: Positive play icon unlocked
I'm in silver, won't be seeing anyone with this icon anytime soon.
: Totally understand the excitement around the move, but please keep in mind that no part of this project (or the NA Server Roadmap) is meant to make any player's experience *worse*. We're all one region; and while some ping values shift, the overall goal is to make sure as many players as possible can enjoy League at under 80ms ping. We're all in this together!
sorry if this is a dumb question, I haven't read anything about it but why not just have two NA server spots?
Noxiosus (NA)
: PROJECT: ??? Teased at the end of the LCS stream today
also for people who did not watch it, throughout the entire stream there was 'glitches' where the stream would kind of have mecha themed static with mecha sounds aswell.
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