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: Bring Back Hide and Seek
Hell yeah bring it back!!! I loved Dominion in general cause it was a quick game if you didn't have much time to play or were waiting for your friends to finish a normal. And hide and seek was just so much fun. Personally my friends had a no invis champs rule. I would love to be able to play on summoners rift and have maybe a voting system during champ select for match rules in place of bans. Like maybe, no resurrecting allowed, no invis, no healing allies, no speeding up allies, no slowing seekers, no shielding, no exhaust, seeker gets # clairvoyance, each hider gets # clairvoyance. Just kinda throwing things out there. Maybe like 3 rules a match so it's different every time. Definitely would have to add a way for everyone to level. And remove minions/tower aggro. I think it would be cool if it didn't show whether the seeker has done dragon/baron. And make jungle camps unattackable by hiders but still targetable for jumping onto. Would be cool too if hiders made a bit more gold per second than seekers since hiders main goal is survival not kills. Last I think it would be cool to add summoner spells specific to hide and seek. Like maybe a shroud you can cast on yourself or an ally for a brief moment. Definitely clairvoyance, but also just for a split moment so it's not over powered. A ghost spell that maybe speeds you up based on missing health. Just basically things to make hiders stealthier and seekers more deadly.
: HUD Update
what happened to borderless?


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