: I am the only ones that dont like this? Why teemo gotta be punished because low elo players?. I think that teemo is fine and the only thing that need some changes is his W and probably his traps where only the person using oracle is able to destroy em so you dont have 5 people hitting your mushrooms with only 1 oracle. Even tho i dont agree with almost anything there i am going to say why: 1) E changes, invisibility on his current passive was one of the things the make a difference between a good teemo and a bad one, abusing this was great to watch on good teemos. Now it is like copy from twitch BUT you get slowed down which is lame... if you guys make it so you turn INVISIBLE in the bush and CAMOUFLAGE out of the bush that would be great but otherwise is garbage. 2)Teemo´s R taking a huge nerf is awfull you are not only nerfing R base damage but also nerfing his scaling... ill prefer the current one, thanks. It was already unfair that 1 oracle could counter you the whole game.. as i said before, make it so only the person with oracle can destroy your mushrooms and not all the allies. 3)Riot is literally cutting power off his whole kit just for a camouflage and stupid health on mushrooms that does not help at all when you have 5 players hitting em... their goal is "make teemo great in high elo" which is not going to happen just because you add more health to it.. i repeat it once again and i wont get tired of it, the player with the oracle should be the only one being able to discover and remove the mushroom..
This seems like a buff early game, because he doesn't have to choose between leveling E and Q now. The ult nerf is fairly minor, and mostly just serves to not take squishys out of the fight from stepping on one shroom(it's 0.5 to 0.4 AP ratio lol only a 20% damage nerf). On oracles countering you, this REDUCES his dependence on invisibility. More power into his autoattacks, less on shrooms. They're cutting power off his kit for 50% more damage on his autoattacks when they're poisoned(they WILL be poisoned from shrooms + blinding dart) and more reliable attack speed buff on his E?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 21
Idea to balance the new keystone(and possibly others): What about a new Adrenaline mechanic that's similar to Energized? Stacks are created with proximity to enemy champions, increasing the closer you are to them.
: Hey Meddler, are you going to go take another Look on ardent this patch? There are many supports they dont want to play support because everything is played around this item, and it does not makes much fun.
I'd rather them buff other support items to match. I greatly enjoy there being powerful items that are primarily played on supports, and think it's healthy for the game in general.
: It does, it has a shadow on the ground on every skin.
It has like a tiny ring with a shadow on it. It sucks for showing how much it's going to hit.
: I hope post-VGU Swain is still full of Edgar Allan Poe and literary references.
Idea to execute on the master tactician idea: At least one ability with a super long delay like Ekko. Combine Nevermove and Torment, and make an ability which applies a 2 second root after three seconds, and increases damage dealt to targets inside. Not sure what to replace his other abilities with, though. I do want his ult to be more monstery, though. become the monster Swain was meant to be, devour the land
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
Nooooo, my regendonger is nerfed :( Having a ludicrously high base HP was so fuuuuun when you built nothing but items that scale off HP regen. Become the mini-mundo!
: I thought I couldn't dislike Vayne more than I already did. But oh was I proven wrong. Murdering her mother figure, mentor, friend and savior in cold blood. Absolutely vile, even Mordekaiser would be disgusted... Rest in peace Frey, might we get a female Shaman warrior champion in your honor.
That's nidalee. Like, no really. What happens in the lore is basically Nidalee. To a T. Right down to the spears.
Rioter Comments
: From an old ww main: thanks Riot, new ww is great!
Try Righteous Glory on him :D Getting blood hunt on someone, then popping Righteous Glory and ROCKET WOOF to chase them down... So much fun.
: Anivia is the most uninteractive mid laner. I know this will be downvoted but I don't care.
Anivia in lane: Win trades with her as long as you can dodge THE GIANT FUCKING PROJECTILE WITH ONE OF THE SLOWEST PROJECTILE SPEEDS IN THE ENTIRE GAME. Also stay out of her ult. She's a zoning mage. She makes zones of NOPE that you have to stay out of. Don't go into the zones of NOPE and complain that half your health disappeared. That's kind of like touching the oven and complaining that you burned your hand.
Krissey (NA)
: Well...I never played him like everyone else to begin with. In the lore he's always been a bloodthirsty killer. I always found he was much more fun and effective (personally) as a killer/assassin. Wait in the back line for the right opportunity to jump on their squishy carry and maul their face off. Most people played old Warwick, after the stupid "magewick" phase, as some dumb ass tank. They would go full tank, no damage and jump in to "initiate" with his ult and do....fuck all. I hated that build and never used it. To me he's definitely best played as more damage over defensives, shredding the enemy team and being a proper damage dealer and threat. Not a sack of HP with a dumb initiation that doesn't do anything. So knowing that, and his new kit seems to synergize with my philosophy toward the character more anyway, it would appear the "wait to go" philosophy of a patient assassin is all that's needed at least in my dumpster tier elo.
He has high damage with just a single damage item now, though. And you still need to initiate at the right time to actually GET to the back line. He's a patient assassin in the lore, going in at the proper time.... THEN BLOOD KILL BLOOD BLOOOOOOD I WILL DEVOUR YOU ALL MEAAAAAT You still definitely kill their squishy carry first, though. Carries have the most delicious meat, you see.
Owyn (EUNE)
: and then on 100 stacks a new ability for his ult would be unlocked.... - eat enemy nexus {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
He's already bigger than the nexus with level 3 ult + 10-12 stacks.
: Again: It's a different mechanic. The un-interrupted casting animation is an intended design choice, not the bug in question. Did you read what I wrote?
That's... kind of what I meant. It likely originated as a bug or quirk in the programming, but ended up being an intended design decision. Apologies if I was unclear in my post about that.
: > [{quoted}](name=midnight oil24,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xZklstLO,comment-id=0000000000020000,timestamp=2017-01-20T02:48:02.779+0000) > > But he didn't create life. All he can purposely make is stars, right? Life on planets is just a happy accident of Aurelion sol? Correct!
Aurelion Sol Bob Ross legendary skin when?
: Riven CC cancels discussion and ignorance (lack of knowledge of a specific bug)
Tristana I think is the best example of this bug, her (apparent) long cast time on her jump makes escaping all forms of displacements like blitzgrab fairly easy. That's been in the game for ages and by now is likely intended behavior for any sort of dash to override other displacement effects, regardless of source.
Sharjo (EUW)
: I think Warwick resents Singed on account of Singed literally torturing him and being, in Warwick's eyes, another criminal. While Warwick may accept who he is now, the road to get there was certainly god damn painful and an unwilling one on Warwick's part. He'd probably maul Singed the first chance he got, considering he's probably also done similarly immoral acts and inflicted such torture on other people.
{{champion:19}} "YOU'RE GOING TO NEED MORE BANDAGES!" {{champion:19}} "I REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID!" I don't think Warwick is chill with Singed, no. Definitely does want to maul him, probably moreso than anyone else, based on VO, yeah.
: A statement to Riot Games
Honestly I don't think the problem is damage. I think the problem is in the deterrent to dealing damage. AKA ADCs. Used to, the presence of an ADC made front lines hesitate. Sure, if the team worked together, you could hold off their massive damage for long enough to get someone through the peel to hit the ADC. Fuck up, and you get to watch your tank get annihilated in seconds before the enemy team advances forward and lets the ADC set their sights on the rest of the team. But now, Poppy gets CCed for 4 seconds while the ADC is focusing on her the entire time, and manages to deal maybe 60% of their max life(if lucky) before your team runs out of CC. And then your team runs out of an ADC. Basically: ADCs are Protect the Kog'maw. Except they need the damage again to actually FILL THAT ROLE. They HAVE to be able(with their team) to inflict the Ultimate CC of Death on an enemy before their 4 teammates run out of abilities. Even if that enemy is slightly ahead and has built literally nothing but armor items the entire game. Because that's what you have to get when every item you buy gives you damage but next to no survivability.
Sharjo (EUW)
: > I would argue that chemtech is a larger industry than hextech, though not as prestigious. Hex-crystals by all accounts are prohibitively expensive. It took a small fortune for Orianna and her father to procure one. The three interlocking parts of Runeterran technology appear to be chemtech, clockwork, and hextech in rising order of cost. Probably the better assumption. Why the hell didn't I think of that? I feel dumb now. > I've always been a fan of SCIENCE! as the proper way to describe such applications of technology in fiction. Yes indeed. SCIENCE. SCIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENCE https://media.giphy.com/media/VVgRNcBKp64NO/giphy.gif?noredirect > I think you meant related to chemtech here, yes? Sorry yes I did. Running on fumes over here.
The Piltover stories refer to chemlamps as well, I believe. And isn't a significant part of Zaun pollution due to chemical production?
: Singed Created Warwick?
It's 100% singed. Riot confirmed. This story is in Singed champion page on the site. I am hoping this is just a random subject, and the real Warwick is a friend of Singed who voluntarily undergoes the procedure after some... refinements.
Danjeng (NA)
: Darius has a % armor shred on Apprehend. Garen still will be doing the same thing as Darius, now just not nearly as shittily. Edit: Darius has % armor penetration, while Garen actually lowers the armor of his target. I think this change could boost Garen up to a decent pick.
Thematically though, that makes a whole lot of sense. Garen and Darius are I think intentionally similar to each other except one is Noxus and the other is Demacian.
: Replays are Live in the New Client!: FAQ & Pro-Tips
... Is the file designation for replays seriously ".rofl"?
N Pelosi (NA)
: What we are in an X meta really means.
X meta means that the champions in the meta right now are people that are good against X. You're in an assassin meta? That means tanks and other counters to assassins are popular. Tank meta? People that are good at taking down tanks, like Vayne, become popular. People don't just stop playing tthe other classes if they're not 'in meta', they just play the champions in a class that counters the meta.
: > [{quoted}](name=NullDragon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KfINP0ZB,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-11-14T19:47:41.456+0000) > > While that's not reason to nerf it, Vayne is a high skillcap champion and that large playrate DOES show problems with her. > > Right now I suspect it's because of the pre-season meta shakeup. Give it some time to work itself out or play more AP burst mages/CC to counter her. The fact is that Vayne isn't particularily hard to play, sorry to burst your bubble.
Have you played her? Using tumble to dodge attacks, maneuver through a fight, and knowledge of when to go in is not easy to learn. Also Condemn is particularly hard to use without saving enemies. Also vaynewatching is still, AFAIK, a thing. Vayne is pretty hard compared to other right click ADCs.
: "A supposedly high skill champion having 25% pick rate with a 53% win rate is clearly balanced"
While that's not reason to nerf it, Vayne is a high skillcap champion and that large playrate DOES show problems with her. Right now I suspect it's because of the pre-season meta shakeup. Give it some time to work itself out or play more AP burst mages/CC to counter her.
: Some thoughts on Support
My thoughts from an ADC player: Make the laning phase for bot lane less dependent on the performance of the ADC, but add tools for ADCs who are behind to come back. My reasoning is thus: ADCs are dependent on last hitting to do well. This is already dependent on the success of the support. Making it so that the support can basically 1.5v1.5 with the other support, regardless of the ADCs skill, means that one of the biggest hurdles and frustrations for supports(that of your ADC being an idiot) is gone. They're never going to be without something to do in the laning phase(there's still last hitting!). Early game, thus, should be the lane of the supports for lane interaction. Even when I have a bad support as ADC, I don't feel that bad if I can still get CS with is a personal skill. ADCs right now can win their lane while their support loses their lane, but supports can't win lane while their ADC loses the lane, if that makes sense. tl;dr: far more agency for supports early game, make ADCs effectively last hitting bots at the same time in 2v2 situations early game. As an ADC main, it's okay, we're fine with being last hitting bots early game and letting supports outplay the lane.
Squad5 (NA)
: Nope.
What about turning someone into a squirrel? Does that count as hard CC?
Mishli (NA)
: You're pretty close, the way I read it was that it's only 2 frames, the frame before and the frame the attack comes out.
Which gets put into the third frame, the frame you can actually cancel. The first and second frames have movement commands transferred to the third frame. Thus a movement command on the first, second, or third frame will result in cancelling the winddown animation on the third frame.
: Auto Attack Lockin
So lemme see if I understand: If you put a movement command on the frame before the attack fires, the frame AFTER the attack fires, or the second frame after the attack fires. You'll have 'perfect' kiting and auto cancels, yeah? So the timeframe for perfect kiting is 3 frames now(or 1/10th of a second) instead of 1 frame(or 1/30th of a seecond)?
: Why Nerf Aurelian Sol again?
They also increased his passive damage at higher ranks and reduced the mana cost in general it seems. It's a net buff. Or kind of a nerfbuff.
: Please we need a naked Shyvana skin. http://pre02.deviantart.net/fce6/th/pre/i/2013/350/5/a/red_dragon_by_midoribara-d6y5slw.jpg I mean I can't lie she's so hot. https://media4.giphy.com/media/FBGYKjtG6urHW/giphy.gif
I agree but... Armored dragon is even hotter. :( I don't know why I love Ironscale Shyvana so much, I just do.
Zorasama (NA)
: Isn't Sion's base health way too low?
A regular game, 200 CS. 1 out of 12 minions lets say are a large minion. Lets round down because you're bad at CS. 16 of that CS is a large minion. 160 health from the cannon creeps alone. 368 health from everyone else. Total of 528 health. This means he has 2,312 health at level 18. Assuming you have 200 CS by then. That also counts as BONUS HEALTH, meaning certain things can scale better with it. Also a regular game you might have, what, 30 kills + assists if you're bad? That's enough for 300 more health. So, yes, he's meant to get a lot of CS.
: > [{quoted}](name=arc95,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=R6WY5GX3,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2016-04-28T21:30:42.225+0000) > > Dude i was smiling ear to ear ...and as a 240k mastery Yasuo reading "As the captain’s body was knocked up" brought a {{item:3070}} to my eye ^_^ > > oh god i love Yauso a little too much >.< I'm so happy when they manage to integrate in VO lines or abilities (or a combo!) into the stories like this. :D I imagine as a hardcore Yasuo main, you knew exactly what that meant - hell, I wouldn't blame you if your finger instinctively went to the "R" key ;)
Also they all but confirmed she has a knockup. Probably. I will be extremely disappointed if she does not have a knockup after literally doing a wombo combo with Yasuo in the lore.
: For Azir: Believe it when you see it.
I wanna see Azir and Xerath hug and make up to each other.
: I'm more curious about Xerath's plan/situation now. While Azir has the power to rise Shurima again, Xerath has the power to annihilate it... again! Also there is a quite problematic guy who just arrived to Targon.
I want Xerath and Azir to fight it out a bit before hugging and becoming best buds again. xerath pls
: He just blames Xerath for that -- It's precisely the fact that Azir was humble that Ascension was granted to him finally. Pretty sure his character involves making Shurima great again -- and most definitely not Donald Trump style. Also, I just noticed that he made rivers go backwards. Damn he's powerful lorewise.
That's likely from restructuring the terrain of Shurima. That'll be my guess anyway. And yeah I agree with you there. Just curious if Xerath's betrayal changed his plans at all.
: All I understood here is that people view Azir as an evil entity who wants some slaves back and stuff. Poor Azir. Alas, quite interesting girl we have here. Can't wait to see more!
I'm curious if he still wants to give up slaves, or if Xerath's betrayal made him reverse that decision.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Axes,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Iw38mkWO,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2016-04-19T21:18:44.676+0000) > > We're looking to avoid teams being randomly favored/disfavored with the design of the buffs. > > Your Air Dragon example is actually a really good one for this. You haven't necessarily hit the lottery if Air Dragon spawns and your comp relies on movement speed initiation. You've hit the lottery if you have that comp and you successfully control Air Dragon - if you claim the buff. Out of combat movement speed is great for a team that relies on movement speed initiation, but it's also great for avoiding getting initiated on by that kind of team - if the Air Dragon spawns and the other team gets it, that could be a disaster for you. By picking a movement speed initiation team, you've increased the value of Air Dragon for both teams, not just your own team. > > The other example that we've tossed around a lot is Water Dragon being great for poke comps. That's true; it is, if you can get it. It's also great for fighting against poke comps because of the health regen. By picking a poke comp, you make Water Dragon more valuable to both teams, not just your own team. Quick question: Can the same dragon element spawn twice? Or is it that once Water Dragon number 392874 has been slain, that's it for the whole round?
Last game I had on the PBE, our team had 3 Water Dragon marks and 2 Air Dragon marks. Multiple dragons of the same color can spawn and they do stack.
: On the plus side, his ultimate (from what I can gather by video evidence) can't move from deconstruction to reconstruction mid-ult. It's either or, meaning comboing is far more important for him to dish damage. Otherwise, this makes him a far more powerful anti-tank mage. Definitely stoked for it!
It's still a lot more AP scaling too :D Also YESSSS 40% AP SCALING ON PASSIVE. Malzahar looks pretty interesting too. A banshee's veil that lasts for a second or so, that also applies to autoattacks? Cool.
: Mage updates are sick!
Vel'koz ult is now a 100% AP ratio true damage nuke. Deconstruction + an ult is 140% of his total AP + at least 1,200 damage. As true damage. Hopefully balanced, but oh god he sounds so terrifying now. NOONE IS SAFE FROM DECONSTRUCTION.
: Mage updates are sick!
Vel'koz having a true damage ult is absolutely TERRIFYING, especially with decent AP ratios. It did good damage before because of his passive, but his passive is now scaling with AP AND TRUE DAMAGE ULTS. Oh god SO MUCH DAMAGE.
: Yo Yousosmart! Star Guardian is absolutely a line that we want to explore further, skins team itself is comprised of a ton of Magical Girl super fans! We definitely want to make more SG skins in the future (TBD), so keep your eyes peeled for cuteness! :3 As far as our data goes players lovvvvveddddd her, like off the charts positive player response. lol **Question for the thread: **What other champions, aside from Lux, would make great Star Guardians?
Aurelion Sol star guardian. Dragon in a dress! Or just a lot of pink and stuff. Now that the silly suggestion is out of the way... Nidalee star guardian would work well. Could even put in Kyubey references from Madoka Magica. Syndra IMO would go well, especially with her dark(ish) themes.(i like that series if you couldn't tell) Off the top of my head, Ezreal, Diana, Leona, Caitlyn(again with madoka magica). Soraka definitely.
Meddler (NA)
: We're planning to do another class update at the end of the year (November ish, so after Worlds). Assassins are a strong option for that spot. We won't be doing another class update between 6.9 and Worlds.
Does that mean that the mage champion updates should hit the PBE next week? Dang that's fast.
: ryze and ashe should not be two of the three beginner champ
Ashe's primary playstyle is "build ADC items, press rightclick, press Q when you can." IMO, 'hit enemy in face with giant arrow' is not that complicated either. Nor is 'press E to reveal the map' or 'press W to do damage in an AOE where you click'. She combines this with an above average range, and good CC to contribute to the team even when behind. I definitely agree on Garen being simple. I would probably agree on Annie as well, her passive can be tricky but 'get stun up, drop bear on person's face' is simple to do and very satisfying. I would suggest Morgana over her if expanding out into 1350 IP champions however, since Morgana has good sustain with her passive and most of her spells have clear use situations.
Saianna (EUNE)
: But Tear of the Goddess (this item: {{item:3070}} ) LOSES ALL of its mana regen. From now on it has: MAX mana (as it used to) and 25% spell cost decrease. --- No more mana regen from the item.
Please read the math. It is better in every single conceivable way to the old tear. The new tear is a straight up buff from the old tear. In every single conceivable situation it is better. There are zero situations in which it is worse. The new tear is not a nerf at all, it is never a nerf, there is not a single thing you can do in the game where the old tear would be better. The math proves that 25% spell cost decrease > +25% base mana regen in every way for tear. Even with no other items, mana regenerates 20%(100% is 80% of 125%) slower in exchange for casting 33% more spells(lowering spell costs by 25% means the same amount of mana can cast 33% more spells). This doesn't hold for the rest of the rework items, but objectively new tear is always better than old tear. Unless there's a way to lose mana that doesn't require spending mana.
Saianna (EUNE)
: > in that 50% mana refund = twice as much mana and mana regen I think I see what you are trying to do but.. Something tells me it doesn't work that way.. And still there will be no more mana regen. tear will have only its 25% spell price reduction.
You have 33 mana regen per 5(example, go with it). A spell costs 100 mana. It will take 15 seconds to regenerate the mana spent after using it. +25% mana regen = 41.5 mana regen per 5. It will take 12.12 seconds to regenerate the mana spent after using it. 75% spell costs. It costs 75 mana to cost your spell now. It will take 11.36 seconds to regenerate the mana spent after using it. BUFF STATUS = CONFIRMED(the only stat removed was the 25% mana regen, flat mana remains the same) Another example: 400 current mana. Before, you can cast a 100 mana spell 4 times before running out of mana. After, you can cast a 100 mana spell(reduced to 75) 5.33 times before running out of mana. Divide 5.33 by 4, you get 1.33. Thus, yes, it gives you +33% effective mana regen and flat mana. When at extremely low mana, because of how the mana regen works, yes you still need 100 mana to cast a 100 mana spell. But you will be at 25 mana after casting it. Yes, the math proves that 100% of the time, THIS IS A BUFF TO TEAR. YOU ARE NOT LOSING ANYTHING, AND YOU CAN CAST 33% MORE SPELLS. THE MATH IS RIGHT THERE. IT'S OLD STATS WOULD NOT LET YOU CAST A 100 MANA SPELL AT 75 MANA EITHER. True, this will not change current mana. The only thing that I recall which uses current mana is Muramana and Seraph's Embrace. AFAIK, neither of those two things lose their mana regen(and, well, you're also spending less mana with everything else, since the upgrades keep this 25% less mana, so net buff). This also does not buff max mana for things which scale off max mana, so it does not directly increase the power of Ryze, Kassadin, or tear upgrades. Except for being able to cast more spells in 100% of situations, as long as you have mana. tl;dr yes it works that way, and this math is why
Saianna (EUNE)
: 25% mana refun on spell means, that you have 125% of your mana pool with NO mana regen from tear in any shape or form. Or is ~~math~~ brain lying to me?
25% mana refunded = 75% mana costs. 1 / 0.75 = 1.33 more mana. It works like CDR, in that 50% mana refund = twice as much mana and mana regen(or spells cast, in the case of CDR). Like in urf, 80% CDR = 5 times as many spells cast. So yes, this is actually a straight up buff to Tear's mana regen, although mana regen was removed from most everything else.
Saianna (EUNE)
: > As for no mana/mana regen, one of the points of the upgrade is to completely kill mana regeneration as a stat completely for anyone except supports. I have to say: Either Rioters are really detached from the game, or they truly believe that mana pool = mages, mana regen = supports. I mean.. Every mid mage i have seen had at very least 1 mana regen item which was "just in case". Does Riot relly believe, thet mages should use their spells rarely, only in certain situations? If that's how they believe mages will work from now on, then this will summ up mages playtime in 1 game: 50% AAing 5% "dancing with Zed" to dodge his spammable, no-mana shurikens 10% using spells 15% running back to fountain cause you'll be dry after 2 fucking rotations (or even fucking less) 20% being dead cause new Zhyona, AD itemization > AP, ADCs > Mages, Assassins > Mages, Tanks > Mages, Minions > Mages
Mages are intended to not have 100% uptime, but have high moments of power during their uptime, yes. If you're running dry after 2 rotations, you're either low level, or you have no flat mana itemization. The rework is intended to make flat mana itemization more attractive using things such as tear buffs/morellonomicon having flat mana. As for Zed, I believe they're intending on nerfing him again? They've already nerfed him a lot recently.
Saianna (EUNE)
: > A quick combo from a mage could refund 45 or so health I'll be totally honest there.. But 45 health back is.. nonexistent compared to Zeds shurikens in your cute mage face. And on top of that to get both mana from dmg AND HP from spells you have to pay alot. > Also wait, so your prediction of ~~'mages are worthless'~~ will be worthless Imo this item IS FUN, I am saying it now. It really could help immobile mages to live to see another day. But in reality, you'll see this item on mages who already have mobility. Or initiators who wanna position themselves even better (Amumu/Fiddle/Lissandra/Diana). And either Riot will seriously gut them to the pulp, or this item will be nerfed. I bet you'll see LB with flash and hextech thingy. And you'll have to cover 7 places for where she might be in 1 second. GL chasing this bullshit down. Or maybe Ekko with his own mobility where he first slow you to snail-speed, then hextech-flashes at you for huge bonus damage from fireballs. Limitless posibilities of item that will be forced onto every champion with at least 1 AP scalling (yes, even GP will buy it) > Zhonyas is also 3000 gold instead of 3500 gold. Better/easier buildpath when behind too, IMO, since NLR was swapped it with Fiendish Codex. And CDR itemization is easier to come around this pass as well. Cost decrease = cool Better build path = eeeh hardly. You still don't have any mana/mana regen to work with. So building it ASAp will run you dry, just as before. On top of that unlike hexdrinker for ADs mages still will be very vournerable to AD. CDR = on Zhyona? pointless (UNLESS!!! It's active now scales with normal CDR, then why not) #30s longer active is not worth 500 gold (especially when it also loses 40..? ap cause reasons) What Zhyona needs more than some crappy CDR is it's old, 90s active.
Catalyst is more of a sustain item, true. Extra HP and HP heal from mana costs still are useful, though. Yes, hextech rocket belt is an experimental item, and might not even make it to live. Annie is a particular case of it being too strong, apparently. To be honest though, Leblanc and Ekko are already BS to catch up to, and this item won't really make it any different. As for no mana/mana regen, one of the points of the upgrade is to completely kill mana regeneration as a stat completely for anyone except supports. I DO expect base flat mana or mana regeneration changes eventually, same as when mana pots were removed. So ideally, the meta is moving in a direction where you're not expected to burn all your mana constantly and restore it with mana regen.
: You know they're making {{item:3070}} give 25% off all mana costs? That's pretty huge. {{item:3010}} is gonna be great for champs that like to harass and don't mind taking a bit back They DOUBLED the mana regen on {{item:3028}} if your mana% is lower than your health% And meanwhile MR is going down on a few items, most notably {{item:3065}} And I'm glad Athene's and Morellonomnomnomicon are finally being taken out of their "MUST BUY FIRST" slot. Same way I felt about IE, a single item shouldn't be so definitive that you're considered a troll for not building it first.
Tear is now effectively +33% more mana regeneration and +33% more flat mana, yeah. Granted it doesn't scale stuff like Ryze's damage, but it's still a lot better as a mana regen item. Chalice IMO is going to drop off or never be upgraded like Haunting Guise used to be. Unless your character has a shield or heal, at least. Athene's doesn't really do much unless you have an ally heal or shield.
Saianna (EUNE)
: > Did I mention an item with a 30 second CD flash? That ALSO gives 80 AP and 10% CDR and AP scaling damage? Yep you did mention it :) I'll give you my prediction: After 2 patches item will be nerfed. It's active CD 30 -> 90 Oh and yea, nothing beats forcing every immobile champion to get it. Riot hasn't learned shit from Cinderhulk (for tanks), Devourer (for AS) or Ludens (for APs). This go so far as some (currently celebrating) retards will call next update as "hextech mobile meta" while crying. > 15% premitigation damage gained as health I believe 15% of dmg is turned into your mana. And the whole point of playing SQUISHY mage is not to get hit. 'Oh look! Zeds combo gave me 150 mana to use! Wee ama... Oh i'm dead"
Catalyst: 15% of damage taken converted into mana, 15% of mana spent turned into health. This would, yes, be a powerful sustain item vs. Zed's poke. A quick combo from a mage could refund 45 or so health, on top of the health the item already gives you. Also wait, so your prediction of 'mages are worthless' includes an active that you disregard completely because you're sure it'll be nerfed? This is regardless all a in progress test, and WILL be changed before it's released in a few months, but you can't ignore it completely when evaluating the changes. Zhonyas is also 3000 gold instead of 3500 gold. Better/easier buildpath when behind too, IMO, since NLR was swapped it with Fiendish Codex. And CDR itemization is easier to come around this pass as well.
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