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: Need TP mission Party needed
TheOvy (NA)
: That seems like a huge Tahm nerf to me. You're moving the 20 bonus magic damage from his ult to his Q, and then nerfing the percentage of his health damage from 6% at max rank to a measly 1.5% -- which is actually below the 2% it used to be at rank 1. Both his offense and defense will be weaker now, with his ult being quicker to activate. Unless I'm missing something, he's going to be dramatically underpowered.
The 1.5% stacks so becomes 4.5% after 3 autos. Also it's based on his max hp now instead of his bonus hp. Dmg wise his lv1-6 game will be stronger, lv7-15 about same, and his lv16+ game will be weaker than before. IMO it should of been at least 1.80% per stack so his end game dmg didn't change as much (just needs a little ramping up). I do really like that his ult is faster/longer though, and even though they say the shield is nerfed it seems to me like it is not so bad "6s shield that decays vs 3s shield that doesn't decay...". I guess i'll have to test it out to see if the shield change is that big of a deal or not.
NvrBst (NA)
: Annie Update - Smarter Tibblers
Update After Playing The Updated Annie: 6.9 Patch notes mentioned: > PRESENCE OF MIND Tibbers’ AI has been improved to better follow Annie’s commands and reduce cases where he suddenly stops doing anything. This is great. I haven't run into any cases where tibbers is sitting there doing nothing now (before for example if enemy went into bush and tibbers ran back to annie he'd basically sit there doing nothing most the time, if I forgot to retarget for him). The 60% move speed toward annie is good and bad... Now when we lose vision of his target he zooms back toward annie basically losing any chance of catching the guy he was after, very punishing for the people who are not used to constantly mashing r while they are chasing someone down for the kill (while keeping in mind the "q/w/e/rclick" during the constant r mash mind you). The 60% mspd boost should be kept though as it is great for when the target is dead, or annie decides to retarget him to someone who is damaging annie for example. **Constantly mashing 'r' so your pet will stick to a target is silly. Tibblers should be updated so he is smart enough to execute annie's command and not falter/panic just because he lost vision of his target for 100ms.** It seems like you guys are trying to do something to make him smarter (aka patch says 'Tibbers’ AI has been improved to better follow Annie’s commands'), but try to take into consideration the edge cases when he looses vision of his target (aka do something a little more natural for a beast; there is a closer target? target that if you want, if not, follow the prey into the bush like a bear would. If he enters the bush and the target is gone maybe have him sit there for 1s looking around, then come back to annie, it is more like what a bear would do irl) Thanks
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: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
I like the use of terminology "Moderate Increase". I live near Seattle and get 10-20ms. If your stats are correct and I jump up to 40-80ms, thats a ~400% increase... "Moderate" indeed. That said if I can't notice it in game \*hoping I can't\* then I don't mind... I wish there was a better solution that wouldn't degrade the service quality that west coasters are already used to though.
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