Áery (NA)
: Hi Riot, has your fetish for damage made your forget about exhaust?
It's STILL cancer. Completely invalidate any dps champ, for what, 2.5 secs? Maybe make it a skillshot, and you can buff it.
DeusVult (NA)
: I really don't know how you went through with Pyke changes
It's almost as if he's designed around gaining bonus gold, and the power level of the rest of his kit is numbered appropriately around this! O: You should probably complain about TF and GP too right? :)
Mimr (EUW)
: Honestly, Vel'Koz should never have been allowed to go support (just like stuff like Brand, Zyra and Xerath). They just don't have any way to, well, support their ADC besides some CC that is in their kits for self defense and combo setup. Sure, they can work with ADC's that have a good earlygame or who are really safe ({{champion:81}} ) but someone who wants to play, say, Kog'Maw or Jinx is going to be rightfully angry because you provide nothing to alleviate their weak early games. If you want to play a support that can deal damage while you have a Jinx or something, pick Lux or something, that way you have at least a shield to throw out.
Most strong damage supports (vel, brans, zyra) can basically 1v2 a lane while the adc freefarms, if played well. This takes a LOT more pressure early game, than a shield now and then. The difference is lategame, if there is a burst threat that can be stopped by an enchanter, lategame becomes easier. Also enchanters universally require almost 0 mechanics, which takes a lot of the risk away, which a good adc is happy about. The flipside is they also have much less agency than a damage dealer support. Essentially, a confident adc will probably prefer an enchanter in solo queue, whereas a confident support player will usually play a damage dealer, or play maker.
: People troll my games because I pick Vel'koz support.
Unlucky I guess? I don't think I've ever seen anyone complain about having a Vel sup. He's quite good, and always has been. Before the new style of playing Lux supp came along (aftershock, w max) and they were all just building damage, Vel sup was essentially just Lux supp but better..
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JetRam (OCE)
: Regardless of what you think of Nubrac, can we agree NB3's toxic behavior shouldn't go unpunished?
TIL what nightblue looks like. Dude has ALWAYS been toxic trash lol. Have consistently seen him flaming in all chat in other streamers games, over his own mistakes for years. He should be irrelevant, Idk what people have ever watched him.
: Can Yasuo Ult Stop Taking Him Out of Turret Range?
Yas Ulti is AoE. If he could hit them with the AoE while being outside of turret range it lets him. The fact that you can't control it is a bad thing, so they give him this small thing to help in that situation. If you think about the hitbox of it like a Malphite Ulti, it makes a lot more sense. If they remove it automatically doing it, and simply allow us to choose which side he goes (kinda like Kat's E) to that would HELP good Yasuo players, and hurt the already bad ones. If they simply make it so you go behind them in every case, then it's just stupid and clunky for an AoE ability. No champion should be made intentionally clunkier.
Nyandere (NA)
: Getting random black screen during play for 3-4 seconds
I had some driver issues, and it doesn't really happen anymore now that I've fixed that, so that could be your issue if you are experiencing the same thing I was.
: Not a projectile though because her roots are grounded, so it shouldn't have blocked it in the first place. :D
I mean it stops Vel's W, and Braum's ulti, so it should stop about anything really. o.O
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: They removed the option to directly upload files years ago due to security issues. One easy way of generating a video link is uploading it to your Discord server (assuming you use Discord, which you should) and copying the link to post here. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557283228608757799/574075007446024193/9-9_NA1-3034168469_01.webm It won't auto embed like a youtube link but it's easy.
Thank you, much easier than youtube. :)
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: Playing Yuumi is like playing with a handicap.
You are right, but not for the reason you think you are. xD The champion is weaker than ulti pets (Yorick, Annie, Ivern)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nyandere,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dqdJqEdw,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-05-19T20:04:46.950+0000) > > Name one thing she does better than any single other enchanter in the game. Please. > You can't. She's worse at everything. > > I've played quite a few games now with her, against her, and played 1 game as her. > > Have seen her win one time of those, and it was me and jungle completely carrying, while botlane lost hard anyway. > > She's basically a free excuse to troll that is not reportable. Her Q is a crazy strong ability that can easily catch people off guard or harass them well. If you can't use it that's your fault.
> [{quoted}](name=Moonscourge,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dqdJqEdw,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-05-19T20:38:49.521+0000) > > Her Q is a crazy strong ability that can easily catch people off guard or harass them well. If you can't use it that's your fault. And it's far worse than Nami Q, or Raka E or Q, or Sona's E slow, or Rakan's W, or Taric's E, or Lulu's Q or W. Just because a champion has an ability that's somewhat useful does not make them good lmao. Her healing /shielding is also far lower than any of the champs I listed. And her ult is trash compared to the others as well. She is worse in every way than every other enchanter by an extreme margin. It's kinda like making the argument that Nidalee is an amazing support, because she has a heal, an AS buff, and poke. Sure she's somewhat useful, but it's still far less useful than anything else, and you're probably gonna lose 3/4 times. In fact I'd probably rather have a Nidalee support than Yuumi even. Additionally every Yuumi I have played with (except one who hard lost lane) has openly admitted that Yuumi is trash, and they were just playing her cuz she's fun and to troll around. How on earth can you defend this champion, unless you're a troll yourself? lmao
Nyandere (NA)
: Please disable Yuumi in ranked until she gets massive buffs
Name one thing she does better than any single other enchanter in the game. Please. You can't. She's worse at everything. I've played quite a few games now with her, against her, and played 1 game as her. Have seen her win one time of those, and it was me and jungle completely carrying, while botlane lost hard anyway. She's basically a free excuse to troll that is not reportable.
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: "Im bad nerf Riven and Vayne"
@LordGiovanni, Lux, and other immobile mages are generally hard countered by Yasuo. I mentioned I played these champs because it is relevant to the discussion. @DontLewd, Meh, spear and rageblade probably need nerfs not those champs, but I don't so much care about them. Nerf champs with no counterplay such as Vlad, Lulu, etc imho.
TheFgtRat (EUW)
: New Cho'gath "Q" proposition
I mean you could just walk/flash at people with righteous and immediately catch them out. I think this is creative, and fun thematically, but extremely broken in practice. Plus how does his inner circle work with just sitting on someone? Can he chain knock up? I personally think he is fine the way he is, and generally disagree with unavoidable cc (targeted ala polymorph/Lissandra, or far too large of an AoE/counterplay is just don't be near them ala Mumu/Nunu ults/this)
: First Time Champ In Ranked
As long as you know what a champions abilities do, and know what to max/build (which you should pretty much as soon as seeing a champs numbers) it's not a problem. Long time ago, but I remember both Elise, and Rammus I picked up in ranked having never played them before, and went roughly 12-15 wins before losing a game on either. Carried me through ranks very rapidly just because they were strong af at the time played them. Hell, recently I randomly picked up both Orianna, and Syndra, having never really played them before. I am currently 9 games 67% winrate on Ori, and 5 games 60% winrate on Syndra. (By comparison my Lux winrate is apparently 64% in 14 games, who I have 300k+ mastery on) Yas/Riven/Azir/Akali/Irelia/A few others are the ONLY champs that require any real practice at all in this game. You're gonna tell me I need to play 20-30 games to press E, hover over a champion and press Q on Jax? To press W-R-E-Q on Malphite? Oh wait sorry, that's easy but I need to spend 90 hours to learn how to weave an auto between R and E /s Most skills other than very specific tricks transfer over in this game (last hitting, macro knowledge, when to trade, etc)
: Yasuo is Unhealthy for the Game
"I'm bad,nerf this champion I don't know how to play against" This is what literally every Yasuo hater sounds like -A Lux/Immobile Mage Main.
: strongest passive in the game? (just the passive, ignore other aspects)
It's entirely dependent on which kit it would be assigned to. Imagine Nautilus' passive on an ADC. Or Annie's passive on someone like Karthus, or Cassio. Hell, Imagine Sions passive on any ranged AD champion..
: I love that lissandra is getting gutted meanwhile riven is still allowed to be as strong as she is
Riven is ONLY good right now because of Spear. Also this is probably the first time since season 2 or maybe 3 she could be considered high tier (other than that time she was bugged and all her abilities auto combod) Lissandra is objectively too strong, especially for how easy and safe she is. On top of that she's just unfun for everyone involved. She's the most unfun mid to fight, and one of the most unfun to play. Tldr. Riven is too strong because of Spear, but is still not as bad as Liss, while also being less unfun.
: You get a masterwork chest and key at the end
> [{quoted}](name=ChrisBrownze,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=z7ETVaFU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-06T05:13:57.761+0000) > > You get a masterwork chest and key at the end ty :)
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FâgLord (EUW)
: The best rework riot have ever done
Tbh Eves first rework, and Swains are the only two that have been good at all imo. :/ Poppy and Sions were better game health wise, but completely deleted what they were, and are less fun to play, despite being better and healthier.
: Upvoting because I feel you had some constructive stuff to say. But I'll elaborate.. 1.) Yes, I do want to play league of dodging, better dogshit autofill players dodge and not get penalized, than dogshit autofill players make me dodge and I get penalized instead. 2.) I'm not sure what you mean here, an example would help alot. 3.) You can't rank up by playing against significantly worse players than yourself on your off-role. In fact, you can't rank up by playing against significantly BETTER players on your main role. Regardless, LP splashing seems to be 3 across all elo differences. (in my experience) 4.) Would you like it if someone forced you to eat butter?? Noone that doesn't want to do something should ever have to---- Taking away peoples choice makes people frustrated and promotes toxic behavior. Autofill to decrease queue times is laughable, it decreases match quality and overall competition in the ladder. People who want quick games should stick to blind pick. (don't down vote me for this) Seriously, autofill is this shit where people get their LP sacrificed "for the greater good" (shorter queue times) which in turn drive down match quality. It's very similar to how ancient tribes would sacrifice their people to the gods in order to get rain for their villages. 5.) The old system was not fine. Having one rank was great, but autofill was shit, never getting to play your favorite champion was shit, and always having to dodge because people threaten you with disco nunu was shit. 6.) I've statistically proven that the new system does not promote a lack of trying, ACTUALLY DECREASES THE AMOUNT OF TROLLS, and DODGING IS GOOD. SO, IF YOU WANT TO SAY OTHERWISE, I NEED MORE THAN JUST YOUR WORD, I NEED EVIDENCE! You can show I've made a mistake in my statistics. You can introduce new statistics that show real world data, (players actually trolling games) - this is impossible, so I relied on the variables that might be able to predict player behavior) You cannot tell me people don't care about the off-role games they play. No normal person wants to go 0-15, it's not fun. I'd rather wait 30 minutes listening to music than have to suffer such a match. Blame the asshole, not the queue. There's a balance to strike for dodge penalties, not having dodge penalties might be abused, but we've had the penalties for so so so long without them ever being touched. How can we say for sure that removing them or lowering them will have a negative impact instead of a positive one.
I will just speak from my PoV, and experiences, as ours are definitely very different. 1: I, and many others do not feel this way. Dodging is far more frequent than it used to be, and while I'm not big on being autofilled either, I generally don't mind playing any of the other roles, even support once in a while doesn't bother me. 2: I was referencing how easy it is to rank up an off role. A high elo player going into low elo on an off role will still win every game with ease. Some players have a lot of time on their hands, and even though the gains are small, grinding to d5 or so on every role would still put their main role MUCH higher than it was, essentially for free. Unless I'm misunderstanding, and your MMR is shared between roles, and only rank is separate, which to be honest would also be silly. 3: See point 2. 4: I don't see where your reference applies. We agree on autofill being dumb, but in my opinion that is just made worse with the new system, where not only do you still get autofilled, but you ALSO don't get anything for the win. 5: Again, I see both autofill, and dodging as far larger problems now than they were. 6: All of your math relies on players always dodging autofilled games, and everyone being ok with it.. I would rather wait an extra 2-3 minutes for a slightly higher quality game, yes. I would absolutely NOT rather sit through 6 lobbies, especially considering the longer you sit in queue, the higher MMR variance the system starts to look for.. I and many other players would ABSOLUTELY rather play a game on their off role, or even autofill, than wait 15-30 mins just to get into another lobby -that may not even be any better- It's not about getting into a game ASAP. It's a balance, getting into a decent game, in a reasonable amount of time. Blind pick, and even normal draft suffer from SUCH low quality games, that they are almost never worth it, unless you're really not caring (ala just playing with friends, testing a trolly build, have been drinking, etc) And again, even if MOST players dodge constantly as you wish, this would not be enough, EVERY player would have to abide by this mantra to achieve what you want, and that simply is not going to happen. Otherwise you can sit through repeated dodges, and dodge repeatedly yourself, only to end up in the same type of game anyway. As I stated before, myself and many many others (I am guessing a majority tbh) would never abide to this. I don't really care overly what I am playing, I don't care if I have a lower chance of winning. I want a match with/against other players who are all trying to win, and have general game sense/macro of roughly my level. Beyond that I don't care much. I respect your opinions and desires, but the expectation that they are objectively best for everyone is simply unrealistic.
Nyandere (NA)
: Please leave Olaf top the way he is!
Sorry I haven't really replied, I've been busy. I'm hoping the majority of you are right, I just feel riot has champions they like, and do not like. Afaik he had a negative winrate when he was gutted, just a solid pickrate, and was strong in pro play. And I can't ever really remember a period of him being relavent for more than a patch or two since then.. I'm not worried about conq breaking his jg, since he relies on predator there, no? In regards to TheTrent's comment, and others. You're entitled to your opinion, although I couldn't disagree more. He is the most fun top laner to me by a wide margin.
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: Why LP splashing is statistically trash, and how to fix it.
Soooo tldr, you want to play league of dodging. And you want to rank up more quickly by stomping low elo players in your off role. Also I admit I skimmed parts. Did you completely ignore one of the largest issues, in that this system will always be broken as long as duo queue exists? Hell even just role swapping breaks it. And this would be pressed further by your suggestion of increasing off role gains. Being able to rank up by playing against players significantly worse than yourself on your off role is stupid. Being unable to rank up because you're FORCED to play against worse players on your off role is also stupid. The old system was fine. All the new system does is promote constant dodging from players who overly care about their rank, and promote a lack of trying and or trolling from players who care less.
Ryukotsusei (EUNE)
: The most terrible ranked sytem in history of League
It's actually incredible to me this rank system launched at all, let alone hasn't been reverted yet.
: This happens when you alt tab
> [{quoted}](name=Hammermancer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WjWBn8AE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-23T05:15:34.098+0000) > > This happens when you alt tab It is happening at absolute random. Also it doesn't even happen when I DO alt tab, as I play on borderless. EDIT: I just did a fresh install. Gonna play for a few hours, and see what happens.
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: So in the new Cinematic, Riven took out five armed dudes, with her bare hands, while chained?
I like the part where she lightly flips a guy over her shoulder to knock him down, AND HE DIES or at the very least is knocked out. Dude coulda just gotten up and stabbed her while she was focused on draven.
KraZG (NA)
: Concerns On The Bot Lane Meta
Brand is a problem and has been for a long time. Zyra does a bit too much damage as well. (also plants are absolutely bs when she misses everything but summons 2 plants and still wins a trade.) Don't really see an issue with any of the others, as they do not have such ludicrous base damages, and actually do need AP to succeed. As for your comments on it feeling dirty, uninteresting, and like a free win. I feel like that's just support tbh, most of them are uninteractive. I play Ali when I get autofilled, and despite him being one of the strongest supports, or even champions in the game. He has 0 skill floor, and ceiling. It feels impossible to not be effective on him, and he has almost no counterplay besides 'just flash'.
GigglesO (NA)
: So legit Question as Diamond Melee Main
The simple answer is you don't. Also he outscales you. Welcome to riot balance. :)
: Reminder that this was once the art for TF's ult.
I thought it still was? Damn it's been a long time since I've played tf lol
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: Riots solution to Jungle
Being ganked before the first creep wave dies is a huge issue. Making buffs tankier, but deal less damage to equalize that seems like a good idea imo.
: I think anyone that does a lot of true damage needs to have that tuned down
I'm kinda surprised no abilities in this game do split damage. Why can't 'deals 10% maxhp true damage' be 'deals 7% maxhp physical damage AND 5% maxhp truedamage'? I'm not saying every ability should be like this, but it seems like a better balance to me.
Quáx (NA)
: Sylas isnt That Bad
How about when he steals an ulti that isn't balanced around that champion having a lot of ap, such as Ashe, Trundle, Soraka, Janna, Volibear, Pantheon, Lucian, Malphite, etc? Or a champion who is not supposed to be mobile, such as Annie, Cassio, Veigar, FIDDLESTICKS etc? He's not gonna steal your cait ult and randomly fire it to deal mediocre damage, he's gonna take your janna ult and heal his team for 10kish teamwide. Or your amumu uly to simultaneously cc your team and delete them at the same time. He can also do things like poke into the enemy jungle just long enough to grab a Vi ult, or a J4 ult, or a Nocturne ult, etc. And just go gank a lane with it. Doesn't Heca ult have a huge ap ratio? Shyvanas? There are honestly not very many BAD ults for him. The form swapping ones, Darius, Riven, Vayne, Anivia, Kog, Kalista, and a few others come to mind. But the vast majority would be useful. Especially considering lategame he can grab 2 different ults in one fight.
: Oh my god another thread about this. i beg of you just stop. KATARINA IS FINE NOW! she is strong (if u know how to play her), balanced assassin. I swear to god, the only reason people complain about kat is cause they can't get a single penta anymore, i promise you that is the only reason why people complain about her. Only thing that needs to be changed is Gunblade but not katarina. No one complained about her when she was pick/ban status in the assassin rework, but after she fell down and now is weak midlane people start complaining. Pathetic.
I, and many others complained immediately, because she is incredibly unsatisfying to play as, and against. It has nothing to do with power.
Auzyris (EUW)
: I am a Katarina main since beta and I would like to adress her issues
Yep, Kat, like most champs, has gotten less enjoyable with each rework. It's absurd how clunky she feels to play, seems they tried to top her clunkiness with the new Aatrox, but even that was unsuccessful.. And she feels horrible to play against as well. Just a stupid gimmick the entire lane phase, that is partially decided by the rng of her daggers landing position (this feels bad to lose to, and feels unrewarding to win against) Also how can they remove her old w (which was perfectly fine) because it's 'uninteresting' yet have Kai'sa's Q exist. At least Kat's W forced you to get close to the target, in addition to Kat not even really needing abilities with exciting mechanics, due to her reset mechanic already filling that space. Honestly the only good reworks that even come to mind in the history of league (post beta) are Eve's first rework, Sion, Nidalee, Poppy, and Swain. All other ones have either just added clunkiness, or made them into a huge problem. O.o
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: i want the odyssey augment system as the rune system.
Every augment is uninteresting and barely feels like it makes a difference Or Every champ in the entire game becomes so absurdly overpowered that they can 1v5 the enemy team as long as they get the drop on them. Pick one. Only real way you could even make this work would be to first nerf every champ in the game incredibly hard, and have your new augments bringing them up to roughly their current power level. (Eg have Garen Q just an aa reset/damage buff, but augments can add silence/ms buff/slow cleanse/etc) At that point though, there's not really a point. Augmented champs are legitimately stronger than Urf champs, do you really want the game to look like that? People already complain about powercreep/damage being too high.
NotSid (NA)
: No. His shift starts at the regular time, but his pay only starts from 2:30.
> [{quoted}](name=NotSid,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=OyLlE9EI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-03T18:43:05.764+0000) > > No. His shift starts at the regular time, but his pay only starts from 2:30. I like this
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: When will onesided games end?
This isn't a balancing issue at all tbh, it's the matchmaking system being bad. Soooo probably never?
: Stop fucking lying to us.
He needed a rework, but this rework is also bad. They made him from a champ with a terrible kit and overloaded numbers that made him viable/overpowered (though he was then nerfed and left in the dumpster for years) Into...a champ with an even worse kit, and absolutely absurd numbers. And now he's up for nerfs again. They chose to preserve his revive which is absolutely the least interesting thing about him. Also his healing (which should be the most interesting thing about him) is far too strong in the early game where it is oppressive and should be weak, and is kinda unnoticeable and useless in the lategame where it should be strong. Shoulda made him more like old ad Sion but with more tools/skill expression, or The Butcher from HotS. That shit is fun to play at least.
La Bello (NA)
: Other recast abilities should receive the same tooltip clarity Akali R2 gets
Lakega (NA)
: Feel like Akali might actually be the most balanced champion...
I feel she's far better designed than most champs, but her power budget is horrible. Far too much power in her passive, and not enough in the rest of the kit. Also W feels like it's up too often, even though the cooldown is fairly long. She shouldn't be able to miss her e and both ult casts to then tickle you with q and completely delete you with passive I guess is what I'm getting at.
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