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Rhojin (NA)
: The Risks of MMR Boosting
Quick question: I occasionally use VPN's (especially when I play in a public place/at school, SHH) when I play. Will this change of IP/geolocation trigger an MMR boosting warning? I try to only use VPNs located on the West Coast, but now am scared D:
: The new boarder design look like a complete downgrade
I spent 35 hours in the last two weeks getting into Silver from B3.. I just got SV an hour ago and this is the thanks I get
: @Riot The MVP System
This sounds like an amazing idea! Here we are trying to punish players when we could be using positive reinforcement instead! GG man, great idea.
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: Something you have to consider when you read these maps: area is not proportional to population. Alaska population: 736,732 Hawaii population: 1.42 million vs. New Jersey population: 8.938 million New York population: EDIT: 19.75 million (I knew that seemed low...) Pennsylvania population: 12.79 million Certainly, a lot of people are affected very negatively. And I'm not gonna argue the whole population count for the entire continent and more, cause we'll get bogged down in details like proportions of people who play League and whether we should weight by magnitude of effect on ping. But it should be pretty clear that Alaskans and Hawaiians make up a relatively small proportion of the playerbase, compared to even a fraction of the East Coast. Overall, I think most people were positively affected by the server move. Essentially, League moved the ~80ms circle of people who can play without noticeable lag to better cover the whole US, at the cost of making the game nearly unplayable for Alaska and Hawaii. Other statistics: The center(weighted location average) of United States population is in Wright County, Missouri. That's about 300 miles from Chicago, but about 800 miles from Portland. [If the US were 3 equal population states]( [Population graph by state ](
Wow! Thank you for this really well written reply. I totally understand that population wise, more people were likely benefited. However, I still don't see how a two server solution could cause any harm and would only help those who got the shorter end of the stick. Thanks again tho! :D
: Hmm a decent effort then, but the statistics are going to be heavily biased. People are significantly more likely to report a negative than a positive. That is one of the major design flaws in a survey that rely on people voluntarily seeking out the data collector to give input. That's why most surveys try to go out and randomly find people to ask rather than having people come to them. I'm not saying it didn't get worse for some people. I'm saying I strongly doubt that the data is remotely representative of the situation as a whole.
Definitely true! Thanks Maximum Morde. I've been using a distribution graph to get the ranges and factored in (to the best of my ability) the fact that more negatives will be reported than positives. :)
: The moose made me giggle. I have nothing to say but how happy I am about the server fix. From playing at a constant 110-ish ping (that didn't even seem that bad at the time) to now playing at 35ish, it's great not having to worry about my ping shooting up to unplayable any more. Then again, I live a little south of Toronto, so I'm definitely on the better side of things.
Awesome to hear the move helped your ping! Also glad the moose made you chuckle ;)
: A lot of numbers on the new map are definitely exaggerated but Riot's projections were also extremely optimistic. I have a friend playing from Alaska and he's getting 110 ping, which while still bad, is hardly 170+. I'm playing from Arizona and I'm getting 72, and my routing is still fucked up too which Riot is working on. I do think the move was good as a whole but a lot of people got fucked way, way harder than they were supposed to because IP's in this country are terrible.
Totally agree that ISP's in the US are absolute shit. (With the exception of Google Fiber) To get the ranges I used on the map I used a normal distribution graph, collected enough data to form a bell, and then comprised the range from the 35th to 65th percentile EDIT: I also calculated for outliers
Aviously (NA)
: I would really love the two sever idea except for one problem, I have friends that I love playing with on the east coast, and I (living in california) don't mind the slightly higher ping (60-110). It's too bad for Hawaii and Alaska tho.
DOTA has a two server solution where East Coast and West Coast can play/party together. It just decides "who gets better ping where", does a two second math calculation, and chooses which server they'll play on. :) It doesn't HAVE to be one or the other. Riot just thinks so.
: >Negative (from the East & South) That's, literally, that guy's ISP. I live in Texas, just like that guy, but my ping went down by 45. From 115 to 70. Might I also mention that Pawnce, which lives in the West Coast around of Canada, gets 60 and below still. Hell, he's got 59-61 ping in this video. That's WAY below what you're showing, and is correct according to Riot's showing.
Thanks for the info. I'll correct their numbers in the chart. My goal isn't to prove that the move was bad for everyone, only to reveal the amount of instability it has caused around the country.
: No, SEA as in.. South East Asia. Alot of us play on NA too you know, and alot of us get fucked over by default, and this screws us over even more.
Oh, duh. Unfortunately you don't fit onto my map, but I'll keep you on the spreadsheet for the "total avg ping" statistic. :)
: I play from SEA and I used to have about.. 380 ping, now I've got around 320 but I've been having spikes often, I do hope it's something temporary in light of the network route optimization that's going on. Or else I'd probably have to leave, and I really have nowhere else to go.
I'm assuming you're referring to Seattle with SEA (the airport code), so I'll put that into the spreadsheet. I'm curious however.. Do you mind sharing what ISP you have?
cdcspoon (NA)
: I live in Santa Barbara, California, an hour and a half north of LA. My ping went from 35-40 to 100-130. First, congrats on the most well put together post I have ever seen on the forums. Second, I'd like to say I don't think this ping is "unplayable" but rather limits the champions I can effectively play, and removes the sense of fun I had playing. I could still find a certain degree of success with low difficulty champions, but it isn't worth it for me personally to play like that.
I definitely agree that a lot of champions were taken off the table for West Coast players when this change was made, especially ones that depend on skillshots. I'll factor your ping into the average for the California region and update the map accordingly. Thanks! +1
: I live in the Southeast, but my ping's never been worse than 80. I've played other games with similar demands for latency and have found about less than 150 ms acceptable for playing, but then again, I'm unranked and at level 10 so skill-based abilities aren't huge for me yet I suppose. I love the idea behind this post. Enjoyed reading the responses. Good job mate.
Thanks! Great to hear that your ping is still below 80.
: To me, a two server solution makes sense. I don't really care if I play with random people on the internet. I like playing with my real life friends. And my real life friends are probably going to live on the same side of the entire United States. The two servers makes more sense to me. That being said I can respect riot for attempting to NOT split up internet friends. I played on 120-150 ping despite being in Central (cheap internet op) with spikes of up to 215 or even 300 when my family streams. Its not undoable. You can play at 120, you can survive at 200, and you can try to split push at 300, not that those are fun but 120 is fine enough to play. P.S. as far as riot making more money from LCS in your favorite post I believe they actually lose money from the events themselves (they see a return in the fact more people play their game or purchase LCS champ skins but other than that the events themselves lose money I believe)
Interesting to hear that they might lose money from their events. Considering they have sponsors and tickets cost money, I would've thought otherwise, but that's definitely something to keep in mind. Thanks! :)
: Server Curiousity
In my basement
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: you do understand that east coast players deal with ping from 90-200 all the time currently? it'll be a joy to only have 30-40 ping, maybe then i can go from bronze v to bronze iv like my birthright says i should.
For sure, which is why I always fought for an East Coast server (forum polls, etc). But I don't think it's fair for the current situation to be inverted indefinitely and called a "fix".
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: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
This is_ terrible_. I currently live ~1 mile from the NA Portland servers with a constant 12ms ping.. This week (during the testing stuff) my ping already spiked to 70-120ms. FYI ISP is Comcast
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: My thoughts on Annie, Tibbers is an Ult, her ult reliability is offset by the ult cooldown. And even if her ult is still a problem you can still adjust the Cooldown of her Ult. From a Support stand point, I'd say she's fine, perhaps slightly more damage and reliability than a sona ult, though sona has a lot more utility than Annie. I only assume that people are complaining about her AP build which I almost always restrict as a yoloQ problem. In general, higher burst and more reliable CC is a good compromise for the lack of mobility. This mostly assumes that said CC has an Appropriate down time. The main reason behind more reliable CC is that they need the ability to zone. They should be able to zone when their abilities are up, and vulnerable when they are down.
Exactly, however I think the addition of cast times on her abilities (maybe not ult) would be a healthy balance change. Maybe a minor nerf, but still definitely needed.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Mikal Pikal,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KFmPjzRT,comment-id=00080001,timestamp=2015-04-30T20:33:41.500+0000) > > While true, people give up and surrender way too early. It is demoralizing to the team to have someone spam /ff every 5 minutes when everyone else is trying to come back. The entire point of this post is to keep your team's morale up. For that, I agree that not surrendering is effective. Oh, there's no denying that. It kinda solidifies a loss when a teammate goes "GG, we lose, retarded team" every 30 seconds and does /ff whenever possible. HOWEVER, there's no harm in surrendering a faceroll game because it's pretty much a loss anyway. For example, say you have a late-game-heavy team and the enemy team is mid-game-heavy. They 12-3 your team by 15 minutes, have every dragon so far (probably 2, factoring in Bronze), have all your T1s down, and most of your T2s down. /ff in a situation like this is completely reasonable, because you're SO far behind in objectives and gold that it's hard to recover, even when you hit your late-game spike.
I agree that the odds might be immensely stacked against you, impossibly so, and there is almost no chance of a comeback. I'm still against surrendering because it's wasting time. Surrendering is wasting time that you could have spent working with mechanics, practicing warding, observing enemy team patterns and becoming a better player. League is all about improving, and you improve whether you win OR lose. The more time you spend in the game, the better you will get. Personally, I only support a surrender if there is 1 or more people on a team being verbally abusive to an extreme. (But even then, ignoring is good.)
: Played a match earlier with nasus. I gave up 2 kills to a enemy jax early game and i started to get flamed by bot lane champs. I told them im sorry and that i just needed to farm. We were loosing well into mid game but once i hit full tank we snowballed and pulled out a comeback victory. Mid lane champ was the one that told me to keep my head up and play a little more defensively. He didn't flame and gg'd me every time i made a play. His cool calm collectiveness won us the game. Those are the type of players i wont forget.
I love it when I have a team of those people. :) Gj w/ that comeback man
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: Fact: People play worse when you flame them.
I've made countless threads/posts about this, including one on how to deal with trolls. This is 100% true, especially in bronze. Tilting is real. If someone went up to you in real life, commented on how ugly you are, punched you, and then walked away, I guarantee you would have some emotional reaction to it. (Unless you have an emotional disorder, in which case you wouldn't, but I feel bad for you.) It's the same in league. Calling your teammates "shit", pointing out their mistakes, and flaming about an AFK teammate DO severely affect your gameplay.
: So we're buffing BotRK again? Are we still pretending it's an anti-tank item?
: Can I have a chat ban?
Bro, that won't help. (Trust me) That's wasting valuable power. I mean think about it, if you do that the trolls/assholes win. If you refuse to respond unless it is constructive criticism then you can channel their trolly anger into confidence for your own gameplay. Just a thought. :)
: Just kidding guys, Veigar is fucking amazing.
Alright, having been a Veigar main for NINE MONTHS (I played another champion MAYBE twice during that time), the initial loss of DFG wasn't terrible. His nerfs a week later were devastating. But after playing with his new Q, his ult cooldown reduction, and ult AP ratio reduction, he's a fucking (final) boss. The farm potential alongside lane sustain (I prefer {{item:2041}}) is badass. I've been able to beat LeBlanc, Zed, Ziggs, and Yasuo ezpz 4-0 in lane over and over. People don't realize how badass he is, and I would play him more often if I wasn't in bronze where people dodge if you choose him. Part of me wants to tell the world that Veigar (who I basically view as my child) is amazing, and the other part wants to keep it a secret and use him myself.. {{champion:45}} *cackles*
: You've been leaving or AFKing in fewer games recently.
I've AFK'ed once in the last 4 months (playing upwards of 25 hours a week). I'm pretty proud of my record tbh..
: And that is why you are deep bronze and I am gold 1 on the edge of plat. I didn't want to mention elo, but since outside observers might want to climb, it is important to see how these 2 different attitudes yield 2 different outcomes. Also note it was a 30 minute win. It wasn't as if we dragged it out and they made a mistake.
I have another example; today I had a game run for 67 minutes. Our Jax was 0-4 by 10 minutes and asked to FF at 5 minutes. He continued to feed, but despite myself being 1-3, I came around and went on a 12 kill streak. We almost won it, FIVE barons were traded, and the enemy team got 5 dragons FOUR times, yet we never let them push too far. In the end 1/2 our team extended too far and got ezpz gg10 rekt. Then it was just a brute force to our nexus. I understand I possibly could've played 2-3 games in that time, but I'm glad I didn't. Sure, climbing ladder is the ultimate goal, but how the hell are shit players gonna climb if they don't have any experience and can't gain any because they ff @ 20? There's an art to playing while behind. If you can't do it, you aren't a well rounded player and you will face serious problems in higher divisions.
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: In what location is it against the law to tell someone that, as bad as it may be I never heard of it being a law not to say it
It is against the law in the U.S. (in which Riot resides, although its parent corporation Tencent Holdings is based in China) for someone to tell someone else to "kill themselves". For example, if someone has a history of being bullied/harassed and they use the internet/League to forget/escape their current situation and people are telling them to kill themselves online too.. If they end up screenshotting it & committing suicide, the FBI would definitely subpoena Riot for information/logs of that player. They could then take it to the ISP and know exactly who it is. My point is, saying "kill yourself" online can land you in deep trouble (and has landed people with manslaughter charges in the past). I wish Riot would enforce punishments for it though.
: Server Status says everything is fine, buttttt...
Having this same issue, except it instantly says "attempt 1 - 2 - 3" "Login error" ugh, was playing like 10 minutes ago
: A thought: Make Zed need to stay inside a tether range for his ult to detonate
Wrote a long thing about champion balance, but decided to delete it and post this; Risk vs Reward - Zed has 0 risk for a high chance of reward in LANING PHASE. Having an early game nerf with a tether and a small late game buff would be the most beneficial solution.
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: You can't target Poros anymore on ARAM
riot is making this game worser and worse. thsis poro nerf is the last straw. im tired of them not caring about the community only about money and money isnt life money isnt happiness why dont they make us happy you know?? so im leaving league of legends because of this and going to play club penguin because maybe disney can do better job than rito gasmes
: This hasn't worked in any online game, ever. Why would it work in League? Most captchas aren't even server-sided. They are client-sided. So bots that don't use the game client won't even need to solve the captcha. The captcha simply won't exist, and the bot will go along on its merry way.
Unless, to join queue, it requires an auth token with a UUID. Duh
: well the thing here is, they'll hire someone at minimum wage to just log into accounts all day. meanwhile, millions of other players have to no enter annoying captchas every single time we want to play.
I doubt they would (it wouldn't be profitable), but even so, it'd be reCAPTCHA. Most of the time, not a normal CAPTCHA. :)
Mazianos (NA)
: You sir are brilliant.
Visigoth (NA)
: I honestly don't want URF to come back next year
Offended (NA)
: Add reCAPTCHA to League of Legends @RIOT
I said in the original post that it could be in-game, upon joining queue, and when sending a friend request. It's helpful to read the entire thread before commenting, otherwise you come across as cynical.
: Had 30+ in total. If you didn't have it, that doesn't matter. If the rest is having a lot then that is what matter.
> [{quoted}](name=Muz689,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ujtaKT0X,comment-id=00030002,timestamp=2015-04-08T16:26:02.835+0000) > > Had 30+ in total. If you didn't have it, that doesn't matter. If the rest is having a lot then that is what matter. Exactly. It'll also help prevent online markets from selling "lv 30 accounts" that were ranked up using bots.
xEccentric (EUNE)
: I have been playing for a year now, and never met a bot.
> [{quoted}](name=xEccentric,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ujtaKT0X,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-04-08T09:26:22.255+0000) > > I have been playing for a year now, and never met a bot. Highly doubt it. Ever heard of eloboosting? You're likely mistaking a bot for a silent troll. They are literally everywhere.
brad (NA)
: it doesnt do anything you just click im not a robot when you make your bot account and then log it on and set it loose
> [{quoted}](name=Hi Im Brad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ujtaKT0X,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2015-04-08T05:12:53.179+0000) > > it doesnt do anything > > you just click im not a robot when you make your bot account and then log it on and set it loose I don't think you understand, Brad. It would require you check the box every time you try to join a queue, and possibly if you show "bot like behavior" in-game.
Meanie40 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Saianna,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ujtaKT0X,comment-id=000a00000000,timestamp=2015-04-08T00:38:26.834+0000) > > Tbh as long as it's check box instead "write set of 10 random letters" then i'll survive.. But then... There are alot of players.. And some of us are playing like braindeads sometimes (mechanical robot-like mouse clicking etc).. Wouldn't that "check box" might hurt some of players? This is my problem with captchas. Some of the captchas I get presented I have to reload like 5+ times to get one where I can read what it is actually saying.
> [{quoted}](name=Meanie40,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ujtaKT0X,comment-id=000a000000000001,timestamp=2015-04-08T01:42:11.990+0000) > > This is my problem with captchas. > > Some of the captchas I get presented I have to reload like 5+ times to get one where I can read what it is actually saying. Do you prefer to click a button five times, type a few letters, and press submit for a bot-free game? (Takes maybe 30 seconds max, mostly 2-5 seconds as you just check a box, vs spending 25-45 minutes in a game with a much higher chance of losing?
Saianna (EUNE)
: Tbh as long as it's check box instead "write set of 10 random letters" then i'll survive.. But then... There are alot of players.. And some of us are playing like braindeads sometimes (mechanical robot-like mouse clicking etc).. Wouldn't that "check box" might hurt some of players?
There are people who physically cannot solve CAPTCHAs. (For example, it's next to impossible for someone with dyslexia.) However that's why there is a sound option. And with a playerbase as big as LoL's, I don't doubt there are some dyslexic players.
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