: galio is said to tower over lux and is stated to be a giant statue, why is he only 7 ft
: League Client Strike Team: An Update!
Hi it's supremely frustrating that the client doesn't lock in your champ when the timer runs down if you've selected it. This was something you've conditioned us to expect for five years then suddenly yanked away. Please bring it back I lose more MMR to this shit than losing, ever. It was such an unnecessary change.
: Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot
Is there any duplicate protection on legacy skin shards. Y'all fucked me on this with the last orb event.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 16
Will Urgot be available for Worlds
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 6
Remove penalty on Blitzcrank sprint
: This was posted 3 years ago. You can't expect a 3 year old post to have anything about champions that came out in the past 3 years.
How old is this fucking thread dude
: Client Open Beta Update #1
Please for the love of god give me a setting to turn off auto-loading chat windows when I log in. That shit is awful. I don't want to see old conversations. I don't want to see anything but the client. I shouldn't have to fight to close those windows every single time.
: I heard my Main's name.
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Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
: League client update Q&A: Profile and Collection [Now Complete]
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: Awesome man! Gonna watch video when I get home from work. Hey bro do you know of any good resources for ABSOLUTE BEGINNER cooks who know nothing about cooking? I'm supposed to cook a meal tonight and I'm at a loss.
allrecipes or recipes.com are great places. The most important thing to know when just starting out is that you ABSOLUTELY MUST FOLLOW THE RECIPE. Get EVERY ingredient it calls for out on the counter before you ever start.
Fowus (NA)
: I liked your kench fried cat fish
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: The RIP List of 2015
Old Man Master Roshi type champion, and more cooking videos
: Greetings fellow riverboat captains! Tahm Kench has been swimming up and down Summoner’s Rift for a few months now. At this stage, we typically do a internal follow-up where we sit down and talk about what did and what didn’t work, guided by our original pre-release goals. We’re making that player-facing. Before we dive in (heh), let me just say we’re very much aware that a lot of you feel Tahm is very frustrating to play against. We hear you and none of the things I’m about to say should take away from the validity of what you’re feeling. We may disagree on the why and the what to do about it, but your feelings are valid and we’ve heard you. Alright, enough touchy-feely stuff. Let’s talk video games. When we set out to make Tahm Kench, we wanted to make a “tank’s tank”; someone who can become ridiculously hard to kill while having a strongly felt effect on the game (internally we call these “outputs”: how does the game change for everyone else because Tahm is in it?) We also decided in the very beginning of production that his outputs should fall outside the usual tank outputs of “AOE CC an entire teamfight” or “lock down / pull in one guy and enable your team to kill them”. Halfway through development we pivoted a little from wanting Tahm to be exclusively a gold-taking solo lane tank to embracing his support identity, but we liked the thought that we could deliver a champion who succeeds in different roles. We hadn’t made one of those in a while (Bard, Rek’Sai, Kalista, and Azir are all very strongly role-bound, and Gnar’s jungling is at best a super niche build) and we thought it’d be neat to enable player experimentation. Some things we obviously nailed: Tahm is tanky as all get-out and cannot be ignored. His output is a uniquely powerful ally saving move; not only is it strong, it is also super cool. Saving that low health squishy with a flash W creates a strong “holy shit Tahm, you just saved my life” moment for your ally. Here’s what didn’t work out: we expected that ally devour would be somewhat frustrating for the enemy, but we failed to predict just how bad it would be. We’ve clearly heard your feedback that the champion is frustrating to play against, but we also have other data points to back this up. When supports enter the top 3 of most banned champions, something tends to be off. Soraka’s recent rise in bans due to our changes to Grievous Wounds and the addition of the Windspeaker’s Blessing mastery is one good example of this. Clearly enough of you are so frustrated playing against Tahm that you’re happy to spend one of your three bans on him. So let’s talk about this. We have always known that uniquely strong safety moves will create frustration. Some amount of frustration is absolutely a necessary part of the game. Frustration at your plans not working out or the enemy outplaying you is an essential low moment in a PvP game like League, which buys us the high moments when things do work out. So frustration per se is not a bad thing. It’s when a moment feels unfair or like there was nothing else you could have done that we have a problem. Part of this was a last minute decision to give Tahm MS away from the enemy with an ally in his stomach. This came out of lane testing, particularly when Tahm and his ally lost their lane. It felt like there was absolutely nothing Tahm could bring to the table once the lane started to go against him. Particularly when the enemy kept ganking to drive the advantage home, Devour never seemed to help. We may have overreacted to feedback here. Devour should feel like a sacrificial move. The Tahm player should feel like he saved an important ally’s life at the cost of his own or of at least a good chunk of his health. The 20% movement speed away from enemies means that not only does Tahm save a friend, he thereby also buys himself more safety. Stripping this mechanic was a no brainer; expect to see this change for 5.24. There are two more contributing factors to the feeling of frustration I want to talk about real quick. One is that he just seems unkillable, and the other is that he outputs a buttload of damage. Tahm’s E is a necessary tool for a tank champion, but the exact tuning may be off. The active should be the button that allows him to wade into the thick of things and pick up an ally in need, and the passive should make it so he doesn’t just straight-up lose to any amount of poke. Our current feeling is that both the amount of time over which the shield decays might be too long (turning the shield from an anti-burst tool to a “lol I got two health bars” tool over the duration of a typical teamfight) and the delay before grey health turns back into health might be too long, making it too easy for Tahm to get to full shield. We’ve not made up our minds about this yet, but it’s on our radar. Finally, damage. Tahm has the potential to do an exceptional amount of damage for a tank. Abyssal Voyage’s passive is tuned to be very strong. On any champion who has the tools to get to you and stick to you easily this would almost certainly be problematic. But we cannot look at a mechanic in a vacuum (the poor guy would suffocate). Against most of our roster, Tahm does not have the tools to get to an enemy and stick to them. Nearly every ADC should be able to kite him, anyone with a mobility tool should be able to opt out of fighting him, and so on. We believe that as long as Tahm’s stickiness and catch potential remain as low as they are, it is okay for him to have the damage he does. There are edge cases that may need looking at here. For one, if you go into a 2v2 trade that turns into a 1v1 and you’re now in melee range of a Tahm who already has 3 stacks on you, you will likely not be able to get away from him without a kiting / mobility tool. Yes, there are certain champions that don’t have any of these tools and they just never can 1v1 Tahm, which feels bad against a support. So the TL;DR on his damage is: yes it’s very high, but the problem is that certain champs can’t opt out of fighting him when they should be able to. If anything, we’d look at that. We have some thoughts about the cooperative use of Tahm’s ultimate as well, but I’ve been going on for too long already. How do you feel about Tahm’s current state? Do you disagree strongly with any of the above?
In case you miss my tweet: Have you guys thought about changing the cooldown time or travel time specifically when Tahm's carrying an ally? That way if you're solo traveling you're not getting the full use of your ult and making your team wait longer to make big plays.
: Champion Q&A: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
Please give me your best ideas for a dish themed around Illaoi. Thanks. :]
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: I would love to be a part of this play test. I've played this game since release and have been lucky enough to find some life long friends a long the way some of them rioters some of them just random pubs from normal or rank q. I've always wanted to give something back to the community in any possible way so I would love the opportunity. Also if chef lubu isn't there I can fill in and speak for his theory that Aatrox and tahm kench are brothers.
Lyte (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=OH NO ITS LU BU,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=cbjqhKIZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-14T18:50:43.164+0000) > > Fly me out, Jeff. You going to feed the team? If so, let's negotiate.
I can. Your kitchen has plenty of space and product. You provide the area, I'll feed.
Lyte (NA)
: Come help playtest a new feature at Riot HQ in Los Angeles!
: Me... but I have no life so.
You should never apologize for reading good writing.
Yinless (NA)
: Honestly who red all of this.
Most of the people posting, you shitlord.
: Chef Lu Bu - Kench’s Catfish
If you guys have any questions for me, hit me up! :]
: Between Two Turrets - Chat with research manager Davin! [COMPLETE]
If you could be any kind of grilled cheese, what kind would you be and why?
Lathirn (NA)
: Aren't you the Cool chef guy from the LOL bar place? Ya know the video Riot made, right?
Rhojin (NA)
: MMR Boosting Punishments for the 2015 Season
: Sad I missed out on meeting you the other day. Next time!
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
Have you guys told people about how much animation went into his face/mouth?
: I was thinking about you when designing the launch skin. Finally a Chef skin!
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
Second Question, Are there any region specific unique interactions that you guys are aware of that you find unique/super interesting that we wouldn't normally get in the English localization?
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
What references did you use to make sure the southern dialect and script would be true to the source without coming off as insulting or pandering or just generally mocking the people of the south? Also, thanks for Tahm Kench. <3
: In my opinion, these are some of the worst skins to come out this year (refering to the news ones, TF always had his skin and it's pretty good)
In my opinion you don't know your ass from hole in the ground.
: HOW DOES THIS ONLY HAVE TWO UPVOTES *makes popcorn for all of the Boards denizens*
People be ignoring the Original Content!
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: Interview with Surrender@20's Moobeat!
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: As I mentioned, *repeat offenders* are who will be detected and filtered. It sounds like you should be OK.
I still think that's bullshit because the draft system was legitimately unclear.
: LeaverBuster won't punish you if your internet dropped in 1 champ select lobby. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714-LeaverBuster-FAQ For people though who 'forget' to pick their champion multiple times.. :) Given that you have to click "Accept" to make it into a lobby, I'm wondering how people 'forget' multiple games to lock in a champ in the 50 seconds + pick-time between that and game start. :/ Regardless, the result for the other 9 players is still they same. :( They have to go back into queue and wait all over again.
It happened several times to me because I felt like it was unclear. Thanks.
Beastfu (NA)
: One challenge we faced was clarifying the reversed champ select process, so that you knew who was doing what for which side. These changes couldn't diverge too much from the general Draft mode experience to maintain a sense of consistency. Tech-wise, for Featured Game Modes we always want to make manageable modifications to the code while we can continually, and quickly, crank out new experiences. But, this gets a little tricky for modes like Nemesis Draft, where we touch critical areas of code like champ select! As for Ziggs, for all his work he's made a nice bit of RP!
A lot of people, myself included, complained that the draft was still very difficult to read and I ended up getting a two hour timeout because I didn't understand when I was supposed to pick. This happened a lot to people that were last pick for their team, actually. Several people in the community complained about it on twitter and I even submitted a support ticket and made threads that it was a confusing experience. I know there were threads on the PBE forums and the featured game mode about it. I know that the feedback was submitted. I feel like it was a major missed opportunity that it wasn't better clarified and I think it hurt the game mode significantly. I believe that a portion of the people "afking" or dodging the mode was actually do to an unclear champ select screen. I don't have a question, but I find your team's blanket response of "this mode went of without hitch" to be massively untrue and unfair to those of us whose experience was marred.
: Sometimes it feels like modes aren't on PBE long enough. :/ While there weren't any problems with Nemesis Draft, it never hurts to have more soak time for testing in game development. ^_-
I disagree and even submitted a ticket about it to support. I can only assume that it never got to you.
RiotChun (NA)
: Mordekaiser 5.4 changes
How will these changes help Morde in a 1v1? How will they affect his skirmishing, counter ganking, etc? I understand current meta is not usually taken into consideration when changing kits, but how would you compare his kit to other people in the same lane?
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: you joined the army you say? did you join as a food service specialist? if not then what was your MOS?
I was a 96 bravo. Intelligence Analyst
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
: Chef LuBu: Professional Feeder
Holy shit guys, this is awesome
llamasx (NA)
: Ah! I remember reading some of this guy's posts with his league themed recipes a long while ago. I never got around to trying them but they seemed delicious. Nice to see him getting some recognition.
: That {{champion:17}} shroom chef hat is amazing
: And parents are always saying that video games won't get you anywhere...
WTB better parents, amirite
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