Arakadia (NA)
: TBH I kinda like this but their personalities don’t mesh at all whatsoever.
Ur right, they dont. But hey, they looked cute fighting together. Wonder if they go adventuring together or something if they ever meet up in lore or something.
: Favorite champion pairing?
{{champion:145}} x {{champion:81}} Yes, Im a degenerate.
Garson211 (EUNE)
: So even if they nerf {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} ppls still going to pick another support {{champion:43}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:497}} . This is a top problem itself. This line just doesn't have any effect on the game unless you feed extremely much ... The Herald buff won't do anything unless it destroys the turret for one hit, but that's not a good idea A better solution would be to the Nerf Herald and swap Dragon and Herald places so that the dragon would be on top. But that could change top to lane full of mages or something that could totally dominate lines like Heimer ect. A winning bot could forcing herald and take more towers hp and in same time snowball and then for example support move to help do drake on top.
If you swap Dragon w herald then its simply gunna be the case where the botlane duo becomes a top lane duo and top laners will become botlaners. Reason why we have duo bot is to have drag control. So wherever dragon goes, the meta for where the botlane duo goes will follow as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=OgSc,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=dRyafMNf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-02T01:16:47.449+0000) > > I want Morgana to use her purple lips to turn my face into an eggplant. I’m sorry but Morg only does that when she is married unlike her bad sister!
You right. Fuck kayle.
: I really love Morgana.
I want Morgana to use her purple lips to turn my face into an eggplant.
: Conqueror nerf for Mages are in the wrong direction
Remember when Riot said that Conquerer would be the rune for bruisers? Huh, wonder why mages should be allowed to get it.
Sydney26 (EUW)
: If u were Riot what would u have done for Preseason ???
Add a mechanic that grants increasing tenacity the more times you have been chain cc'd under a set amount of time. Add Ap bruiser items that normal burst mages and ap assasins cant exploit. Not make elder an execute. Remove stopwatch. Honestly, id remove lethality and make mr pen not penetrate base mr and give the entire assasin class a rework. Rework akali and change her entire direction (like aatrox) Rework Leblanc. Add an APC item so mages are supported botlane. Increase jungle xp, lower jungle timers. Punish chain ganking and make farming jungle creeps more consistent to gain levels. If ganking is reaaal bad, at a barrier where junglers cant get to a lane til champs hit lv.3 or so. Bump up cooldown for Zhonyas. Add items. Add items. Add items. Bring back shojin, change its god broken passive.
ShiraZen (NA)
: Diana is an assassin, she's just disguised as an AP dive fighter. Ahri is an assassin/hybrid burst mage, so she's also an assassin.
She rly isnt. She lacks the mobility of an assasin. See it like this. If Mundo built full lethality in a game. Is he an assasin? Mundo, as a champ isnt an assasin, hes a juggernaut. But due to the items he built, he becomes an assasin for that game. Same goes for diana. She isnt an assasin, she just builds like one so for the games that she is in AND is built liek that, she is an assasin.
: We’ll spear and stopwatch are being removed and conq is being turned into something closer to old fervor so hopefully that balances Jax out.
Where did u get that info?
: RIOT's classification is stupid. Ahri and Diana are burst assassins, 100%.
Diana isn't an assasin. Shes a diver thats BUILT like an assasin due to her ratios. She only has mobility when she lands an R on a target. Theres a clear difference. Ahri is an assasin/ burst mage hybrid due to her mobility being cut without ult. All traditional assassins have smoother accesses to their mobility abilities (their movement usually being tied to a normal ability)
Rioter Comments
: For my ten year League-iversay, I got my champion back.
Just seeing his Q going back to 2.5 seconds rank 1 makes me nostalgic of old season 3 shaco. Ahhh, good times.
puśsý (NA)
: Is it just me, or does build diversity suck?
A Jax would only go 4 HP and AD items if he was uber fed. No way in this world would a Jax build that if he was behind or even.
: Can you remove Spear already Riot?
As a Jax main, I agree. The item is giga broken on some champs. Though, I wouldnt revert it to its old effect cuz then ur gunna have {{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:39}} litterally 1v5'ing ur team when they are ahead due to the damage reduction based off of AD. Make a new effect entirely.
: Would be kinda weak if it JUST gave the crit and attack speed since {{item:1416}} gives double the attack speed and also has a powerful on-hit. Also the 15% crit also is really awkward since every other crit item gives 25% meaning you either go (up to) 90% and miss out on the attack speed/passive on a usually core item which completely outclasses the jungle item, or you get the 100% and completely waste the bonus crit.
Numbers would be tweaked ofc. Its just a start. I dont want the item to have the same atk spd as razor cuz then it might out class it.
Rioter Comments
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: But there never was a farming meta. it was a gank meta for several years and then it became an even more absurd gank meta
Season 3 Feral Flare meta was hella farm heavy. Devourer meta back in season 6 or 7 (forgot) was pretty farmy too.
: zac has self healing, slow, mobility. Udyr has dmg, durability, and stun. Kha might too (if he can get jump on her)
> [{quoted}](name=PeachsProperty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=V0JPR2mp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-17T06:07:02.733+0000) > > zac has self healing, slow, mobility. > > Udyr has dmg, durability, and stun. > > > Kha might too (if he can get jump on her) I heard elise is a strong coutner vs kha since she denies his passive.
Pyrosan (NA)
: {{champion:154}}
> [{quoted}](name=Pyrosan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=V0JPR2mp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-17T04:53:59.882+0000) > > {{champion:154}} Oh, how come zac?
Rioter Comments
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Hotarµ (NA)
: > You say no player has the power or right to decide a game. The trolls/griefers who give up and start forcing their other 3/4 teammates that are locked into the game to AUTOMATICALLY lose regardless of anything beg to differ. I meant it more literally in the sense that one person doesn't get to decide that a game is over when 3-4 other people disagree with that claim. If your team doesn't want to surrender, you don't get to AFK. That's how things work, especially in a team game. >I know you want to desperately uphold that sacred summoners code Let me stop you right there, because every single one of my responses on the matter has had more to it than just "It's against the rules!" I've provided plenty of alternative reasonings to discourage people from AFKing or at the very least explain how and why it is against the rules in the first place. So with all due respect, go _read_ what I said instead of trying to make it seem as if I just parrot the same response over and over. >but you should not expect anyone who’s queued up with the intention of winning to then sit through constant failed surrender votes and a guaranteed loss just because the rules say so. Anyone who actually intends to win wouldn't give up at the drop of a hat like so many people do today. You want to win? Play smart. Play games out to their full duration and focus on how you can scale to win teamfights or splitpush. Don't get discouraged because someone made a mistake or multiple. But most importantly: You want to win? **_Stop AFKing._** >The rules also say you shouldn’t troll or grief but nothing has been done to combat that either. Except, you know, an entire ruleset and automated system based on punishing intentional feeders, flamers, AFKers, and trolls. This is the part where you or someone else tries to tell me that Riot doesn't punish those players and then I refer you to any number of posts made on the Boards where they were punished, then ask that you provide a better solution because it couldn't possibly have been thought of before. > I agree with op, I refuse to sit hostage in a video game meant for fun because some mental case gets off on ruining others experience. That's fine, you're free to leave whenever you want, but don't be surprised when you start tanking in rank, waiting 20+ minutes to get into a game, and potentially lose your account.
You clearly dont understand that there are scenarios where, regardless of what you and ur team does, you lose right? In the op's statement, he had 2 out of 5 trolling. Thats 3 people who are under leveld verses 5 who are vastly ahead. ur not winning that. Also, "You shouldn't AFK because you're doing a disservice to yourself, Riot Games, the League community, the allies and the enemies on your team." 1. if anything, your doing a positive service to yourself since ur not forcing urself to deal with bull shit. 2. Who cares about chinesegames, they done many disservices to the player base in the past and present, 3. The league community is terrible who cares, they disservice players all the time by trolling/inting/griefing/afk'ing way too early, etc. 4. In op's case, if 3 out of 5 (and the 2 not voting 'yes' are trolling) ur doing a proper service by just afk'ing as it can help others realize to not even bother arguing w trolls who dont vote yes. 5. The enemy wants free lp, trolling is more of a disservice than afk'ing cuz of trolls the game was already a disservice since the start when nid and teemo trolled. Not to mention ur only really making a joke of urself for staying in the game when ur in such a huge disadvantage. "But most importantly: You want to win? Stop AFKing." I agree w this when it comes to afk'ing 5 min early when ur botlane goes 0/2 but other lanes are doing fine. But when u have 2 trolls and everyone else wants to get out? Your delusional.
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Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=XJ99999999999999,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QKp7UIJU,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-06-12T20:48:21.670+0000) > > they can if its the only reason they are losing. if the only reason morde is winning the game is due to his ult, an item gets rid of the reason hes so strong. Mages can't really do that unless you are playing something like preworked Ryze or Sylas maybe But mages got a need for every single possible item slot they have If enemy mid laner is Zed or jungler is Kha then {{item:3157}} is a must {{item:3285}} first item {{item:3020}} a must {{item:3135}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} are all a must buy As for supports , they might be able to buy it but later , they can't in early especially that it doesn't really give them enough stats for how much it costs especially enchanters like Soraka , if she rushes it , then her healing will be a joke That's why Morde ult is going to be a huge balance nightmare
I think u forgot the times during LCS when malz was popular u would see the enemy ap midlaners buy a qss and sit on it. Mages can afford to keep and sit on it no need to be so greedy on the ap.
: Mindlessly being positive doesn't do jack. Your teammates either ignore you or they already know they're doing well. Negativity doesn't make anyone play worse or make them "less motivated to play" unless they're sensetive and at that point they would've been tilted of off a fucking question mark ping or by the enemies themselves. Negativity could make a player try harder to prove you wrong that they're garbage, or make someone less ignorant about their mistakes
People yelling at people aint gunna make them do better. Especially since tone isnt so recognizable through text. Legit, ur just gunna make em not want to try as hard or afk.
: Qiyana's design is probably the most boring design I've seen so far for a champion
: Male design variety vs female
So we hate skin, huh.
: So. God Blade Master Yi?
God spear {{champion:5}} God Blade {{champion:11}} God crown {{champion:14}} God Axe {{champion:2}} and ofc, for chinesegames to make money and ruin it all, God wand {{champion:99}} ,and god gauntlet {{champion:81}} , with the two being legendary, and having a prestige edition, ofc.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Saltarin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XoZp0w1j,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-31T18:10:48.753+0000) > > I want {{champion:42}} to be reverted so he's a botlaner again I want {{champion:35}} to be reverted so he's useful again
> [{quoted}](name=GrãñðmãstêrShãçø,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XoZp0w1j,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-31T18:13:55.483+0000) > > I want {{champion:35}} to be reverted so he's useful again I want {{champion:7}} to be reverted, again, so people avoid her like the plague.
: Does Riot just not have a team for their client anymore?
Chinesegames literally dont. They dont have one.
: Yes, but Janna looks like a petit waifu. Karma looks like a young adult woman.
: > [{quoted}](name=OgSc,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gZ6k1M7s,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-05-26T07:11:33.952+0000) > > Top ints=winnable > Mid ints=very hard, but winnable > Bot ints= You dont have a shred of late game and the game is over. Solo lanes have way more impact and influence than the bot lane. ADC's who aren't Lucian, Draven, MF or Kalista have little to no agency or impact until around the 3 item mark which is usually like 25-30 mins. If your solo lanes turbo int in the first 25-30 minutes it's game over.
Nope. If solo laners lose its aight. Fed adc's just take over the game and there is nothing uncan rly do.
: What to do when your bot lane feeds (Guide)
Top ints=winnable Mid ints=very hard, but winnable Bot ints= You dont have a shred of late game and the game is over.
: > [{quoted}](name=OgSc,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=dXPp3H3g,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-23T20:33:48.334+0000) > > Yumi is garbage and u should stop playing her and pick an actual support. The only way she will be good in her current incarnation is if chineasegames buff the hell out of her. Then she will get nerfed and its back to square one. Pick an actual useful champ. Thanks but i'll keep playing her since i live for the tears of entitled meta dogs like you now
Not even meta. You could whatever non meta support you want. Hell, you could even go shen or malzahar support. Just not yuumi.
Mezamero (NA)
: I got reported because I play Yummi
You should be reported for playing yummi. Shes a useless champion. Stop playing new champs in ranked and play actual supports that do something other than int lanes.
: Entitled players flamming cause i pick Yuumi
Yumi is garbage and u should stop playing her and pick an actual support. The only way she will be good in her current incarnation is if chineasegames buff the hell out of her. Then she will get nerfed and its back to square one. Pick an actual useful champ.
: I love losing game after game because of trolls
Nah, just int to get back at them.
: Why bother queueing up if you are just going to call GG at 3 min?
I only gg if my botlane ints. Cuz nothing I do matters if they int.
Anaphiel (NA)
: Volatility and League: Why does playing league feel like a coinflip?
True. Recently I just give up and run it down when my botlane goes 0/3 cuz the game is over. Chineaseritotrashdumpgames cant ever fix stuff cause they are too busy getting money. To do anything. They dont care about the players, 90% of their effort is on low quality skins. If at least 50% was on bug fixing or balancing, this game eould get so much better and more money would be coming.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zardo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8AZFuE57,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-20T01:46:35.992+0000) > > Hashinshin calls AP assassins mages as well and uses them as justification that mages are broken. I got banned from his channel for asking him how katarina and leblanc were mages. Everyone calls {{champion:103}} {{champion:131}} assassin's but they aren't. Ahri's a Mage. Diana's an AP bruiser.
Ahri is an assasin. Assasins are a mix of high damage (usually burst damage) and high mobility. Ahri has both. Diana is a diver (great all in and stick, no/ very conditional escape) that is BUILT like an assasin. There is a difference between being an assasin and building like an assasin.
: Udyr is OP as hell
Hes not much of an issue, imo. He falls off and has some nasty counters (jax, nocturne, elise). His invades are easy to shut down through warding entrances and kiting camps back to a safe route should he come. Hes a super strong invader, dont get me wrong. Hes kitable through the use of Items, runes, summoner spells, etc.
: Banning none is useful if you want to improve you ability to play against champions who are strong. I.e. you'll never improve you ability to fight a Jax if you ban Jax every game.
But you can just choose not to ban him.
: why do you want to climb in ranked? (poll)
I was made fun of by league players in a group I was in back when I was bronze and silver. During 5 man normals I would get flamed and if we would lose I would get blamed ( I was the jungler of the group). After being the butt of many jokes and being str8 up disrespected, I left and pretty much spammed solo games to improve. I hit plat now so that puts me in a rank higher than those who made fun of me. But now I want to get higher.
: Why is support such a disliked role?
Cuz players find them boring, for the most part. You dont have supports who zip around minions, knock up people with torndadoes, and do a fuck ton of damage like yasuo. You dont have supports who press R and tear face (trynd, kayle, yi, vayne), or press R and proceed to do flashy plays and clean house. Supports have impact, in fact, at times they are THE MOST impactful role in some games. However, their efforts arnt really recognized. When people see that 20/2 vayne, they all just give them the credit and honors when a good amount of the time, supports (and junglers at times) allowed them to get that fed in the first place through buffs, peel, warding, etc. You take an adc's cs by accident and u get railed at times or have ur adc afk at worse. But the main issue I feel is that ur just ur teams bitch for the most part. Reason why poke supports like brand and zyra are so populer is cuz they can just blow people up and go full ap and be independent if the time calls for it. Meanwhile, with more traditional supports, your more so tied to ur teammates. Monkey teammates who cant make use of buffs or engages? sucks to be you. tldr: people hate supports because they have to be another player's slave a majority of the time. People like to be the one following their own plays, not having to hope a teammate follows theirs.
: Caps should be caps.
But guinsoos keeps u within the AS cap. If anything, Lethal tempo is what allows u exceed it.
: Im up for a challenge i need some champs that are challenging
The cheapest yet most challenging jungler I can think of is Nidalee. Shes 3150 BE
Tote Col (EUW)
: Can we just talk about Udyr no? :D
Hes not much of an issue, imo. He falls off and has some nasty counters (jax, nocturne, elise). His invades are easy to shut down through warding entrances and kiting camps back to a safe route should he come. Hes a super strong invader, dont get me wrong.
: A rant from someone who used to love Vladimir. Vladimir has not been a drain and sustain mage in a long time. He is 100%-0% Burst mage now, and that is how Vlad mains play him. In teamfights Vlad will usually just oneshot carry before getting oneshotted himself. He does a lot of healing, yes. But mostly to offset his W and E costs. 20% and 10% HP. His sustain is actually a lot lower than people give him credit for. Conqueror+Deaths Dance however is basically for everybody who wants to be assasin and draintank like crazy.
Hes a aoe burst,drain tank,late game scaling, tanky top team fighting kassawin, mage. Imo, he does too much.
: Something From Vayne's Ult Needs To Go
I dont think riot understands how strong initiative is in this game. When Vayne presses R and hits Q. Shes invisible, this, for the most part, gives her initiative of the fight. Even if the fight was initiated by someone else. Think of it as D&D, u roll for initiative and u got a great roll, but then the dungeon keeper is like "lol my b, they roll for initiative first actually", So, with 0 input from the opponent, vayne can go "ik u started this fight first, but lol nah I start" and she then becomes the aggressor. The fact that she can do this roughly twice (3 times maybe?) is too much.
wanotori (NA)
: Was perma-suspended over supposed "reversal of payment" for chargebacks, support won't help
Can we boycott riot again? I want to bleed them of their money and make them lay off workers.
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