: Just look at those Riven buffs on PBE. Lmao
Is it just me or is the buff to the minimum damage on her ult really pointless? Why would you ever try to use it at minimum damage, that's the pinnacle of inefficiency. I feel like this will only really show through when riven just wants to fire wave before death in general direction of enemies to do slightly more than before damage... which is really close to negligible. damage. But still.. the W Buff wasn't necessary.
Anl0rian (NA)
: Will Morgana be revealed today?!
> [{quoted}](name=Anl0rian,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q4r8I2ru,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-19T19:02:30.310+0000) > > Will Morgana be revealed today?! They mentioned very briefly that her kit is very much the same minus an added move speed bonus in R when moving towards enemy champions.
Opop (EUW)
: Kinda confused at Kayle's lore in relation to Quinn's
Thanks. I'm going to be bothered all day by this now.
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: What is your favourite augment on Odyssey?
Triple zap augments, plan A, Whalebones.
Krynnˉ (NA)
: Ranged champions are annoying in top lane yes, if you're melee vs ranged, you're going to lose against that Kennen/Jayce/Gnar, it's pretty much a given so either prepare your anus or pick something like Aatrox and try to survive lane, or pick someone like Irelia or Jax who can fend off against ranged match-ups.
If picking certain champs is the only way to deal with ranged champions, then a large majority of the melee champions are being crowded out.
: that used to exist. its a literal free shield from turrets
I probably should have address that, but free shields negates the first hit usually, the goal is to reduce effectiveness without making it unrewarding so much that effort is negated. Edit: also those were everylane and only the second tower.
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Maultron (NA)
: What are the main/OTP's for every single champion in League of Legends?
Weeknd - Camille. FM_Jayce, BJNA - Jayce (There's one more I forgot)
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: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
WøOxer (EUW)
: TRUE STEALTH, that's nuts. How is that healthier than before? She gonna be literally best turret diver.
Being a good turret diver is good an all, Kled does it, fizz does it, they are both monsters at towerdives, anyone with a stopwatch can do it(remember that?). Anyone who can get in and out quickly does it. Tower's are already pretty weak, and I know I saw somewhere that while towers will reveal her location, she still cant be targeted. I think it's better than her current just hit 6 and then towerdive you anyhow and W out. Now she has to land that E to do decent damage it looks like.
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Kythers (NA)
: Nami is objectively the nicest, purest girl in League
I would believe you... If she didn't have the Void Symbol carved into her tidecaller staff. I don't know whats happening to her behind the scenes holding onto that thing.
: Can you do anything about Camille, riot balancing team?
I play Camille a rather lot, albeit I have not been playing a lot of league recently. I see a lot of camille hate posts blatantly over-exaggerating her issues, and confusing strengths without recognizing weaknesses(despite her astounding lack of them compared to other champions). First off, They cant change the E range, nor the fact that her Q does true damage, that would be like reworking Aatrox without giving him any way to heal. It's an integral part of her kit that really plays up her late game prowess as a split pusher and duelist/skirmisher, what they can do is readjust how her lane safety tools work, being her passive and Q. A lot of interactions with Camille lanes are her poking, or trading autos, with little to no retaliation due to these tools. She can wait till the enemy uses their own tools and answer further with her own, ensuring she will win most trades. So switching her passive into a form that forces her to use an ability to activate, which her E and W have long CD's early game, will ensure less free trades just with a few autos. Additionally, her W comet synergy is super strong, now this is a little farfetched, but I believe the slow should be situational. If the enemy is facing you it doesn't slow, but if they are not, it should. This should give more incentive to engage and not fear a big slow ruining that moment when she goes to poke, while keeping the fact that she can still use it as a tool to catch running enemies. Alternatively, it could run on a different "mark" mechanism so that the slow doesn't trigger, or is severely lessened without said mark. Mark could be applied by simply auto attacking, not my favorite suggestion but may be worth investigating. Yes Camille is strong, but don't suggest taking away things that frustrate you.
: So I haven't go out with my family in almost 2 years
I’m sorry to hear that you feel so alienated in your own family, I hope that whatever path you takes makes you happier.
: Why is League beginning to feel more and more like a children's argument?
What do you expect? Steve from state farm hurling staplers at people?
Arammus (EUW)
: most fun to play champ and why?
{{champion:164}} becuase she has one of the most unique kits in the game, can play three roles, and generally doesnt feel weak or helpless at any point in the game with the right amount of practice and positioning. Also her flash E is one of thee most satisfying things to pull off.
: ***
Also a higher chance of being realllllllly messed up. It's a Trade off.
: Jungle is Worse than Ever
I feel like this Jungle Change will make Camille even better becuase level two E will allow here quality scuttle roams. Pretty much all I care about now anyhow.
iiblis (NA)
: When You Feed Master Yi
I thought the picture was the Ghost leviathan and was about to comment how it was appropriate. Regardless, masterful display of how Yi can stomp games.
: you would be surprised by how non sat checkish these champions are in higher elos.
IDK why this is downvoted, Although these champions are balls of stats in general, they mostly have a few niches that make them not a walking wrecking ball. Trundle Pillar interrupt, Yi Q Dodge/Meditate AA reset. IDK about trynd, hes pretty simple, Auto spin away I guess. Unlike Mundo.
: "Bee Happy" should be renamed "Bee Glad" to match the others.
: Fact and fiction: Mana changes
You should Probably note the fact that all mages are getting .4 mana per SECOND tapped on, which is 2 mana per 5 seconds. (the actual value of each individual champs mana regen is 33.3% of base value tacked on, which nearly nullifies the 50% base mana regen dorans ring offers.) The actual mana pool buff at level one is 25% base value. This leads to the actual mana changes to only be felts after levels 3-4. It's important to note the fact that Base mana regen was buffed, causing for mana regen items will be more effective. I think this is a rather clever change that will overall reduce late game mana pools but benefit more early game harass, while it may feel like a nerf in the mid game, the late game should not actually feel it all that hard and blue buff can be a lot more effective and mitigating the change(restores 5 flat mana and 1% of maximum mana per second). I'm not a mid laner, but honestly I just like the fact that you went through all this effort. Overall tbh I think Riot was at least well informed to make a decision like this, albiet still a nerf, it's shifting power into more passive but noticeable simple changes
: Who is Riven? Illustrated Bio
You really can't take the story of the illustration seriously if it was all pretty and glamorous. I love the illustrations.
: Damage. Too. High.
I actually feel like this would benefit DPS or namely, the ADC class. Extended fights allow them to shine higher than other champions(tanks and mages) who front load a lot of their power in exchange for longer cool downs. When that long front loaded damage is lowered, then they have less chance of killing the ADC, especially in this peel-centric meta around ADC in general right now, lowering damage would make it EVEN HARDER to deal with them without lowering healing and shielding. As for a DPS class carry, losing 30, heck 60 damage per auto with 2.0 attack speed is nothing to losing maybe 150 to 300 damage up front damage. Keep that in mind that if damage is lowered, other things must be lowered in exchange to not just straight buff ADCS.
Cahriz (NA)
: And I swear to God Riot if you just put out Project Shen or just a 975 or bad 1300 skin... Shen deserves a Legendary or at bare minimum at 1300 with new voicelines, emotes, animations.
Deserve is a big word, It's Riot's game, but I'd warrant that giving Shen attention at some point in the near future would be just for the old boy.
: Riot just create a dedicated Replay system so we can share things without going through a hassle
That's supporting the sharing the negativity and would be a pointless feature to just further increase tilt... In what world do people need to shame others to have fun? Sounds unhealthy.
Zephrist (NA)
: Can Riot sue the producers of A Quiet Place
Damn you. Made me go on a huge tangent from actual work. My procrastination has hit new heights!
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I don't expect the game to be perfectly balanced. I suggest taking a look at [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e31OSVZF77w), despite being old, still relevant. The problem is not that the game isn't perfectly balanced or anything near it, it's that currently the point of balance in the sin graph somehow managed to get out of its +/- 1 domain entirely.
Really interesting video, and I think perhaps I was a bit to over zealous in emphasizing the ideal of perfect balance. Perhaps it's my loyalty to Riot, but I still have a hard time seeing other people expressing the current value of discontent in the game, so as to why I created the post. I still manage to have fun simply trying to improve on my own champions, or perhaps learning new ones that have difficult learning curves. Anyhow, addressing your numerical argument that the sin graph extends out of the +/- 1 range of the graph, I think you may be correct, but not necessarily, but the magnitude, most probably. The magnitude is essentially the duration multiplied by the value, and the more extreme the value and higher the duration, the higher the magnitude of imbalance. Once that magnitude passes a certain range the tolerance of players is tested and discontent rises in proportion. So yes, I think the magnitude of botlane abuse is too high and that a change, I believe, should be made.
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Eonis (NA)
: hi
Good Day.{{champion:164}}
rinxx (NA)
: Best Support to Master ?
Janna, salt here but she is and will continue to be viable for every patch if not being downright stupid strong. Mastering Janna will give you an inert advantage as she is almost never a bad pick and good Janna's are a god send to every ADC main ever, trust me they will love you.
: 1k true damage tank Camille needs nerfs
Note that this build has no MR and that taking dead mans plate on Camille is not optimal due to the fact that she already has ample mobility and dead mans slow means basically nothing to her. If you need more armor for survivability, taking a randuins or thornmail are far better as they work against ADCs, which the meta revolves about. However, her build is not cheap, the core build costs 10.5k not including boots, while building straight tank would save 300-1000 gold per item.(trinity 3733, Ravenous 3500, Steraks 3200) whist an average Boots are generally finished way before this so lets just say its gonna be ~11.6 gold before she hits a power spike of 1000 true damage. Lets also discount the fact that about 500-800 gold is on consumables and starting items, so perhaps up to 12.4K before that power spike. Their is no denying that this power spikes makes her one of, if not thee best duelist in the game. She is strong, no doubt, but take into account the fact that with the same amount of gold, an ADC can get a three core crit build, and start working on even more. At that point taking apart teams is not dream, its a reality. I am sad to say as a top laner the fact that you have quintessentially less agency than an ADC over a game is very much a reality, albiet Camille is very strong because her absurd amount of tools and the fact that she can still survive it most match ups is not really as much as an issue as ADCs. The amount of tools she has makes her harder to answer, but not unstoppable, which is why she is picked and powerful in the moment. She has the flexibility that most top laners don't have the freedom to enjoy. She can be a lane bully, a effective roamer, a poke lane, a lane freezer, easily can CS under tower in bad situations, can turn fights with her stuns and untargetability, has one of the best catching potentials in the game with E flash mechanic, and does true damage that scales really well with a certain tanky build that works exponentially more well on her than anyone else who can abuse those items. But alas, she won't out do an ADC in the current given meta. If the meta was not so bot focused right now, I might even call myself for abusing a filthy freelo champion but I know all too well that if I cant cater to bot lane one way or another, in Camilles case, catch potential and roams, dives to isolate damage and mitigate attention to oneself if not killing the ADC atleast locking them in for another second so team can collapse, then you cant win the game. This is why illaoi is poor in higher elo, despite being one of the most infuriating lanes to play into as a toplaner, she is simply beat into a pulp by ADC's and the only hope she has is to grab an ADC's soul or to flash ult and remove the front line. The poor opponent has to suffer and not feed, and illaoi has to be hyper aggressive and hope her bot lane wins, because walking away from her champion equivalent tentacles is to easy for a kiting ADC. Yes I basically main Camille and I agree with he fact that she is the best solely on the fact that she has more tools to deal with ADC than other top laners, however her 1v1 potential is hardly her issue, which is why I think removing damage from her q2 is hardly the right answer. If you wanna nerf someone for 1v1, which in this meta is laughable, better nerf Garen or Illaoi, maybe Riven, because winning against them in even conditions is darn difficult for any champion.
: Clash was the most fun I've had in League in months
Get invited as a sub for a team that needed three subs 30 minutes before the last tournament of the weekend. Playing toplane because toplane is my role. Get faced against Illaoi two times and want to cry becuase our team relies on mid and top to get ahead but we cant do it and they win through the usual bot lane stomp. Swear to main Yasuo to cuck any I.llaoi that dares face me again. It was pretty productive I'd say. It was also a harsh reminder I have no friends!.
RaiNinja (NA)
: Skins, Just Skins Please. Give the older ones some love too.
Riot could make a lot of money from a camille skin Im willing to wager.
: Who do you main? (3 years later)
Basically whatever toplane carry I can split push on and make plays on. Mostly camille but picking up yasuo to counter illaoi and irelia cause shes cool. Would be neat if I could play riven and if jayce was actually good in the meta.
Besteau (NA)
: I still main darius, dropped Leona but picked up illaoi sion and wukong {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:62}}
> [{quoted}](name=Besteau,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Km2b2nmY,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-04-15T21:04:34.289+0000) > > I still main darius, dropped Leona but picked up illaoi sion and wukong > > {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:62}} Illaoi smh. You disgust me.
: * Galio, Blitzcrank, Shaco, and Orianna are all Golems of various types. * Kindred is closer to an Avatar than a spirit, which is good, as it lets you put "Spirit" and "Undead" into the same category, which more accurately catches things like Kalista and Hecarim, in my opinion. * Ivern is a weird thing sort of on his own. * Kayle and Morgana are both ???? for now, until a lore rework. * Brand is an elemental, I believe. * Nocturne is a demon, but not necessarily in the same way as the other demons? * Willump is a Yeti. * Rammus is a ?demigod? with extra ?. * Warwick is a mutated entity that probably no longer counts as human. Same with Mundo. * Skarner is a Brackern.
I don't think mundo was ever a human. Also, don't forget the Darkin! Don't even know what Elise is... Fiddlesticks maybe? Golem too? Nautilus, twitch, Tahm, and Soraka too...
Eedat (NA)
: Honestly I would be ok with LoL having a box cost at this point
As much as this sounds enticing to players whom already know and love the game, I think from a business perspective changing League from a Free game with purchasable cosmetics to a box game would change the message Riot is working with when they show off their product, they don't want to hold any play whom wants to play league accountable. Think about it from an outsiders prospective If you watched a video or had a friend who played, would you join? its a very big and complicated game that rewards knowledge and has a long learning process that can deter people from paying. It can feel unrewarding. No say you have this free trial over your head, you could play for free for a month and then suddenly decide "You know what, I'm not interested enough to pay for this game." The free trial acts a a buffer for you decide whether or not you like a product, and League I don't believe is an instantly likable product. Even the champion vouchers and such that you mention, not only do they far outweigh the cost proposed(3 6300 champions is about 20$ I believe), but their are so many champions to pick from that it can often incur feelings of regret. Anyhow that's just my two cents that changing League to a box game will fundamentally change the structure in a not so good way.
: What is your favorite all time skin!
New Frostblade Irelia or God staff Jax, albiet I still await the day the God Thighs Camille is a thing. I'm a top laner BTW.
: From Frostbutt to Furblade. What the hell did you do to this skin.
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
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: I just found the easiest way to balance every champion without changing their abilities or anything
So are we nerfing Melee champions to the stats of the squishy ranged champions or are we buffing range champions to that of melees. Either way that is just gonna make this whole melee vs ranged thing worst as melee characters rely on their stats more than ranged to be effective.
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: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hyped are you for the Swain VGU?
Deunne (NA)
: Not when youre a teemo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You would be surprised.
: Hey, at least enslaving the souls of some creepy crystal corpions isn't polluting the environment!
Thats where you’re wrong kiddo.
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