Lęmon (NA)
: Thats crazy. I don't play a lot of online games. I play a LOT of nintendo. (Metroid, Megaman, Zelda) which have been very very very hard to beat. I hope that may help in my ability to play league. Ty for the feedback for sure though! I do appreciate it.
That guy plays a crap ton of matches. Think how productive you could be with that much free time. He only told you about the Ranked games. Imagine how many regular matches he plays just so he won't feed in ranked with new champs.
Slythion (NA)
: you obviously a) don't have any idea what has been going on this season b) don't understand the clear differences in complaints c) can't understand that Overwatch's community is no different than Leagues save for the fact that it has the "new" factor so please, go back to Overwatch. We don't need your anger-bait here bud ;)
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: 20 Tips on winning more games
If you aren't winning by now, you never will. The game has been out a long time.
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: You're really saying Blizzard is a better company than Riot? Really? Good luck selling that one. Overwatch is fun and all, but an argument involving one company inherently involves the other.
I never said they are a better company. They might be worse but that game is nice. The community is new so its not shit yet.
: How's about you don't shit up the nice Overwatch community with your elitist bullcrap, m'kay?
that's not what elitist is. You are throwing that around like a republican.
UnwardiI (NA)
: FPS games make me nauseous after prolonged play.
too bad. There are fun for the most part.
: Because as we all know, it's illegal to actively play more than one online game at a time.
I like how you overlook the sentiment so you can be a shit. We got us a real LOL player over here.
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: Riot should do an in-client survey to all accounts asking about DQ vs SQ and share the results.
Never ask a question you don't know the answer to in cases like these.
: > [{quoted}](name=Acidic Puddle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vqEBiKqB,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2016-06-04T06:15:09.555+0000) > > Just a loud minority. Yes , because every single available metric indicating what OP is saying to be true is "a loud minority". Do you even representative samples of a player base? Do you even statistics? Do you even logic?
That doesn't really sound like an argument.
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: It's because the "majority" who claim to be leaving are actually a very small minority on the Boards. LoL has over 30 million monthly players, and you can't take the opinions of about 500 in G&B as indicative of the larger population.
I agree. I wish the vocal minority was larger. It could get some things done.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Overwatch and League are different genres. Overwatch is FPS game, its matches are shorter than LOL matches. Not to mention its not free game like LoL. People are threatening LoL as if LoL was subscription game, like they would cancel sub for Overwatch. Which makes no sense. Also u can easily play Overwatch in champ select, in queue, between games. Its short game, doesnt require alot of time. Those are empty threats. I mostly play CS:GO between games and in queue/champ select and it doesnt hinder my LOL gameplay at all. Its not like u cant play LoL and Overwatch in same time...
Your statements are part of my point. They were conflating the two as though Riot gave a shit. But the underlying statement was that they were threatening to leave but never will. Then many people complain about Riot. The only thing Riot and any business understands is numbers.... not words.
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: Yesterday i downloaded and transferred to OVERWATCH hahaha, I wont waste time with the mercenary riot who dont listen to their playerbase! BYE BYE RIOT!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The change in experience takes some getting use to. People immediately called me on my negativity. I had to check myself.
Seen (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Occams Raiser,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1uExTqGx,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-22T23:48:14.312+0000) > > Mao isnt an all in champ. He pokes you down then comes to get you. And sure Al with a heal and damage reduction may make it out provided the other team has no cc. Otherwise he will live till his ult is over and get murdered. But I see your point. {{champion:24}} has a pretty strong all in for URF. {{champion:62}} as well
Jax? I don't know cause i dont see him often almost never so there is something to be said for that. Wu is famous on urf for his escape. He is a poke champ on urf. You might as well add Swain to your list.
: Warwick is insane on damage of you go full ap.
Beedle (NA)
: I've done very well with her. Win rates really mean nothing when a new champ is released. People say her abilities are unreliable and avoidable, but I really dont think they are any more avoidable than most abilities, aside from point and click ones. I almost never have trouble landing my full combo, especially after Rylai's. Her worked ground is not hard to work around either. But I do hope people are stupid and think she sucks, cuz then I won't have any trouble picking her in champ select :)
Statistical analysis across thousands of games is unreliable... your anecdotal evidence, worth a look. I'm just ribbing you.
: The only places where you're allowed to have fun nowadays are 5v5 normals and ARAM.
I don't get why a competitive nature is being demonized these days. Unless you get cursed out of your name its just an intense person that doesn't like to lose. I get frustrated too when games take 40 minutes. I wouldn't give two shits if I could lose in 10 minutes. I also like hard fought games where I lose after 40 minutes but not to throws and stupidity.
: I was going to play some URF this weekend...
: just open a game, im sure there will be some mentally disabled kids playing with you.
you shouldn't have been down voted for this. That was awesome. I rarely laugh out loud in real life.
Lycanoon (NA)
: Xin = 1 trick pony for noobs in urf
He gets the job done never the less. and skill means less in urf. It is mostly about champ select.
Seen (NA)
: {{champion:12}} - Seems pretty ok to me. {{champion:57}} - Seems pretty ok to me. I mean unless you're doing a 1v3 or something, a lot of all in champions are pretty fine in urf.
Mao isnt an all in champ. He pokes you down then comes to get you. And sure Al with a heal and damage reduction may make it out provided the other team has no cc. Otherwise he will live till his ult is over and get murdered. But I see your point.
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: Today we pay homage to the brave victims who fell during this weekend
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: I'm stuck in bronze. . . .
: Rumble's New Machine
props. one missing comma.
Minuano (NA)
: So I opened a Hextech Chest to get a Taric shard...
: ... will probably get released alongside with soloQ and Replays.
Its a business i suppose. They don't do shit out of the kindness of their heart you know. I hate it too. But everything they do is a ploy to make you buy into playing more.... never forget.
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: Champion mastery 6 & 7 make no sense.
They really want the the crafting to catch on don't they. You should have needed points and a certain amount of s rank matches to unlock.
: Towards getting IP? It's hard to decipher your point when all you say is "EWWWW YOU PLAY BOTS? GET A LIFE".
you read what I said with your "internet" eyes.
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: > if you aren't engaging in pvp what's the point at all. For the first win of the day bonus. Which they literally just said.
why are they still caring about their first win? what is it working towards? That was my point.
: New Champions Should Be Disabled When Playing Ranked
: I have never seen a post like this before. I'm so glad you have brought this to our attention.
: i play for the daily win... i only do bot games now.
that is actually worse than playing. you play bots. eww. Go do something in life that is productive. I'm not insulting you, I'm serious. if you aren't engaging in pvp what is the point at all. That's like going to the park but only playing chess with yourself.
Solaxo (EUNE)
: Stopped playing months ago, only playing ARAM SOMETIMES with friends
: Her lane pressure early as a support is friggin absurd. Always has been. You just have to know when to pick it, sometimes your teammates pick carry tops and carry junglers, and you need an engage tank - picking Zyra is a bad idea there.
: Zyra is a really good support right now. It's like playing lux but offers even more lane pressure with plants constantly poking the adc/support, making farming punishing. ADCs can struggle with zyra support, depending on their positioning. More often than not, you're going to be snaring them from a really far distance, and because of how zyra support pressures lane, you'll be doing that under tower where the adc can't follow up as easily. The other issue is adcs in bronze tend to not watch the map, and with such a heavy pressure lane, you're bound to push too far and get ganked a lot, so you and the adc have to be prepared to disengage. It's a really good aggressive support nobody knows how to deal with, but bronze adcs struggle, they don't know what is an engage or a poke with zyra. It's best in a zyra lane to just let her do all the poking and CS without worrying about getting all in'd, and be ready to help if zyra gets engaged on.
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: But without Lyte senpai.. Who will keep us safe from the trolls?
he wasn't doing that as it is.
Zacster (NA)
: Riot Is Flat Out Ignoring Us
Giving you what you want is not in their business model. Their job is to keep you playing and selling cosmetics to people with no impulse control. Is it working?
: Can Cass get a clear indication that target is poisoned?
I wish they would turn colors like in other games. I lose a second confirming.
Mojihito666 (EUNE)
: So rito should only allows premades 5 to play lol. Its a team based game after all.
Games been popular for 5 years. if you don't have team yet you asked for it. When its time for group rewards, no one has a problem playing together. Incentive. Make not losing you incentive for grouping.
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