: No audio when game starts
Yeah Idk this just started happening to me this patch. It's really annoying. :(
: I'm not trying to be rude while criticizing this, but North America as a region is geographically bigger than Europe, and Europe is split into two servers. Why can't this happen with North America?
Because NA has less players than EUW on its own. It doesn't have enough players to justify a split, we'd end up with two small ass servers.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections
When Riot moves the main servers to somewhere in the central US, will they also be moving their actual headquarters to the server location as well? Or will they be staying in Santa Monica?
: Errm... Greybeard Veigar ring a bell? xD I mean that's a pretty obvious reference to Lotr (he even has the eagle)
And don't forget the ring! Hahah


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