: That's technically what was already done with the jungle changes, and we have a resounding number of people complaining here that Riot killed the jungle.
Right now it's more a 'if your jg falls behind, they are hosed unless gank fed.' If I get even a slight advantage over my opponent, I use that to start with scuttle and river control, into drake, rift and outer tower control, meanwhile it's invade city. Eventually I have a 3-4 level lead and am an item up on the enemy jg and it's over barring a throw. That's what killed the jungle now. If you're even a smidge behind and it can be exploited there is no come back usually. If you end up on the receiving end of that you're donezo 80%-plus of the time, in my experience.
: you're right. it's rito james™ holding you down for 1000 games. you deserve challenjour, not silver!
Heh. 5 cs/min for jg is basically pro level cs. For a laner, yeah not so good. The only item on that list I hit is low KP.
: Mordekaiser is basically a gameshark
I just play Udyr -- Wit's End and BoRK, then e q and shove your hands so far up the ulting Morde's ass you get to use him as a Muppet. Unless he's stupid fed, works every time.
: Lovely idea. You agree with me I see. If you have to sit on R CD you can't carry. Derp Derp.
QSS will purge morde ult. Tenacity will also reduce the duration. You can also Zhonya's the ult projectile if fast enough on reactions and at a decent range from rift-walking.
: Who are your top 2 champs per position? Please comment
Top: {{champion:516}} {{champion:83}} JG: {{champion:113}} {{champion:254}} Mid: {{champion:45}} {{champion:50}} Bot: {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} Support: {{champion:89}} {{champion:25}}
: Actually, tanks and front line are extremely useful once you get above Iron. As someone who has actually played League semi-often, if your team is full ad and their team is hybrid, you're pretty much fucked late game. If they have two tanks and you have 0. You're pretty much fucked unless you snowball hard early or they fuck up late. If two tanks just stack health and armor, they're pretty much unkillable. I've played tanks like Sion, Tahm Kench and Sion into full AD team comps, and I'll say it, enemy team feels like a wet noodle(unless they've got Yi or Vayne). Armor stacking is pretty strong since there aren't any real tank killing items besides last whisper items and black cleaver. So I don't really understand why you're saying this. Also you claim to be playing since season 1 but you're only level 7. Either youre bullshitting or you're on your smurf? If the latter, why are you on your smurf? Either it's just cause you're logged in like that, or you got banned. So which is it?
Same here. I spam Sejuani jg, and against a full ad team I'll easily have 200+ armor fast. God help them fighting me unless it's Fiora, Yi or Vayne. I just had a game the other day against a full ad no tank comp. I felt dirty during team fights.
Ifneth (NA)
: Even a 0 gold and XP buff would not be a nerf—just getting the same as before. The concern was that junglers would lose out.
But they do. Just instead of the fight being at scuttle, it's now at the non-leashed buff. If your jg loses that buff and dies, they are boned. Now down levels and losing both scuttles (first will be taken while they are dead unless somehow the lanes respond, second they cannot contest), chances are your jg is still level two to enemy level four, and thus is now out of the game for 5-10 mins while they try to catch up, if they ever can because now they're under constant invade and tracked hard.
: There is in fact more gold and xp (if I understand it correctly). There still the same number of camps but you’re taking scuttle at a different point in your clear rotation; and since that point is later in the game, you get more gold and xp since the scutttle will have a higher level when you take it.
It's not, tho. Because of the way jg monsters scale after the most recent nerf, the first scuttles are basically the same gold and exp. The whole map would need to gain two levels in 1:15. If the exp and gold do go up, it's by less than five.
: If you order delivery, please tip your driver.
I always tip well for those who deliver to me. Drivers remember customers who tip well, and you'd be amazed what things happen for you in such a case. My local Domino's knows me well, and golly, I always seem to get little things like free parmesan, or delivery times that are much faster than quoted. I'm of limited mobility since an accident last year, and dammit I appreciate these people.
: Why LP splashing is statistically trash, and how to fix it.
You'd lose 3 LP, but would gain 9-12 in main for off role. At least that's what I had experienced. For the off role itself in the 3 auto-filled games I had I gained 56, 58 and 58 LP. I was fine with that.
Yets4240 (NA)
: Are you just forgetting that teambuilder existed, was far better, and that autofill was ***NOT*** A PART OF THE REWORKED POSITION SYSTEM. I know RIOT released them at the same time, but they are different systems, and in no way, shape, nor form needed to coincide, as both are entirely independent of each other functionally. The reworked queue system in season 6 is a different beast than autofill. We very well could have either teambuilder, or our current system, or dyanmic queue, or the season 7 queue or even all of them as different options, and not a single one would require autofill as well.
While team builder existed -- I've not forgotten and it was superior -- it didn't happen in solo queue or for those like myself who didn't have a consistent team. Forgive me, I should have put that in that first bit. One got into a game, if you were last pick, chances were you played support unless someone higher than you was a support main. That was rare as hell, and I became a support main myself at the time since I got put into later picks a lot. The reworked ranked system came from people bitching about auto-fillers causing lost games, and auto fill came from people bitching about 20-30 min or more queue times, after people bitched that they could not queue for a specific role. What's that phrase.... ah yes. Be careful what ye wish for, as ye just might get it. As for me, I play out my autofilled games and have yet to lose one this season (two jg and one support fill). As a result, I autofill less often (only three games in six weeks) and the bonuses are staggering -- 56-58 LP for the off role, and usually 10-12 for my main role. My personal opinion: if someone don't have at least two champions you can play in any role, they shouldn't be in Ranked.
: > [{quoted}](name=rikusbby,realm=NA,application-id=6WpmgL9O,discussion-id=pUZYh5Ew,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-03-02T15:21:32.673+0000) > > I still can't log in> I get an error message "We're unable to log you in cause you may be offline" and I'm not and I am just trying to get this fixed. :) This still an issue?
I'm experiencing this now. It also constantly 'recovers', repatches, and then still states I'm offline WHILE IT IS DOWNLOADING THE PATCH! It's gone about six rounds now, I believe. EDIT: ok, got in, it just took about nine goes of recycling the client.
Yets4240 (NA)
: So, what you're saying is, positional matchmaking is such shit that it doesn't actually account for skill level, (as people have been complaining since it was outlined, let alone implemented) and is inherently unbalanced and absuable (just look up your lobbies stats, even if they aren't your friends, trade for better roles). Additionally, that RIOT is only using it as a stopgap measure for the atrocious and much decried Autofill system forcing you on to roles you do not prefer, and that, without yet another obnoxious, unfun, and contrary to their stated design philosophy stopgap measure which punishes you for using a designed and intended feature (role swapping) in a gamemode it was originally designed for, (Ranked Draft) is RIOT's solution? What the actual fuck RIOT. Get your goddamn shit together already. We're tired of this bullshit.
And yet Autofill came about because Riot gave us what we asked for: the ability to queue for specific roles. People tend to not play support (becuz imma carrah these scrubs lel) or jg (because it's the role that gets the most shit and actually the hardest role to truly play). Queue times became insane -- at higher elos it got to 50 mins plus when this first came out in season 6. Thus, autofill. However, people now autofilling are usually not as good at the role as a typical rank indicates -- just because you're a plat 1 top laner does not make you a plat 1 anything else, and people complained because now autofilled players caused losses. So now there's positional matchmaking so that if you do autofill, you're not 100% fucked, esp if you autofill jg or mid (I have done both). But that system is predicated on people playing the game out as what they got to avoid duo abuse. Would you want to go back to season 5's pick order, and if you picked last you usually got support because fuck you RNG says you pick last? You also didn't get your own ban, all bans were done by whoever picked first. You had to know more to play even Draft back then, simply because you could get any role at the drop of a hat.
: Story behind your league names?
I kept trying to get a user name that wasn't already taken. 28 attempts later I was like omg this is sooooo annoying.... typed this and it worked.
Rioter Comments
flamedav (NA)
: Akali First R Stopping and Shadow Kayn W Invisible
For blue Kayn W, since he can move while casting it, he is casting it from beyond vision then moving in. Thus, like anyone else that uses similar abilities, it cannot be seen. That's no bug, just good play on his part.
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yA5H7iUT,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-12-26T09:40:33.190+0000) > > That's just part of the problem. But Jax himself is a much bigger part. He has 2 sources of on-hit damage and with Rageblade he's doubling down on them. To that add his dodge and R active and he's not only doing ADC levels of mixed sustained damage, he is also insanely hard to deal with because of his added durability. LMAO good jax never build rageblade dude just shut up at this point you obviously never play jax in high elo
Or even low elo... most I know get triforce titanic then build tank.
: Sell us Announcer packs already
Why Phreak? Let me listen to Sjokz or Evelynn all day. Take my money.
Aseraan (EUW)
: What does failing a gank means tho? If i go into ur lane and blow ur flash and make you go back and tp back to top and it cost me a flash or ghost thats a win for me and my laner same for bot. If anything a failed gank is if i die whit buffs or whit a bigahs bounty.
IMO failing a gank is: 1. Not getting any summoners out, no kill, no forced recall. 2. I, as the jg, die. Worse, we both do. 3. We get 1 and 2 right, but no objectives or map pressure (situational -- if we turn a bad recall for our laner into a good one, that works).
: so if im not a tank its ok for me to die to dives early. thats basically what you're saying.
Nah, you're putting your own spin on that. If you're not a tank, you likely have cc or mobility to outplay a dive. Either way, that is on the laner, not the jungler.
: you realize if the top is a tank and the jungler is graves/any meta jungler, you will be dove whenever and wherever? have you played vs any actually decent junglers?
Yes. And that depends on the match up. A tank/tankier top should still be able to absorb that gank early and at least go even. If they couldn't, it means they were down on hp or out of position earlier to lead to that dive.
: true when you get dove for the 4th time by someone fighting ai and is somehow equal exp and gold to you, it really makes it your fault for not warding the tower you're standing under.
If you're being tower dove you made misplays that allowed them to do it. Either you didn't dodge long range poke, got caught out of position, or took a bad trade. If it's the fourth tower dive, you've done it more than once. That's on the laner(s).
: When I'm dominating my enemy laner and they start calling my champion brain dead
Your champion may be brain dead, but theirs is all dead. There's only one thing you can do. Go through their pockets for loose change.
: PSA to the jungler that “watched every single one of my deaths and observed my bad play in lane”
There's a lot that goes into a gank before it happens. First, are you in a position to actually help? Would I NEED that help to make an effective gank? If it's no/yes respectively to those, no gank. Effective gank to me = blow enemy flash or other summoner, enemy laner is killed, force an enemy recall, or any combo of these. Bonus points if it's flash PLUS kill after level 6. Before that, flash plus recall is best since enemy laners lose more cs to a bad recall early (8 second recall animation is longer than a four second death timer). Second, am I in a position to make one? If I am behind, I gank less simply because I know I am weaker. Third, do I know where the enemy jg is or have they been spotted recently? If my laners are behind this is critical information. Fourth, is there a better team option? Example: enemy jg spotted top and out bot lane has priority or is even? My, that infernal drake looks juicier. I'll do that FIRST. Forcing a low-chance gank is THE WORST thing a jg can do, especially early. You reveal your position, and worse may feed the enemy laner a kill he otherwise might not get.
: Well, I wasn't aware of that. But in that case, True Sight, no matter where it comes from (Turret, Cupcake, Flower) should override her shroud's stealth.
That is the issue. Her stealth even beats True Sight.
Hellmet (NA)
: So many snowflakes these days. Man up and do your job! Do you think that we all didn't work those type of jobs when we were young? Only so many people are handed the silver spoon, we have been there. If anything what I see today is a gross disrespect for elders and willingness to help people when they need help. It frustrates people and pisses them off which is why you are getting treated so bad. Want some examples? When I was young and worked retail I stepped out of the customers way, I let them have the right of way on the isle. Yes this is a small thing but I can't tell you how many times in a Walmart the employees walk around like they give no shits about the customer... and yes, it pisses them off when they are trying to get their shopping done and get home. I can't tell you how many times I've asked somebody a question in retail and they don't even make an attempt to try to answer it, simple questions like, what isle is the ketchup in? You would have thought I asked them to analyze my 401k! The horrible part is, even if they know the answer they don't answer correctly. They say something like, 'I think it's on isle 8?' Well is it or is it not? If you have doubt, walk with me over there and let's find it together... you don't get that today. And the worse is when they say I don't know, and go back to stocking. lol How about you move your lazy ass and go find somebody for me that can answer the question. You may think it's rough to work a minimum wage job, but trust me, the reason it's rough is because the reputation your generation has... lazy, not giving a shit about anything other than yourself... and then the best part, having the balls to cry and whine about how the world is against you. And trust me on this, if you think it's hard now, when you get a real job they will rip you apart if you don't grow some balls.
I think you have missed the OP's point. Granted, there are subpar customer service people out there. However, if there's something the basic rep cannot change (the fact that they're brand new at the job, staffing at registers, long hold time on a phone call because one is calling at the busiest time of the week, whether or not the store is out of an item, etc), don't bash on the rep. It accomplishes nothing except maybe getting you worse service -- you're biting the hand that you are asking to help you.
YuGiHo (NA)
: yea, champs with aoe destroy her when she uses shroud. Darius an riven especially in my experience. darius q bonus damage area is perfectly aligned with the shape of her shroud and riven is all aoe with 2 stuns so once sh learns where akali is sh can unload all her damage in that area. Im sure there are other champs that have ways to counter akali shroud but people have to actually figure out what works and then pick it over the champion they are trying to 1 trick
I've been playing more Vi lately since there are so many assassins. Land one Q on Akali, even in her smoke, and just follow up with your combo (Q AA E R AA E). If she's not stupid fed, Akali is dead.
: Yes, the sink hole effect. This reinforces the theft of magic--by utilizing her power, she stops magic from going anywhere around her. Thus, she manipulates outside sources for power, rather than being internally driven by her own specific magic. This isn't inherently tragic; you can see things like this with Vladimir and he's no more tragic for it. Why in the world does she need to be a sinkhole? Why can she not, instead, be someone who acts like a fountain of magical power, a mortal walking the power to transcendence? Re-arranging the power of others is almost entirely what Xerath does with his theft of Ascension energy. It makes sense for him to work that way, it's part of his modus operandi. Syndra was always her own power source, now she is not.
I am seeing it differently. She is still her own source of power. However, her use of that power affects all life and magic around her due to how she uses it.
: What is the meanest (legal) thing you've done to an enemy team to get a win?
I was playing reworked Urgot. /all chat "Scorpion Wins. FATALITY." and "GET OVER HERE!!!!"... every ult kill. 15 kills later it's a 3v5 when their top and jg rage quit.
: His ult negates CC by being able to cast through it, even when freaking suppressed. being dragged to your doom by urgot? Press R
Nah, he still dies to the ult once the reel starts. He becomes untargetable, so cannot ult during the reel in (because he can't target himself). If he ults first, then he lives.
: > [{quoted}](name=TonyTonyMordecai,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=33YAZMZR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-09T01:34:34.706+0000) > > [Gordon Ramsay] That rack of lamb is RAAWWWW {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:19}} :"..........Is that a problem?"
: It's kind of interesting how instead of looking at the demographics of who was causing the issues they quoted (level 3 ganks when the lane is still level 2), they just nerfed everything. I mean, it's not like the fact that champs like Yi, and WW, and Xin were ganking lanes who were at only level two has anything to do with their kits allowing them to safely clear camps at ridiculous speeds.
If it was just them, sure. But it was just about all junglers that would be L3 while laners were L2. I was also doing this on Vi, Voli, Jax, even Ivern.
Spencer (NA)
: I find people have a misconception about what a jungler is doing. "Why are you always ganking top... we are losing bot." Well... I am always ganking top precisely because you are losing bot. I'm not your catch-up mechanic (that's a good way to give the lane you already fed an extra kill). I'm your get-further-ahead mechanic. You want ganks? Win your lane and we'll snowball together. If you have a rough early game, no problem... play safe and if you can sufficiently catch-up, you'll get ganks again. Or you'll go into the mid game slightly behind but with a fed top. Catch up then. tl;dr: Jungles don't gank to "help you out" when you're behind. That's dumb.
True story. I'll do one if 1) I happen to be there, 2) the fed enemies are pushed, 3) they're not TOO fed (seriously, if you're both facing a 5/0 Draven, still not happening), 4) I am not behind myself, 5) I know where their own jg is if he's not already in that lane. If the five pillars of a solid catch up gank are not there, well.... negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.
: Oh.. that's kind of lame. Now it's just whoever gets a lead instead of whoever focused objectives. I'm not crazy though right? It worked how I said at some point?
Not that I'm aware of. And while you might have a gold lead, the experience lead will eventually even out. It's also fairly tough to sustain an average level lead of six-plus unless you have two or three people REALLY fed and farming well early game and mid game.
130x (NA)
: Objectives only seem to help the enemy team. I can get 5 dragons and be 20 kills ahead then still die 1v1 with a 0 kill nasus
And that is why if I've got a Veigar or Nasus on my team, the surrender vote is a bad idea. Eventually Nasus will do Nasus things and you just melt before the wonder that is a 1500 damage Q. Eventually Veigar breaks 1500 AP and double kills your carries with Q W, then auto-attacks your Rengar once before pressing R to murder him because he doesn't like that growly heavy breathing. It's especially entertaining when you have them BOTH and the enemy team goes "wtf how do they do so much damage now?"
: I don't remember but I think they changed that? If they didnt change it then yes. It goes by towers in a lane. If your team has 3 towers knocked out your minions do +3x% more damage. They push more for that lane. I'd rather not have hour long games that only award +5 LP, but like. I wanna be able to actually play the game too lol. Some games end before we can even group.
Almost. It goes by level of the players. If your team is higher in total levels, your minions push harder. If it's only one or two levels, it's not bad. When you get 5-6 levels over the other team, it starts being really noticeable. That got patched in sometime during Season 7, I forget when.
: what mage doesn't take manaflow band? Celerity is A-Sol and Absolute Focus is dogshit.
I don't. I tend to roll Ultimate Hat on my mages. My Veigar build gives me more than enough mana, and his ult is a wonderful execute, especially once you've hit three items and have over 1000 AP. My other well-played mages are Lux and Vel'Koz, and you want their ults up as often as possible... especially Lux's with the new buffs to Presence of Mind... a double kill resulting in a 3-4 second ult CD is just filthy.
: SUMMONERS; major culprit behind Top Lane's state & general current feel of the game. Hear me out.
I agree 100% with the whole top lane agency bit. It seems that unless I absolutely destroy my lane and get above and beyond fed, come 25 mins I'm useless unless I'm playing a straight tank -- in which case i become useless at 30 mins except to be a lifesteal bag for the other team's bot laner. It doesn't seem to matter what champ I play. Tank, jugg, fighter, doesn't matter. It's making the game not fun to play.
Terozu (NA)
: Trash talking, actually is fine.
Eh, I'll do it if I get a particular type of kill. My main one? Play Urgot, get a kill with ult... "Scorpion Wins. Fatality" or "GET OVER HERE!" and keep going. Get a triple while ulting as Illaoi? "Thanks for visiting the Hentai Thunderdome." Otherwise, meh. I'm not one of those who emote spams or what not.
: An Unskilled Guide to Runes
Another bit about Future's Market -- the 50g lending fee doesn't apply until you leave fountain. As a top laner, I often find myself 10-15 gold short for a completed item, a component, or just another potion/control ward, but I have TP up and was going to TP to lane anyway. I simply get my purchase, start my TP, and often have zero gold when my TP finishes channeling. Since I had positive gold when I left base, the lending fee doesn't get charged and it saved me a few seconds. Sometimes those seconds are crucial, especially if I'd changed my mind on where I was TP'ing to and thought "Wow, that bot lane play looks juicy."
: With the game evolving to be more fast-paced, does anyone use Celestial Body..?
I do. It synergizes well with the Demolish rune in my secondary, and I just play safer for the first several minutes. The damage loss also only applies to enemy champs and jungle monsters, so your ability to farm is not affected. It's also quite nice to have over 900hp at level one. Got full comboed for 300 damage? You shake it off, because the 250 you did back was almost half their hp. I usually don't start the heavy trading until I've done my first back and am well into my usual CS advantage anyway.
: This would be great, if it were true Did you get 15 including a cannon? Or did you miss the cannon? 15 from the jungle? If so which jungle camps? Did you clear red and blue in that 15? Or was it Raptors And Wolves? Did you miss any melee minions? What about a caster? Did you get a triumph stack during the 15 cs? Did the enemy? If so you have to compensate the 25 gold What about bandit gold? Are they gp, tf, or draven? 15 cs DOES NOT EQUAL A KILL, this stat is utter bs. As 15 cs can be cut into over 30 different gold values.......
> [{quoted}](name=Professor Ward,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W0ymkjwm,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2018-01-29T21:57:26.608+0000) > > This would be great, if it were true > > Did you get 15 including a cannon? Or did you miss the cannon? > 15 from the jungle? > If so which jungle camps? > Did you clear red and blue in that 15? > Or was it Raptors And Wolves? > Did you miss any melee minions? > What about a caster? > Did you get a triumph stack during the 15 cs? > Did the enemy? If so you have to compensate the 25 gold > What about bandit gold? > Are they gp, tf, or draven? > > > > > > > > 15 cs DOES NOT EQUAL A KILL, this stat is utter bs. > > As 15 cs can be cut into over 30 different gold values....... Okay, let's break it down then! 15 missing all cannons will be between 17-21 gold for each cs, dependent on melee or caster. So it'd be 285 on average. Round it up to 300, and you equal a kill. If you don't miss all cannons, you go over 300. If you get 15 cs from the jungle, you're getting more than 300 unless you did ONLY krugs, birds, and wolves, and you're Ivern (he gets less gold from Krugs because of his unique clear mechanic). Any large monster except the big krug is worth over 60 gold on its own. Blue side jg is 5 cs and usually worth approximately 250 gold in and of itself, not counting scuttle crab. Red side is 17 cs and worth about 320 gold, again not counting scuttle. If you missed any minions, melee or caster, guess what... YOU DON'T HAVE A CS FOR IT. Therefore, that doesn't matter, as you wouldn't have each 15 cs if you missed the minions. Now granted, there are other values of a kill, such as map pressure, experience loss, and the ability to deny farm to your opponent in lane or take their tower. But in terms of the core 300 gold value of most kills, 15 cs is generally equal to the gold value for a kill. So if you're comparing yourself to your lane opponent to see who's ahead, it's a base line to use. Nothing more.
Luliac (NA)
: 30 CS is about one kill. 10 CS is about one assist.
> [{quoted}](name=Luliac,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W0ymkjwm,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-01-29T21:12:08.363+0000) > > 30 CS is about one kill. 10 CS is about one assist. Nah, he's right, it's about 15 for a kill. 19-20 gold for 3 melee minions, 17-18 for 3 casters, so 108-114 gold for six minions. Add 48-50 gold for a cannon minion, that's 150-160g for 7 cs. With it being 300 gold for a kill, barring any shut down gold, 15 is a good average number of cs to kills.
: Support lives matter !! I mean, If anything goes bad anywhere on the map, it's always the support's fault, we are also responsible for trump's election 😈😈 I mean, don't dare run out of mana when your adc decides to rush in 1v5 in Bronze... especially if he's playing Draven
I always respect a good support, and they and junglers tend to get the most honor from me, particularly if they made a clutch play or great save. My last game I had a Tahm Kench yank me right out of a situation that would have killed me. We turned that fight around right after that because I had my Urgot ult up and got a pick... which I couldn't have done had I been dead. Honored him? Damn right I did.
: Like they could avoid this by coding it to be only available to support roles, like jg items.{{item:3711}} All because ADC's thought it would be cool
Right, except JG is specifically tied to smite. Support doesn't have a given summoner to link it to. How would you propose to code them support-only?
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
Just finished flex placements. Ended S7 at Silver 5. 5-5... welcome to Bronze V. Such bs. Solo/Duo I did worse in placements, ended the season worse, and placed HIGHER. Effing. B. S. There's no logic to it. At least make MMR transparent. Other games do.
: I mean if people are abusing them in specific areas look at why and counteract it. crippling an entire role just to force other people to not build a certain way is really ass backwards especially when that role had nothing to do with the problem in the first place.
The why was simple -- they were using them for the quests supports already used, the extra gold generation the items gave, or some of the actives. Plus the items were far cheaper than the usual lane items. ADCs were going Relic shield for the fairly sizeable shield and the ability to proc the execute easily (they'd be csing anyway, right?) to both heal themselves and their support, and generate gold for the support. This has been going on for some time -- it was even part of the Ardent Censer rush meta, because it meant more gold would come the way of the support. With the new Overheal rune, the shield and heal both became very sizable, and made it so mid and late game ADCs were pretty much immune to burst unless caught out. FQC was going more into mid and jg for more mana sustain, CDR and more gold generation off the procs. Especially jg since the cs cooldown didn't work on jungle monsters. Clear half the jg, gank, quick 30-45 gold each time. The ghosts were basically a free can't miss slow, making ganks and gank setup from mid lane easy cheesy. Granted, some were also bringing FQC top for the same setup reason -- I did it on a Kennen game with Eve jg. It was just outright dirty. Two sets of ghosts (Eve also had FQC), Eve charm into Kennen stun... even if you flashed, you were probably dead if you didn't get out right away... because you had to see Eve coming first. Coin would go top because the Tier 3 item itself gave the 45 armor, plus if you missed CS you'd get the coins. The active made it so the abusers (Nasus in particular) couldn't be escaped from. Coin made Klepto Nasus into the super broken monster he was, since he'd hit his power spikes 5-10 mins faster. If you could pick a specific area and counter it, go for it. But in this case, it's literally all over the map. At that point, it's the items.
: theyre forcing adcs to build items that arent support items, making it better for the game overall
Yeah, it's more of 'adc, top, mid and jg are abusing these items, so we need to smash them some. Sorry support people"
: The importance of farming. Very Important!
I'd state this is even more important in top lane because of how much an island it is. Kills are a chance. Minion farm is a sure thing. I had a game yesterday/early this morning where I was doing poorly in deaths but then I looked at the farm and realized I was actually ahead in gold because while I did cough up two kills, I had nearly 40 more cs at the time. I immediately calmed down, kept my head in the game and then hit my item spikes anyway. Ended the game 70 farm up on my opponent.
: Who the fuck would ever take market or dematerializer over magic boots?
I've been taking market more and more on champs when I have that tree. It's like having an extra 200-ish gold on first back. If you're farming well, you make it back up in no time. And it's easier to get fed when you hit that first back spike about a minute or so earlier than your opponent expects it. If I get fed two kills in top lane, I might hit my two-item power spike with upgraded boots as {{champion:6}} at around 18 mins or so ({{item:3022}} and {{item:3071}} ). My current record for both of those items with just regular boots was around 15 mins I think.
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