: Renekton was a lane bully who had the ability to win duelists but lose to juggernauts/tanks. Now, they let him win duelists and every tank with a shield making matchups like Sion and Malphite, to be good matchups for renekton instead of bad like they were. Bullcrap buff and unecessary. A change for the sake of change not for the sake of balancing.
renekton is a champion rn that you would only ever really play because you're good at him. If i want a spear abuser {{champion:24}} is objectively better at abusing it. If i want a lane bully {{champion:122}} {{champion:266}} do renekton's job but better, the only thing i think renekton has on those two is i think he's better in like 1 or 2 match ups. If multiple champions do your job but just better tho, your champion is weak. according to champion.GG he has a 47% wr and a 3.7% play rate... those are not strong numbers. https://champion.gg/champion/Renekton/Top?
FâgLord (EUW)
: Riot, What the f*ck
I don't really mind these changes. Truth be told i don't see the point of picking {{champion:58}} over other lane bullies into tank match ups, his only form of tank shred is on enhanced E which is easily the worst spell to have enhanced, his only form of magic damage is a flat mini DPS. Sitting at a 47% wr with 3% play rate (at least according to champion.gg) i think he needs something to give him a boost. {{champion:122}} is a MUCH better tank killer with true damage, better DPS, and built in pen. {{champion:266}} has better range and is better able to dive the back line so even when a tank reaches the "i have 300 armor and you do no damage now" stat, he's more useful. The gator needs something to make him worth picking into tank.
: What if we removed runes and masteries?
i like the runes system tbh. i think its fun and adds an extra level of depth to the game.
Wygol (EUW)
: Both of those champs are gated by cooldowns and Shen can at least take advantage of those cooldowns, Darius without cooldowns still has his passive and by extension, Noxian Might. In lane at least. Lategame Vladimir will become more of a problem than Shen can ever deal with.
Darius is limited by mana, sustain that only comes from landing an ability on you, and the fact that his W is an auto attack. so you can block that with yours. {{champion:266}} is a walking stat check rn that will murder you very quickly if he gets just a few abilities off. Due to his high level of sustain and ult, you essentially have 0 chance of killing him unless you're just WAAAAYYY better at this game than him by a large margin. His Q extends further out than Darius Q as well as heals him on minons and champs alike. So he's even more oppressive under tower than darius. He has higher cooldowns but his passive is still % max hp attack and his abilities are still extremely high impact. {{champion:8}} you're right that in lane vlad will not be as bad as darius in terms of kill pressure but the fact that he has a strong late game, really good sustain, ranged, and no mana, means that you can't afford to just AFK farm. He's a ticking time bomb and because you're a peel tank, you have extremely low kill potential. Shen's entire kit means that he's not supposed to be a massive lane bully, unless you've just acquired a huge lead. Yeah Darius is rough for sure but a lane where i just have to survive and be useful for my team is a LOT easier to deal with as Shen thanks to his R button. It doesn't matter if i'm 20 Cs down if my bot lane is 5/0 cause i gave them a double kill early into the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Off Meta Evan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VFb62ycE,comment-id=000b0004,timestamp=2019-02-01T23:35:21.003+0000) > > {{champion:133}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:420}} Darius is an EZ champ to counter he's just super oppressive in certain match ups lol no way Vladimir beats a Darius who builds early MR, same for Lissandra. If her rushes merc boots into phage and then makes his way to spirit visage you can forget about 1v1'ing him, especially if he's smart and instead of ignite takes ghost alongside flash.
If he builds MR then more than likely, yeah you're not gonna have insane amounts of kill pressure but you're going to be infinitely more useful to your team than a full MR darius. Winning lane against darius doesn't just mean you can 1v1 him, it means that you went out of the laning phase even or slightly ahead. With {{champion:8}} 100000% you're going to eventually be able to just hard duel him, Your late game is nasty and if you know how to kit it's free. {{champion:127}} has one of the best pick and teamfights in the game rn now so just making it out of laning phase with a decent amount of gold is a win.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Darius is the worst matchup for shen.
: Who even counters Darius? dont say teemo... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
> [{quoted}](name=Thbigchief,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VFb62ycE,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-02-01T20:34:15.479+0000) > > Who even counters Darius? dont say teemo... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:420}} Darius is an EZ champ to counter he's just super oppressive in certain match ups
Ignika D (EUW)
: enemy first picked darius lets see the champions i cant take top this game {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:516}} fun for the hole family
> [{quoted}](name=Ignika D,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VFb62ycE,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-02-01T19:21:53.980+0000) > > enemy first picked darius lets see the champions i cant take top this game {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:516}} > > fun for the hole family I agree that darius is a poorly designed champ some of these picks are not accurate. Champs like malphite that are super linear and essentially just walking R buttons, totally agree, you're fucked. But a character like Shen who has a lot of versatility in his kit CAN be more useful than darius and CAN survive laning phase. You have to play it just right and it requires knowing a decent amount about the game/character but it certainly can be done.
: > [{quoted}](name=20022012,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=nlopz4E9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-05T23:54:37.229+0000) > > AFAIK Aatrox's human host wasn't impressive like Kayn's or Varus', that's why he isn't mentioned anywhere. If you look at them you can see how both Rhaast and Varus are influenced by their past forms and mention it while Aatrox does not, at least not in game. Probably has something to do with the fact that when Aatrox was created the theory of Aatrox actually being the sword wasn't as popular. The OP is asking for a pre-sword-imprisonment/Ascended Aatrox, not a pre-host-possession Aatrox ala Kayn. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
^ what this guy said.
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: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
Okay i see what you're saying here and i have a solution, nerf every champ's base stats expect for kennen because he's so fair and balanced.... don't look at my mastery :^)
: well whats the difference between {{champion:24}} and {{champion:86}} ?
Garen is a juggernaut: Low levels of mobility/CC but fuck tons of damage, essentially designed to beat most people in a straight up fight due to how much tank and damage he has. Jax would be more in line with i THINK a diver, designed to dive into fights and kill priority targets but is tanky enough to survive the actual dive, rather than an assassin that's supposed bail
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BQVgffKW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-24T08:13:10.141+0000) > > It's almost like those who master Riven will generally rise to the top, meaning you'll see a lot of her there. > > Like, mastering Riven has always been understood as *the* #1 most reliable way to get to Diamond+, with the drawback of you probably plummeting to Bronze while trying to learn her. why can't those that master zed and yasuo have a good winrate tho?
someone already touched on the match ups but another point i'd like to add is that riven has less counterplay when ahead and is more useful when behind. Especially with Zed, despite how ahead he may get, there WILL be a point where the AD can just out right murder him if he's not playing 100% perfectly which is really hard to do all the time. with riven, you have a lot more defensive options and you have CC so even if you're incredibly behind, a flash W 3rd Q is still going to set up your team for kills.
: We need a middle ground between the current meta and ardent meta for supports and marksmen
I honest to god thought u were molly from sky williams' videos. then i realized what ur name was, jebaited.
: > [{quoted}](name=UVM ZhaoRiTian,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ePGENAA1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-02T19:18:27.825+0000) > > _<Removed>_ I'm a guy lol
: Sexualization of a video game character, if not widely misplaced, is almost never a bad thing.
Sexy characters are fine. League is partly a fantasy and part of that fantasy is looking cool. if ur honestly going to tell me that in a power fantasy you wouldn't imagine yourself as a sexy person, you're fucking with me.
: Back when Riot was just an office with a couple of guys making a game and concepting Brolaf it was fine. Can't really fault an indie sized company at not achieving satisfying balance but... Now they're a multi billion dollar business. Just get a competent huge darn team of people to balance the game. It's not that they don't have resources to allocate to game balalnce. This whole "but it's hard to balance 140 champions" is an excuse. Hire 1 person for each champion to work on dedicatedly i don't know. They have the money to do it.
> [{quoted}](name=Ákali exe,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6kenkfsa,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-11-26T12:03:25.206+0000) > > Back when Riot was just an office with a couple of guys making a game and concepting Brolaf it was fine. Can&#x27;t really fault an indie sized company at not achieving satisfying balance but... > > Now they&#x27;re a multi billion dollar business. > Just get a competent huge darn team of people to balance the game. It&#x27;s not that they don&#x27;t have resources to allocate to game balalnce. > This whole &quot;but it&#x27;s hard to balance 140 champions&quot; is an excuse. > > Hire 1 person for each champion to work on dedicatedly i don&#x27;t know. > They have the money to do it. no it's not "hard" to balance i mean it's literally impossible, a bigger team would result in less communication and thus more mistakes fall through the cracks, with so MANY combinations of interactions, items, stats, roles and playstyles, it's actually impossible to account for all that. There is basically no solution to balancing a game once you reach 50+ characters, at that point you can just try to make it as fair as possible and focus on fun.
: i like you my friend you seem a lot more level headed than most Like a light in a sea of dark XDDD
> [{quoted}](name=meticoulouswolf,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6kenkfsa,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-26T03:34:17.193+0000) > > i like you my friend you seem a lot more level headed than most > > Like a light in a sea of dark XDDD <3
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Akumu (NA)
: This entire Preseason is a massive failure.
Controversial take: I like the new turrets. I always felt like in the super early game when i solo kill my opponent there was really nothing productive to be done afterwards, might as well just push our the wave and back but this new turret mechanic IMO rewards hyper early aggression and means that shit stomping ur lane solo is far more rewarding which i feel that should be a main focus of gameplay.
: Can't believe Riot didn't realize yet that a ranged champion allowed to slow down opponents while speeding himself up / escaping with a single ability is a toxic design {{item:3022}} has been nerfed for this exact reason, and everyone still hates facing {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}}
@ {{champion:150}} {{item:3022}}
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Peep1996 (EUW)
The character has toxic design because he's a right click bot with only one ability really requiring a brain (it's his E btw.) but i wouldn't say he's overpowered.
Eedat (NA)
: I'm not "triggered" by you throwing insults.
Honestly flaming is just counter productive. "Yes this guy thats playing poorly will totally play better after i call him a %%%%%%!" Like bruh
: would you be kind enough to find it for me? (:
https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/le Here you go friendo
: Why play this game if you don't want to work with your team?
To answer your question as to why i might not help my team members. Because if my teammate makes a shit call im not going to follow through with it and have us BOTH be behind. My favorite example of this is any jungler that thinks its a good idea to fight over scuttle/invade when a massive wave is pushing onto my tower. I'm NOT roaming and losing 200G on the CHANCE we get the kill. Because if the enemy team ends up either A) getting away or B) getting the objective anyway. Im now at 10-12 cs down all because you wanted to pick a fight. God forbide if we both die because that shit basically ends my lane if i don't have teleport up in top lane. I will follow up to help if i have priority or if i think my roam will actually help but the safest play to make when someone is roaming/ganking is to back off and have the enemy laner clear the wave to get a CS lead or possibly even a tower. For me personally getting constantly ganked is acceptable if my team uses the chance to get other shit around the map.
: His laning was okay prenerf and is now complete trash. The champ works properly till about high/ mid plat. Once you hit that wall even lanes you would easily win post nerf (aka Darius as you mentioned) become set under tower and farm lanes because yorick has no agency in lane anymore with out JG help due to such low damage early. So he's extremely easy to zone off minions and while yes his lvl 6 all in is good. It has 160 second CD and that's not enough to justify him automatically being 20 CS down every MU because yorick can't walk up to the wave with out being chunked.
I personally haven't had this issue. If your oppnent is under you can get a lot of kill pressure by stacking up 4 ghouls and waiting for them to go on caster minions. Obviously this strategy is situational but you SHOULD at bare minimum with landing Es with ghouls up, be able to punish them for CSing and poke them down. If you're bringing demolish you can get a few cheesey procs off if you're strong enough. Yeah your CD for ult is long But thats cause your 6 means that in a long term trade you will almost garenteed win. Your first item gives you 20% if you're building right and kindle gem is only 800G. I think he's weaknesses arent in laning but rather than he doesn't have the moblity to split as safely as other splitpushers
: Silver II trying to rank up
Hi! Gold 2 71 LP with gold 1 mmr, I'd say listen to my points and see if they make sense rather than blindly listen to me/ anyone but if that ranking gives you reason to listen/disregard my advice, there it is. A LOT of people say "pick a champ that you're good with and STICK WITH IT." But unfortunately this game isn't something where thats always viable. If what you're good at is {{champion:75}} and you always pick him regardless of comp, match up, or meta. You're going to lose a LOT (i know cause this was me for a hard minute.) What I'll tell you is that it's HALF true. Find champs with PLAYSTYLES you like, and find the ones that are strongest that you enjoy playing. For me i like split push 1v1 engage champs. So my main 4 picks are {{champion:85}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:83}} all of which have either engage, decent split push, dueling or a combo of them. For your particular scenario, it seems like you enjoy burst mages so i would reccomend {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:63}} or possibly even {{champion:34}} as people you should potentially think about picking up. Syndra is ESPECIALLY good rn and is a decent counter pick against certain assassins. Thank you for listening to my ted talk
: Riven now one of the worst Top Laners in damage dealt in every tier.
I think that can be attributed to more cheesey top laners being meta like {{champion:6}} who can just dick on melee champs. Though honestly idk why she's got such low damage. I'd say this tho, riven being able to just straight run people down in lane should almost never be a viable option unless it's against someone with shitty laning. The cost for damage should be a hit to mobility. If im an immobile champion, and you out damage AND outrun me, i now have to play the game in constant fear of just being murdered with no counterplay. Where as if I can out damage you but not outrun you. You just have to ward and be wary of me, but can play further extended and CS while still being safe. A champion who can determine when they interact with other champs is not healthy design IMO.
: I still don't understand Riots Balance Team's decision
Idk about this. I'm a massive yorick fan and he's my juggernaut of choice and honestly he feels fine. I'm willing to bet the reason he got nerfed is because if his laning is too strong to be contested by other laners He'll take all of top lane due to his Q plus demolish. His level 6 all in with sheen is still fucking insane, his level 3 power spike lets him out damage other juggernauts like{{champion:122}} and once he gets trinity he honestly doesnt even need ghouls to kill an AD 1v1 if the AD isn't ahead. The champ is fine. There are other picks that can certainly do his job safer but in terms of a 1v1 dueling split pusher, there are VERY few champs who can just outright out duel him when he has ult.
: I really need to understand why do Americans use le French « le » so much LMAO
: "I love Evelynn" appreciation post/comments/suggestions and all that stuff.
All i ask is that she have a special interaction with TF. My buddy and i like to play eve TF and use the tango skins together and i think it'd be nice if they had some dialogue.
: explain it to me, how is Twisted Fate the number 2 midlaner with a 12% pick rate
One of the reasons i think TF is pretty viable is that he has very little counterplay when he's ahead. Unless you're a champ that mechanically counters him, there really isn't anything you can do if he ports in on you, gold card E passive with lichbane (which is 150% of his ap in a click shot.) Then Q while you're stunned. You're unlucky enough to be an immobile character and he has Lichbane, Ludens around the 20-15 minute mark. You just got one shot with basically no room for counterplay.
Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite champion/skin quote and why?
{{champion:75}} infernal: "Fate is a manifestation of my will." Thats just a fancy way of saying "all planed, calculated."
: Semi-Annual Reminder that Karthus' ult quotes need to be global.
at the very least can i HEAR the quotes when playing him? at LOT of the time as karthus i'm just looking at the low HP target to know if i'm gonna kill them or not, its really a shame to not be able to hear such cool lines.
SoarinJC (NA)
: I forgot that mages and assassins are mutually exclusive, my bad {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} My only criteria for being a mage was that they did primarily AP damage. Riot threw out the correct formula for mages a long time ago, as they have with the formula for many other classes in favor of creating high apm flashy kits designed to impress crowds without caring about overall balance.
Well i personally believe that mages and assassins should be mutually exclusive. Not saying that they are but i think they should be, hybrid class champs are always messes to balance *cough cough* graves. *cough.*
: It wasn't perfect but it was infinite times better, more balanced, more fun and required more skill and brain usage than today's league which is literally made for braindead idiots who unfortunately make most of the population. Now just pick the best assassin or AD champion who has 1000000 dashes, dash from half the map and 1 shot anything that moves. Such game, much fun.
I've legitmately don't notice a difference in damage when playing squishes. It feels the same to me as it always have. Playing a squishy champion means you get one shot. Thats pretty much how it's always been
SoarinJC (NA)
: Clearly you've never seen any of the posts made about zoe, lb, akali, katarina, brand, or veigar.
zoe akali, kat, and LB are all assassins, the amount of burst and mobility is assassin levels we all know it. The design for a mage should be "0 mobility, high damage, has a cc move that prevents people from getting on them/ can be used to set up for their combo/ catch people out."
: So.... lets get this straight.
I would argue the fact that it only blocks auto's makes it balanced that he can move and auto, If you're up against a mage or someone who primarily uses spells, that shit doesn't do anything. honestly i think fiora's is the most stupid because it's I frames, she still does damage to you, it's a slow regardless of if she parried any of your moves. she's a LOT more mobile than irelia, jax and yi when not ulting because rather than having to Q to something, she can just Q wherever, she doesn't actually have to hit anything, and if she does EVEN if it's not a vital, you get the cooldown lowered.... K.
: And not the meta where fucking tanks are dealing more base damage than any other class. We need tank meta from season 2 and season 3 when ADCs bought a tank item, let alone other classes. Teamfights involved multiple spell rotations, MANY OUTPLAYS (something that just doesn't exist any more) and tactical awareness combined with teamwork. Funniest thing is that back then regular gamepaly was same as LCS because it was perfectly balanced, nowadays assassins are breaking the game in SoloQ while mages are garbage, meanwhile in LCS mages still "dominate".
If you legitimately believe the game was balanced in those seasons, you're putting nostalgia googles on. The sustain meta, old darius that had a spin so fast you had 0 counter play, the top lane trio of {{champion:58}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:36}}. Granted maybe those times were better for other roles than top lane so maybe i'm in the minority. One thing i will say is that damage champions should be based around full damage, i don't trust riot when it comes to balance between damage and tank, Remember when {{item:3025}} was on literally every tank and they one shot you? {{item:3053}} {{champion:429}} these two things ruined lives, and {{champion:104}} is a mess of a champion who is solely balanced around being a tanky damage dealer. There is a reason why fighters are always a pain in the ass to balance, typically when you make something a mix between damage and tank, they're either too good and beat out actual damage dealers, or too shit and don't get picked.
Rigante (NA)
: I animated the Beemo splash art! (Actually this is the "updated" version to what I posted on Reddit)
: League of legends a game that is not dying
> > edit#2 for those who dont understand what I mean riot balances the game around pro scene: I am aware that Riot does not want to make champions like Garen or Yi viable on LCS, even though it would make pro play balanced. That would be balancing around PRO PLAY. PRO scene means that they balance the game in such a way it is better to look at. Shorter games so live audiences dont fall asleep or get bored. More deathball teamfights are much flashier than splitpushing. More tower gold, more snowballing, more death. I am not at all talking about champion balance here. I am talking about the game format itself. I mean the game has always been about having the better team rather than better players i feel. That's the cause of a lot of frustration to a lot of people IMO, cause individually you can have much better mechanics than the enemy team but if you don't group properly, play the map well, contest objectives as a team, and overall coordinate as well, you're assured to lose.
: Is League even fun anymore? The current Meta and general state of the game is downright awful
The game is still plenty fun i feel. The games way crazier than it's ever been but... that's not inherently a bad thing IMO. I like the fact that the game doesn't essentially hinge on exactly one role. I like the variety of champions i'm seeing (tho admittedly, you'll always get those same 4-5 meta champs every game. but you'll usually only get like 1-2 in the game.) the rune's system still feels good, the recent VS skins are really fun, Urf's back, the aatrox rework is pretty cool and i think he's fun to play. The game still has the premade problem, where if you happen to be the one random in a premade, prepare to literally never be told anything and that Jungler is NEVER ganking your lane because his premade friends are more important, and you might as well just pray if the JG mid and enemy top are all premade cause you are NEVER gonna be alone. HOWEVER, i still ultimately believe the game is still super fun, it's not lethality meta, the full tank literally every game meta, or god forbid the.... **_Sated devourer_** meta
: The game isn't based around killing though. You could theoretically win the game without killing someone once. It's an objective based game. You could have 50 kills spread throughout your team and still lose (which happens alot in lower elos) because people kda farm and don't actually attempt to win the game and instead drag the game out long enough to throw. If you are up like 8k gold there is next to zero reason not to spawn camp baron at 20 minutes and end the game, but people don't want to do that and instead drag the game to 30+ minutes because they don't know how to win.
You're right about KD but that's not the FUN part of the game. Mindlessly attacking an objective is not fun. Waiting around at baron to close out the game ISN'T fun. I imagine nobody plays video games to wait the fuck around for something to happen. I understand what you're getting at, that the game is based around objectives and therefore buffing the spells that prioritize objectives makes sense, but a large part of the game should still BE killing your opponents. Having options that allow you to have a "kill you then take your shit." playstyle is good for variety and keeps you from being completely shackled to your team. To quote Reggie Fils-aime "if it's not fun, why bother?"
: Teleport is the most fun and interactive out of every summoner spell
Ignite is way more fun. Being able to focus on lane and be individualistic is something that i feel should be a viable option for lanes. If i don't have a duo and i dislike the calls that my team are making/my team is all behind so i need to try really hard to get some kind of lead, Ignite is a much better option for that. From simply a fun perspective, lets be real, we all like padding the KDA. when i go mid ignite i cannot TELL you how many kills i've just barely gotten via ignite. In summary, it allows you to not be shackled to your team and it's fun. Having 4 people all TP bot at once and just having a clown fiesta is only so enjoyable.
Anin777 (EUW)
: Obviously it can never be 100% balanced but it will be damn well better than this current state. Season 5 was really fun to play before the whole tank meta fiasco. You know the problem about having too many options? Sooner or later, you'll run out of options to add. Then what? You like the idea of playing ornn but how many games will you play based on that? If meta makes over 70% of the roster unplayable, what is the point of new champs?
I'll play as many games as i want as long as the champ is cool. I don't usually care about what the meta says about a specific champ. (there are exceptions, like {{champion:62}} is so terrible right now i have completely given up on playing him.) I just want more cool archetypes so i can get into different roles. By all accounts i should probably like {{champion:240}} but i hate his character so much i refuse to play him under any circumstances. I think riot should focus on reworks for right now, as {{champion:62}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:84}} all have extremely outdated kits (yes i know akali is being reworked i'm just sayin) but I don't think simply not releasing new champs is a good idea.
: I come from a fighting game background and unless youre playing Zed, Azir or Lee Sin youre playing a brain dead champion and all youre doing is checking boxes. Has condition A been met? Yes. Then press button. Did that button work? Yes. Then press another button. Am I doing more damage than Im taking? Yes. Then keep pressing buttons. No to any of the above? Run away and try again in 5 seconds when you have more minions. More than 25% of champions in the game do literally nothing but auto attack and have abilities purely for flavor purposes. I dont know how people are so blind about this.
I would argue what defines a hard champ is based on how many mistakes you're allowed to make. a champion like {{champion:101}} you have to constantly be doing well and not make many mistakes, 1 imposition results in almost immediate death. one missed E and the diver/assassin gets all up in your butt. Doing your job as a damage dealer requires you hit your shit AKA not making mistakes. On the flip side you get champs like {{champion:8}} who have I frames, really good sustain so mistakes aren't as punishing, almost entirely point and click, tanky. You get to make A LOT more mistakes. This is why tanks/fighters are usually viewed as brain dead, cause the amount of mistakes you are allowed to make is far greater to that of say a {{champion:115}}
Anin777 (EUW)
: Do we actually need more champs?
I understand the desire for a balanced game more than anyone, however, a game with 100+ characters is NEVER going to be balanced. IMO once you hit the threshold of 45+ you abandon any hope of a truly balanced game. 100+ = legitimately 0 actual way to make every single champ equally as good as one another. The primary reason why I like new champs is because I play based on the champs archetype. I don't care about how strong {{champion:516}} actually is, i just like the idea of playing as a blacksmith goat god, By making cooler archetypes into other roles, it'll attract people who like those archetypes into them. I'm typically not a big fan of the assassin class but {{champion:91}} is just too cool for me not to like him.
Eedat (NA)
: I will NEVER honor you if
The amount of people who don't feed them bother me.
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