: There is actually a lawsuit against Youtube from a University about this very subject. What they claim to be and what they are is heavily censored now. Its pretty sad to see an American company with so much censorship, and then people acting like Google is your friend or something. Its basically about hiding certain truths the government has deemed not acceptable to talk about, and to force a narrative to believe what they want you to. The way they have gotten around lawsuits so far is burying your posts so many pages deep they can say they are still there, just highly unlikely anyone will ever see them. People need to stop blaming China for their problems and start looking closer to home.
the majority of content on youtube is reviewed by teams in India... with very little contextual knowledge or oversight. also almost all inquiries are reviewed by contractors, who are training people in india to answer them (basically replacing themselves). quality may be a concern. but saving money is far more. the problem is very unlikely to improve
: Stuck at accept again
6 min later, i'm still stuck at accept.... if that helps at all
RealDsy (EUNE)
: First time experienced that game just crashed in the middle of the game
: cant select my champ neither lock in durin ranked champ select
+1, i've had this happen a few times as well
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Cräfty (EUW)
: A message from a jungler to all lanes!
this should be required reading
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
man these changes are freaking insane. there's going to be much more to do on the map, and to pay attention to. more rift herald play is gonna make tier 1 towers pretty much non-existent. this may actually make ganking more common, than less for junglers. i dunno man i'd like to see a bit more tankier items be released, instead on the miopicness on lethality and energize. i like that the drake rotations will always be unique, this is a great change. look forward to being pummeled by the new cheese du jour
: We really don't need that elder execute though.
i like the idea of silencing on low health. not outright erasing...
Saplingz (NA)
: Please bring back tribunal. Help fix the social aspect of league trolling and inting.
i'm confident they don't review reports anymore. saves them money and keeps people playing. riot is not a good company
: Can we do somthing about this shit please.....
: leona hook dead leona ult dead thresh hook dead naut hook dead blitz hook dead pyke hook dead ahri charm dead morg bind dead neeko root dead Rakan ult dead rakan knock up dead Fizz ult dead Zed exists dead Phew, finally got a defensive item for all this CC! Oh wait the enemy has ie + rapidfire and takes 1/3rd of my HP in an auto Game sucks and bot lane has become a total bore. The niche of disengages has been totally obliterated. Why would I pick a reactionary support like Janna or Nami who are VERY squishy when I can just pick a tank support that can win games off a single random hook that involves 0 risk? Short answer, I wouldn't. Say what you want about fiddlesticks and how lame his fear is, but he's one of the better supports at dealing with this constant aggression from engage supports because he's one of the few who can actually stop their follow-ups. But of course he's getting moved out of the support role so we're stuck with the likes of yumi and an upcoming ADC support (?) that seems useless for those of us who actually want to support. Game is fucked and Riot doesn't care as long as they can pump out these cringe pop star/music skins
this is actually an underrated comment. being that the game/meta is so in favor of damage, any kind of cc pretty much eliminates your chance to survive. not to mention additional slows/exhaust etc. it's a really strange meta and is not catered to 90% of players. it's truly kill or be killed. one skillshot can win a game. is that really the game people want?
: stuck on accept
the bug actually demoted me. noice
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Youngcuck (EUW)
: How to improve tanks
it's the runes that are the issue imo. there are really only 2 tanky runes that are viable in the whole game. there's aftershock (which is fantastic), it provides heavy defense bonus for a short period of time. and makes tanky engages really scary and tough to counter with burst. This is good. The second is tier 3 resolve. Bone plating mitigates the most damage, imo, but second wind and conditioning aren't horrible either. these are the second. The third you could argue is overgrowth, which really isn't bad, but it's really not very good, nor does it make you tanky in the long run. so that's it. we have 2 rune slots, with 3-5 to choose from, 3 coming from the same slot. that's it. item discussion is nice, but until we have more than 2 runes that add tankiness, you have your reason. thanks rito. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Agreed, this is no longer a game but a skin shop. Just walk away.
> [{quoted}](name=DrippyBrownHole,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rVi4f8r7,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-22T13:49:40.887+0000) > > Agreed, this is no longer a game but a skin shop. Just walk away. skin shop simulator
: Suggestion to fix jungle issues
t h e y d o n t r e a d t h e f o r u m
: I miss alternative game modes where you could choose your champion
dominion all bottom was one of the most balanced and fun games ever. it's so clear to me that LoL has no idea what it's doing. it releases one thing, then it gets removed. they release another, people like it, start playing it more, then it gets removed. they remove every new thing in the game. they suck, and everyone knows it.
: There is a survey about League.
their survey is hilarious, no general feedback, just feedback about particular parts of the game they want feedback on. They're clueless
: Matchmaking is beyond Terrible
someone must have been on a win-streak ;)
: Do you believe that Riot is enfocing a 50% winrate by intentionally matching you with bad teams?
That's absolutely what they're doing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just donkey brained
: I know Yi is not op, but plss
Keep in mind they buffed Yi a few patches ago. If that isn't proof they don't know what they're doing I don't know what is
: I Miss Teambuilder
i also liked the ability to instantly stream top players from the menu. Thanks for removing that too
: I Miss Teambuilder
no idea why they got rid of it
Akrid415 (NA)
: Is my account fucked?
find another game to play
Someshta (NA)
: Track LP Gains/Losses in Match History
: Patch 9.2 notes
pretty boring, won't bring new players
: What’s New in Ranked 2019
Can't wait to be demoted to begin my climb! I remember being demoted after going 10-0 in placement
: That Vayne PBE change
who balances this game? like seriously. Who are these people? Why are the shittiest people in the most important positions
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: Patch 8.20 notes
These are fairly sensible, thanks Rito!
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: The Darius buff is disgusting...
it makes you wonder if they even play this game
: How are Graves, Irelia, and Kaisa untouched????????? What a complete joke.
I firmly believe they have no idea what they're doing. they buffed Yi a patch or two ago
: So Odyssey has bugs?
Missions are not registering, can't unlock augment slots
: Every challenger ended up in Plat 1, suck it up.
> [{quoted}](name=Wes the Mess,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sFIwkB4F,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-02-03T08:42:00.887+0000) > > Every challenger ended up in Plat 1, suck it up. Nah
: 9-1 Placement = Silver V?
yeah i should create another account, not going through silver again for another year
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PeeWee23 (NA)
: Vayne's new skin
i love the idea of a pulsefire-like vayne. cmon reto!
Nairebis (NA)
: At long last! I have finally achieved my Season 4 Goal!


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