: Where to Watch the League of Legends Origins Doc
This made me stupid emotional, something about seeing clips from the first worlds I ever watched, and the old maps and just overall look and feel of the game as it was when I first discovered league is just so nostalgic. You've come a long way. It hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows but we're proud of you regardless and its things like this and how you interact with the community that keep us coming back for more. I'd also just like to say I'm excited for what all you have in store for us, the shooter looks fucking dope and that honestly means a lot coming from me I haven't been excited/had high hopes for a game launch in well.. a long time. Thank you guys for everything you do for us
: Patch 7.20 notes
Rito can we please have a tab in collections that shows what skins we have already {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Simurgh (NA)
: Let's Chat about Honor
It's probably a dumb request but I actually miss the honor counter on my profile, even if its brought back just for me to see privately id be okay with that. It was pretty comforting to see and good to know which honors I was getting more of. Also, I miss the honorable opponent option for those occasions where someone on the enemy team has me scared to go near them. I wish that could be brought back even if it didn't change honor level progress much. (I'm sure I'm not the only one mentioning this one either but..) I would really like to be able to honor more than one person... I know that's difficult with the new if you get three honors you get a flourish for everyone to see but I've always been a little honor happy when I have a good game and now having to choose one player to honor is difficult, so maybe bring that back and make it not count towards leveling up as much? Just a thought. As a support main I was looking forward to the new honor system as more recognition for that last second soraka ult that saves my entire teams lives.. but with it only being a one per person honor it always goes to the person with the most kills which usually.. isn't the support. so I went from getting 2-3 honors most games to getting maybe one "tilt-proof" here or there so it's just a little discouraging but I still enjoy it when I do get an honor. On the more positive side, I love the new honor mechanic as a whole. I love that it's being given more attention than before. It's clear how much effort was put into this and as with most new features, you started with good intentions and I have faith the new honor system will only continue to improve over time Keep up the good work
Sparkle (NA)
: Honor is separate from Runes. Runes Reforged is coming out in Preseason, Honor is hits this patch I believe at some point. :)
from what I heard it was already rolling out on the client in specific regions but it should be /everywhere/ later in the patch.
: PBE signups
When will PBE signups be available again? I'd love to try for an account so I could test out new content/features/game modes etc. I don't mind bugs and I'm pretty good at reporting any bugs I encounter on the live server. I joined the open beta as soon as I found out about it and I loved it so I have no doubt the actual PBE will be an even better experience!!
Cheyanna (NA)
: Anyone else not get their free mystery skin?
mine either and i bought 13 mystery skins. a couple of which being the 790rp ones (got a couple legendary skins which i am more than happy about btw but free skins are nice too..)
: I agree about how well written this is. I experienced some brain difficulties attempting to read the forced nerd-speak patch updates. Especially, as a new player, most of the references and comedic asides just confused me. I desired a more straight forward explanation of changes instead of silly witticisms and sarcastic quips about overpowered abilities. (Not that they weren't enjoyable once an experienced player explained it to me....) Keep up the good work Riot, +1 to diplomacy with this post.
Being fairly new to the league community myself I know exactly what you're talking about but the period of confusion for me was brief and painless. Personally, I didn't have an experienced player to explain anything to me and I was on my own unfortunately but I made it through alive and now I'm that (somewhat) experienced player explaining to the friends I've forced to play league (originally against their will, but now they are also obsessed.) what all the changes, including witty comments and jokes, mean. Keep up what you're doing Pwyff, the newbies will catch on in time. meanwhile the rest of us are appreciating the time and effort you put into writing those patch notes.


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