: Because mages have cooldowns. If you used all your spells, and your enemy is still alive, you lost. Also, Taliyah is as "control mage" as she was on release. Anivia is a better example of area control mage. Other non-burst mages are Azir, Karthus, Lissandra, Heimer and Ziggs.
: Capturing League characters and having them follow you around and fight each other in your stead just sounds like slavery but with extra steps.
> [{quoted}](name=AeroWaffle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=O5PUtIE9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-10T07:03:05.023+0000) > > Capturing League characters and having them follow you around and fight each other in your stead just sounds like slavery but with extra steps. Little Legends are the little avatar pets in TFT (and ARAM).
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Abandon (OCE)
: How do you guys feel about where the game is headed? Random thoughts.
I've grown fond of the idea of getting perks periodically throughout the game instead of masteries/runes. Like one of three choices every odd level-up or something. They'd be offense, defense or utility, maybe also sustain/survival? Dunno. I'm not Riot. But anyways.. Basically put the trees inside the actual game, but simplify it. And make it so like.. There's only one of each choice at each level. So you don't have to go all utility just to get whatever the last one is. Scaling them out for different phases of the game sounds fine to me too. Teams flow on pretty standard arcs at certain levels, just base it on that. If you're losing late, you can grab more defensive ones to survive close fights, or utility ones to help catch up. But if you're winning you want to grab offense to help close out the game, like demolish or crits, or the ability to move around faster to take objectives. Things like that. But you'd pick them as you interpret the flow of the game. Edit: If it makes a difference, I've been here since oct. '09 and never truly quit the game (I had kids though). I have seen the best and worst parts of every rune/mastery/stat system since then.
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=XQWIA3cA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-07T06:29:58.895+0000) > > {{item:3306}} gives someone the "Light" class. So am i supposed to give two of them to different champions? I thought class changing items were limited to only changing one unique champion :p
They simply add that class to a champion if it doesn't already have it. Like some Yordles before had 3 classes.
: New champion collection is a bad idea
Bazerka (NA)
: I mean its not a **standard** practice, but I certainly have before :)
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Bazerka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=O6Nmf2IB,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-10-04T19:40:38.498+0000) > > I mean its not a **standard** practice, but I certainly have before :) It used to be pretty common, but this was a few years ago now. Things started to change when people like Shurelia and Whattayabrian left Riot.
: Even if this is misinterpretation, riot needs to own up to the post as a whole. They've constantly and endlessly dumpstered tanks due to their "Lack of flare." It's pathetic and far too transparent even for them.
Tanks don't want flare. They want to be the stoic hero, the backbone that carries the flashier allies to victory.
SnupRawr (NA)
: Just had someone autolock zed in bots
: Bruisers are so ridiculously over the top
Bruisers have been ridiculous since July 13th 2010. I saw the destruction first-hand. Not much has changed, but atleast we aren't in the 3+ bruiser meta any more.
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RR8Rosie (NA)
: Which Champ Needs more skins?
I haven't been on these forums since a few months after we changed to this reddit-style format.. But I'm gonna say Taric and get free upvotes. That's still a thing, right? Or am I supposed to say "Teemo and Annie"?
: the only thing i have as hope for yuumi is that she doesn't wind up rule 34'd
There's already atleast four images. I don't even know what the character actually looks like, but these images imply that she's a "purple female cat with an angler-fish light".
: Um {{champion:37}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:28}} seem to be missing from you list good sir. Edit* Okay so 3 of those might involve a little pain, but hey, thats fun too right?
> [{quoted}](name=HexaDecimel,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=tKBRNLBO,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-08-11T14:48:06.876+0000) > > Um {{champion:37}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:28}} seem to be missing from you list good sir. > > Edit* Okay so 3 of those might involve a little pain, but hey, thats fun too right? {{champion:76}} is best of that list. Experienced, flexible, _can turn into a giant cat_. What's not to love?
: who else quit league or at least barely plays it anymore
I've logged on about ... a dozen times in the last two months. And haven't played a game since early April, like April 2nd, and the special Draven mode was down. I've been here since october '09, UFO Corki and all that jazz. I don't see the point of playing LoL any more.
: i just come back for specific game modes (URF, ONE FOR ALL, KING PORO)
I'd come back for those, but Rito acts like everyone has the weekend off. What about people who work on the weekends for the rest of ya'll?
: You can have mastery points on a joke mode of ARAM but not on normal ARAM and TT...
I keep logging into League because I feel like I want to play. Then I remember how poorly Riot has handled the game lately. I play 2-3 games per month now. Almost over my addiction. Adding mastery points to aram would go far to bringing me back.
: This needs to be a permanent rotating queue. Been playing for 6 years and this would be the best thing that has happened to league imho.
My days off aren't even on the weekend. It should be a week-by-week rotation.
: The first 3 picks are at a disadvantage, and they should get to ban.
The later a pick is, the more power it has for counterpicking. I prefer to be last pick (even as a support player), I have the maximum amount of power possible as last ban+last pick. I think the first three picks should have the bans, since later picks have more counter potential. This gives the middle player last ban, and the ability to counter two picks, but not be 100% secure in their pick (as the last two picks can counter them).
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: I haven't heard that one before. When and what was it?
It's been a very long time, I don't remember the precise date. I think it was in season 1 or 2. But what happened is Riot sent out a bunch of free Perseus Pantheon skin redeption codes to players who hadn't played League in .. I think it was over 3 months, but it's been a while. Anyways, a bunch of quitters got the codes, a lot of them were selling the codes on ebay and stuff. A lot of loyal players were upset, Riot never gave anything to loyal players at the time. Nothing for the people who consistently played League, nothing for the people who bought RP constantly, etc. Riot told us they were working on something for loyal players, this was to calm everyone, it quieted a few people.. This was atleast four years ago, that "something" still hasn't surfaced. Riot's responses weren't great. To say the least. Not to mention how poorly they justified it all, and how they handled the whole situation. The 1,000 RP thing came later, and 1,000 RP was given to every EU player because they had server issues for a week or so. Meanwhile NA was having problems for 2-3 weeks and... nothing. So yeah. Something something "This thread is now about dogs." I can't really remember, it's been too long and my new computer doesn't have the files.
: Lol. U people are so grumpy all.the time. Riot could give everyone 1000$ cash and you would still have people bitching it wasn't 1500$... Smh...stay classy GD...stay classy...
1,000 RP, never forget. The Perseus Pantheon fiasco, never forget.
jama655 (NA)
: i think there doing it for cohesion sake
They're doing it because they bow down to China.
: Blue essence is useless
I've had all champions perpetually since sometime in season 2 or 3? I can't even remember. All I know is that I bought Karthus last, then shortly afterwards champion release rates dropped dramatically. I have enough skins, I want interesting things to get with this "hextech dust". Give me champion auras, hextech-only ward skins, special taunt particles for mastery taunts, chroma sets, let me have my summoner icon IN MATCHES SOMEWHERE, etc.
Zed Blanc (EUW)
: I still cannot believe how people can keep constantly crying about Zed`s damage. He is an assassin who only starts dealing damage once he has items and hits all his stuff. ADC`s get 1 v 1d by Zed? That`s the entire point of his role, stop crying. If you can`t dodge his Q, stay with your support, or outplay him in another way, that`s your fault. Zed is the assassin that offers THE MOST counterplay. There`s so much you can fuck up while playing him, teamfighting is super hard if the enemy team pays any attention to what you are doing, you can only kill 1-2 people 1 v 1, tanks destroy you most of the time, ADC and mid will get QSS/hourglass 30 minutes in and it becomes even harder. His ult can be easily exploited, since he always lands at the exact same spot after exactly the same time. He can use one full combo + one more E without bluebuff and he is out of energy and easily taken down. His laning is good for a melee assassin, but once you used W you expose yourself very hard if you keep trying to farm without using Q from 500 range away. He has one cc, which is a very tiny slow. An insane amount of counterplay is offered even for most ADC`s for an assassin. The obvious example here is Vayne, who is almost impossible to 1 v 1 as Zed if both players are equally as skilled. I just don`t understand why people hate on Zed for dealing damage with 550 AD while tanks like Nautilus and Poppy walk around, dealing half as much damage as Zed with 150 AD and being unkillable, tanking 5 people for literally 10 seconds lategame. They have easy to land, forever lasting hard CC and offer almost no counterplay. So can you explain me what about Zed is toxic, when these champs are apparently completely balanced as they aren`t receiving proper nerfs? Besides, Zed is possibly the hardest champion in the game to play well. I have been spamming him for half a year and I am still learning lots of things about him and I still haven`t mastered all the mechanics and all the combos. And that is after hundreds of games! I reached D1 on two accounts, and I don`t think my opinion is completely irrevelant and I certainly do have a point.
Zed's damage is not is issue.
: Take my up-vote, to keep Sion off the junk.
Likewise, picked it up on a black friday a few years ago.
: By the logic you're giving me, Blitzcrank and Poppy aren't supports. You're just going on about semantic differences. With your attitude a huge chunk of what has often made it to the meta is simply "not a support".
Correct, a large portion of "support role" champions are not of the "support class" of champions. That is also correct, Blitzcrank, while he functions best in a duo lane, is not a support. He is closer to a fighter/tank than anything. I'm assuming you've seen an AP Blitzcrank in mid at some point? Yes? That doesn't make him a mage either. Poppy is also a fighter not enough tank abilities to be considered a tank, not enough damage to be an assassin. She can counter-initiate, which is a helpful type of utility to have, but nobody sane would see that and say "oh she can knock people away and has a conditional stun? She must be a support!" Where a champion is played does not determine what they are. I really wish the secondary bottom lane spot was called something other than support to help alleviate this type of confusion. It causes people to see champions like Leona and think they're support because they work well in a duo lane. ................. I'm assuming you've seen an AP Blitzcrank in mid at some point? Yes? That doesn't make him a mage either. Likewise, an AD Soraka is not a Marksman/ADC.
: It very much is a support. A support's job isn't JUST to be a walking fountain of stats/heals/shields. A support's job is to get their carry fed, keep them alive, and remain useful with a gold/level deficit. All of these are things Vel'Koz can do. He has CC as well as damage.
Support role does not equal support class. The support spot is for getting the carry fed and such, but regardless of who you play there, if it isn't a support, it's not a support. The role is not the lane spot. The support class exists to be the class that doesn't do tons of damage, the class that protects, the class that brings utility above all else. Nearly every champion brings some CC, and every champion can do damage. Support as a class is supposed to have the least damage and the most utility. Slows, Stuns, Heals, Shields, buffs to various stats, whatever other crowd control keeps dangerous targets off of your vulnerable allies. A mage playing bottom lane is not a support. It is playing the "support" spot in the game (which is really just the non-farming bottom laner), but that mage is still a mage. The requirements for being a support class aren't "Does it have CC?". I have supported in ranked as Ezreal. I have supported as freaking Garen. But I will never claim that they're supports, that would be silly.
: Were the original towers weaker or stronger than the present ones? I was there but, i can't remember I'm an old man now. I feel like they were stronger.
Current towers have no armor, so they die about as fast as an afk AD Sona. They're the weakest they've ever been.
: I'm amazed how people seem to have absolutely 0 idea what you're talking about despite the face you literally included a fucking gif of exactly what you're suggesting. That being said I can't support this. HOTS is no prize pig to be stealing ideas from in the first place and while it fits thematically, it doesn't really fit his gameplay style. HOTS plays more like a Hero Arena than a MOBA. That ability would be stupid hard to balance.
"Multiplayer Online Battle Arena". I don't really play hots, played like two games of it, too simple. But if you say it plays like a Hero Arena, that pretty much nails what MOBA is in a literal sense.
Parceval (NA)
: edit: math. 1/15 = .06666... or ~6.67%. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I... Wow I messed up, for some reason I was doubling the 15 into 30 because there are twice as many people in a game of League as there are on a team. My mind is tired.
: No longer a game for people wanting to have fun
I really feel the same honestly. If my brother isn't on, I rarely play any more, maybe on my nights off I'll do an aram or two, and one normal game... But I've practically quit league without realizing it. You can say "just get a premade" or some nonsense, but I usually have 30~ people on my friends list logged in at any time, and I'm extremely lucky if even one of them actually wants to play. They just sit logged into league, whether they intend on playing or not.
: Play support Vel'Koz. The bastard can deal carry damage with zero items and a level deficit.
That's not a support. That's a mage playing second fiddle to a marksman/adc. A support is like Janna, Nami, Soraka, etc. Their strength is supposed to be utility and team-oriented items. Brand, Vel'koz, Annie and such in bottom lane still just build like mages. That isn't support.
: I really agree this lol.. If supporter did many assists, they are good in support :D Assist = kill for supporter
Gotta love that 15 gold on teamfight assist. *kills one minion wave* "Yay! more gold than I got in assists for a 20 minute game!"
: Main Reason why Support Role is Unwanted
I miss utility supports being a solid staple of the game. As someone who considers himself a support "main" (I still play everything else, but I think like a support regardless and am rarely upset at having to support when I didn't intend on it), the reason I don't enjoy support as much as I used to is due to Riot's terrible handling of supports going into other lanes, and support items being abused on non-supports. Rather than fixing the problems, they just nerf the supports or their items. Ice Queen's Claim is a good recent example. It's been gutted for being good on ap mids. I'd rather have the old spooky ghost item back (the name eludes my memory..), and old Frost Queen active. Likewise many support items were removed or completely changed to suit other roles better. The only auras I can think of off the top of my head is Locket of the Iron Solari's meager resist aura, and Banner of Command's minion buffing aura. We used to have lifesteal, cooldown reduction, spellvamp, armor+resist, health regen, and even attack damage auras. What actives we supports do still have have been nerfed due to tanks/fighters/mages using them too much as well. So rather than them becoming unappealing items for those classes, they became just unappealing in general. Nowadays if you don't play a mage or tank in the support spot you're just gimping yourself. I will continue to gimp myself as much as I need to, I'm not giving up Soraka no matter how much Riot nerfs and reworks her. :/ I feel really bad for Janna and Lulu mains.
okino (NA)
: not all adc's are like that... actually i've only encountered those types every 1 in 15 games. most adc's i lane with are usually pretty chill or super pro. maybe it's cause i'm not an experiences support player, but usually they do a lot of the work :P in the end, i just wanna say that this nemisis look on the adc seems kinda unfair but at times is really well applied. imo the big reason ppl don't like supp is bc of the gold and exp income.
In my experience more than 0.35% of ADC mains are rude and terrible people. You must be lucky. :|
: I dont think Lulu is meant to support anymore. She is a utility solo laner, similar to Karma, Zilean, Nautilus, etc. Change happens. Roll with the punches. I loved playing Solo lane Soraka, AP Yi, AP Sion, AP Trist, top Fizz, AP DFG Eve, AP Ezreal, Gragas mid, AP Kog, AP Cait support. But those playstyles all got gutted, and it seems that Lulu is next on the chopping block. Deal with it. We all have some of our favorite champions get nerfed.
Originally she was meant to support mages and fighters. Her whimsy and ultimate cast on a fighter is terrifying. Have you seen what her ult turns Garen into? It's insane. And her Whimsy used to give her ally AP if cast on them. I LOVED going in with an ADC (or mage on the odd occasion) and casting whimsy on them, boosting their damage a bit as well as making them fast as heck for 5 seconds. Lulu was destroyed by the endless nerfs though. So there's that.
: @ Riot, in regard to the Lulu changes on PBE
It's pretty obvious that Riot doesn't really care about support players. It took like three years to get Soraka's first non-recolor skin. Taric still hasn't gotten his rework (or a skin since like season .. 1? 2? I can't even remember). Supports that do well in lanes besides babysitting role get nerfed REALLY HARD every time they crop up. Nami was released with exceptionally low AP ratios to prevent her from going mid or top. Heck, AP Janna mid was a thing for like a week before they snuffed her out. Then dynamic queue comes along where anyone who mains or secondaries support, or is willing to support sometimes, WILL support 60-90% of their games. I wouldn't be surprised if Lulu got even more nerfs, they did buff rageblade after all, an item she could consider using in solo lanes. Preemptive nerfs and all that. I may be a bit salty. :)
agbudar (NA)
: {{champion:90}} watch them melt whenever your E jumps to them.
That's been half my mage games lately. I love it on Malz.
: Comic: Accidental Teleport [LB x Malz?}
I dispute the little Kassadin part. Kassadin uses Void powers but is against the Void itself. Malzahar is a prophet of the Void, spreading dogma of the coming of the Void like an apocalyptic psycho-preacher.
Totalis (NA)
: More like when the grenade kills the first 3 and then bounces to a champion for like 400 damage
You should see AP Jhin. I've seen over 1k damage on the fourth bounce. At half build.
: {{champion:30}} : Death is a song all will hear {{champion:203}} : I'm not really that much of a singer.... Wolf: LA-LA-LALA!
But... her singing voice is pretty..
: No such thing as "too adorable"
: The whole rehashing of the Mount Targon story is actually great for the game. Before, {{champion:80}} was just a skilled warrior with mad hops who was childhood friends with {{champion:89}} and {{champion:131}}. Now he is the avatar of an embodiment of war and bloodshed, who wields mighty celestial weapons of mass murder in defense of Mt. Targon. In addition we see some backstory in his lore now, back when he was Atreus, giving him a large level of depth. I see that as an improvement.
I'm gonna miss old Pantheon. He was the normal guy just fighting as hard as he could. He was our Finn the Human.
: My feelings on the Pantheon update are mixed; while being the aspect of war is cool and all, I always loved that old Pantheon was a regular human who was on par with the embodiments of the sun and moon because he _worked_ to be there. Now there's nothing real inspiring about him, and he just feels like a plot point to move ahead the targon story.
Stexe (NA)
: Shame the forum deletes them because I ran some crazy contests back in the day with some amazing entries. I still have them on my old computer, but with no real incentive to get them. The art is gone from the boards now since it deletes them after 6 months or whatever. Some of it has been featured in /AllChat episodes (like the Ziggs + Gragas hybrid) and I still have it all on my old computer. One of these days I'll re-post it and/or host it again... maybe. Anyway, fun times. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1543059 http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1920765
You seem really really familiar. Are you the guy who hosted the MLP:FiM Champion art contests?
Ackelope (NA)
: I've been playing league for the time that two URFs went by, but both times, I had to leave to address something in my personal life... I really hope it comes back, would love to get my chance at it.
Both times I had just moved to where my internet was absolute garbage. Last year I got to play like five Urf games, two of which were unplayably laggy. The first Urf? I got to play two games right before they disabled it.
: This is going to screw up so many Jhin players. It's like playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band 3 on expert for so long, then suddenly playing it on hard. You'll miss so many because you're used to the speed. You throw it off, and it messes everything up. This isn't needed. Jhin doesn't need this buff. How about fixing something that every player actually WANTS. Like his damn 2 second reload. :(
I like the two second reload. Makes him feel more like a real AD Magesniper.
: DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM These dang youngin's. I bet they don't even remember IRLNasus. TLDR: http://generaldiscussion.wikia.com/wiki/IRLRenekton Full story: http://generaldiscussion.wikia.com/wiki/ShabbyHue
You're still around! Hah!
Glavenus (NA)
: {{champion:37}} and {{champion:64}} would make a great pairing
Actually yeah, that's perfect. Considering only Summoners can talk to Sona and Lee Sin had completed most of his Summoner training, so it's pretty safe to assume (judging by his League Judgment thing) that he could communicate with her directly. oh wait summoners aren't canon. Dangit Rito!
: What's your favorite Lol pairing?
{{champion:68}} x {{champion:18}}. {{champion:33}} x Cactus. {{champion:121}} x {{champion:421}}.
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