GreenLore (EUW)
: Overall I have to say that one of the biggest flaws of Kayn&Rhaast is that while it is funny how they play these stereotypes so straight,the fun kinda goes away once one of them leaves,because then no one is around anymore to poke fun at the remaining part of the duo and they start playing their stereotype straight.
I agree wholeheartedly. Clearly the only solution is a power-of-friendship lore progression where they decide to share the body based on whose skills would work best at the moment, with the VO updated to reflect that, Gangplank style. Hey, I can dream.
drash79 (NA)
: The one thing about Kayn that hurt my eyes
The short answer: Because he's a joke. The long answer: Kayn is not intended to be taken seriously. (At least, I sure hope not.) He checks off so many Anime Edgelord boxes it *has* to be intentional. And I'd argue it works. Unlike a lot of edgy types, no one respects Kayn or takes him seriously except his ninja dad and *sometimes* Rhaast. Akali thinks he's crazy, Aatrox ignores him in favor of talking to his scythe, and so on. By going that deep into the Arrogant Edgy Anime Guy cliche, Riot shows how hollow and pathetic such a character would really be. Without his 'demon,' Kayn's a completely empty character. Compare baseline Kayn's dialogue with Rhaast and Shadow Assassin's. Baseline has a bunch of fun interactions between Kayn and Rhaast. Rhaast is genuinely funny, in an over-the-top violent sort of way. Shadow Assassin Kayn, though...he just goes even further into the Arrogant Edgy Anime Guy cliche. He's defeated an ancient evil, mastered his dark powers of darkness, and just generally has an ego and hairdo to rival Aurelion Sol. But there's no real depth aside from him sounding a tiny bit sad if he kills Zed in-game. Kayn is ultimately not a Cool Guy. He's hollow. EDIT: Oh, and the hair thing probably isn't a problem. You've got like a third of the roster with long hair that could easily get in their faces and they generally do okay.
: [Absolute crackpot theory] Haruspex, or did the Darkin use hemomancy to see the future?
Now I'm imagining the Raven Twins making bold predictions about a stock market that they're absolutely sure will be invented at some point.
: But that's exactly the point. Through the power of DETERMINATION and FRIENDSHIP they managed to beat/wound big baddy ugly evil Sion. Their DESPERATION TO PROTECT WHAT THEY LOVE edged them closer to victory. Look how well they fight as a team. Those other guys? Naah, they're evil and bad and send a monster to bully poor Ionians. If my language sounds derogatory, that's because it's exactly like that. Ionia's lore quality is several levels below other lands in Runeterra just so that it appeals to the masses.
That's fair, but you could also spin it the other way. Even with the power of Friendship, one Noxian champion is worth 4 or 5 Ionians. I would like to see Ionia get a little less of the Reverse Demacia treatment, though.
: The symbol in the Noxian arena
That's a fantastic detail! Thanks for pointing it out.
Ralanr (NA)
: For years, I have wanted Sion to given some appreciation by being in more media, like in a cinematic
I love that it took a whole team of Ionians to bring him down (though Yasuo mostly did waveclear). You go, Sion.
: Awaken shows we need Draven's Ponytail removed for his canon Classic skin.
On one hand, if anyone can rock that ponytail, it's Draven. On the other hand, it _does_ take away attention from that glorious Fu Manchu, so I guess it has to go.
: Riot needs to stop kissing Yasuo's ass
Yeah he did show up, but all he did was carve through a bunch of glorified minions. Meanwhile, the other 4 actually FOUGHT Sion.
: This constant gloryfication of everything Ionia is getting redundant.
Oh and the Spirit of the Land is a total jerk, too. Poor Syndra.
: This constant gloryfication of everything Ionia is getting redundant.
Much of what you say is true, but the cinematic did at least throw in one thing against Ionia: Its champions, when faced with named enemies, are total chumps. It took 4 of them to take on Sion (Yasuo was there too, but he mostly dealt with the npcs).
: If you could change a champions epithet what would it be ¿
{{champion:30}} The Death-Yowler. At no point in any of his VO does he sing. (Except Pentakill) {{champion:18}} The Mistress of Dakka {{champion:119}} The Glorious Axe-ecutioner
: > [{quoted}](name=NotaRobot1006,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=iwrhaybG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-10T16:07:24.255+0000) > > I want to say he's like the dude version of Kai'Sa because no one should come out of that kind of situation looking that good. > > But if the in-universe explanation is that he's been free long enough to clean up, that leads to something way funnier: > > It means that the first thing he did upon busting out of Magic Jail was get absolutely jacked. And you don't look like that after 3 days of working out.
Hold up, he's only been out for 3 days? I thought his Glorious Mages' Revolution had been going on longer than that.
: Sylas's design does not convey 'prisoner' or 'rebel upstart'
I want to say he's like the dude version of Kai'Sa because no one should come out of that kind of situation looking that good. But if the in-universe explanation is that he's been free long enough to clean up, that leads to something way funnier: It means that the first thing he did upon busting out of Magic Jail was get absolutely jacked.
Axxuka (NA)
: {{champion:60}} She doesn't live in the shadow isles BUT LOVE bringing people to the giant spider god there (Vilemaw) {{champion:429}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:82}} Clearly got no problems too {{champion:120}} is a slave tho, but he's more of a neutral-evil now. {{champion:57}} {{champion:83}} fight it from the inside but they seem to be more of the exceptions instead of the rule
All true, BUT the Isles also contain a boatload of tormented spirits whose existence is apparently such agony that they rejoice at death. No, really. There's bits of Shadow and Fortune where some of the undead tide willingly die either by whatever went down in Nakagabouros' temple or direct sunlight. So we've got some champs who are having a pretty good time being undead, but there are also scores of suffering schmucks. I should have clarified that in my original post, though, you've got me there. Even so, the people the Champs turn are often not having a good time. Thresh's collection and Mordekaiser's army are pretty clearly spelled out as not benefiting from being undead. Then again, Kalista's group seems to be doing great.
: I feel Sylas' potential was cast aside to make him an easy villain, and that disappoints me
I agree with a lot of what you're saying. Sylas' Glorious Mages' Revolution could garner a lot more sympathy if he hadn't been portrayed as a ludicrously violent jerk. Dismantling systems of oppression is all well and good, but Sylas seems like he's aiming to dismantle a lot of innocent people in the process. One spot of hope is that Demacia's image has been tarnished beyond what a botched revolution could "fix". We, the audience, know that they oppress Mages like it's going out of style. No way do they count as heroes anymore. At best, they suck less than some of the other locales in Runeterra if
GreenLore (EUW)
: Thresh wasn't really locked away himself though. Also the strongest of the darkin were appearantly unkillable,thus sealing them was the only option(similarly they simply don't have the tools to kill Xerath)
Thresh wasn't, but all those dangerous artifacts were. And they're what caused the Ruined King's magic to accidentally create the Mist. And it never says they _couldn't_ kill the Darkin, only that they _didn't._
: You goop. I'm sure if any rich noble was undeniably exposed they'ed loose influence and connections with other families or even businesses, then mobbed out of their home by their own underlings. I highly doubt any demacian would turn blind eye at any revealing display of magic, regardless of the mage's status.
All right, if you say so. I'm just repeating what was explicitly stated in Sylas' lore.
Cowseed (NA)
: Could garen's sword be made of petricite?
It also explains how the Silence effect of his Q could work in lore. If someone hits you with a sword infused with anti-magic rocks, it's definitely going to have an impact on your spellcasting ability.
Rioter Comments
: I just don't get why he sould fight with the chains... Some real weapon? Like Cody from street fighter XD
In-universe, he's a revolutionary and using the chains that bind you to strike back against your oppressors makes for a baller visual. Out of universe, it _still_ makes for a baller visual.
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: Just start a new life in the Shadow Isles. {{champion:30}} did it and he seems pretty satisfied with it.
Given what we know about the other Isles champs, Karthus might be an exception with the "enjoying being undead" thing.
: Next VGU champion will be Volibear or Mordekaiser.
Sure hope so, I'm getting cramps from having my fingers crossed for so long.
: Magic almost destroyed Runeterra in the rune wars. Don't you think people would be right to be wary of such things as not to repeat mistakes?
Wariness is justified, but Demacia goes way beyond that. Murderously way beyond that.
: Is Sylas related to Urgot at all?
Sylas is like Urgot but with better motives. Urgot's a social Darwinist who wants to create widespread bloodshed and destruction so that the "strong" will rise to the top and...I'm not sure what step 3 is here. Create a better society or something. Anyway, Urgot's got a classical Noxian view of "The strong prosper and everyone else doesn't matter." Sylas is coming at it from the other end. He wants to free the downtrodden mages of Demacia so they stop getting murdered for being born wrong. He doesn't seem to care about strength or weakness, just the basic decency of not killing/oppressing people for circumstances beyond their control.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=eRQlHL2a,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-08T17:03:22.130+0000) > Also while they do hunt down mages and have nobles with too much power,they are still one of the few countries that actually look out for the wellbeing of their people. Unless you are simply born with magic , then you are automatically not their people. Unless they can use you.
Or if you're rich, then it's okay to be born with magic.
: Sylas is so goddamn attractive
I would find him sexy but every time I look at him my brain creates the phrase "jacked Rasputin with a tamer beard" and I just can't get past that.
Thorgram (EUW)
: Where can a normal human can live safely in Runeterra now ?
It depends on what else you bring to the table. Noxus could work if you're extremely self-sufficient...until you get drafted. Ionia's good...provided the spirit of the land doesn't decide you're doing magic wrong and trap you in a literal nightmare prison. A really vicious person could make a living in Bilgewater...until they get stabbed by a leaky dude with a list or turned undead. Piltover seems like your best bet...provided you don't think too hard about where all those Hextech crystals come from and don't mind the cyborg crab social darwinist anarchist living beneath you who wants your city to burn. Personally I'd join the Glorious Evolution ASAP so I could delete the emotions that make me sad about what a violent and depressing place Runeterra is. EDIT: And get a cool cyborg body, can't forget that.
: Petricite Absorbing Magic Explains so Much
Which means Sylas might have less trouble getting recruits for his Glorious Mages' Revolution than I first thought. Hold up, we know Garen's ult looks distinctly magical (giant sword). We know the special rock absorbs magic. We can be reasonably certain Garen's armor is Demacian steel, and thus contains said special rock. What if his ult is what happens when his magic-absorbing armor reaches its cap and overflows?
: It's most likely something ala Jhin teaser.
So a 'what-could-be' scenario? Yeah, that makes more sense. But then if Sylas _wants_ to pull anything like that, as Jhin presumably does with his art, then Sylas still has some priorities to re-evaluate.
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Rαy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raoul,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qgI4LkqJ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-12-14T10:11:13.474+0000) > > When did RIOT ever dare to actually put an unattractive humanoid woman in the game? Never... Uh. {{champion:420}} {{champion:429}}
Illaoi? Unattractive? *Illaoi?* She's GORGEOUS. She looks likes she could bench my entire family. If I were half as ripped as she was, I'd celebrate.
: 2018 Lore Tournament - 13th December: The Dreaming Pool vs The Curator's Gambit
The Dreaming Pool made me want to fistfight the Spirit of Ionia for punishing an extremely young woman for fighting back but letting everyone who hurt her get off scot-free. But that means it had an impact on me, and I barely remembered the Ezreal one, so Dreaming Pool it is.
: I personally think Neeko should look like this.
It'd be nice for variety. So far all the more monster/animal-looking champs we have are dudes except for Rek'Sai. And then all the female Vastaya are mostly human-looking with animal bits stapled on. I would like to at some point see a more monstrous/animalistic female champ so we could double the number we've currently got. (Nidalee doesn't count, she's only a cat part-time)
Tegash (NA)
: Old voice acting that didn't age well lol. Some other examples being: "WhAt'S bLuaCk AnD bLYuE, and aBAoUt To ShOw you the definition of PEAEAIAIN?!" "SSssssSSSsSufFeRriNG aWEIGHTSSSSSS!" "IIII can see the fEAr, in yORR HARRTT!" "I will sWALlow, yeour SEOULLLL..." "YEUR soul will come to serve MEEE!"
What are you talking about, those lines are like 70% of the reason I play him. (love the phonetic spelling, though)
: 2018 Lore Party Thread! Free-For-All Time
The Man with the Grinning Shadow was wonderful. I loved the way Karthus was portrayed as someone who's paving a road with good intentions and the reveal when Lucian figured out exactly where that road led. Yes, Karthus died, but he died doing what he loved: Dying.
: I've yet to find anyone who can argue the goodness of {{champion:412}} or{{champion:120}} pre or post mist.
*cracks knuckles* It depends how far back you go pre-Mist. Hecarim was at some point a good person unless he literally came out of the womb a backstabbing, violent brute. And we know Thresh was an okay dude before the relics because he got picked to guard them in the first place. His lore talks about how leaving one guy in charge of a bunch of cursed objects went really, really bad and makes it clear he was definitely way worse post relics than pre relics.
: Correct me if wrong. Isn't it the blood from slaughter absorbed through the soul furnace that brings Sion's intelligence back?
I think so, but the ritual that brought about the soul furnace involved jamming a knife with Jarvan IV's blood on it into Sion's skull.
: 2018 Lore Tournament - 10th December: The Cage vs. The Shadow Door
I've gotta go with The Cage because it confirmed my suspicions about what happens to people when you trap their souls inside weapons. And thus reinforces my point that Targon made the Darkin even worse than they already were, 'cause odds are they'll be a lot more desperate and a lot less willing to listen to reason after a few hundred years of *that*.
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d00mface (EUW)
: What champs would you like to see interact with one another that haven't?
{{champion:82}} {{champion:30}} We've got lines from Karthus to Mordekaiser, but not the other way round. Mordekaiser became undead because some mages with *really* poor long-term planning skills decided to bring him back, and he rolled with it because it worked. He's turning people undead because it aids in his future conquest of Valoran. Karthus became undead because apparently it seemed like a good idea at the time. *He's* turning people undead because hey, being undead worked out great for him. I'd love to see Mordekaiser's take on that. Also: {{champion:412}} {{champion:236}} Same as above. No, seriously. Mr. Steal-Yo-Wife has absolutely no lines toward the guy whose wife he stole.
: 2018 Lore Tournament - 9th December: Leaving Weh'Le vs. Art is Life
Art is Life revealed that Vlad has a *headless Mordekaiser fountain* in his front yard. The sheer audacity and extravagance that Vlad has is summed up in that one fountain. He took an image of the guy he helped defeat, complete with the key to said defeat (stolen skull), and made it gush water outside his ridiculously big house. Nothing compares to the headless Mordekaiser fountain.
: What do you personally dislike about the lore ¿
That they gave Pyke a lot of Nautilus' old lore. The bit where he merged with his diving suit thanks to a nameless ocean horror gave me the *best* Metroid: Fusion vibes and I'm glad they kept a version of it in, but Nautilus' betrayal gives his backstory more of the flavor it currently lacks. He used to be an oceanic abomination set adrift with his one purpose (revenge) gone because he couldn't get back to land on time. Now he's the world's angriest taxman, and much like the ocean where he collects, I'm still salty.
: Rhaast Theory and Darkin Concept
But in the short story The Cage, we learn that being sealed in a weapon is pretty much a fate worse than death. Even the few seconds Aatrox was in his sword are described as agonizing. Would this mean that Rhaast chose that kind of fate willingly? I get not wanting to die, but that's pretty much the worst kind of immortality to pick instead.
: What would you change if you could and why
Kayn's lore says there are only two possible outcomes to his fight with Rhaast, and they're both really depressing. I say give 'em a third option: Team-up. Kayn gets to keep his autonomy, Rhaast gets to kill stuff. Maybe they take turns with the body. Bonus points if we tie in the power of friendship, because nothing would be a more satisfying outcome for two super edgy characters than the power of friendship.
: Why does Targon care about Runeterra?
It makes a fantastic battlefield to fight the Void on, and it's full of well-intentioned cannon fodder to power up and send against said Void.
: Riot's new goal with the comics and lore
I'd love to see a Yorick-centric comic on the Shadow Isles. When last we saw him, he was sending ghouls into the Mist to learn more about the Ruined King. Sooner or later one of them's going to figure something out.
: Tell me your favourite champion, why, and how you want Riot to develop their lore.
Rhaast. It'd be real swell if he got a backstory beyond "wanted to kill Turtle Guy" and "Might have been Vlad's boss but maybe not because Vlad's boss died." As it stands, we have very little concrete info about him pre-sealing. As for progression, that's a bit of an issue because Kayn's lore spells out that there are only two options, both of which are pretty depressing. But if we're going full wish fulfillment here, I'd love to see a third option where the two edgelords end up working together.
: why does morde have ie in the pic lmao
: Considering Runeterra's Current State, It Ain't Lasting Much Longer I Can Tell You.
With any luck, the impending apocalypses will all cancel each other out.
: The Dark Star as a skin for a champion or a champion itself ?
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