: Looking for serious players only. Around Silver and Gold
IGN: Nyphoon Age: 22 Role: ADC Champion Pool: MF, Cait, Sivir, Jhin, Ashe, Ezreal, Kai'Sa How long have you been playing league: S1/Beta Do you like tacos?: Yeah
: S3 Top Laner L4 Team
You still looking for a team?
: ***
I'm in a game atm but im a jungler G5 atm but was g1 last season and plat 3 season before let me know if you're interested
: [NA] Navigamer Silver Team looking for Top and Jungle
IGN: Nyphoon Position: Jungle Three best champs: Lee Sin, Jax, Zac Timezone/Days and Times Available: EST Time Zone, 9PM -12AM weekdays + sunday. Not available Saturday most weeks.
Fôx (NA)
: Looking for silver-gold jungler and top laner for Competitive Team.
I submitted to this form earlier. Should I submit again or am I already accounted for?
Fôx (NA)
: Looking for silver-gold jungler and top laner for Competitive Team.
Filled out your form. Let me know what you think :)
: Recruiting ADC for Team - Gold ELO (schedule and details inside)
Summoner's Name: Nick Mitchell Time Zone: EST Age: 21 Rank: Gold V atm - Plat 4 last season, just getting back into the game after a extended break Top 3 Champs: Caitlyn, Jhin, Xayah Availability: 6 or 7ish till 10pm weeknights, sunday anywhere from 6pm onwards. Not generally available fridays or saturdays unless notice given
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: Team looking for Top for LCS style League. Immediate Tryout Plat V and under
IGN: 2ChainzGG Rank: g5 Mic: yes Experience: played heroes of the storm professionally and been playing league since s1
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