: ? What's wrong with it?
She doesn't look like the same character. Is she suppose to be mayan, latin inspired? Or black? Because before you answer that this would make her the first champ in League with latin, Mexican, mayan inspiration and I don't want her to be confused as being Black. Samething happened with reaper from Overwatch He was from LA and clearly Mexican but the fanbase couldn't tell and said he was black and took away some representation. It might not seem like a big deal, but giving a character it's own distinctions matters.
: Riot said it's a solo laner,next one will be a marksman. Jungle: *exists* {{item:3070}}{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Yuumi, Sylas, Neeko, Pyke, Kai'Sa, Zoe, Ornn, Kayn, Rakan, Xayah, Camille, Ivern, Kled, Taliyah, Aurelion Sol, Jhin. If Riot says we haven't had an ad assassin in a while that's a complete lie. Pyke is an AD assassin. last support before Yuumi was Rakan so we were due Last tank was Ornn and before that was Tahm Kench. Control mage was Neeko???? or if not that. Then Taliyah and Asol. What im saying is that Sylas, Ornn, and Camille can be and are played in JG. Hell even Neeko is as well.
: Like I don't know what you want from me. I am trying to apologize I was being dumb. I don't even know what I said since I added you for literally 2-3 minutes then unfriended myself. Literally have apologized so many times with so many posts but you seem to stretch this. I am sorry.
Why would you even flip out like that man? Don't you understand how big of a deal it is?
: Why does the hair look so bad, both the hairstyle and the color seem out of place
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: Yuumi was just released come on man not this soon
Shut up, you people who complain and cry about new champs being released are actually annoying They said this year was for new champs If you don't like it, don't play.
: Gee, what happened with Riot "slowing down" on the champion releases and focusing more on reworking older champions? I'm glad Nunu, Kayle and Morde got the needed attention, but there are still alot more champions to update. And Yuumi is still brand new. This new Qiyana champion should be delayed atleast untill late August.
Nah dude shut up. Quit crying about the amount of champs being released. Theyre going to rework Voli next but that's not until later this year or next. This year they said it's about new champs, and they hinted at both Yumi and this new ad assassin last year.
: not for me, specially because the name of the region she is from is called Ixaocan. That word has very distinctive Mayan structure to it. Shurima already represents northern African cultures very well, so it makes sense for a new region to be something different (draw inspiration from other places to make it stand out)
Is she the first Latin inspired champ? Ive been waiting a long time for this. Good to know they decided on savage culture.

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