: New stories and bios - Yuumi, yordles, and Draven!
Damn, poor Tamara and Draven ended up escorting the Legendary Noxian Red Shirt Brigade. I think it might be contagious. Though I did like that none of the Noxians actually seemed to _die_, I appreciate the cutesy cartoon-style violence Tristana and Lulu pulled.
: So am I understanding the Scary Trinity correctly?
Nocturne is like if you gave Freddy Krueger half an ounce of a sympathetic backstory. Noc's deal in his current lore is that existing pains him. A bunch of yahoos played with shadow magic back in the Rune Wars and either straight up created Nocturne or empowered him. The problem was he was made out of negative emotions, scary magic, and not much else. Oh and it hurt all the time to exist. No conscience plus strong magic plus constant pain does not make a benevolent spirit. So he started feeding off fear because it felt good I guess and now he's everyone's problem.
: ?? Demacia hates mages, they don't hate magical materials as they often use such materials and likely that cloth is special, don't believe me? galio, garens sword, vaynes weapon, xins spear, and others. In fact this cloth seems commonly used in armor designs for demacia like fiora's outfit sona's and even garen incorporates the materials usage. edit: in fact they have an entire magic library, they don't hate magic things just magic people.
I can buy magic tights. Hell, it worked for Kayle. But if you can just handwave stuff like that with magic, who's to say the heels aren't magic too? Maybe they're made out of some material that bends biology and physics to be comfortable and practical.
Rebonack (NA)
: Tianna Crownguard boots are trancendantly awful
I'm going with ceremonial for an explanation, too. She also seems to be wearing nothing but tights on her inner thighs. You know, where her femoral arteries are. It's gotta just be ceremonial.
: Pls pls pls tell me when does the rework get released/revealed or any exciting official info or a video or anything about his rework.
Sorry, I got nothin' new. [Here's April's roadmap.](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/04/champion-roadmap-april-2019/) It's got a fancy new mace and a few lore snippets.
: A League Universe I created(related to battlecast)
Whoa. You've clearly put a lot of thought into this and it's paid off. I like your take on Creator Viktor as invention turned inventor.
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: I now can't help but imagine the ultimate skin on kayn with Rhaast and Kayn doing a naruto/sasuke kind of bS and instead of killing each other when transforming, they gain the power of friendship/fusion and help each other anime lines. It would be the most hilarious and meme ultimate skin ever.
: > [{quoted}](name=NotaRobot1006,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2eng7vbR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-04T15:36:24.906+0000) > > Not every villain has to be redeemed, but that in no way stops me from wanting it to happen. I say heck yeah, let's get these Darkin boys some redemption arcs. You could swing all three of them with some pretty easy tropes. > > Aatrox: Recalling former nobility and striving toward it > Varus: Power of love (Val and Kai), though it's more witnessing than experiencing it > Rhaast: Power of friendship (Kayn) with the way riot is going i bet u they will try to do these
: Rhaast is not part of ''Fairy Tale''
He's being wielded by the most cliche anime edgelord on the entire planet. What better subversion to an overwhelming degree of edge than the power of friendship?
d00mface (EUW)
: Hopes for future Aatrox Lore
Not every villain has to be redeemed, but that in no way stops me from wanting it to happen. I say heck yeah, let's get these Darkin boys some redemption arcs. You could swing all three of them with some pretty easy tropes. Aatrox: Recalling former nobility and striving toward it Varus: Power of love (Val and Kai), though it's more witnessing than experiencing it Rhaast: Power of friendship (Kayn)
strut (EUNE)
: Who the fuck is the target audience?
Kenneky (EUW)
: I like the aesthetic, but I wished the picked different champion. I'm happy that {{champion:126}} is getting a skin, but {{champion:99}} and {{champion:81}} again? I was thinking of what other champions they could have picked, that have "guns and sword" as their main weapons, {{champion:119}} or even {{champion:133}} could have been a much more interesting choice. I was hoping on my birthday (May 15) when those skins will launch on the live server, to be a skin on champion I play regularly. I play Lux sometimes, I legit last week bought a skin for her, don't need another one. I guess I'll buy an old skin then...
Can you imagine if DRAVEN was the one who got the Legendary skin? Oh, that would have been fantastic.
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Rioter Comments
: There is no such thing as pure good or pure evil.
EdgeLady (NA)
: To be fair, a good chunk of the Yordles are the whitest morality of any characters in the game. Poppy and Tristana, two of the three female Yordles we have at the moment before Yuumi comes, are notable examples (even if the latter is a little overexcited). As far as we know, Corki is a good-hearted fun-loving protector, Heimerdinger is an invested knowledge-seeking scientist who is sane enough to consider Ziggs crazy for a Yordle, and Kennen is level-headed enough to join the Kinkou and he likely acts as the mediator between Akali and Shen. The rest of them have their issues, sure, but even the most evilly evil Yordle of all is actually helping people by being the **EVILEST AND TOTALLY NOT THE SHORTEST WIZARD.** {{champion:45}} I think Yuumi will be curious, ditzy, but good. Her voice just sells it. She'll probably have some elements of Lulu but be more level-headed, which makes sense because Lulu's magic is more showy and out-there, but from what we know, Yuumi's rather new at magic in comparison and will be more "by-the-book", as Riot said in her first teaser.
>"by-the-book" Nice.
: Oops. And people died. But hey, they're still adorable/cute as far as mass-murderers go, right?
Heck, Neeko didn't even murder anyone. Technically, they just killed each other because they figured the shapeshifting stranger was out to kill them.
: This isn't Disney, but all of Runeterra isn't a war zone, just like our own world isn't a war zone despite having conflicts pop up in various countries all over the world. The problem Riot has is that EVERY FUCKING CHARACTER EVER seems to have some dark smear or homicidal urge they're keeping in check, because their narrative team is apparently unable to write any kind of story that doesn't completely hinge off of war, death, or BDSM. It's a problem, because they claim they want diverse characters in a diverse world, yet their storytellers always resort to the exact same problems and tropes in order to "make the characters more interesting," and Scathelocke himself (head of narrative) has professed that he doesn't believe that pure good or pure evil characters are compelling. _This is only true if that's the only kind of characters you have._ So in that vein, the narrative team always makes characters in shades of gray, completely ignoring the black and white that gives context to the gray. So where the world should be a small mix of black, white, and gray, it's all a dull gray monotone. So in order for there to be an interesting, compelling story, there needs to be happy characters who aren't smeared with darkness, just like there needs to be god fucking awful evil characters who aren't blighted by something as banal as morality. They give frames of reference to the characters who are in between, and this is why it should be important that happy characters like Yuumi shouldn't be marred with some dark side or horrible tragedy like they did for Ivern, Zac, Zoe, and Neeko.
You make a lot of good points. Look at it this way: The next champ we get after Yuumi is the reworked Mordekaiser. What better contrast for the most magnificently malicious metal mage in League than a genuinely good-hearted, adorable kitty?
Satuurn (OCE)
: Holy shit Yuumi's master that she's looking for COULD BE LEBLANC
You know, if LeBlanc's gone missing _this close_ to Mordekaiser's VGU.... Really makes you think.
: where did you get those stories from. I remember reading about Zoe blowing up a tower with her Q because some town was chasing her or something, but not about the world rune or Neeko destroying a fortress
Sure thing. So Zoe's story is on the LoL wiki [here](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Meet_Zoe) and the world rune quote is > As Zoe stepped out of reality, she wondered if the new crater would lead some mortals to find the World Rune that was nearby. The tall girl or that interesting boy might even be the ones to discover it. >It would probably be funny if they did, she decided. The crater was made by the meteor she summoned. And then Neeko's story with the fortress is [here](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/The_Monster_of_Kalduga_Outpost). She doesn't _destroy_ the fortress, but accidentally causes everyone inside to kill each other.
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d00mface (EUW)
: Why Pantheon VGU has me excited
I also am hype to see more interaction between Aatrox and Pantheon. I'm imagining that "unadulterated loathing" song from Wicked but with the two of them.
Naalith (NA)
: Tomorrow is also National Middle Section Of Right Index Finger Between The Two Joints Day. Lots of important holidays are going on as you can see, so releasing the roadmap only makes sense.
: I think you're mistaking the point that Riot's writers have been trying to push over the last couple months. Having a deep character doesn't mean they need to be a tragic character, but evil for evil's sake has its strengths and weaknesses. It's not about "Mordekaiser was abused as a kid and wants revenge on the world." but it's about the deeper motivations behind them. For example, Noxus is our example of a Meritocracy, a place where you're judged on your ability, and achievements. Power too, since that usually shows itself in being 'The best'. Mordekaisers simple philosophy could be extremely simple, but pose a deeper question. He's a believer in the Meritocracy, but to such a far and radical extent, that he believes the world should be ruled under his boot, because, he is the most fit, accomplished, and powerful to rule it. And if he loses along the way, it wasn't meant to be, but that won't stop him from selling his soul in order to pursue it. Ideologically, he shares the same philosophy as the common Noxian, but it's transitioned so far into radical extremes, that it's almost unrecognizable. Without making Mordekaiser tragic, you're left to question the downsides of the Meritocracy philosophy. Is it right for the weak to be trodden upon, because they're weak? Does it excuse cruelty and malicious acts if it proves that you are the most accomplished, the most powerful, the most capable to rule? You've made him a deeper character, without the need for sympathy, or making him truly 'evil for evil's sake'. The final option in depth: What is a kingdom under Mordekaiser like? Would those he conquer, if they choose to serve the most powerful, and capable, leader, live earnest and good lives? Is it okay to conquer and murder the world as long as you're a fine ruler of it afterwards, as long as you're the one in control? Are they oppressed 24/7 to prevent rebellion? Why would he keep those oppressed, if not because of a character flaw within him. Paranoia that someone will come to surpass him, a belief that those who can't rise should make the ground upon they walk, something that a better writer could think up, we dunno. The mistake I keep seeing here, is that Pure evil = Simple, which isn't the case. Even Sauron, in his rise of top-villain status, was the result of a fallen Maiar. It's completely fine to have a character who wishes to destroy the world, but it has to stem from a solid foundation outside of pure evil, like a misshapened belief that 'this is the only way for humanity to survive' or something deeper. You don't need tragedy to make a solid villain, but it helps make them relatable. And that's what we want, relatable villains.
I'm pretty sure those second and third paragraphs are the BEST analysis of the Noxian approach to "strength" I've ever read.
: It is at least hinted at that Jhin does do the... Um... Thing that Lecter does when he escapes. > Jhin paused for a moment to study the woman’s cherubic face. It was round and perfectly symmetrical. A dull and predictable design. **Removed, it would make a terrible mask.** Yeah... That thing. _shivers_
Now I'm imagining him doing the_ other_ Hannibal Lecter thing. Jhin: Through my work, you shall transcend. _ffffthhhfttthhhfttthhhhfthhhh_
: You can now preorder the Lux Comic via Marvel
My first reaction was to point and laugh at the description calling Demacia a "utopia," but A) it's not THAT bad compared to all of the other places you could live in Runeterra and B) at least the first issue takes place before Sylas' Glorious Mages' Revolution makes things worse for everyone.
: Right. But now your trying to pretend to know what happened in a scenario that isnt described at all. You could say Thresh did it for no reason other than because that strange man in a rabbit suit told him to do it, and it would be no more plausible than anything else you've suggested so far.
What do you find implausible about Thresh either not wanting to be brutally murdered or attempting to get back at the people who would have brutally murdered him for not helping them? I'm "trying to pretend to know" what happened because you ASKED how Thresh leading the invaders to the Waters of Life factored into my theory. What exactly were you expecting if not an answer?
SeanDouglas (EUNE)
: God Fist Lee Sins's Special Interactions
: Option zero, it was a "lowly custodian" implied to be Thresh who took the Ruined King to the Waters of Life after Kalista and the rest of the Blessed Isles residents refused to. So how will that factor into your theory here, huh?
Oh, that's easy. Theory 1: They killed his people and wrecked his stuff, he decided to bring their queen back wrong because screw those guys. Theory 2: Thresh decided that saying no to the heavily armed people demanding he help necromance their dead queen was a really, really bad idea because he was one guy with chains and a hook and they were a bunch of guys with glaives and spears.
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: True perhaps the entire darkin episode was largely caused by the former host having a massive grudge and just employing the gifts of her aspect towards that end. But as you mentioned she (Zoe) has committed murder with a smile, and basically left a bunch of kids to die and who even knows what else. 1000 years of this kinda going? She has probably killed more than Swain and Mordekaiser together, especially if she was serious about a world or a reality at some point being destroyed as a result of something she did. Ignorance and lack of understanding or even care doesnt make her less scary her, rather it makes her seem quite like a volatile bomb that can go off anywhere and at any time, consequences be damned. I´d be more at ease meeting Swain,Zed or even Kayn while walking down the streets compared to her, these guys dont kill or wreck things randomly, and thats despite at least 2 of them being possessed by quite the evil things and the third might be as well.
Yeah, Zoe's lack of outright malice makes her a special flavor of terrifying. I think the moral of this story is "don't give phenomenal cosmic power to children." The problem is that assumes the Aspect of Twilight cares about morality, which is a bit of a stretch.
: Zoe looking hella good tho {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Dude, ew. Even if that's a joke, ew.
: Riven's part in the Awaken cinematic doesn't make sense to me
Meanwhile, she's nowhere to be seen in Ionia, the place where the lore left her. I'm a little disappointed that Noxus didn't seem to learn from the last time they invaded Ionia and just threw a bunch of redshirts and one Champion at them. I was glad to see Sion in a cinematic, though. Shame he got his butt kicked six ways to Sunday, but that's what it's like playing Sion. You ult into a teamfight, steer poorly so you end up way too far ahead of your team, everyone immediately attacks you, they all move way faster than you, and their Yasuo's off farming.
Rodsquad (EUW)
: There's no "but actually!" , Zoe is a child.
I think Ezreal's "cradle robber" quote is because he's creeped out by the Aspect, which IS super old. Zoe, on the other hand, is super young. Frankly, I can't think of her as being any older than 8 based on how she acts in-game.
: Sorry but the story goes that while she didnt age physically she did experience at least 1000 years worth of life somewhere before going back home. So her body, hormones and brain arent developed being stuck in a young state, but there is no guessing what actually goes inside her head. She doesnt have much on it in her voicelines but some like this one : >"I hope this world survives... I like it!" Or the one about something being fine and things like realities, dimensions and whatnot breaking are common and nothing to worry about. She isnt quite so entirely innocent as one would think at first. Then going to mythological allusions, Zoe is basically part of a pantheon of gods that is loosely inspired by the greek gods among others, a god pretending to be a normal child isnt anything strange at all by those standards.......rather that is among the most harmless stuff you´d hear about the greek gods. Aside from the poetry, gardening and wine brewing......really Greek mythology gets really dark and depraved at some parts. Then there is the thing about the aspect possessing Zoe being a mass murderer who likes to torture its enemies by imprisoning their souls in objects for thousands of years in pain and isolation? Yeah i dont buy it for a second when someone tires preaching Zoe being innocent with a director like that behind the curtain.
> Then there is the thing about the aspect possessing Zoe being a mass murderer who likes to torture its enemies by imprisoning their souls in objects for thousands of years in pain and isolation? Yeah i dont buy it for a second when someone tires preaching Zoe being innocent with a director like that behind the curtain. You could pin that part on her Aspect, though. Or the former host. All Zoe did was murder a handful of dudes in a tower and show two kids a magic nuke. Not exactly virtuous or responsible behavior, but way less sadistic than what Myisha pulled. Personally I say blame the Aspect for being such a sadistic jerk and then using a child host as a meatshield.
: About the Shadow Isles Denizens
Because Thresh personally is having a pretty great time being undead. And he doesn't really mind that other people aren't. Thresh got a major power boost from "dude guarding a magic basement," he's ludicrously hard to permanently kill, and going by his color story he can use the Mist to fast travel. Sure, a bunch of spirits who aren't Thresh are suffering, but he's probably not going to strongly object to that.
: {{champion:55}} simply due to waifu reasons.
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: #AssistsDon'tMatter
Time to bust out the ol' Support Karthus. Yes, ADC, that kill is mine now. You too, top lane.
: Riot do you think there are there any people or things in Runeterra that are self-aware?
Gosh I hope not, for their sakes. Can you imagine realizing you live in a world facing like eight apocalypses solely for the entertainment of strangers? Everything you or anyone else does is predetermined in the strictest sense. There's no free will, every single decision and event happens at the whims of higher powers. You have no control over your own happiness or anything else. You could get tortured to death, get tortured _after_ your death, or straight up get your soul eaten, just because someone you've never met thought it'd be spooky. I say let the poor saps live in blissful ignorance.
SirEnds (NA)
: Can We Have an Update to The Darkin Lore?
Heck, it's more like we have info on 2 and a half Darkin. Rhaast's got pretty much no lore outside of Kayn. Which is weird because Kayn has lore outside of Rhaast, so it's a little sad that only one of them gets to be a character.
Dyromic (EUNE)
: Keeping in mind how Rioters recently shape their lore, I would say it's a safe bet. I mean, the wording at the very end makes it obvious Lendros has some kind of connection to Mordekaiser.
I'm gonna take the opposite view and say he's not because that would mean Morde didn't do a lot of necromancy or tyrrany pre-Ruination. Ledros does have the "huge murderous conquerer" thing in common but we're still supposed to feel *bad* for Ledros instead of just afraid of him.
: I do have to wonder if the fusing the Black Mist caused with Hecarim and his horse caused his mind to get a little horse-influenced too. Like, does Hecarim suddenly feel the need to chase sugar cubes now and **he's not entirely sure why**? When he was first raised, did he try to walk on his normal two legs and fall on his ass immediately? I think everyone will agree these are the prudent Lore questions we need answered.
Absolutely. Does Hecarim freak out if he sees someone putting on a hat? Does he try to eat grass when he thinks nobody's looking? Inquiring minds want to know.
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: {{champion:163}} Did someone say eyebrows?
No wonder the Noxians wanted to recruit her.
: > [{quoted}](name=d00mface,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=OxoqGUii,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-04T22:01:41.347+0000) > > Also, do you think wharf rats and poros would get along if they met? Would they fight? Would they share snax? I think that the poros would become the new snax.
Nonsense, the poros would overwhelm the wharf rats with the power of snuggles. The goodness that poros naturally radiate would be so profound, so intense that it would transform the wharf rats into Bilgewater Poros. They still look exactly the same, they just act like poros now.
d00mface (EUW)
: Thank you, Riot, for wharf rats!
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Those Noxian genes sure are something, aren't they? I suppose the nobles could be trimming theirs; Swain is just a bit of a rebel, even at his age. For further research, Ryze and Grigori also have/had [stronger](https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/lolesports_gamepedia_en/a/aa/Ryze_Splash_0.jpg?version=2ef430cb7e3a491ff1c6fe0733d3e6d3) [eyebrows](https://i.imgur.com/LuS1aY2.jpg), while Vladimir has those standard for [a nobleman](https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/lolesports_gamepedia_en/b/be/Vladimir_Splash_0.jpg?version=92e79a9571fe368696d5e4fed7a61403). But I do have to wonder: did Mordekaiser have them while he was alive as well? Is that going to be my new headcanon? The plot thickens.
>The plot thickens. So do the eyebrows if you're Noxian.
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