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: Nexus Blitz, Neeko, Snowdown, and All-Star
I miss the consistent rotating game mode. Are there any plans to bring it back? This once every two months dry spell is depressing.
: Patch 7.10 notes
Please fix Fiora's Q's glitch. :(
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: lol you're welcome babe. Me and Nancymon made a mental note of how many views you had before so we could see what kind of boost we gave ya. I think it was like 5,000?
: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
Awww! Look at all the cute jungle animals enjoying some nice strawberry jam! Yum!
: Ask Riot How You Get That S+ on Urgot
Thank you Rito for taking questions, I have two of them. First: I believe that I read that map position affects your grade. Would there be a possibility of roaming to help other lanes to much, to the point that you're counted as a different lane that you originally were? Second: I understand the reasoning behind keeping the exact formulas hidden, but can you reveal the individual variables(Not their weights!) for each position, so we know what to look at and compare between our games? I know that it's more than just KDA, but deep does it go? For instance, would it count the uptime of Malphite's passive shield, or the number of times an Urgot misses his acid splatter? Thanks! P.S. Just a recommendation - If it's not already the case, I would love to read that boxes have a higher chance of giving me a skin for a champion I have at level 7.
: Aurelion Sol community creations
: As a bard main, this article was a pleasure to read! Many thanks.
As a math main, this article was a pleasure to read! Many thanks.
: [Client] Post Game Stats Summoner Name Color
Oh hey, you posted this at the same time I did. So Bump, i guess.
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Kittyboi (NA)
: Her ult reminds me of Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix.
You had me until the "on Netflix" part. Also, Diana is a friggin giantess in size.
: Heating up: How the pros warded at Worlds
11,000 wards in 49 games is 225 wards a game, or 22 wards per person per game. Is that right?
: Preseason Open Forum [day 3]
So far it looks like they've/you've adjusted the gold-to-power ratios of the AP items, without realizing that they've been buffing/nerfing based on those ratios. Nerf Bat and Buff Muffins are going to be non stop, assuming they maintain the price changes.
: The Climb: How to avoid ganks by reading your opponent | Commando Yi
It goes both ways though. You can fake like your jungler is coming when he's not in order to make them miss cs. This works especially well right after your jungler leaves a failed gank.
: Legal Legend: Interview with a League-playing law professor!
When I first started league, the biggest downside, according to everyone I knew who played it, was the community. I'm fairly certain that that's changed, but I certainly didn't notice it changing. Was it so gradual that I didn't notice, or did it happen all at once recently, and how did it happen?
: How does one company have the manpower for this?
It isn't manpower that allows this type of sorting, but software, and Rito has nothing if not software.
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
'Bout four months 'till the urf makes another appearance. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully. Possibly.
: Dark Horses: Jungle Irelia
Not sure if people understand the "Meta". My understanding involves it containing one jungle, one top, one mid, and a ranged ad champion and someone to support that ad as the bottom. A way to break this meta would be to have two mid, the apc and someone to support him, and maybe a tank bottom and adc top. Does this match other's view of Meta?
: Rek’Sai Q&A on 12/2
... How do void creatures reproduce?
: Exploring Player Behavior Design Values
An idea for good player behavior - Allow us to sped our honors as tokens for IP boosts.Currency is quite extrinsical, and it puts a step that highlights that good behavior.
: Getting Rid of Pando Media Booster
Alright. Tried both of these. They both detected it, said they had deleted it, and failed to delete it. Does anyone know how to get rid of it without downloading another piece of software?
: Getting Rid of Pando Media Booster
Yes. It continues to ask me every time, even after I hit yes. Yes, I have restarted my computer multiple times.
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: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
The whole Uncanny Valley thing really got to me, here.
: The Doom Bots of Doom are coming!
The challenge excites me.
: Upgrading the Tribunal
Can someone explain how you apply for Tribunal? I'm told that it's player led/judged, but I have never seen anything else about it, anywhere.
: if anything at all riot needs to make more funny skins and what better then an ice clad poro {{champion:121}} .
Jokes are only funny the first time, meaning if you don't buy it the second you see it, you probably won't buy it at all.
: Dev Blog: Making a More Human Bot
You don't have to give them the ability to flash/jump over every wall, just a few of the ones that are jumped over the most. It would make them a good deal more predictable, but it would still be a useful tool for them to have.


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