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Rewt (NA)
: I know people say every season is the most snowbally yet, but
Not going to try and contest that there is more snowball now, but is this really a BAD thing? I mean think about it, given a perfectly balanced competitive game if a perfect team faces another team which is otherwise perfect but makes 1 mistake then the perfect team should have some set of actions they can take to turn that mistake into a victory. If they couldn't it wouldn't be a mistake, it would be just an alternative viable move. Now that means in order for you to comeback from a mistake, ANY mistake, your opponent must also make a mistake. So having more ways to capitalize on an opponents mistake (via plate gold, dragon's, heralds ect) and turn that into a victory thus improves the game's ability to function as a competitive Esport. The better team isn't the one that is playing from behind, so how could a comeback ever happen if the better team always wins? Shouldn't this be exactly what we want?


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