: Bard To School Bundle
GODDAMN BARD COLLEGE, also you win this round bard.
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story
oh great. someday call {{champion:83}} the janitor, can people not make a huge mess for one day.
: that's what he was saying too
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
{{champion:83}} : I've had just enough of these students making messes EVERYWHERE the go!
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
perfect! cant stop the void of love
: Hes in the get jinxed comic in season 1
: Academy Adventures
theres yorick......
: See if you can find him in Season 1!
*does the got my eye on you gesture and backs away.....* hmmmm
: > [{quoted}](name=Dunkrius2g,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=nXzpnuTG,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-03-15T05:56:16.240+0000) > > {{item:3070}} {{champion:122}} {{item:3070}} I think you meant {{champion:83}}
: Lulu and Rammus aren't a specific reference. Rammus is just a generic breakdance, Lulu might be referencing something but I think its just free form lulu silliness. Edit- Oh yeah Poppy is the Krunka Lunka dance from Futurama.
Oompa Loompa dance from Willy wonka, futurama parodied the Oompa Loompa dance.
Roclaws (NA)
: Pretty sure that's {{champion:110}}
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
still absolutely **NO FUCKIN {{champion:83}} ?!**
Rioter Comments
: Looking to duo bronze-silver
: Feel the love with our 2017 Valentine’s postcards
: Practice with purpose
that's great and all, but where is {{champion:83}} 's new skin?
Azµl (NA)
: Yorick's Rework is newer than Illaoi so Illaoi takes priority.
Yorick hasn't gotten any skins since The pentakill album was released. and its been almost 3 years
: Lunar Revel 2017 ending soon
NJALobo (NA)
: ***
You guys forget {{champion:83}}. YORICK NEEDS A NEW SKIN
: Lunar Revel Crafting
Gionza (NA)
: we keep getting these comics but still no Academy {{champion:37}}
she is now a thing, shes in the play panel. BUT STILL NO ACADEMY {{champion:83}}
: Academy Adventures
is that supposed to be {{champion:202}}? the one in the mask I mean. AND STILL NO YORICK
: Gothic Student {{champion:83}} ?
yeah, or a trio of yorick urgot and twitch. TWITCH AND URGOT got to be in the comic, and not yorick...
: Academy Adventures
I'm just waiting for academy {{champion:83}} , or {{champion:83}} to appear in one of these comics
: Dragon Trainer Yorick! ...No- uh, hear me out. Baby dragons for ghouls.
YES, but were are still waiting for dragon trainer {{champion:50}}
: Attack of the Demon Poros
and now we wait for {{champion:83}}'s new skin......
: {{champion:103}} Oh no my tail is trying to kill me with the power of magic moon beans {{item:3105}} Fear not im here! {{champion:127}} oh no! not the aegis of the legio {{item:3105}} thats right, not one can get past my legio of stardom {{champion:103}} please use your power of stardom on my tails {{item:3105}} yes your tail, i shall stare at your tail, you have a nice tail {{champion:62}} hey, thats my tail {{champion:127}} oh no! monkey man! {{champion:62}} your reign of terror has come to an end exegesis of region lock {{item:3105}} haha, silly monkey man i am the protector of women, no monkey shall touch women of the women tribe {{champion:62}} wait until i have trained {{champion:62}} i have now trained {{champion:127}} oh no! monkey man has trained! {{item:3105}} I AM DEFEATED! {{champion:103}} you saved me monkey man. please kiss me {{champion:62}} no {{champion:103}} ok {{champion:127}} the end
{{champion:126}} I drop an Acceleration Gate and blast ‘em with my Hyper Charge. Feel the future
: Academy Adventures
: > [{quoted}](name=OWL CORVO PhD,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=eEKAmAMW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-11-06T00:22:35.024+0000) > > any specific credentials? like Rank or roles? No
> [{quoted}](name=16 Percent,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=eEKAmAMW,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-11-06T01:01:03.947+0000) > > No good to hear
: Nautilus Support Main LF ADC Main to duo to Gold
any credentials?! (I perked up when I saw this)
Cherokar (NA)
: Looking for people to play some normals with
any specific credentials? like Rank or roles?
Keyner (NA)
: Death By Dragons, Ranked 5's Team Recruitment for Season 7
any requirements for rank? and any preferred support champs? -Owl Corvo PhD a somewhat support main
: Got the 10 year Icon but no Skin?
I haven't got my random mystery skin....
: Thank You
young ryze anyone?
: Thank You
wow. 10 years! you sirs are just plain astounding. anyways. I wonder if it would ever happen if there was a legacy version of league. I mean like play in past seasons. get a feel for what It looked like. know what I mean?
: http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/523/870/628
: Yorick Mori Remembered AF Dev Team Q&A [NOW COMPLETE]
Remember his name.. i shal my self remember yorick mori. deep sea mori skin? space mori skin? young yorick skin? one last skin idea: blue meanie Yorick?
: Inside Yorick’s Update with Solcrushed and more!
I opened a cache. "c'mon something good, something good!" gets a Janna (has it already) project core, and a Firefang Warwick (donesnt have and doesn't want warwick). I feel so fucking ripped off for my time.
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=OWL CORVO PhD,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=Utt5AIlk,comment-id=0032,timestamp=2016-07-14T21:46:16.292+0000) > > sadly.. no pool party for {{champion:83}}. > {{champion:83}} : I'm never invited to these kind of things They're not making any new skins for Yorick until he is reworked.
: Champion Reveal: Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier
to say this in one thing. my only rule to yordles none of them allowed. except for rumble and kled.
: New Hextech Crafting components
Still no Project {{champion:83}}
: Inside Ryze Dev with RiotRepertoir and more!
: And the Pool Party Pentathlon winners are...
sadly.. no pool party for {{champion:83}}. {{champion:83}} : I'm never invited to these kind of things
: State of the Game with Meddler, Zirene and more
{{champion:83}}: whats up bout my rework riot? or have you shelved that?
: Ask Riot How You Get That S+ on Urgot
when is yorick gonna get a rework?
: Something lurks deep in the sea...
{{champion:111}}:was it you, who pulled me under?
: Champion Update: Ryze, the Rune Mage
fucking riot, you said yorick will be next. well good luck with your RNG
: Diana’s Victory Beatdown
fucking heretics. Come my sunbros, we must prepare for the worst. worst being the heretics stomping out the covenant of the sun. \[T]/ {{champion:89}}
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