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: The current "SoloQ" (aka duoQ) should be replaced by an actually-solo soloQ. So in that way, yes I'd like it. However when it comes to your reasoning for it : no. Most of what you said is ... wrong ? Fist off, the ranking system does already reward better players. It works. I have made several accounts each mainly a different lane, and I've reached diamond with each one. I did skip divisions, I did get huge lp gains. It already works. It's about being consistent, that one game where someone went afk is frustrating, but it doesn't affect your climb overall. Maybe you are not getting the gains you want, but that's on you, not on the system. Also most of the stats you said aren't what makes a good player. For instance, just because you ward a lot doesn't mean you ward at appropriate times, nor that these wards will be useful. There is so much more that makes a good player. You focus too much on stats. Stats mean nothing, especially at lower elos.
How is it wrong? You just said it was wrong then boasted about your accounts xD all I'm doing is hypothesizing on what league would be like if we had a mode that placed you based off individual skill. I find it super interesting and I'm curious what the outcome would be like (especially with notable summoners i.e. Faker Bjergsen etc.). I'm not sure if anyone can ever predict what the outcome of the change would be like until it went into effect. Keep an open mind!
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: Legacy Client Now Retired
amazing the aol disk software _you_ so depserately needed to change functioned better than this brand new client
Broporo (NA)
: I know it sounds a little weird, but sometimes higher end machines can actually have some problems running League smoothly because they're just too good. Luckily I do have some steps that should be able to help, so give this a try and let me know how it helps. - Enter a custom game and press ESC to open the options menu. - Click the Video tab on the left column. - Scroll down to find the Frame Rate Cap box, and change the cap to 60 FPS. - Next, click the Game tab on the left column. - Find Movement Prediction under 'Gameplay,' and make sure the box is unchecked. - Click the Okay button at the bottom of the menu.
Does Riot have any intention of fixing this? It sounds a little bit like a slap in the face for the ones who might take gaming seriously and have these higher end computers that they have spent a bit of time building. I didn't spend money on this computer to play league -thank god-. but for someone who might, would it be a good idea to at least send a disclaimer that this is a problem? Now. The second I opened league for the first time and saw 500 fps in the top right corner on my 165 hz 2k monitor was freakin amazing. it was so smooth. I saw that once right when i booted it up and never saw it again. sad. anyways. hopefully riot can fix this issue or at least throw out a disclaimer so people don't get a little surprise after building a computer. Thanks!!
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