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: Swain was definitely very high on our "want to do" list. What it really came down to is that we feel he really needs a full-on rework (gameplay, thematics, visuals) similar to Sion or Poppy in order to really deliver on an awesome version of Swain. A large reason why we have chosen the current 6 is based off our confidence that we can deliver a solid update given the more limited scope they will get being as a part of a class update. We're being a lot more careful about over-reaching since it's definitely bitten us in the past.
Stop using "reworks" to delete champions and unique champion mechanics please. You killed AP and AD sion and forced him into a tank roll. You killed AP poppy and forced her into a bruiser role. You killed AP trist. You killed AP trydamere. You killed AP ezreal. You killed revive karthus. You killed AP master yi. You killed health regen mundo overtime by reworking health regen and deleting force of nature. You destroyed gold per ten items. You deleted DFG and made a lot of ap champs no logner viable. Why do you hate it when people play champions outside of their theme? Now you're going to kill AD malz. Fuck it i'll just make a list of things to remove: Kill ad thresh, remove the AD scale on his passive Destroy the AP scales on alistar's abilities, make him a tank that relies on base values Nerf annie's attack range so that she can't be played as an adc every again Nerf blitzcranks ap ration on his hook so that he cant be played mid Kill mundo's masochism ad ratio so that he can't be played full ad and crit Nerf Janna's ap ratios make her a utility only support reduce jarvan 4's ad ratios, make him a tank remove malphites ap scaling I would go on but most of the champs that I used to play in "fun" positions have already been reworked or delted or changed into something that you feel they should.
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: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
: The Final Boss approaches
Vi ultimate skin confirmed.
: Actually the 200 flat at level 1 isn't that ridiculous. Malphite's ult does the same flat. The ridiculous part comes from the fact that it has a 200% BONUS AD SCALE. WHAT EVEN IS THIS NUMBER. 200%. 200. DOUBLE HIS BONUS AD AND IT KNOCKS THEM BACK, KNOCKING UP AND DOING THAT SAME FLAT AND 200% RATIO TO ANYONE ELSE IT HITS ALONG THE 1200 PX LENGTH. THAT'S THE DISTANCE OF 3 FLASHES. But cap's lock aside, the flat doesn't just stop there. Level 11 r is 400 flat, which is malphite's level 16 r (Yes, it's the strength of malphite's final flat on his ult.), and hits 600 at level 16. 600 + 200% bonus AD, knocks them back the distance of 3 flashes, and does 600 + 200% bonus AD to anyone that rocket man managed to collide with. Let's not even mention the 100% bonus AD scale e that's 50 px shorter than flash range in every direction, reveals all targets hit, and can then slow them all. Let's not think about the q which, after being followed up with the dive of pressing q a second time amounting to 340 flat (at max level) with a 180% bonus AD ratio and 8% of their missing hp (not to mention those two parts of it are at all levels. Hell even level 1 it does 100 flat, let's say you have 15 bonus AD level 1 so about 27 damage in the AD scale, and then something like 3 damage from the 8% missing hp after hitting your first q and then following up on a full hp target, you've dealt 130 physical damage before reduction on a full hp target at level 1, gotten increases attack speed for 2 hits after if you used it to engage from a distance or 4 increased attack speed shots if you hit them point blank with the first q. Again, "balanced" champion.
{{champion:45}} Primordial Burst 250 / 375 / 500 (+ 120% AP) And don't tell me veigar is SUPPOSED to do more damage than that, lee sin's scale is bonus AD meaning you have to build damage, just like with veigars.
: Only after they nerf his dmg a few more times. When hes able to heal enemy champions with his -20/-30/-40/-50/-790 base dmg they will release his battlecast
Silly, nerfs come AFTER legendary skins.
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: {{champion:64}} didn't
I don't {{champion:64}} understand the joke
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