Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkdemon653,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XHgYJxfE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-11T12:17:09.584+0000) > > It's a bug that's existed from the start that Riot has been and still is too lazy to fix. A lot of other champions have the same bug (though it's not as impactful for others) as well as having the bug of being able to overlap casts with other casts. I highly doubt they will ever be fixed. No, riot had the chance to fix Riven and Lee Sin's bugs but they refuse to do so because theyre "integral to the champion!!!" bullshit. Even Riot has started using the "its like a fighting game character :) shes designed around animation cancels!" excuses which are absolutely unequivocally not true.
Considering her base design was off Marth, she quite literally was designed like a fighting game character lmao.
Avar (OCE)
: jungler is leveling higher than it ever has consistently barring the atrocity that was s6 and for the duration of s8 when respawn timers were increased, you are objectively stronger as a solo carry barring those 2 periods of time than any other time of leagues history, "coincidentally" those were the 2 most hated seasons of league ever
Ardent meta S7 was probably the least popular time of League ever, and before that Feral Flare meta of Season 4 lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Wayward Fish,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t2q356dT,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-04-07T19:18:27.422+0000) > > Because the word fun and its concept is subjective. It's pretty easy to figure out what constitutes a healthy and fun game for the vast majority of people. But hey, always love seeing the subjectivist fallacy in play.
I just wanna say... "The fallacy applies only to objective facts, or what are alleged to be objective facts, rather than to facts about personal tastes or subjective experiences, and only to facts regarded in the same sense and at the same time." Fun is definitely dependent on personal taste lol
Ephixus (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nuparu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gLJ8tAhG,comment-id=0002000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-26T05:30:50.576+0000) > > To be fair, he's been reworked and reverted with various changes to make him less frustrating (namely a significantly better indicator and they stopped him from straight up oneshotting late game with crit *if* the players on the other end are willing to buy some armor.) > > He's still an assassin in essence, if he's ahead he's supposed to kill you if he gets on you. It's the *exact* same thing as mages deleting squishies near them, except it usually requires you to be fed versus just naturally scaling to be like that. > > Edit: And the video above, the very first clip it hotlinked involved a 14 kill Rengar. Any assassin/mage could have done that. Syndra could probably carry an orb and flash R and he still would have died. etc etc There is a difference between mages and assassins, mages has to land their stuff and Rengar? Just points click out of stealth to one shot. Your argument is invalid.
And Mages have sustained damage, Rengar barely survives if he kills one person unless he's omega fed. Also, most mages have near-guaranteed ways to land their stuff. It's not that hard. You saying my argument is invalid doesn't actually make it invalid.
: I mean, they already coded that effect it's called grounded. Yet for some reason they decided to only attach it to slows and only put it on like 2 aoe abilities rather than having any instances of it acting as a kind of "mobility silence"
I mean, it's quite good on the champions it's on. Cass and Singed both use it quite well.
: Damage is too high. Damage items are too strong.
Questionable inclusion of Dusk/Storm, but Spear of Shojin needs to be removed from the game. That item has absolutely destroyed balance on certain characters, and Essence Flare (aka "Awakened Dragon") needs to go. It's not healthy design.
Salron (NA)
: This board hates assassins which makes it really weird when I see the majority of people come out and defend Rengar Maybe r/Rengarmains never left after they originally votebrigaded some threads
To be fair, he's been reworked and reverted with various changes to make him less frustrating (namely a significantly better indicator and they stopped him from straight up oneshotting late game with crit *if* the players on the other end are willing to buy some armor.) He's still an assassin in essence, if he's ahead he's supposed to kill you if he gets on you. It's the *exact* same thing as mages deleting squishies near them, except it usually requires you to be fed versus just naturally scaling to be like that. Edit: And the video above, the very first clip it hotlinked involved a 14 kill Rengar. Any assassin/mage could have done that. Syndra could probably carry an orb and flash R and he still would have died. etc etc
Saianna (EUNE)
: I only wonder why even best timed flash doesn't help me. Like, the very second cat jumps, is still far away from me, I flash but even then I get full damage both from his jump AND his Q, even though he's not in melee range anymore. Like.. How the F am I supposed to defend against it? I'm pretty good at flash-dodging "big things" such as malphite R, or anything of such. But cats R is simply death sentence. There's Nothing I can do except zhyona, but that doesn't help me much cause cat already waits with his Q to shred my face.
Get Tabis before he starts hard snowballing and it usually curbs it quite well. His jump is an empowered auto, you can't dodge it with flash same reason you can't dodge Nasus Q.
: Who has .2 seconds reaction time.
after two reworks which gave him significantly more counterplay (can't hold ferocity meaning he can't just snare you out of stealth, and his indicator being much larger, *and* he can't build crit anymore) you're still on this? lmao how many years have you complained about stuff that kills ezreal
KazKaz (OCE)
: That is the biggest lie I've ever heard. Zed's far from balanced, at least after the multiple Q damage reduction removal. He's not weak and he's not balanced. However, he's not thaaat strong, so he ends up being a solid A tier pick, S tier for one tricks.
Wait, if he's not overpowered but he's not weak... doesn't that make him balanced? But if he's not weak and he's not balanced... he would be "thaat" strong? I'm kind of confused. I think Zed is balanced personally, especially since there's good itemization against him (Stopwatch being a free consumable, Seekers denying *2* items worth of lethality, and Zhonyas being the same as ever, and GA still being a thing combined with new DD)... However, there's an argument that when he's ahead that, much like other assassins, he's completely overbearing and a complete pain in the ass. I can't really rebuke that. Assassins are kind of frustrating as a class like that.
floo (EUW)
: {{champion:202}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} Ok and now?
{{item:3047}} {{item:2420}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3155}} mix and match accordingly depending on the champ...
: What do you know, Ahri back up to highest playrate AND winrate midlane in Plat+
I thought they did remove safety when they removed her Q being a free speed-up in exchange for Charm damage?
: Nah. We just prefer an actual support champion that needs some sort of brain functioning to play so we can have fun with it. Pressing E 24/7 on your ad and W to deal more damage than your adc on the enemy adc is not quite enjoyable, nor fun, nor interactive. We like Pyke, Rakan, Thresh, stuff that can make good outplays and some flashy plays. Janna, Sona, Nami here and there, let the lower elo have them. edit: let's not forget some cool bard ults and roams he can do.
"Flashy plays" is why Boards still complains about Duskblade being broken, because Assassins make "flashy plays." :)
koshkyra (NA)
: Im assuming you dont play hots Everyone is the same level and there is no "gold" or "shop" So no there is no carrying
I have played Heroes, the level advantage/objective control you can generate by simply outplaying people definitely translates into being able to carry.
: > However, there are many champs who never really approach this level of being a problem. For example I never see {{champion:2}} or {{champion:58}} and think "well great, now I have to deal with this". And while {{champion:75}} can carry hard, there is so much time to deal with him and counter play that you don't go into the match already worried. You haven't seen them when they are meta. Both of them would build full tank and still deal more dmg than most champions. {{champion:2}} Was the worst, you couldn't CC him and he would jjust plow 200km/h at your team with {{item:3800}}. {{champion:58}} Literary got toa point when he was in every single game in Pro and regular games. He was a bully, tanky, sustained and late game.
Yeah, I'm not sure about Olaf, because every time I see him I *definitely* think "oh god, not this again."
: yeah but usually the same shit is broken in both and yes there's obvious examples of that like Vladimir, ardent meta for 6 months, Irelia, etc, etc.
Difference is Solo Queue and Pro Play are always opposites of each other. If the game is a snowballing clusterfuck that ends in 15 minutes (now), then pro play either follows suit (rare) or, once the meta sets in, they play super defensively (usual.) If the meta is a slow paced one where nothing happens, then pro play tends to take more risks. That's why you can't gauge one off the other.
Pika Fox (NA)
: So i take it electrocute is the new thunderlords? Everyone thinks its OP when the reality is its not even remotely OP and just average?
It does damage and it's taken on Assassins, and this is boards, so yeah.
: Wow you AP oppressors sure can't read, spare me your BS "Oh I wish it could happen hurr durr" {{item:3157}}: 120 second CD Common AD Burst champ items: {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} and the best addition {{item:3508}} What do all of these have in common? CDR which will reduce their combo cooldowns even their Ultimates to something WAY FUCKING BELOW 120!
Why should Zhonyas have 100% uptime versus Assassins? You get one attempt every 2* minutes to outplay one, then you become weak to a class designed to kill squishy characters. I don't see the problem. \* Perfect Timing and Ingenious Hunter drop this, by the way, if you're still concerned it's not up enough.
: Same goes for {{champion:59}} , he either builds as a full instakill assassin or a full defensive potato ult bot.. he cannot function as a fighter because he only has a small shitty shield, and lacks damage to even duel a tank
J4 has that problem because his build and kit lean to burst. If he's got high base stats/damage, he can build tanky and do a lot of burst with his CC. If he's got high scalings/damage items are strong enough, he can just build full damage and burst everything. His kit isn't designed to duel well. He has nothing going for that other than his E aspd (which is weak) and his Q shred (which just gets used to burst.)
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: List of freelo bot lane combo
I think {{champion:51}} + {{champion:40}} / {{champion:267}} / {{champion:25}} / {{champion:16}} tends to be top tier oppression.
: Junglers are whiny bitches hence why they bitch about it. Nothing new.
What if Riot decided "fuck it" and decided to make minion spawns have one melee, two casters, and one cannon every wave? And the rest of the gold is compounded in this random spawn that appears in the center of lane that you have to last hit? Would a change like that be annoying as hell? Or maybe, we should just make the towers shoot from 400 range further. Maybe that would be annoying. Or now, the lanes are now 20% narrower because why not. That's how random the jungle changes feel, and they almost never feel like they're solving an issue, just completely breaking the jungle again for no reason.
: I get your point, but you're comparing Yasuo to Riven. Yasuo is no where near as difficult to succeed with as Riven with who has many combos and variety as far as her skill expression goes. Yasuo falls in the medium skill zone, with a similarly medium skill ceiling. I know this because I was around when Yasuo was released and I easily learned to succeed with him. A champion's nerfs and buffs will indeed make them harder or easier to do well with, so in essence a champion may have a "complex" kit but be very easy and vice versa. Here's a list of high skill cap champions in general. Take note that I do not follow League's own "grading system" for determining high skill cap(for example they think Twisted Fate is a high skill cap while I know he is medium because of his damage and ranged advantage). The ascending letter grade after their icon depicts my interpretation on how hard it Is to succeed with them; D is the higher end of the Medium skill cap spectrum, C is typical High Skill cap, B is moderately high skill cap thus bolded, A is considerably difficult, and S being the most difficult of the high skill cap spectrum: {{champion:266}} D {{champion:103}} C+ {{champion:32}} **S** {{champion:34}} D- {{champion:22}} **A** {{champion:136}} **B** {{champion:268}} **B+ to A-** {{champion:432}} C- {{champion:164}} D- to D {{champion:69}} C {{champion:42}} **A-** {{champion:119}} **B+** {{champion:60}} D+ {{champion:81}} **A-** {{champion:114}} **B** {{champion:105}} C- {{champion:420}} D+ {{champion:39}} Used to be C+, with rework shes moved to D or even D- {{champion:40}} ~~SSSSSSSSS+++++~~ _*trollface*_ {{champion:145}} C- to C, shes still new but noticeably a bit more difficult than other ADCs. More nerfs = higher grade {{champion:429}} C- {{champion:30}} **S to S+** {{champion:38}} D+ {{champion:55}} **B- to B** {{champion:141}} C, not accurate though considering I don't play him. {{champion:203}} **A to A+** {{champion:240}} C, again not accurate because I don't play him. {{champion:96}} C to C+ without a shield support, D- to D with one. {{champion:7}} **B** {{champion:64}} C+ {{champion:127}} **A+ to S-** {{champion:236}} **B+ to A-** {{champion:99}} **B-** {{champion:11}} C {{champion:82}} **S-** {{champion:111}} C- to B-, hard to judge because despite having an easy kit he's hard to win with. {{champion:76}} **A to A+** {{champion:61}} D-, difficult to judge {{champion:78}} **B-** {{champion:133}} **B+** {{champion:421}} Never played her, but I'd put her around C. {{champion:58}} **B** {{champion:92}} **A+ to S-** {{champion:13}} **B-** {{champion:35}} **S-** {{champion:15}} D+ to C- {{champion:72}} D {{champion:134}} **S**, Below average range for mages, Snail speed projectiles, highly telegraphed, made of glass, and mediocre damage to top it all off. Easier than Karthus though. {{champion:163}} C+ {{champion:91}} **B- to B** {{champion:412}} **B-** {{champion:67}} C- to C {{champion:161}} D+ {{champion:254}} **B-** {{champion:112}} D {{champion:101}} C-, despite having all skillshots he does great, near instantaneous damage with low cooldowns and decent waveclear, while having very high range. {{champion:26}} **B+** {{champion:115}} D+ I cringe anytime Yasuo mains/players say he's got a high skill cap. He has free, infinite mobility, a passive shield, a windwall that blocks 85% of all ranged attacks, DOUBLED crit chance, access to conqueror, and spammable very low CD- MANALESS harassment on his Q that he fishes for throughout his laning phase that if it hits pretty much guarantees he will get some kind of advantage over his opponent. There isn't anything high skill cap about that. He's basically a melee Zoe before her nerf.
Your skill cap list shows how little you've actually seen people play certain champs to a high level, and what high level play of a champ vs high level play of a role actually means. Azir, Riven, Ryze, Yasuo and Fiora are all S tier in the note that their champions at a skill cap level take much more skill than most other champions at a skill cap level for their lane; champions like Amumu are *definitely* not S tier, much less A or B tier, on the skill cap department as playing them optimally and playing their role optimally are almost 1:1 identical. Also, you can list an entire kit and that doesn't explain anything in the slightest as to why he's not "high skill cap." Yasuo is one of the very few champions where a very potent, skilled one will leave one in awe (or anger, depending on how emotionally invested you are in the outcome and what side you're on) because the amount they can extend their kit (which mind you, is not nearly as bad as you listed: - Passive is *only* double crit chance and the shield. The shield is not that impressive anymore (it expires after one auto, and for most of the game it's ~100-200 shields, which is about a rank 3 enchanter shield that has a significantly longer cooldown;) and the passive only works when you get items (and specific ones at that, much like Kai'Sa) - Q has a significant animation delay (much like Syndra Q), is dodgeable (which people don't realize for some reason), and is only ~150 units longer than an AA unless it's a tornado, which is *even more* telegraphed and easy to dodge if you're paying attention, and it also pulls minion aggro on a melee champ, which can be a deal breaker early; - Wind Wall is a contested ability design wise because it's very potent to actually nullify things, but it's cooldown is very long (20 seconds) so if you can bait it and/or disengage after (read: stuff like Ryze W, or just longer range) you're able to take advantage of the CD; - His "infinite mobility" has a 9 second cooldown per target. It is not infinite in any means. Kalista is the closest to "infinite" mobility this game has, and her condition is constantly autoing; - And his ult is his ult. It relies on him either landing the tornado Q or getting teammate assistance. If you're really good at him, teammates aren't necessary. You can easily tell a bad Yasuo because they can't set their own ult up, *ever.*) It also doesn't help that Yasuo is also very squishy. Picking a melee fighter into him can easily win you the lane, and juggernauts (except Illaoi) will absolutely demolish him provided they are of equal skill. The onus is on Yasuo to actually *outplay* to win the lane, unlike most other fighters (like Camille, who can roam to win, or Fiora, who will naturally outscale most other top laners in the 1v1.) If he's mid lane, then you can exploit his lack of waveclear to keep him shoved in (or else he has to burn his "free manaless harassment" on the wave, usually combined with his "free mobility" that leads him directly into a situation where you can punish him or bait cooldowns.) Alternatively, you can pick a top lane fighter that works against him mid lane (although it's riskier) or you can simply pick melee-destroying champions like Annie (who also has minimal skill cap, so there's almost no room to fuck up that isn't player error aka missing W/R) or Vladimir and smash him into the ground. Just because you don't like the champ, doesn't mean you can deny that he has weaknesses. He does, and they're very obvious to people who took the time (read: took, as in he's been out for almost five years now) to learn what they are and how to play around them to deny him his strengths. Edit: Mordekaiser is *not* an S tier champion in difficulty scale. He'd be like a B at best. Sure, it's a bit interesting to learn all his quirks and nuances, but most of them don't actually matter unless you're in a very specific situation. His entire kit is just "take advantage of W trades and your passive, and also make sure to pick up Drake whenver possible."
: i mean if marc merrill can buy his way out of a perma ban by "donating" to charity why cant we buy honor back? i would LOVE to hear this excuse.
He's the CEO, he gets to do what he wants in a game he owns...?
Daunt (EUNE)
: Boohoo, does that make up for buffing an arguably already incredibly strong champion?
Considering he's going to have even more problems killing anything unisolated (combine the passive nerfs from last patch (or 2 ago, idk) and duskblade nerfs)...
Pika Fox (NA)
: Literally every single ability in the game functions this way. Why would riot change how the game functions at a core level to compensate for lag just for tristana?
If you put it that way, may as well fix Ezreal while we're at it. Mobility shouldn't have priority over crowd control. That's my opinion on the matter.
ZJD123 (NA)
: New Poll: Who should Riot nerf for 8.6?
Pika Fox (NA)
: Then her W is instant, meaning you missed anyway, and she is buffed.
Or, since it's a mobility spell, if you interrupt the cast time, it shouldn't go off. Better.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mast3rShake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dl8Xsai5,comment-id=0004000000020000,timestamp=2018-03-05T05:54:40.744+0000) > > Before Tracker's was a thing lee bought Sight Stone which has now been removed from the game. With no Tracker's and no Sight Stone Lee just doesn't have the play making potential he used to have. What did Lee Sin do before SS? AFK in the fountain?
You could buy Sight Wards back then, lol
Rewt (NA)
: Tristana leap should NOT be able to be used while suppressed
The CC buffer on her W should just be removed outright.
: I played Aatrox with Blade and Hydra and went to Baron at about 21 mins. Couldn’t get it 10% of it’s HP down without almost dying, so I’m not entirely sure how most of these champs can “solo” Baron while it has the -50% damage aura to the primary target.
Most of them can't. Look at some of them, how does a Camille, Fiora, Kalista, etc. solo Baron? They have almost no way of actually doing enough damage to it even if they go full lifesteal before the stacking MR reduction + baron damage simply kills them. Either they're full build ridiculously early (like, 15+ kills) or it's not happening.
Pika Fox (NA)
: And why should i care what this person thinks? Theyre clearly wrong. Skill and teamplay are always going to be the biggest deciding factors in a game. Picks do matter as it is a team decision as to what you want to do and goals you want to accomplish in order to win, but the idea that varus just beats jhin every time is false. Jhin is not varus and plays differently from varus. Jhin is good at supplying long ranged support and damage via ult and W. Varus doesnt have nearly the same range as jhin. Varus is better at mid ranged poke and close ranged DPS as well as clustered teamfights. A jungle main isnt going to just beat an ADC main unless the jungle main is well above the skill level of the ADC main or has a better game.
I feel like at the highest level of the game, where everyone has solid mechanics and good decision making (aka knowing how to win), having an auto'd Varus versus a Jhin would break even at worst because one of them is amazing (and not very difficult) and the other is really bad (and not very easy to work with...)
: {{champion:89}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} {{champion:223}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3124}}
: No, because nobody is. not even you. It's a brand new champ. Riot won't test it enough to find the middle ground between it. She'll either be super overpowered pick or ban, or on release get reported for intentionally feeding. They want her to be an adc when she'll be taken top with tank items and used like urgot since one of her abilities is like his but slightly better, since your minions cant block it. Riot will fuck it up for the first few patches I have absolutely no doubt or faith in them to balance her anytime soon.
Absolutely zero way they play her with tank items considering her passive requires AD, AP or AS to turn on, and Cleaver isn't close to enough for that. She may end up with a Riven build at worst (Cleaver/Death's Dance/Guardian Angel type build) or a Graves build (Death's Dance/Phantom Dancer) but no way she ends up as a tanky bruiser.
: Yeah, but the gold items are not nearly as appealing as they used to be on other roles, THAT'S what changed. Philosopher's Stone gave way too much gold for how cheap it was; it gave FIVE gold per 10 and only cost 700g, vs Frostfang's passive 2 per 10 and totals at 850g. In order to get the full gold income from the newer gold items, you actually have to do _something,_ not just float around and heal. Making it so that last hitting minions disables the passive makes it even less appealing on other roles. This isn't as punishing for supports as people make it out to be. Yeah, every now and then you'll accidentally last hit a minion, but the vast majority of the time you won't be, so you'll be getting your gold.
You also don't have to buy wards, pink wards, or Sightstone (when it was added), but rather you can buy impact items with the same gold budget. Also, optimal use case of the support items leads to a lot more than 2 gp5. The gold income of support is fairly high (for not last hitting) already, they can live with a bit of downtime...
: But then there won’t be a point to have knockup except for the purposes of Yasuo’s ult. It can be replaced with a stun if it will be affected by cc
Well, a lot of characters nowadays seem to have their stuns replaced by knockups/knockbacks anyways.
: I didn't read the whole thing just as you feared. I disagree. I wholeheartedly disagree and don't want to explain myself.
Well, if you didn't read it, your opinion is irrelevant.
Tyvan (NA)
: Let's say League has friendly fire now
{{champion:68}} "good equalizer" = 9 people in a fight are dying now
: That is a champ select issue. Those champs are bad vs tanks. Some of the ADC's like Vayne, Trist, and Twitch dont care what the enemy team is. They just change how they buy their first 3 items basically and BAM they either blow up squishies, or dps down tanks.
99% of the time you dont change build to nuke tanks or squishies LOL
Azadethe (NA)
: She was nerfed, not buffed. And she's doing 49% atm. That's not a competitive play number, and it's for obvious reasons: she struggles without team peel, struggles to solo kill vs half the champs in the roster, has a slow farm, and has extremely weak team play. She also can't Baron without Ravenous Hunter, because her kit and items inherently have no heals (Only jungler who can't). She has weak lane push, and just to achieve a 49% win rate has to build a support item. In other words, her win/loss is heavily based on her TEAM's performance, not her own. You can go 29/0 with Evelynn and still lose, and it happens often.
Do you mean Dragon? She can do Baron fine with her team (solo baron is exclusive to the likes of Udyr and specific builds on Aatrox who all have to be mega fed...)
: > [{quoted}](name=THE RlVER KlNG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sbxApFNw,comment-id=000200000001000000000001,timestamp=2018-01-31T23:13:44.391+0000) > > *thread is about Vayne* > > *rubick brings up and bitches about Tahm Kench anyway because I main him* > > Seems about right well to be fair. Vayne is cancer and should not be used as the base for anything. But Neither should Kench. He is An oppressive champ in the solo lane and damn right annoying as a support when he straight up eats the marksmen and runs away with them after you finally managed to catch them.
Although Vayne is high on the list of "yeah, couldn't do much, she kinda just ran circles around anything i tried to do" characters, Kench doesn't really rank that much lower with his "yeah, couldn't do much, landed important cc/fired burst/etc and he just gave them another (psuedo-)zhonyas again and it'll be back up in 10 seconds"
: Is it? Why then is it ok for *only* ADCs to lose their self reliance?
considering adcs generally have mobility *or* crowd control in their kit, having both + invisibility is rather bothersome to play against.
: Ya bloodrazor and frozen mallet are amazing on her. But tri and rage blade have her jump in and wreck people in the blink of an eye and push her momentum forward in a fight. You might die more easily than if you build full tank, but you'll kill a lot more as well and be a huge mid game threat.
Bloodrazor, Triforce *and* Rageblade sounds like such a snowball reliant build that it just doesn't seem feasible for a jungler who doesn't have too much map impact pre-six. Sure, you kill everything in the blink of an eye, but you die just about as fast, so if they peel for the Varus/Kog/Tristana who will be hitting you, you'll just die horribly. edit: played a lot of shyvana before so i have a good grasp on what i'm talking about
: As someone who mains {{champion:36}} . Please, please, PLEASE take care of just about every character on this list before him. He's fine, if a little easy to counter with Executioner's calling. I've picked him up the last two years with pretty decent success, specifically because he's a very straightforward character, and doesn't require me to master complicated mechanics. I've never understood the complaint that he's "boring" either, but I guess that's just me.   If anyone needs to bite the bullet for a full VGU, it's {{champion:82}} . He's needed it since he went from a hulking outlast tank into a weirdly squishy burst-mage. Even moreso after he seemed to get unceremoniously tacked on to the Bruiser update. His whole themeing is all over the place, he's got pizza feet, and all of his skins have the same exact particles. Which isn't even bringing up the buglist of over 200+ bugs, and breaking the game any time a new character like Ornn is introduced. Versus Mundo, whose got several great skins that almost *all* have custom cleavers with SFX (at least).   The only character that maybe needs some love more than {{champion:82}} is {{champion:77}}. But I kinda feel like Spirit Guardian kinda invalidates any chance of that happening, as that's how it feels the champion would have released if he wasn't part of the early cast.
Problem is Mundo is one of those champs where you either main him or you don't play him. He doesn't really have a purpose anymore since his best part is countered by 800 gold or 1000 gold, depending on what you're against, and the only other thing he brings is damage, which is outclassed by other divers or juggernauts like Illaoi anyways. He's kinda stuck in this situation where if he's good, someone is going to be better, and if he's bad (like he is), he's pretty much Volibear-tier of "why would I ever pick this over anything else?"
: Dear Plats who got demoted to silver
Does this apply to Diamonds being demoted to mid-plat? Because it seems to be a decent trend that Diamond-border meta players flame everyone in my descent through Plat elo...
: I welcome u to shove top into me playing Susan and watch you struggle to CS at my tower while I freeze it, setting easy ganks and free farming, by the time your roaming has played off, if it ever does. I'll have an easy 200-250 stacks and I'll be ready to be a mid game beast. Also feel free to roam uselessly in the low lvl allowing a Susan to get a lvl advantage/freeze/free farm/ect.... By pushing and shoving it early u r setting yourself up to lose.
Usually you play aggro into Nasus pre-six, roam around 7-9 then (TP ganks are always nice, double points if you played aggro enough that he cant match your TP) and then buy items to survive out the rest of midgame then outscale him later. Works for me when I play Riven into him, and it's also worked when i play Maokai into him. The easiest way to beat Nasus right now is to just cripple his team enough/get your team strong enough that he can't survive against your own.
: "Urgot doesn't do anything" "He just killed you" "Yeah, but he doesn't do anythng"
"What's your point?" "He just bought a phage, he's fucking cocky"
: That's still cancer.
It's literally every assassin in the game. Either be cancer for the enemy if ahead or completely useless if behind. There is no middle ground.
ricefly5 (NA)
: it makes sense that black shield cannot cleanse drowsiness.. part 1 does no effect itself{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
It's a persistent slow until they fall asleep. There's definitely an effect there.
: God, i really hate these "champion x isnt weak, just git gud" arguments. its such a bad fallacy because it can be applied to every weak champion in the game and creates a situation where you never need to actually buff a champion, only get good at playing said champion which is clearly a wrong way of thinking. how well or how bad you play a champion is no indication of how weak or strong that champion is. you can main a champion and get really good at that champion and win more than others with that champion but it DOES NOT mean that the champion doesnt have problems that need to be addressed. Eves W is counterproductive to what she is trying to accomplish with her stealth. and ive already suggested that her Q needs to get that 60% reduction for hitting champions aswell so that she feels better to play in team fights or when cleaning up.
Evelynn W revealing her before she has to go in. Welcome to post-season 6 assassins, where you're not allowed to use your stealth as an actual invisibility factor.
: {{champion:17}} gets a "lifesteal" of his own and ... can be called an AP ADC?
I feel like he'll be busy abusing the shit out of the slowing on-hit rune (unless it's not a keystone, which would make it insanely broken.)
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