: Yes! Guinsoo's is also under consideration at the moment. Not for a rework level thing, but for tuning. Currently I have a change in testing where Phantom hit triggers every third attack (rather than every other attack) and its %pen is a flat 15% (rather than 6.5-15% based on level). We'll be keeping this in mind while evaluating Vayne and Master Yi.
I feel like the problem with Guinsoo's isn't that it amplifies the damage of on-hit passives so much... but that the way such is coded effectively lowers the counter of every single "x-hit stack" passive in the game by at least 1, while the Rageblade is fully stacked. For Vayne, this means you're activating Silver Bolts and dealing 1/3 of any champ's max HP every other basic attack; for Master Yi, this means his own double hit passive can either apply thrice every other basic attack, or twice per basic attack. Perhaps this could be altered by Phantom Hit being reworked entirely, to act as you'd expect it to act and have a more sensible ramp-up and duration for both melee and ranged champions. > UNIQUE - Frenzy: Gain 2 (3 for melee champions) stacks of "Frenzy" per basic attack, max 12. Each stack grants 4% attack speed, and stacks last for up to 3 seconds after your last basic attack (doubled for melee champions). At 12 stacks, gain the passive "Phantom Hit" until you lose your Frenzy stacks. > UNIQUE - Phantom Hit: Your next basic attack, and every second basic attack after it, applies all on-hit effects a second time, **other than stacking effects**. I have no doubts that this would single-handedly solve the problem champions like Vayne and Master Yi have with the item, without affecting any other Rageblade user too severely. I would dare to say the two champions in question might even end up being too weak if that change were to pass with no other buffs; but I haven't played the game in over half a year, so I wouldn't know for sure.
: Repurposing Juggernaut enchantment for jungling juggernauts
I like the scaling aspect of Cinderhulk, so I'd hate for it to go away; but I do like this idea as its own enchantment. Maybe the name could be "Titan"?
: Across the years from 55% win rate on master tier to 46% win rate on low plat. [Soraka main sadness]
I feel that pain... Soraka is one of the first supports I picked up, and to see how far out of the meta she's fallen... it's saddening, even if I've personally moved on.
: Will you consider making one of the items 20 % CDR? Morellos attraction was the mana,ap aswell as the 20% early cdr to have faster rotations (for example taliyah). Will you look into other items on getting a 20% cdr stat,or is that something that you find oboslete
They all have 20% CDR; it's just that half of that 20% CDR is unique, so you can't get 40% from buying two of them.
: I hope runic echoes is going to also have its movement speed replaced with CDR. I think it is much more universally useful for AP junglers honestly. It means higher spell uptime for camp clearing and lower ult CD earlier among other benefits over movement speed for them.
Unfortunately, this would overlap with the Warrior enchantment. As a result, I doubt they'll consider that until they entirely rework the whole of Jungle enchants; which will probably come around mid-season, given the Jungle wasn't completely bulldozed and rebuilt this season. xD
: What about ARAM? Spellbound Orb is going to be broken with so many champions clustered together casting spells, and the last thing we need are mages stomping aram games even harder.
This implies that the balance of ARAM couldn't be specifically tweaked if things healthy for Summoner's Rift weren't healthy for it.
: As someone that mains {{champion:80}} I gotta say I love this but in my opinion {{champion:80}} Q should work like {{champion:2}} Q, if he doesn't pick up his Axe after (X) seconds it should just disappear of the ground and go back to his hand
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Viktor,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=eQ970ZUV,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2017-12-26T01:12:35.128+0000) > > As someone that mains {{champion:80}} I gotta say I love this but in my opinion {{champion:80}} Q should work like {{champion:2}} Q, if he doesn't pick up his Axe after (X) seconds it should just disappear of the ground and go back to his hand But the difference is, Olaf's Q has a static cooldown and doesn't change his entire kit. From what I've seen in this rework, Pantheon would be able to essentially call his spear back to him at will after 30 seconds, but could earn it back if he chases down whatever it Skewered for 4-10 seconds, or manages to come across his spear after those 10 seconds. It could even be justified lore-wise with something along the lines of Pantheon being a god who likes to play by the rules of mortals as much as he can, and hates whenever he has to "cheat."
: {{champion:107}} too, or atleast in a couple months
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: Serious suggestions to improve the punishment system to reduce overall toxicity
I'm one of the very few who got a "wake-up call" on the 10-game chat restriction, because up until that point I had a squeaky-clean reputation, aside from being put in 20-minute LPQ due to internet problems and life drama; which I admit is my own fault... or at the least, not Riot's. What's more, my friends tell me I'm usually a nice guy! I only got that restriction for throwing a hardcore pity party when I got Teemo'd, as a Garen, in blinds, pre-tilted from a horrid match. I had actually done fairly well, but my teammates and their less-than-stellar performance turned the game into a dragged-out stomp-fest; which is my least favorite kind of game and the sort of game that makes me want forfeits to be less stigmatized in normals, but I digress. On reflection, I make no pretenses that it wasn't my own fault for not recognizing my tilt and walking away. I was legitimately considering running away from the game, and had friends who have encourage me to do so; but two things caused me to stay, and ride out my punishment: the new-meta promise offered by the new rune reworks I'd been looking forward to all year (which I love BTW, thanks Riot), and the desire to defy a long-standing history of throwing away things I still loved after one instance of salt. Would a 1-day ban (with perhaps a less severe chat restriction on a few games afterward) have similarly solved the problem? I'd say probably, knowing me personally. As a result, this new proposed system seems very interesting to me, if smurfing were to be more regulated, and known smurf accounts shared the ban status of their "parent" account. However, I have a history of defending myself and my teammates from toxicity, and I sometimes get a little harsh while doing it; and yet I've never been punished for that. Because of this, I can't say whether or not this is truly necessary. But, I have my own suggestion that might just temper the flow of what I like to call "smurf cycle" accounts. I'm not saying Riot should stop people from creating alternate accounts, because it's obvious to everyone that wants to admit it: people being banned (or just wanting a secondary account to play more casually on) and buying their favorite skins again is a sizable source of their revenue. However, what if, instead of being banned... Riot chose to reset your Summoner level first, as perhaps a sort of intermediary step between temporary restrictions and permanent banning and a "last chance" scenario? In the case of a Summoner level reset, your purchased champions, skins, match history, and social status (clubs, friends, etc.) would remain intact; however, your Summoner level would be set all the way back to 1, and you would not receive level up rewards until you leveled up beyond what you had at the time of reset. You would be locked out of runes, you would not be able to pick spells other than Heal and Ghost until you unlocked them... you would have to level back up, all the way up to 30; just like one does anyway when one creates a new account after a permanent ban, but even harder thanks to the removal of level-up rewards. Does this stop toxic people from leveling back up and doing the same stupid stuff all over again? No, but, other than banning the IP or computer used to make the account, would any system?

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