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: LF Gold+ Players for Team 3 Things that will make you upset/stop talking/tilt: Parking tickets, when I get hungry, tanks in my lane. Age: 22 Time Zone: PST Role: Midlane
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: Competitive Plat/Gold team LF a dominate MID and SUP for LCS style leagues (Info within)s
Hey, IGN is ORG Deathmark. Would like to possibly mid for your team. Current Win Ratio is 72%. Lots of previous team experience I can go over in person. Champ mastery 7 on all but maybe 3 mids.
: LF Silver-Gold Mid Laner
Timezone: PST Top 5 Champions: For team play probably these 5 but I've got level 7 mastery on 15 other mids so I'm happy to play whatever! {{champion:142}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:91}} Weakness: Late game vision, and sometimes I overstep a little in team fights because I'm normally a very aggressive player. Strengths: Laning (inluding all aspects like roaming, vision, mid lane priority, wave management etc.), Team Experience, Champion Pool, Communication, Shotcalling (lots of experience on other teams doing this but I'm fully capable of following another shot caller without question as well!) Availability: Can most likely work around what is needed for the team, but afternoons and evenings tend to work better than mornings for me. Why do you want to be part of a Serious/Dedicated Team? Is this even a question???? Teams are so much more fun to play with than sitting in a basement all alone grinding soloQ all day! What is your favorite type of comp (I.e. split, catch, protect, teamfight, etc.)? I'd have to say I enjoy pick(catch) comps and teamfight comps the most but I enjoy changing it up once in a while, sometimes playing the same type of comps all the time can get a little boring. How do you want communication and play to go between you and the jungler? Honestly I think this is probably the most important communication in the game, in my eyes mid and jungle work off of each other and not communicating mid priority so your jungle can extend, or objective control, or roaming can make a team of strong individual players look like they belong in wood 6 in the team environment.. just my opinion. Just as a side not I was previously G1 but I returned not long ago this season so I'm not currently ranked although I could get ranked in less than a day if needed.
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: Nova Fire Gaming is recruiting for Top/Mid Silver/gold3
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: Silver ADC looking for team to join / and support duo partner. [info inside]
I've added you in game, add me back whenever and I'll explain some stuff about the team I'd like to potentially try you out for :) I think we fit all of the categories you are looking for plus more.
: Looking for TOP and ADC for 5's team (SILVER)
: Looking for TOP and ADC for 5's team (SILVER)
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: Looking for TOP for 5's team in LCS Style League (SILVER)
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: Looking for TOP for 5's team in LCS Style League (SILVER)
Velcrow (NA)
: approach with caution, recruiter told me only silver can play with silver in ranked flex according to league rules...
> [{quoted}](name=Velcrow,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=AfZE34nK,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-15T22:53:28.800+0000) > > approach with caution, recruiter told me only silver can play with silver in ranked flex according to league rules... Yes, as I stated in the post above only those currently in SILVER 1 and below will be allowed to join the league.
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: IGN: DaSoggman69 Proficient on every AD except Vayne and Draven Rank S1
> [{quoted}](name=DaSoggMan69,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=4eRBNVdk,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-12-13T14:45:47.436+0000) > > IGN: DaSoggman69 > Proficient on every AD except Vayne and Draven > Rank S1 Hey man, apologies as I have been sick and puking all day today and just got a chance to read this. I've added you on league so whenever you'd like to add me back feel free and we can set up a tryout for you :) Thanks!
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: [NA] Silver team LF Silver top laner for competition!
IGN: 1HitWonderX Top champs: Fiddlesticks (tank), Teemo (hyper carry), Soraka (bruiser), Blitzcrank (AP carry), Braum (assassin, it's OP). I'm super mature, I listen to calls well, I can practice anytime, and I love to use matching skins. Willing to pick up any skins needed to match, thx. <3
: Looking for ADC and SUPPORT for 5's team in LCS Style League (SILVER)
Choral (NA)
: In-Game Name: PentaFlare ADC Main but I'm better at Support even if I play it less. I'm willing to play either role.
> [{quoted}](name=PentaFlare,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=4eRBNVdk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-12T02:30:03.656+0000) > > In-Game Name: PentaFlare > ADC Main but I&#x27;m better at Support even if I play it less. I&#x27;m willing to play either role. I have sent you a friend request in league, feel free to add me at any point and I will fill you in on how the tryout process works.
: I know this doesn't apply to the position you are recruiting for but never the less, Im still interested. I main Top lane. xKodan is my summoner name.
> [{quoted}](name=xKodan,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=4eRBNVdk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-12T02:12:57.201+0000) > > I know this doesn&#x27;t apply to the position you are recruiting for but never the less, Im still interested. > > > I main Top lane. > xKodan is my summoner name. Apologies xKodan but I am not currently looking for a top laner. Feel free to add 1HitWonderX in game and I can give you a bit of information on the organization I play for and potentially get you set up for a tryout with another team.
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: anyone want free wins?
: Looking for committed SILVER JUNGLE for league team (CompeteLeague) !!!!!!
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: Gold V Jungler Looking for duo
Add me up, Best 5 champs: Ahri - 69%, Orianna - 78%, Zed - 67%, Annie - 69%, Talon - 56%.
: Creating a rank 5v5 team for tournaments ( add me in game and post here please) Looking FOR Mid Lane
IGN: 1HitWonderX Add me up and we can do a tryout game or feel free to search me up. Currently S4 at the moment on this account (smurf, hardly played ranked on it) but could have it to S1 or G5 in no time if needed. Can't add you now but will have a chance to get on later and I can add then.
Khas (NA)
: Lookin for a Duo to climb to Gold+ with (a MID/ADC would be ideal)
Add me up, we'll see how we play together and can go from there. I main mid with jgl or adc as secondary. 73% win ratio this season.
: Silver 3 LF Duo
I'd be down, main mid and we can do a practice game if you'd like to test out how we play with one another. What position you play? feel free to add me.
: Serious Silver/Gold FLEX team LF MID/ADC
Age: 19 Solo Q Rank : S4 (can be S1 or G5 in less than 2 weeks if needed) Flex Pick Rank: N/A Position/Lane : Mid Champion Pool: Very Large (If I have to name only my best 5 would be LeBlanc, Syndra, Orianna, Ahri, Viktor) Microphone Y/N : YES Strength's : Laning (including CS, wave management, matchups, vision, map awareness), communication, no rage, easy to get along with, willing to do anything for the team, committed (not like a lot of people on this page), objective control. Weakness : Late game vision control, team fight positioning (sometimes slightly too aggressive) Other (If Applicable) : May be a chance I won't be able to make the Thursday practice for the first 2 hours.
JL604 (NA)
: Team SURGE Scrubs Looking for SILVER/GOLD TOP/JG/MID tryouts
IGN: 1HitWonderX Role: Midlane AGE: 19 TIMEZONE: PST (Pacific Standard Time) AVAILABILITY: most weekdays and weekends minus a couple hours on thursday nights BEST CHAMPS: Leblanc, Orianna, Syndra (Only naming top 3 but I play just about all with good mechanics) PROS: Great laning (including CS, map awareness, roams, wave management, etc.), objective control, good communication, super easy to get along with, no rage, not shy, large champ pool. CONS: Late game vision control, team fight positioning (sometimes slightly too aggressive).
: GOLD/SILVER team Looking for Mid and Jungle
Mid Main, look me up but ignore the past few norms. Let a friend play on my account to try some champs but take a look at the past few ranked games and you'll see how I play. IGN: 1HitWonderX
: LF silver players to compete in CompeteLeague, bronze through silver open division!
IGN: 1HitWonderX Add me up, main mid or adc. Feel free to search me up before adding just ignore the past few games. I was chilling in norms with a few friends so take a look at my past few ranked games and you'll see how I normally play.
: Casual Ranked Teams | High silver Gold
Add me up, I prefer to mid but I can ADC also.
Reynard (NA)
: Vortex is looking for an ADC [Silver-Gold]
If you're still looking let me know :) Would be down to tryout.
NAKo88 (NA)
: Team Never Flame recruiting (Silver-Gold) all roles for BSGL ranked5's and weekly tourneys
IGN: 1HitWonderX Role: Midlane Top 3: Viktor, LeBlanc, Syndra (if I had to choose 3 although I play nearly all){{champion:112}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:134}} Secondary Role: ADC Top 3: Lucian, Jinx, Ezreal{{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:81}}
: Looking for a duo partner <3
If you're still looking for someone let me know :)
øHaruø (NA)
: LF Mid and TOPLANER High Silver for Gold Climb.
IGN: 1HitWonderX I'll play mid for ya, I want to get this smurf to Gold also.
: [NA] Silver 3 - 1 Team Looking for a toplaner and a midlaner
: looking for duo partner! idc what rank you are!
S3, hopefully going for gold b4 end of season I'm down to join 8) might be a smurf also....
: Smurfing in silver 1, looking for another smurf
1HitWonderX, won't be on this account tonight although I play with a couple Plat smurfs (including myself) every night. Add this account and when we get on to play tomorrow night you are welcome to join us.
Kauster (NA)
: Implacable Gaming
IGN: 1HitWonderX Elo: Gold (this account is currently in S3 although it's a smurf account and will be Gold by the end of this season). Main account is Gold 3. Best Role: Mid Top 5 (because 3 wasn't enough): {{champion:112}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:1}} although I play nearly all with good mechanics. Strengths: Large champion pool, Great Lane mechanics (includes all aspects such as match-up knowledge, CS, trading properly, wave management, etc.), Map awareness, Vision control, communication with the team and most importantly the jungler (this is my personal favorite part of mid lane as communication can make a huge difference), and a positive attitude (I will never flame a teammate for making a mistake because everyone makes mistakes sometimes including me). Weaknesses: Late game vision control (I tend to stop buying pinks as the game goes longer), team fight positioning (I tend to play team fights slightly too aggressive and it can sometimes lead to me being caught out), comp knowledge (knowing exactly what champions go well together in a team and why), out of lane CS, and obviously champion mechanics (because everyone can always get better at mechanics so I always put this as a weakness). About me: I'm a Canadian EH? I play league every day while still leaving time for schoolwork and food <3 If I had to match my personality with a champion I would pick Draven because he likes to have fun and thinks he is the best xD although if I had to pick a champion to be I would pick Zed because obviously he's the coolest champion in the game.
: Goon Squad New Team Looking for Gold+ Players
Age: 19 Role: Mid IGN: 1HitWonderX Discord: Yuuuppp. Strengths: Big champ pool, map awareness, laning/cs, roams for daysss, and SUPERB communication skills (I enjoy hearing my voice and my teammates...I'm not the shy type and I usually expect the same communication from teammates that I am giving). Weaknesses: Currently on an S3 smurf (the account I would be playing on with the team). It will be Gold by end of season no problem. Brag Zone: Can play nearly every mid lane at an above average level. (with special skills on Viktor, Syndra, Orianna, Annie, and most definitely LeBlanc)
Vith (NA)
: LF2M for normals dynamic with the discord action! <3
Not sure how to spell that name like that.................... O.o
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Andraxx (NA)
: K2V Gaming looking for an ADC player to add to our roster.
IGN: 1HitWonderX Rank: S3 Strengths: Laning, CS, map awareness, team fight positioning. Weaknesses: Sometimes I can be too aggressive in lane and without communication with a support it can sometimes end not so well. Availability: Most afternoons and evenings as well as weekends. Top 3 champions: Lucian, Jinx, Ezreal/Jhin
: Any silvers want to hit gold?
IGN: 1HitWonderX, I'm down to play mid for the ride 8) Add me up.
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