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: Insabuying Kayn, No longer focused on getting Ahri. Kan is just too cool. This Darkin thing Is Insane.
Too bad he's just complete garbage as a champion. Overloaded kit, overpowered escape, sounds like another yasuo to me who's either going to be a.) instabanned or b.) trash.
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: Should show you just how shit this community is that a person speaking purest fact gets downvoted.
It's pretty evident that you're just toxic, sorry to say. It's alright though, just another 18 year old who wants attention. sigh
: You are a complete asshat child with 0 vision. Grow up now and realize that the rest of us have been playing autofill only for the past 6 FKIN YEARS. Who the fk cares if you have to play support every once in a while, this is still infinitely better than the old champ select.
You've managed to attain over 500 downvotes in this single thread. #whyidontplayleagueanymore #toxiccommunity
Obeify (NA)
: I would buy it...would you
Nah, there's no way in hell it'd be better than a real RPG
Jean Guy (NA)
: That logic is flawless lol ! "I hate the feeling that I have no control" so I prefer queuing alone against a full premade in flex queue or queue up with my squad so they can boost me to a rank I don't belong just like dynamic queue did for me last season, am I right ? Oh wait you're unranked. Solo q is where it's at, carry monkeys against other solo players, a duo at best, not a full premade. This rank is YOUR rank.
lol i prefer queueing with people that can play the game, something pretty uncommon in solo queue.
: Why you little, OUT, go think about what you've done
lol i just hate the feeling that I have no control over the outcome of the game even if i go like 10-0 at 15 min my bot lane will still be garbage and afk or seomthing
: Riot just released their "Universe" page, and honestly, I'm a little upset.
why does riot only respond to the posts that make them look good
Mabuto (NA)
: When is Solo/Duo Queue coming back?
Solo Queue is fucking garbage.
: you're like 2 weeks 2 late, find a better way to get upvotes
: Solo player here, im ignoring it. Waiting for the solo/duo Q to come back!!
feel so bad for people like you who think solo queue is going to be some type of saving grace get ready for quite a surprise buddy
: Why is it solo/duo and not just solo? Can't duos just be in flex?
Do you not realize how cancer that would be? Even with solo/duo, the amount of uncontrollable losses is off the charts. I'm quite concerned with everyone thinking solo queue is going to be any better than DQ - the amount of toxicity and trolls is probably more significant than DQ>
: > [{quoted}](name=LatetotheRace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xOgJOksU,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-11-11T06:12:15.006+0000) > > I will, I want rewards. Gotta get those dual $$$$$. Seriously though I will likely play flex to plat, unless it's salty as hell. the extra reward probably won't be worth it >.>
they are the same rewards as solo queue. Plus, people will be too busy bitching about solo queue to care.
Amici (NA)
: Probably cause riot wants people to play flex and go "oh hey this isnt that bad i might stick with this", that way when solo comes out they will still have a player base in flex
Solo queue is cancer.
: ranked flex seems stupid
Umm Yeah I'll still play Ranked Flex when solo/duo is back. It's miles better in every way, shape and form. I don't want and will not play solo/duo for the following reasons: - Boosted animals who think they're going to do good just because its solo - DQ haters who can't accept that they're bad - Uncountable numbers of trolls - Uncountable number of AFKs - Uncountable number of shit players - Uncountable number of games that I have no control over simply because of of my lanes is feeding Like honestly, what's the basis for solo queue being "based on your own skill." Does no one remember season 5? lmao... The only reason Riot even implemented DQ was because people were bitching about having no control over their solo queue games due to the ridiculous amount of trolling and just bad players in general. I'll have fun watching all the DQ haters lose in solo queue and then have nothing to blame besides themselves, then they will finally realize that they are just bad and that DQ didn't actually have any effect on them losing. At least with FlexI can play the game relaxed knowing that my lanes wont be 0/10 at 15 minutes and flaming. I honestly just don't understand if everyone forgot how cancer solo queue was.....It doens't matter, DQ haters will just find something else to blame for them being garbage.
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: Riot took the assassination out of assassins
{{champion:7}} Ult feels like the election, clunky and garbage. {{champion:105}} no need to change this guy {{champion:107}} wtf?
: I feel bad for using plants honestly...
Plant's don't actually have any effect on the game besides being useful tools once in a while. That blast plant spawned there long before you walked into it, so it wasn't luck that saved you. If you don't like using plants, feel free to just not click them? Or don't play the game at all?
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: Just wanted to say that this prize pool is going to be around $6 million i think. After all is done. That means if u lose in the quarters u get around a quarter million... you make it to the semis u get around half a million and second is 1 million and first is 2.4 million dollars... Now who has a good job? the winners or the losers? Or both making more than 90% of the league population and the rest of the world i'd say its more than roughly 55% of all Americans. Even after the money is divided out amongst the coaching staff sponsors etc... the players still make on average more than a person that works in the real world. All to just play a game. Granted they are extremely good at it and it is their job, but take some time off and go site seeing or something take a vacation. I have yet to hear of a player take like 2 months off to go explore the world rather than go to tournaments and stream. Life is much more than that. Just figured I'd rant a little. Have fun and I will be watching :D{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} It's time for me to ROLL out of here.... {{champion:33}} Night everyone!
Just no. In addition to literally playing the same exact game 24/7, players get nearly no money because they already get accommodations from being in the team (house, food, etc). It's already noted that they get around $12,000 per season (split) and that's not even guaranteed. 24,000 per year is not good..... On top of that, most of the money gained from competitions go to the people who own the team, who then distribute it wherever they feel necessary. Of course the players get a lot, but its nothing near what you think. Also, good luck trying to find a high paying job after you stop being a professional video game player.
Xeruon (NA)
: I think I'm beating a dead horse at this point, but the thought process of Riot was to milk money out of groups of casuals by trying to make ranked less stressful for group players, due to them being more likely to buy skins for a multitude of reasons. I think Riot realized they're bleeding players, especially in the higher divisions of play. I think the reason they refuse to revoke the change in Bronze-Gold is to still milk money out of it.
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Riot, You are wrong about Toxicity
One game does not signify the entirety of the season... In reality, what makes this game so toxic at the moment are the amount of solo queue players who keep blaming premades for their inability to climb ranked. I've never seen a "4 man toxic premade" that I genuinely think caused me to lose a game. Yeah, I've seen salty premeds, bad premades, but nothing to make me bitch on the forums and definitely not something that I would blame for my incapability of being able to rank up. What I do see, and have been seeing for the 3 years I've casually played this game, are solo players who blame everything but themselves for them not winning. Take a seat, asses your gameplay, see what you're doing wrong, what you could've done better. Stop trying to scapegoat random shit for your poor performance so you feel better, it never works.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZeeWolfZ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GUvIhUbo,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-08-27T17:25:04.929+0000) > > They are bringing 10 Bans after Preseason and Testing out Only Solo Queue to Diamond + players while anyone below suffers. > > Once SQ shows dramatic success in Diamond+, they will bring it into Plat. I highly doubt they'll ever bring it into Gold/Silver/Bronze because they makeup 90% of the playerbase and they make them the most money. It's not because of toxicity. It's because of match quality. DQ, in my belief, was a means to make ranked more fun. Everyone was talking about horror stories of ranked trolls and feeders and reasons why they'd steer way clear of the game mode when I first showed up. DQ was most likely an attempt to alleviate these issues, but match quality counteracts a lot of that goodwill. If we're talking about toxicity in and of itself, I wouldn't even begin to blame DQ for it, because that's honestly not true. Period. I've played too much ranked to fool myself.
True. What I find is that 90% of the people bitching about DQ are people who have played for less than 2 seasons, and think that DQ is the reason that they can't reach god tier elo, when in reality they just suck at the game. I have yet to see a solid player who genuinely believes that DQ is actually affecting a player's ability to climb elo
Lirik (NA)
: i used to play league thanks to DynamicQ which cured my addiction (my mom was asking me earlier this year "why arent you that much on computer as you used to do" anwsered her you can thanks DynamicQ mom) now when i need some league i just watch the lcs to get my dose and to realise how this game is bad.
: First: I have serious doubts on the validity of this whole story Second: it is technically a reportable offence to call for reports. So by asking every person to do so, it's likely the system picked up on that from the reports that were sent it. Is the system 100% perfect? No, there are a few *extremely* rare false positives. However I wouldn't exactly say yours was one of these, as you deliberately tried to get the system to punish you, by using a metric that is detected and punished (even if you yourself didn't know that)
On what reportable category does asking for a report on yourself fall under? Regardless of whether it is or isn't, nothing I did was ban worthy.
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: Bruiser Yasuo has no weaknesses tbh - and I blame Fervor.
Wait - People still play this game? rip
: People saying 50% winrate Solo and DQ would mean that it's fine
Welcome to a team oriented game? Solo Q isn't coming back, and league was never a healthy solo queue to begin with. There were trolls/toxic kids/afk's/derankers in nearly every game last season, and people were bitching on the forums just like people are bitching right now. People are just trying to find more things to blame for their failure to rank up, except this time the lonely solo players who always sucked to begin with actually have something to blame.
: So you are talking like there ever was thread to have 5000 upvotes ? Or that 300+ upvotes threads happen on a daily-basis ? Your arguments are not only irrelevant, but straight pathetic, i just can't express it in words, that thinking, god. A straight disgrace, i feel so silly about even replying to you. Then you add, "EVEN IF THEY BROKE 5000" and compare that number to the whole playerbase then to the boards people. Go call your mother for help on how to write or take some lessons on how to express your opinion, with arguments and things. YOU DONT MAKE SENSE, ON TOP OF EVERYTHING. I'm just not wasting any more of my time here.
And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, no one fucking cares about Solo players - They're complete assholes to everyone around them! Stay salty my friend, good to see toxic players leave the game :)
zafey (NA)
: Reporting too much?
"GG EZ" 2 week ban - Riot
: > because you want to be a solo hero isn't the games fault I don't know what environment you live in, maybe some Mainstream Valley, but none of my friends play League. A small fraction of them used to play, even premade together, but they ceased to play shortly before I came to play. Others have much more serious things to do. Maybe it's because half of my friends are either around 30 focusing more on family or 40+ focusing more about their childrens' families, but the maximum relax of many people I know is FarmVille and similar games. Additionally I don't visit Primary or Secondary schools so I don't have "kinderclub" or "squad" to play with and If you find some contacts on university, LoL is not quite #1 mutual thing to do in University Town. I refuse to look for people to play with randomly, because you hardly know them as they're strangers from net, it takes time to find someone suitable both pleasant to play with and good enough so the games don't look like trollparade and it'd take too much effort to find someone just because I have to. Finally, change is good, even if you nkow them only for one game, you meet a lot of interesting people by them being randomly matched to you. Does this look like I want to be "solo hero"? I agreed with you down to this point as it no longer is "just stating their goals". Thus the downvotes. And downvotes on your original post from other people might have been from them having shock from your terrible grammar. Sorry, but it's such small text with so many mistakes.
then stop wasting ur time bruh focus on school m8
Kuronok2 (NA)
: Yeah that sucks. Yesterday i had two games in a row where 3 players from my team were silver last season and are now plat. Fortunately one of the players didn't connect so we got a remake, but the second one was a full game. The LB from my team was silver last season and she was sooo bad. She didn't know how to play with LB...or at least not above silver level (i watched her lane phase from a replay file). Guess what, the 3 players who were silver last season were useless the entire game and me and Kindred were trying really hard to carry, but at some point it became impossible and we lost. Of course, i took a look at their profiles and they all have the dynamic preference surprise i guess.
why the fuk would u waste ur time watching ur own game again honestly wtf
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkRitual,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0uYedU1u,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2016-08-19T17:34:17.807+0000) > > You're just being a whiny bitch honestly. Clinging to anything to blame for getting wrecked over and over. > It's an advantage that you are CHOOSING not to make use of. You might as well not use runes and masteries then. Shit, ditch the keyboard and use only mouseclicks instead. YOU DON'T NEED ANY ADVANTAGES TO SHOW YOUR DOMINANCE, JUST YOUR FUCKING SKILL. > > Grow up, and queue up with others. People are tired of hearing others blame DQ for their own faults. I do not, not "CHOOSE" to play with IRL friends. I have no choice in this matter. My schedule is to sporadic and elo's are too different to Dyno Que reliably. This tool is not available to me.
Teams being successful in a team game? Who knew?
: I made the same post a few days ago and got downvoted to hell. I've played both Solo and DQ this year: DQ - 60%+ winrate. We'd pick obnoxious CC combos like Sej/Illaoi/Nautilius/Anivia/MF/Yasuo and others 3-4 group ults going off at a time. No stopping that. Most of our games were won at champ select. We had no trolls, no reports and no AFK's because none of us do that. Pretty much a worry free winstreak. Solo Q - 26% winrate. In the last 24 hours, I've taken part in FOUR 5,000-9,7000 gold lead throws. The last one was a joke as it was literally 3 on 2 on my team, with the two trolls constantly diving into 3 man groups and getting destroyed. My placements MMR also got changed from S2>B1 after my last two games features two trolls who fed on purpose for various reasons. Oh and so far, I'm 0-4 against 3+ person premades. It turns out that it's really hard for a solo player to beat the combo of Hecarim, Malzahar, Thresh and Gangplank. Who knew?
In the games you played solo in, only one of them had a premade (it was a duo on top of that) lmao
: I wonder how many threads like this it takes for riot to eventually DO SOMETHING ?! It has a lot of upvotes it means the majority of players DO NOT LIKE IT and think it is UNFAIR TO THEM. I just wonder how far can this ignorance go.
"Majority of players" my ass. Literally zero of these cancer threads regarding "I'm butthurt about DQ" have even broken 300 upvotes. Even if they broke 5,000 upvotes, that's absolute trash compared to the 8,000,000 players that log in daily, and nearly 200k on the boards here. Please do your math before ranting kid.
: Dynamic Que is Atrocious.
No thanks, I don't want my games to be decided by who has the one retard on their team, who has the troll on their team, or who has the AFK on their team. The game is meant to be about setting up plays, coordinating with your team, etc. Throwing a bunch of kids together without even having voice chat already eliminates an entire skill group, leaving the game to be decided by champion picks and/or who fed those 5 kills in the first 20 minutes. If you don't like the game the way it is, then you better leave because it's not changing. League is a team game and players who enforce that should be rewarded. There are plenty of other games out there nearly identical to league which are more suitable for solo players, so please, stop making these bull shit threads because nothing will change.
: If your account was being abused for well over a year, that is countless games ruined by scripting. You didn't bother to login for that long and check?
His account was breached, and played on for one week before being banned. (Only abused for 1 week) I don't blame him for quitting this shitty game - Riot only cares about money, the game is unbalanced as hell, matchmaking is hell, community is toxic af, etc.
Juzza (OCE)
: A reward for 6 years of League.
What do you expect from Riot? Their player support/rules regarding this matter are notoriously shit; honestly when blizzard support is better you know something is very wrong.
Amici (NA)
: you never saw a bronze LCS player. Solo queue rank matters too
Imaqtipie was Silver 1 at the time he was recruited :P He played well with his team, that's the only reason he was on the team.
Amici (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GoodwilI,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WpQirERE,comment-id=00040000000200010000,timestamp=2016-08-04T14:54:57.651+0000) > > Yeah obviously. But especially in a game like League, pretty much anything under diamond 1 is an absolute joke. Matchmaking can never be competitive due to the sheer fact that luck is a factor. 5 v 5 premades are competitive. LCS is competitive. Queuing up in ranked will never be competitive. > > Especially in this guy's case, since he's silver 2. yes lower elo doesnt have much chance at competitive play at that elo but they arent ever going to get higher unless they take it seriously too. LCS players didnt get to lcs by not taking it serious and just playing for fun
"Competitive" League of Legends was never even in matchmaking. Players were picked through the 5v5 ladder, they looked at who/which people had the best team cohesion and compatibility and picked them. No one ever goes/went to fuckin solo queue ladder for competitive recruitment because it was never competitive and will never be competitive.
: oh, did you look me up? did you also see that i've only played my placements? don't assume too much. there is a reason i don't play ranked and that's DQ.
Your prior seasons still show you're bad. Even with soloQ you still failed to attain a half decent rank.
Amici (NA)
: Playing games like league isnt just about fun. Its like saying playing NFL is about fun and throwing the game cause its "fun". League is a competitive sport/game, yes there are some who only play it for fun and i respect that but you in turn should respect people play it for more then that. For example LCS players make a living off it. Would they have been able to make a living off it if they did whatever cause its fun? There are people who want to make a living off gaming
Yeah obviously. But especially in a game like League, pretty much anything under diamond 1 is an absolute joke. Matchmaking can never be competitive due to the sheer fact that luck is a factor. 5 v 5 premades are competitive. LCS is competitive. Queuing up in ranked will never be competitive. Especially in this guy's case, since he's silver 2.
: Question 1: What about ranking up, going up through ranks, proving your dominance causes you to be motivated to do so?
Addiction in this kid's case.
: You enjoy it but ranked was never about enjoyment. Ranked is about ranking up, going up through the ranks, proving your dominance. it's all about winning. if you want fun, go play more normals.
Video games are about fun. You're not even close to a high enough level where SQ would actually impact your rank as much as you think. You're still going to be bad, especially with that mentality.
: Daily reminder that we still want SoloQ
: Examining My Permanent Ban
You need to not talk in chat... like holy crap if you get triggered to a level that causes you to be this toxic by a bunch of random kids online, then you should be permanently banned. On top of that, you would have had to have gotten a 2 week ban shortly prior to your permanent ban along with multiple chat restrictions. You flamed knowing what was coming next, and your ban is justified. There's literally nothing you can do to have Riot undo a permanent ban issued due to toxicity, as tough as it sounds. Feelsbad ;/ sorry this happened to you
: Farwell Memes/games... if i had to describe memes/games....
Good luck. Props to people who know how hard medical school is ^.^ {{champion:36}}
Reito (NA)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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