "Support" into the icon list: {{champion:432}} - Enables mobility and engage potential where champions couldn't {{champion:427}} - Enables misdirection with his bushes and stickiness for an individual champions that could've otherwise been out of reach {{champion:223}} - Cross map teleports allowing follow ups and flanking maneuvers that are impossible for many other champions Honorable mentions {{champion:12}} - Headbutt can throw enemies back into allies {{champion:201}} - Leaps to other champions, an ability matched only by Rakan, potentially amplifying their engage potential {{champion:40}} - Monsoon can throw enemies back into allies {{champion:43}} - Team-wide AOE speedboost {{champion:61}} - Not really a support but an AOE speedboost and MASSIVELY enhanced engage potential for allies {{champion:37}} - AOE speedboosts {{champion:163}} - Throws enemies back into team and can cut off enemies {{champion:44}} - Invincibility allows all sorts of follow up potential to champions {{champion:26}} - Allahu ackbar {{champion:53}} - Not a "support" but is defined by his pull If the criteria is "this champion enables follow up and engage potential for other champions", it's not a skill unique to Thresh. >Despite being a squishy mage, Zyra has the ability to lock down anyone who gets close to her. Her main weakness, which is being jumped on, can easily be turned around and allow her to win the fight thanks to both Stranglethorns increasing plant attack speed as well as rooting targets from point-blank. Zyra has a surprising amount of options (2) for close range than she probably should (None). [Statistics say she counters many ranged and/or non-engage champions but is countered by many melee engage champions]( > Yasuo : Poke him down Bruh he's a melee in Mid Lane, a lot of Mid Lane melees have tools to mitigate poke {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:3}} > Kalista's hop Doesn't so much fix her natural counters as much as it emphasizes champions she already counters. Most Assassins do not care about her hop but slow immobile melees who are supposed to be countered by her already be damned. >Zoe (Her sleep bubble being the crux of her kit but giving her tools to make use of it even if she misses it) There's a difference between a compensation and a reward. Anyways, "champions that can whiff their ability but still receive some sort of buff, compensation, or persistent effect even though the initial ability cast failed to hit its mark" {{champion:103}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} tl;dr, Many of these weakness you cite that these champions are overcoming are either still weaknesses for them, incredibly subject to context and situation, or are common elements to many champions in the game already and aren't specific to CertainlyT's designs.
I think the principle of his argument is that there is very little flexibility in their kits for counterplay. Say that I went malphite against darius. I lost lane right then and there. There is nothing I could do to him if darius is skilled enough. But, I feel that darius is a bad example. A better one would the favorite punching bag of the boards, yasuo. Simply put, if you play a champ that can't handle when yasuo gets on top of you, then your odds of winning lane are abysmally low. Yes, you can play safe quite a bit and do well, but eventually he's gonna dash to you and unless you can win or go even in those trades HE WILL WIN. His double crits ensures that early armor rushing isn't as effective and his passive shield protects him from early burst. Despite all of this, I would say that Yasuo isn't broken. He has poor defensive abilities, gets snowballed in pretty easily, and is dependent on his team to set up his ult against competent teams. The issue with Zoe, Yasuo, and darius is that their flexible, difficult to counter kits are balanced against their late game potential. In lane, they are the most frustrating champs to play against since they always seem to have an answer for everything you do, but if you can avoid feeding them they tend to have a massive weakness that they can't overcome. For example: Zoe: Can't push waves well without her q and only has one offensive ability worth a damn. Her sleep, while increasingly and stupidly strong in a 1v1, can only hit one person so in team environment she's relegated to an assassin role. And if she's caught, she has no escape. Yasuo: All his abilities are conditional, and those conditions are well out of his control. He needs enemy minions to consistently dash, knock ups to ult and 3 successive hits with his q to throw a tornado. If yasuo is not allowed to fulfill these conditions, he is incredibly fragile and weak. Darius: Has brutal damage is close range but like most have mentioned, if he can't get in range he has nothing. I considered him a bad example earlier because I feel this is a rather fair and balanced kit.
: Why don't we have an AP Upgraded item for QSS?
I don't know why, but if I had to guess. It would be the same reason that qss doesn't build into a tank item. Its a strong item when used correctly and there is little you can do to counter it. The AD item exist, since adcs and ad champs don't have have items that build mr and ad besides hexdrinker. Where as there are, a ton of MR items that Tanks and AP champs can build.
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