: Patch 9.23 notes
40% Ultimate CD Red from Cloud Drake, 5% from Cosmic Insight, 15% from Ultimate Hunter on top of normal 40%. That gives us... 100% Ultimate CD Red. Umm, perma Karthus and Ezreal bans?
: We're changing RP's name
Really? Not standing for anything? And here I though we will have Red Essence with our Blue Essence and Orange Essence. All you woould need to do is change 'P' to 'E'.
CLG ear (NA)
: prestige star guardian neeko
I wonder if I just guessed correctly or Riot listened to my suggestion month ago when I posted this: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/0PGlEVl6-patch-915-notes?comment=0064
: Patch 9.15 notes
Next event is Star Guardian, right? Can we skip this one? I want Prestige Star Guardian Neeko and Star Guardian Zoe skins already.
: The Final Week Begins
Is this time to use our Faceless' strategy, where every Faceless account makes 3 accounts for other houses? We win not by increasing our own average points, but by decreasing average of others.
Deusraix (NA)
: The Faceless are biding their time.
We are so unpredictable, we'll be at 0th place next week.
: What "House" is the best?
Depends on what you consider best. Council has best map control, United have best coordination, Warband are best solo playmakers and Faceless are most versatile. As an "everything can be a support" player, my choice go to the Faceless.
: Trials Pass Houses
https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/welcome-mid-season-trials https://youtu.be/vhoHabL4zz4 All the info you need. Courtesy of team Faceless.
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
So now people who decided to do control ward mission instead of that easy Nunu one get bonus 2 BE. That's so unfair. LOL.
: Champion Revealed: Neeko, The Curious Chameleon
Just curious. If there are at least two Neekos in team (One for All for example), can Neeko mimic another Neeko and if she can. does she use her normal set of dialogue quotes or her disguised set?
: 16 countries agree to fight Lootboxes
Actually Hextech Chests and Champion Progression boxes are not gambling, since you can't trade/sell contents to other players. You can buy them skins and champions (even random), but you can't sell them skin or skin shard that you already got, but don't want. On the other hand... things like Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering are considered gambling, according to those rules
: Morning Star Veterans (HARD) or Perfect Composition (all same champion) invite
I'm up for Veterans mission as long as I don't need to play Yasuo.
DakskL (NA)
: the new extraction game mode 5 man yasuo hmu
: League of Stats
I noticed ability to compare with experts. How does one become an expert. I want to be one for Support Fizz.
: No... Not really. The problem with supports bot lane was we could easily force an ADC out of the one pot they get, while being at essentially no detriment if we get poked. We still get to do that, but we actually get to be punished for overstepping in our harassment. Plus this means getting the 2nd tier support item first back will overall be easier, even if behind. It doesn't slow down the lane, but it does change the dynamic to punish bad support players.
Actually, I was starting with Relic Shield with Rejuvenation Bead on melee champions. So if I want to stay healthy on lane, I will need to buy potions, which will force me postpone getting 2nd tier longer, especially in bad matchups. That in turn will make me play more passively, since staying alive gives more opportunity to gain gold and that slows down lane.
: Patch 8.15 Notes
There go my support starting item sets of Ancient Coin+Rejuvenation Bead, Relic Shield+Rejuvenation Bead and Spellthief's Edge+Faerie Charm, which let me get higher tiers of support items quicker, while giving me much needed early health or mana sustain. Riot, can you lower costs of the latter in each pair to 100 gold?
: Patch 8.1 notes
> Normally, selling an item means buying another right after. Selling and then leaving base immediately is mostly the product of misclicking. Normally being a keyword. Mind turning it off for Kleptomancy users? They tend to sell items, if they're in base to make spot for thing they can get but not use immiediately.
: Love how they copied Yuno from future diary {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
{{sticker:sg-jinx}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: LF people to do Star Guardian Quests with
: Heya Queen of Heals! Glad you're enjoying the changes overall :) Just to kind of recap on what our goals are with coin: With the coin changes we were aiming to change that extremely passive and non-interactive playstyle of Coin. Basically, all you had to do was to be somewhere near the lane and you'd reap the benefits without having to do much than simply existing in that general area. Now, with this iteration it is interactive and there's decision making and tension between it; is it worth the risk to pick up these coins? Will I get punished? Can I grab a lot of coins early to reap the benefits and get a great first buy? Should I or should I not pick it up? Etc. With that in mind, you have the potential to make decisions which end up being right or wrong. If you make a lot of good decisions around coin pick up, you will reap the benefits from it. If you make poor decisions with this item, you will get punished. Being able to make good decisions with this item takes time and practice so you might feel like you're being punished too much initially. However, we also understand that in some matchups it can feel like there are not a lot of chances to make good decisions, which leads to frustration. Considering these things mentioned above, it is understandable that it may be uncomfortable to be forced to interact with the coins and therefore the lane as you are used to being able to sit back and slowly accumulate gold by simply existing near a wave plus some matchups can be really rough to allow for coin collection. We are actively monitoring player feedback with the coin changes to find a good balance between risk and reward and if the risk clearly outweighs the reward most of the time we will address that :)
How about thiese changes: 1 - add passive 25% hp regen. Mostly because best gold option for Soraka is coin and unless there are enemies to poke close by, she has no means of getting back hp she spent on healing. 2 - increase coin droprate, but make all of them grant both 2% of missing mana and 5 gold. It's to prevent being locked out of one or the other because of bad RNG. 3 - allow coins to be collected with auto attacks.
Derfel (NA)
: If you don't build redemption locket on support, don't play the fucking game
Eh, another player who thinks he knows best, just because he knows meta. Meta is good to learn basics, but to play efficiently you need versatility and adaptability. You might think support should buy sightstone, but players rarely escort them. They might get jumped and won't even have time to place a ward. As such, less tanky supports should go for blue warding trinket and use it as often as possible, to ward places in advance from safe distance, You might think support should buy Redemption, but the core elements of this item are HP+mana regen and increased heal and shield power. Thus this item is best on 1) mana using tanks, to give them additional means of aiding allies on top of survivability (HP) and means to be helpful (mana) and 2) supports which excel at shielding and healing. You might think support should buy Locket of Iron Solari, but its focus on mr and armor makes it pretty bad choice for any support that doesn't already have lots of HP from other items. So you might now think: just play supports that can use them. Support is supposed to support and that means filling blanks in team composition. AD mid, top and jg with not much cc? Go for AP mage with CC like Veigar or Lux. Lack of tanky top and jg? Go for tank, like Braum. No AP and tank? Tank that can deal significant magic dmg then, like Vlad or Maokai. AP on every lane? Go for another AD carry, like AD MF or Ashe, so enemies need to split their focus between you and ADC.
Majki (NA)
: {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} I am looking for someone in NA to trade / gift each other. I want Xayah and the exchange icon! Hit me up yo! :D {{item:3086}}
AS5orGas (NA)
: Do I have to gift two of the champs in order to get the icon, or is it just one of them?
There is "or" in news, so one is enough.
: I'll be gifting both champs to a number of friends. It's a good thing to do! :)
Are you looking for new friends, though?
: Depends, if you are using IP, I would prefer to receive first. If using RP... Then I can send first to show that I have trust in the league community, or, atleast this thread
I don't have that trust unfortunately. Especially, since I can't even farm IP very fast due to my job causing me to loose 2/3 of every month.
: Im looking to get Rakan, you would however need to send first (as I would need to add RP to my account)
We need to wait at least 24 hours to trade either way (about 40 for me, since I have 24 hour shift tomorrow), so you will have time to add RP. But I guess we both have trust issues and none of us will gift first, right?
Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
Summoner Name: OKIGorgon Receive. I'm fine with trading as long as I receive it first
: I'm only not geeting them so someone can get the icon I really just want someone to gift too, whats your IGN
Aren't our IGN and forum nickname the same?
: if anyone wants the summoner icon and doesn't have friends maybe we can kill 2 birds with one stone......get it cuz they have feathers? trying to find someone to gift too or also am available for gifting :)
: I was going to trade a gift for a gift with someone but as soon as i gifted them they left {{item:3070}}
And this is why I have trust issues and won't gift unless I get gifted first. And I'm well aware this might lead to both sides not trusting each other and not gaining anything.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Which champion will you play first ? ;D RAKAN ? OR XAYAH? [VOTE]
: New Champs are too OP together
I actually prefer female fox duo: ADC {{champion:498}} and Support {{champion:103}} . Works pretty well, despite them not having good relationship lorewise.
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
As much as I would like Diana to win, Moon can't shine without the Sun.
Nyyre (NA)
: {{champion:99}} Piiiika piiiiii
Wouldn't {{champion:85}} be better for that?
Lyte (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=OKIGorgon,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=WV2VqZca,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2015-11-12T19:18:31.844+0000) > > Does this mean, it's impossible to wait until timer runs out to NOT ban anyone? Will we get option to abstain from banning or to ban random champion? I actually prefer banless games (even ranked) just because of challenge it provides. No, we've intentionally removed the ability to let the timer run out to lock in a Pick, or skip a Ban. When you're in a team with strangers, skipping a ban is a confusing and frustrating experience for the rest of the team (and they often misunderstand it as the Captain being AFK). If you really want the challenge of skipping bans, grab 4 friends and join Dynamic Queue as a Premade of 5 and ban random champions.
So is there a random ban option then?
Lyte (NA)
: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
> If a player fails to lock in a pick or ban, champ select ends and players return to queue Does this mean, it's impossible to wait until timer runs out to NOT ban anyone? Will we get option to abstain from banning or to ban random champion? I actually prefer banless games (even ranked) just because of challenge it provides.
: Does anyone want Lulu or Soraka to be like they used to be? Only the people that played them. And Zyra was originally a mid lol.
As much as I want self-infusing for mana regen and having big heal every 10s without cd red {{champion:16}} Soraka and walking defence boost {{champion:37}} Sona back, Riot didn't like Sona vs Soraka stalling bot (making it unpushable for either of team) and decided to nerf heals and make supports be more offensive. Guess Riot doesn't understand that slow game of (timerless) chess (with defenseless healer safely behind back keeping allies at full hp and forcing enemies to think slowly, how to attack from behind to take down support first or bait enemy into mistake and pick them one-by-one) can be as fun as quick game of tennis (where teams just clash into each other, where better composition, better stats and faster fingers win). Riot said damaging is fun, so undoing damage (healing) is not fun. That's not case, though: Being damaged is as not fun as having your damage healed and damaging enemies is as fun as seeing ally succeed because of your heal or being able to cheat death thanks to allied heal. Maybe now, that CC supports are more popular and sustain ones are not, there will be heal buff.
Fritterz (NA)
: These are not the {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} you are looking for... waves hand
Really? Nautilus instead of Orianna?
: So what's the point of the PBE if feedback is ignored?
Is it time to bring outdated 2-1-2-no jungle meta to quickly destroy top and get to mid game, thus not giving junglers enough time to enjoy free jungle?
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Kinda hard to to get punished, if I simply concentrate on game too much. No time for idle talk, thus nothing to make me get in trouble. Though saying "You can't report me for feature" happens quite often, when I play {{champion:44}} on ARAM and others, instead of just muting me, rage about constantly hearing that gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous and keep saying that they will report me.
: Preseason 2015: Diversifying Objectives
If you make damage reduction from inhibitor turrets' energy beam not effective, when affected champion is only attacking turret, the change is fine by me. Otherwise trading few hits with turret (or even dying) in order to solo backdoor turret on verge of destruction might not be worth it anymore.
: Lists of Legends: 10 Themed Team Comps to Try in Team Builder
No unique non-meta team comps... Boring. I'll pass.
: Doom Bots of Doom Q&A with the Play team. 7/23, 2PM - 4PM PST
I think that all bots needs a little better reaction time to split pushing and backdooring.
: Do you guys feel that you properly captured the scariest parts of all the bots that were included in the game mode? Were there any champions that you wish could have made it into the game mode?
Doombot {{champion:37}} which works just like on URF.


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