YuGiHo (NA)
: Why Was Morello not the ornn Upgrade?
Ornn's items aren't even that big of a deal until REALLY late game. Their gold efficiency is absolute garbage. You only buy them when you literally can't buy anything else. I take what I can get with it tbh and most games I play don't even draw out long enough for me to bother getting anything.
: I don't understand how Nasus is not toxic or broken
Explaining weaknesses about the champion or how to play against him is just going to see an argument so I'll tell you this. If you think a champion is overpowered or you don't know how to play against it, play a few games as them. You'l realize their weaknesses when others beat you. Either you win all the time with the champion because they're broken, or you discover their weaknesses. If you win, you win. If you lose, you learn.
Seen (NA)
: just ban them back.
: new gold item
{{champion:16}} oh boy, more money :D
: Good support items vs bad support items
Not everything has to be super interactive. Master what you have at your disposal currently, they're already adding interactive runes. There's already so much visual noise from everything being interactive nowadays that's it's really hard to take in everything that's going on, let alone for new players. Some items give actives and unique interactions that must require skill to use, and some are super passive for a known quantity of value. For skilled players, these windows of power where your actives make a huge difference are worth the trade-off in raw stats, but sometimes you just need the raw stats.
: Now they got an icon for the role over the champion if someone hovers it. Which is fine, but I think they should ask "are you sure you want to ban this champion an ally is hovering?" or something like that before you can ban it. Also I get having your champ banned by a team mate sucks but don't stress it brosky. Well over 100 champs so plenty others to pick and carry with. Some might even synergize with team better. =P
There shouldn't be a pop-up message, because you're still going to get trolled. If someone is going to be that careless then play ARAM or blind pick. I work an ungodly amount of hours so when I want to play 1 specific champion that I enjoy, I should be able to do so. If the enemy bans it or I don't get my role, that's fine. There's no excuse for someone with too much time on their hands to go and waste mine. If they want to disco nunu, then fine. I can report that. There's no way for me to punish someone who hover bans though and that's the issue. Block out hover bans or allow a vote-to-kick option in champ select.
: Nope. If you're last pick and you have some shit that's both super popular and busted as your pick intent, I'm banning him if you aren't able to work out a trade with someone higher up the pick order. Not worth the enemy team getting that champion just because you're an inflexible one-trick.
That's a pretty ruthless anything-to-win attitude for someone barely clinching silver 5. If they want to play what's meta, talk through a trade instead of banning it out from under them. If you ban it, your teammate being pissed at you is going to hold you back a lot more than the enemy team getting a strong pick. I've been in this situation plenty of times, where even though the enemy team gets the strong pick since our 1st pick didn't own the champion or what-have-you. Trying to work it out ahead of time instead of banning it starts the team off in a good mood and everyone is more open to communication and teamwork from the start of the game rather than disco-nunuing down mid.
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: Give us teambuilder back
teambuilder wasn't old league lmao. teambuilder was kinda aids. wait 10 minutes for a game, then get booted for not being the specific champ they want. Or, make your own and wait 25mins for a jungler and support
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: Prism Gaming Running Tryouts P2 + (D+ pref.)
: Teemo *Facepalm*
Anyone who says teemo is anti-fun doesn't know what they're talking about. He USED to be anti-fun because he was THE ranged top laner with a blind in the meta of melee-bruiser top before all the mobility we now deal with got added into the game. He was impossible to deal with if you couldn't flank him. Nowadays he's much more manageable and anyone who plays Pantheon LOVES to have teemo as his matchup.
H Tubs (NA)
: Looking for 5th man for ranked flex
apparently not looking for a 5th since they invited then kicked me without a word, lol
: Finally did it!
gold is elo heaven. everything else is hell. when you get to mid-high plat you'll know what im talking about.
Rúsl (NA)
: Looking for flex group or team
Sinserta (NA)
: Can someone tell me who I should focus on more?
It's silver, play whatever. As long as you do it well you'll be fine
Nyaboron (NA)
: LFM (4) Silver-Gold in Flex (soloq doesn't matter)
Nyaboron (NA)
: LFM (4) Silver-Gold in Flex (soloq doesn't matter)
: its same for everyone, its just a gamble/roll of dice now and days,
> [{quoted}](name=Martin Janovsky,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=NEoF7wGd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-26T03:50:31.232+0000) > > its same for everyone, its just a gamble/roll of dice now and days, it's now-a-days, not now and days.
: season 7 ranked logic?
I'm in diamond and i get the same shit. Some games I get diamond 3s, some games I get plat 3s, and some games I get both on the same team somehow. Plus with the state of the game right now, it's so team oriented it's harder to carry and climb than it used to be.
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: Can we revert the Tahm Kench passive changes or at least allow him to jungle?
: it could be the router. I have Comcast and I have the 2nd fastest speed they offer. My in game ping is usually between 30 - 35. But sometimes during the game it will spike over 1000. When i talked to Comcast and asked them why do i pay so much and this still happen they told me it was because I connect wireless on wifi. if i connected wired it would not happen but I cant do that from where my computer is. But...when it does happen all i have to do is reset my router and it is fine again for a few days until it happens again. Another thing people could do is switch the frequency channel they connect to if they have the option to. Most devices are on 2.4 ghz channel so that channel is more crowded. Not all devices can even see the 5.0 ghz channel when you are looking for a connection.....stuff like all apple devices and newer computers can but stuff like older Samsung phones and computers cant even see it.......so this channel is less crowded. People should look to see if they have this connection and switch to it if they can.
Get a plug adapter for your router. You can connect the router to the power line and use any wall outlet in your house for the receiver. If your computer runs on electricity, you can have it hardwired.
: Riot needs to be ease up with the remake option
Isn't the pro scene LAN? And if you have shit internet it has nothing to do with the actual server.
: Can someone explain how *this* score gets an S- but *this* one gets an A+?
you had a 7.5 kda, nami had a 27 kda. ashe probably got the s because ashes usually feed their asses off at low elo and she did well
: Pretty sure we won it. But either way I couldn't blame it on the one kill. It was on the enemy Caitlyn, whom we had been wrecking hard already.
I don't think they were talking about any specific game, just in general like I was.
: When your support apologizes for taking a kill...
The apology was a ruse, you were never meant to have it :^)
: Loading game crash
I've noticed an issue where every time i try to load into game, it glitches and eventually pops up a firewall notice. I've found that if I immediately close the game window and reconnect from the client it works every time.
: The new lux skin has invisible powers
darkness element's E is so hard to see
Sukishoo (NA)
: That has nothing to do with this... good job.
oh lol, wrong forum. It looks at your previous ranking for MMR in who it places you against, but when you're duoing it only looks at your current rank, which if you're unranked, is silver. That's how the system works like it or not. It's only 10 games so it doesn't matter too much one way or another.
: Why do people think cloud drake is Bad?
the movespeed helps your team outrotate the other team. It's really helpful in higher elo and 5s games but low-mid elo solo queue it's pretty much worthless.
Sukishoo (NA)
: No, you shouldn't be able to ever do that even when not placed. This pre-season, I was Gold in solo and tried to duo with a bronze friend on 3s and it told me they had to at least be Silver 5. Back in season 4 I was also Gold in Solo and when season 5 started and I was in placements it would only allow for Silver or Gold duoing. So it should only be allowing them to duo with someone that is at least one tier away from them, not several.
preseason carried over the ranks. It's not preseason anymore, have you logged in today? They reset the ladder and everyone starts unranked (which counts as silver for duo purposes)
: yea but last season i got silver 3 and i went down. soo i wasn't pleased with that. I mean i thought if maybe if i did good in placement i might get gold 5 or something
I ended D4 and im fully prepared to start from Gold 2 or something. Going from silver 4 to silver 3 is literally nothing.
: fix Explorer Ezreals light!!!
I dont think this is gameplay lol
: New Ranking System
Looks like you won 2 more games and got a whole division above him. If he can go from silver 5 to silver 4 in 2 games then sure, but otherwise i think you profited.
QuickRev (NA)
: RANK DUO IS BUGGED! (upvote this please!)
are either of you placed yet? Unranked counts as silver so if your friend had already placed and is platinum, for instance, you won't be able to play with him but you can duo with a bronze for all anyone cares until you get placed into a division.
DeKeggy (NA)
: lux lazer targeted on allied champions
that was NAUT a bug heheheh. anyways let me explain: You hovered over naut's profile pic on the left side of your screen and your curser changed to a blue target. That makes you target that champion, it would work the same if you hovered over anyone's but that's what happened. If you want, you can move the profile pics to the bottom over your minimap or i think there's a setting to disable their use as a targeter. Edit: just read the text under the video link lol, so you already know what happened but that's not a bug. You can disable the feature i believe or just move them a bit out of the way.
9 5 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HDNW,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=NRaAxxqp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-06T23:03:48.884+0000) > > {{champion:103}} ,{{champion:22}} ,{{champion:51}} ,{{champion:114}} ,{{champion:222}} ,{{champion:15}} ,{{champion:92}} ,{{champion:76}} ,{{champion:21}} ,{{champion:55}} That's 10 , That's not what i was promised
> [{quoted}](name= 9 5,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=NRaAxxqp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-12-06T23:06:47.531+0000) > > That's 10 , That's not what i was promised {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:6}}
: To be fair, the one with 36 deaths is worth as much as a caster minion, so might as well just let your team mate split while you fight 4v5. You really think they'll stop 3 minutes just to kill that one guy?
If you've had the TIME to die 36 times, it's so late in the game that the ambient gold alone should get you plenty of items. What, 45th minute or so?
: When hes 0/36/4 and he says "don't surrender we can do this"
If you've died 36 times, it's late enough in the game that gold doesn't matter anymore. You can do it.
: Ofc you didn't watch gbay's video... >When you have a match making queue there are 3 bigs things it should strive to do. 1st a queueing system should give fair matches 2nd a queueing system that should be relatively quick in finding a match 3rd a queueing system should give some control over what role you want to play >in the previous system the last bit was completely absent the system ends up making the new queue a double edged sword. If you don't get autofilled you are guarenteed one of the two roles you selected before queueing up you get to player your main role a higher percent of the time than the old system. >The old queue did nothing for the role selection, and only focused on getting fair matches realativly quickly, I thought this new system was riots way of saying "we are going to sacrifice a little bit of the queue time factor so we can give you something we've never given you before, and thats role selection. But autofill just destroys all of this. When you get autofilled, it takes away the role selection obviously and you're also diminishing the match quality because it ruins the game if someone on your team gets support that doesn't have a rune page, or doesn't play support, and that's all for the sake of shorter queue times?" Basically, That entire paragraph from gbay that may not sound related is supposed to mean that you are making the queue time slightly longer to get one of the 2 roles you selected. OBVIOUSLY it will be LONGER than in previous seasons but that doesnt' mean it was a PROBLEM. It was only a PROBLEM for the few people that had to wait 20+ minutes
I've seen gbay's video and I disagree with him. Some of his stats with average queue times were off because during peak hours maybe it would only take 30 seconds to get a team but if you're playing late night PST you're fucked no matter the elo.
Velgam (NA)
: Gameplay wise, is league getting better or worse?
As much as everyone hates to admit, it's been getting better. Everyone bitches at first because they hate change and adapting to new mechanics, but after playing with it for a while I've found I've been having more fun and thinking deeper about the games. Now you have to pay attention to plants and get behind the dragon pit to pop the 2 plants for control for example.
Numb3rs (NA)
: Anyone else think Singed is overdue for a rework
if he's spamming /laugh then he's a weak singed player and you should have won. Spam /l or hotkey it to a mousebutton like I have for maximum efficiency. I believe this has answered your question sufficiently.
: > [{quoted}](name=warpenguin555,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NtKZXH58,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-04T03:45:24.377+0000) > > because IP is only good if you have something cool to spend it on, once you run out of champions the only thing you can buy with it is Passive stats that, and something tells me there's no good middle ground for such a bribe. Either it will be so good that it breaks their monitization system, or too little for anyone to bother with.
Or the other of you get non support mains playing for the IP and losing you LP because they suck ass at the role.
Nosnide (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nyaboron,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=avvIxJ36,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-04T03:56:01.373+0000) > > You don't need to master every single champion and every single role. Know how to play at least 1 champion, probably 2 champions in every role and expand in the roles you like. I play every support champion but in the case I don't get my role, I can play lucian and jhin adc, I have a decent jungle pool, morgana, orianna, brand mid, and trundle, pantheon, teemo, maokai, fiora top lane. I hate autofilling to adc because it's my weakest role but that's the one role that if you communicate in champion select, there are usually a few people who are willing to take it. Well it has happened to me many times and the best I got was mid. Twice. Every other time someone just dodges bcs I let them know I do not play ADC.
Well, I'd pick 1 adc that you hate the least and learn them just in case. Dodging sucks, and if you get through that one game then you're autofill immune the next game. Just my advice for what it's worth. I hate climbing low elo but putting retards in their best positions and doing your best in your worst makes a better team than you trying to carry 4 retards in their worst positions. I'd rather be at the helm of a 5v5 fiesta than have to 1v9. I've found more success putting on the sombrero, just saying.
Kyzoen (NA)
: be able to see abilities
This isn't a bug and you should know the abilities by heart. If you don't, open a tab of google and look them up.
Nosnide (NA)
: I gave up on the community., I am one of those players that tilts really easy, so I just mute everyone when the match starts. Maybe you should too.
If they're stone walls and are just flaming then I mute, but if you resort to muting too fast then you can't communicate with them in times where it might make a difference. If they call out an mia but you have them muted, or they call out a flash timer, or they call baron or such.... I try not to resort to muting off the bat even if it's a useful tool.
: Please give me just a moment of your time.
Was this plea all just an excuse to use that last line? lul
Nosnide (NA)
: S7 ranked with autofill
You don't need to master every single champion and every single role. Know how to play at least 1 champion, probably 2 champions in every role and expand in the roles you like. I play every support champion but in the case I don't get my role, I can play lucian and jhin adc, I have a decent jungle pool, morgana, orianna, brand mid, and trundle, pantheon, teemo, maokai, fiora top lane. I hate autofilling to adc because it's my weakest role but that's the one role that if you communicate in champion select, there are usually a few people who are willing to take it.
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