pumpkiin (OCE)
: Disconnecting from League, Ping and FPS Normal!?!? HELP
I get this issue constantly every single league game I play, I feel your pain.
: @RIOT New Patch Has been causing me to get Higher Pings.
Literally can't even play the game because I disconnect and reconnect constantly just after this last patch and server maintenance. I feel your pain.
: Your Favorite Champ must now raise a Child
{{champion:201}} hands child rub on rogaine, tells him to rub it on his upper lip. Then hands him a pipping hot bowl of borscht. The end.
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mvargus (NA)
: I'd love to see some way of fixing this, but I expect that no solution will be offered. Sadly, our culture almost winks at such behavior and Riot is in the position of enforcing a policy that would alienate a large number of players, or allowing the community to do what it can. Right now at best you can complain afterwards by using the "refused to communicate" report or perhaps "unskilled player" which hopefully would keep you from ending up on a team with that player again, but that would be the most Riot offers.
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